Saturday, February 24, 2018


Dear Mothers of the Home,

Last night, as I awoke in the night, I could feel the presence of Wisdom and I call her Ruby. The Wisdom in Proverbs, about the first 8 chapters, speaks of the voice of wisdom. In my heart, I could see the word Ruby made out of grape vines. I sensed the colors of Wisdom. The blues and purples, colors of royalty. With shadows of gold and glistening of silver.

I see the olive trees and hear the branches whispering in the wind. The olive branches stand for healing and prosperity. The oil from the olives is used to anoint the prophets and handmaidens of the Lord. The oil is used in the lamps of the virgins who wait upon the bridegroom. The Lord anoints our heads with oil and our cups overflow. He gives us the oil of Joy for mourning. The garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

The Bible calls Wisdom our stability. The wise woman builds her home but the foolish tear it down with her hands. Prov. 31, about the virtuous woman, is not a chapter all by itself but it is a conclusion to Proverbs. You can sense the virtuous woman’s ways in all of Proverbs. Prov 24:3 says Through Wisdom a house is built. And by understanding it is established. And by knowledge it is filled with precious and pleasant riches. Then in the New Testament, we have the parable of the wise man building his house upon the rock, or the foundations of Christ and His word.

Solomon built God’s temple with Wisdom. God gave Solomon wisdom because Solomon desired wisdom more than the riches of this world, or honor, or the life of his enemies or a long life. Solomon only desired to do God’s will. He wanted to lead God’s people and judge them righteously.

And as we as wifes and mothers, as keepers at home, we must come apart unto God. We need the wisdom of God to lead our families in righteousness. Of course, as women, we teach in silence and submission. We must allow God to order our thinking as we watch our husbands.

2 Chronicles speaks of Solomon and how grand the temple was that he made for God. When Queen of Sheba came to see for herself the glorious temple Solomon made, she comments, in chapter 8 verse 7, how happy the workers are and everyone in the palace. Wisdom brings joy and gladness. You get the idea that the Queen was astonished at all that she saw. Solomon’s wisdom was so powerful. Chapter 9 verse 23 says that all the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon to hear the wisdom that God had put in his heart. This is the wisdom that is our stability. The wisdom that we are to build our homes with.

Ya know, the world is gonna lie to ya and try to break you down. I have never felt so broken as lately. Satan has slammed against me with all he has. And yet he Lord has been mighty to save me.

The wisdom of God will hold us in place. But we must want the wisdom of God more than riches or reputation. If you are worried about what the neighbors will think, or what anyone thinks of you, then forget wisdom. Jesus made no reputation for Himself. He was called a criminal and was nailed to a cross like a common thief. And Joyce M likes to say that the Christians should be rich so that the unbelievers will want to get saved. The unbelievers are not that STUPID. They look at Joyce and think of how STUPID we Christians are that we are being robbed by women like Joyce. Every time she asks for money, the unbelievers go, “Well, here she goes again. I wonder if she needs a new car.”

No, the unbelievers are looking for some radical Christians that that will stand up in the face of all hell breakin’ loose and stick their tongue at the devil. And our world don’t need anymore money. Obviously, the more $$ they get, the worse off they are.

I am sick when I think of those poor folks in New Orleans. They had a house one day and the next they day have nothing. As they sit with little or nothing, how can a sermon on prosperity help them? These people need to be helped up.

Solomon represents Jesus in the Bible. And we, as women of God, keepers at home, represent Jesus as we remain in the wisdom of God in our homes. We must come apart unto God and learn His wisdom as dish washers and gardeners. We must take up spiritual tools of righteousness and make a home upon the rock. Upon the foundations of Christ.

The Word says that wisdom was with God as He built the foundations of the world. We must build our foundations with Wisdom. We must be wise women who build our house upon the rock. And when the winds come the house may weave a bit but it won’t fall. Because our house is built upon a sure foundation upon the Rock Jesus Christ.

