Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bark and Biscuits

Well, yesterday on the group, we discussed Yohimbe bark and refrigerator biscuits. So what’s the discussion today? God only knows.

Well, today I will cook my Summer Sausage. Jim’s hands are stronger than mine and I have him mixing it up and shaping it into long logs to bake. You have to knead it each day for 3 days and then shape it into long logs to bake on the fourth day. The house will smell good with the sausage in the stove all day. I can smell the fragrance of garlic and black pepper as Jim is shaping the loaves at the table beside me. I will add more black pepper and garlic powder over the top, just before I put them in the oven. I will keep them on a low temp all day and keep turning them so they will stay round and tube like.

Today I think I will make goulash for our noon meal. Then Wild Man has to go to work in the late afternoon. Goulash is so good. When Dan first moved out, he would come back home and say, “Mom, do you have any leftover goulash in the fridge?” Oh, we Hultquists have eaten a ton of goulash in our day. I just cook hamburger with an onion and some green pepper, and drain it. Then I add the cooked macaroni, diced tomatoes, and a can of mixed vegetables. And either a few cans of tomato sauce or tomato soup. We just eat this in a bowl and eat bread and butter with it. Probably a few pickles, too. I love mine with potato chips and soda pop. Or a pan of cornbread would be good. But my oven is full of sausage, so no cornbread today.

I could make Squaw Bread in a fryin’ pan on the stove. Ya just take baking powder biscuits, cut the dough up, and fry it in a greased cast iron skillet. Make sure the skillet is hot before you lay the dough down on it. I roll my dough out a bit thinner than I would for biscuits and then I just cut the dough in pieces. This is a quick way to make a lunch bread to have with soup or something. My Mother used to make this for us children at home.

But back to the goulash! You could even just take a box of Mac and Cheese and make it as usual and then put in the fried meat and tomato stuff. It’s good like that, too.

Now we could discuss all the ways to make Mac and Cheese. I know we have discussed all of this before. But there are a lot of new ladies that would probably like the discussion. Aunt Toot used to add a can of prepared chili to hers and her family liked it like that. You can add any of the creamed soups to the prepared Mac and Cheese. It makes it more creamy. How do you all make yours? I sometimes just add more cheese. Even the cheese in a jar you use for tacos would be good to add to the Mac and Cheese after it is made.

Well, Happy Homemaking. Keep a smile on your face. Keeps the devil wondering what you are up to! Get some lovin’ in your oven and your apron tied on tight for the day. Kitchen Saints, use your weapons of warfare, your cooking utensils in your kitchen.

Exalt Wisdom and she will promote you.

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