Saturday, February 24, 2018

Makin’ Yogurt

Good Morning Kitchen Saints,

I am up early makin’ coffee and planning my day. Papa bought me whole quart of cream for my coffee and to make yogurt with. I still have about 2 cups of yogurt left from my last batch. I may just make bread with it.

I a really anxious to make the yogurt again using the cream. Jim got the cream marked down to just 2 bucks for the quart because it was almost out dated. But yogurt made with cream is heavenly. My yogurt maker is just grand and makes the very best yogurt. It turns out very thick, even thicker than store bought. And, of course, it tastes so much better — it doesn’t taste so acid-y. It’s more mellow and rich. The last batch I made, I used regular milk and a can of evaporated milk.

Now this summer when the raspberries are plentiful, and the strawberries, this yogurt will work so wonderfully. The juice from the fruits won’t make this yogurt that thin as it is so thick.

I know this yogurt sounds so fattening. I learned to make yogurt when my children were home and they were very thin and loved this stuff. It’s so good for the children.

Also you can take your yogurt and make cream cheese with it. Just take a colander drainer? And put a thin white dish towel down in it? And then pour the yogurt into the towel and put it in the fridge to drain with a plate under it. Don’t cover it. It should be cream cheese in a day or so. As you drain all of the water out of it, it gets thick. Then just use it like you would any cream cheese.

You can use plain yogurt in place of sour cream. And if you make the yogurt and it doesn’t get thick, then you can use it like buttermilk in about any recipe. To make a nice table cheese, just let the cream cheese harden up more. Also when you make the cream cheese, you can add fresh herbs and salt to it. Or if you want it for bagels or muffins, you could just add sugar and some nice thick peach jam, or strawberry.

This cream cheese is so much more mellow and full bodied than store bought.

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