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Good Morning!

I want ya all to pray for Emily as she has missed her Mom Dixie so much lately. Dixie died about 3 years ago. I miss her, too. I mean if your house burned to the ground, Dixie would have come in and said, “Well, this isn’t anything. You have a pioneer spirit — you and Jim can build your house again. Why are you worried?” I mean the woman never flinched.

At the hospital, as the doctor announced she was dying, she whispered to Em, “If ya believe that, you are stupid.” And Dixie never did die of cancer. The hospital sent Em a note telling her that her Mom had died from a hospital procedure. I really think Dixie would have beat cancer had it not been for the hospital.

Jill and I used to go out to Dixie’s house and, oh, it was like a revival out there. You felt like you had been to a camp meeting. She was so full of homemaking. She would say things like, “Well, Wisdom has been showin’ up out here.” Or she would speak of the angels and what they told her. Or that Jesus had been there the night before. Emily went for walks with the angels in the evening down the dirt road by their house. It was so supernatural out on that little farm. It just was.

Oh, how we as homemakers need the spirit of wisdom as described in Proverbs. We need the voice of wisdom and not the voice of the strange woman.

Dixie was so funny. One time I went out there and we were walking out on her land. A new housing development had sprung up out there. Dixie said to me, “Connie, I let the weeds grow up so I won’t have to look at those new houses — they are all so evil.” She hated materialism. That woman was so cut and dried. Now a new house don’t bother me. But to her it was evil. She had a new house but didn’t want it. She chose poverty and gave her life to seeking wisdom.

One time she had, I think, 10 bucks for groceries. She left home to get groceries and the tire went flat. She drove the car into town on the rim and it cost her 8 bucks to fix the tire. So she just went back home with her 2 bucks. Oh, she was a powerhouse. She probably just went home and prayed for groceries.

Dixie was always very serious. Emily was always verrrry funny. When she was little, she would bug her mom when Dixie came to our house. One day Em kept whispering into her Mom’s ear. And Dixie would tell Em to quit. Finally Dixie was exasperated and yelled at Emily. “No, Emily, you can’t get chocolate milk out of a brown cow.” Emily was probably about 7 or 8 years old. Now Em is — what Emily? 27? — and married with 2 babies.

Dixie raising Em was always a riot. One of the things Dixie would do when Em was doing something she shouldn’t was Dixie would raise her hands to Jesus and say, “Oh, Lord, give me patience.” So, anyway, we were at a prayer meeting at MaryL’s house. And everything was quiet. And right in the middle of nowhere, Em says, “Mom, can I have a candy bar?” Of course, Dixie told her NO. Well, Em, being about 7, raised her hands to Jesus and said, “Oh, Lord, give me patience.” And Dixie would be very serious about it all.

Of course, I would laugh and probably made things worse. I could make Dixie laugh, too. But Dixie would cover her mouth and say, “Oh, I shouldn’t laugh.” She didn’t want to encourage me to be silly. But being silly was my strength, I guess.

And no matter what I told Dixie about some catastrophe of one kind or another, she would say, “Oh, Connie, don’t confess it.” Or she would tell me something and then say, “Well, I don’t want to say a whole lot about it, as I don’t want the devil in on it.” She would go on to say, “Ya know, God is gonna draw a rabbit out of His hat any day now.” In other words, she was saying that God had a plan, an answer coming. Always a victory right around the corner.

She would tell me, “Oh, Connie, just stay in your homemaking. Don’t look to the left or to the right. Just keep walkin’ in faith. Just keep on goin’ — don’t give up.” She helped me so much just before Jim got saved.

And, ya know, when I met Dixie, I was just raw with grief and torment. I had been through a hell of a 12 year stretch. She didn’t know me when I went through it all but met me just after Jim had barely been healed. I almost lost the victory many times through my fears of the past. And I would just sit with the fear up around me. And Dixie would say, “Connie, Jim is healed. You won’t go through that again. He will never leave again. He is healed.”

In my grief, I would tell her, “You don’t know what I have been through. You don’t know how I feel.” I just couldn’t get up and go again.

Sometimes I would get so mad at Dixie. Sometimes I hated her for telling me that Jim was healed. Then I would tell Dixie about the past and she would say, “Oh, go on. Are you still thinkin’ about all of that?”

Well, one day Dixie took me to see Jim at a halfway house. I still didn’t really trust her, I guess. But then, on the car ride home, Dixie told me her testimony for the first time and it was like the whole car lit up inside. A spirit of fear came off of me and I was somehow set free of some of the fears I had. She went to where I was and lifted me up. After that, I trusted her when she said she knew Jim was healed.

I mean a lot of folks played a part in my life and sometimes I was alone to battle my fears. But God sent Dixie to help me, and she did.

When Dixie got saved, she had such a wonderful conversion. She had horrid back problems and was healed instantly. She had smoked like 4 packs of cigarettes a day and was instantly delivered, and never smoked again. She got saved, I think, when she was abut 34. She was such a personality and could entertain anyone by just being herself.

I sure learned wisdom and faith from her. I would just squirm in her kitchen chair out on her farm and say, “Well, I don’t have the wisdom of God like you have it.” And she would say, “Connie, you have it — you just don’t know it.”

Emily, I sent this to the group. If you have any stories to add, I know the ladies would love to read them, as they all know you and Dixie and Jill through my writings.

My Precious Mother

Dixie’s daughter wrote this and is it good! Love Connieh

Connie and Jill thought I’d write some things. Connie, thank you for the memories of Mom. She really was an angel from heaven — that’s the only thing that can explain who she was.

I remember so many things about her, that she didn’t care what people of the world thought. She lived her life purely and wholly unto the Lord’s standards, not man’s.

I remember one time, we had Jehovah Witnesses come to the door telling her that miracles were dead and that she was believing wrong. First mistake was telling her she was wrong in her faith, second saying miracles were dead, so my petite size mother did what only a God-fearing woman would do. She went into all of the miracles that had happened to her, prayed in tongues, and by the time she was done, they had come truly to the Lord and was going to leave that foolishness.

I also always remember when she would sit at the kitchen table for hours talking to the Lord, praying and worshiping and reading her Bible. Her Bible was her sword — she’d say that. She used it so much that, through the years, it came apart. She would never buy a new one. She said it was like Daniel Boone’s rifle. she knew everything about her Bible.

She talked to the Lord like we talk to each other, and knew things that only He would be able to know. We didn’t have a phone for 13 years, but yet Mom always knew if you girls or anyone else would be out that day. It wasn’t uncommon for us to hear heavy footsteps on the stairs or to see angels. One time I was 8 and seen Jesus at my bedroom door. There would be times where the Lord would tell her to “hit your knees” in prayer. She would do nothing else and, sooner or later, she would hear why. Sometimes it kept the devil from killing Dad in the semi. Other times it would be something else, but she always heard the result of her prayers.

I love you and will talk again very soon.
Love always,

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