Don’t divorce and don’t go out to work. Stay home and take care of the home. I live among grown children that do well but the $ isn’t there as they need it. They work hard but the $$ is hard to come by. But so often the vanity arises. “Well, I don’t wanna live in a dump.” Well, if it’s a roof over your head and it has a kitchen and it’s warm for the children, then take it.

Jim and I raised 6 children and never had government help after he was saved. But God knows we never lived on $$$. Good grief! He had a minimum wage job. I stayed home and prayed and worked like a dog. No insurance of any kind. We couldn’t afford it. But Wisdom kept my children safe and well. The angels brought in what we needed.

To build yourself in the Lord and to be accomplished in Wisdom is far better than rubies. Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above Rubies. Money is a trade but a sorry one if ya ain’t got enough. But the wisdom of God will give you more $$ than the gold of this world. But, again, if you are wanting to make it and learn wisdom, then you have to forget the world and what they think about ya. If you are out there to be a success in this world and drive a new car to prove it, then forget Wisdom.

Now Wisdom brings riches. Oh, yes, it does. But the Wisdom without reputation and power and glory has to come first. Seek first for God’s kingdom. Do right in your marriage and with the children. Lay a foundation of wisdom. Build a house with wisdom and, when your heart is totally His and not on riches, then the $$ will come in. And when the $$ comes it won’t be important to you. The new car and shiny ear rings won’t count anymore. When you do get $$ you just keep stackin’ it back into the good of the family.

Folks give me Birthday $$ or for Christmas to spend on myself. But if I see my children falling, I will give it to them to help them back up. I am not going out to buy myself new STUFF! No, I put it back into building the wisdom of God in my children. I teach them, as I give them my $$ for pleasure, that it means nothing to me. NO. Nothing means anything to me except that I would teach my children wisdom and the anointing of the Lord. I build my house with wisdom and with all the energy I have on this earth to give. Ya know? Because I don’t desire the things of this world. I truly desire wisdom above everything else. And it is wonderful to be set free of wanting this and that to make me happy.

See, ya know? Chasing riches on this earth is so silly. If you find the wisdom of God and how to relate to her, as in Proverbs as a keeper at home, then you feel so satisfied.

Dixie used to tell me when I was all worried and upset, “Connie, Wisdom doesn’t look at evil.” Or she would say, “Soooo Jim isn’t the boss anymore — you are?” Oh, I was like some of you all as a young wife. Boy, I thought I was livin’ on Jim’s paycheck. Well, if I looked at his paycheck, I would scream bloody murder. But, see, I would go back and forth between the wisdom of God and the foolish woman.

Jesus’ Mother didn’t live on this world’s goods. She didn’t take Jesus to the world if He got sick. She didn’t go to the world for anything. She went to God. And yeah? An angel comes and tells Mary who is a virgin that she is pregnant?

The Wisdom of Mary

And how many of us are wise enough to be like Mary? An Angel comes to her and tells her that she is pregnant by God. I would do some fancy tap dancing if I had to explain that to the relatives, if I were a good Christian single virgin.

We as wives and moms want everyone to think we are ok and upstanding. Well, where do we get this? The Saints of old knew that to suffer for Christ was a privilege. All of us aren’t called to do this. But when we do suffer for righteousness, we should rejoice that we can suffer with Christ. Jesus was a radical Revolutionist and He gave His life for His cause.

Mary was a keeper at home and she gave her life. Mary had listened to the sermons in the temple. She knew that Jesus was to come and He would come through a virgin. She knew she was a virgin, even if no one else knew it. She knew she was innocent of any wrong doing. But who stood with her and protected her? No one. Well, finally Joseph did, as God gave him a dream. But Mary always stood with Jesus and even to the cross of death. Mary was serious about God and loved God even if she was called to stand alone.

Paul in the Bible, after he was saved, didn’t confer with people for 3 years. Moses stood alone, and Noah, and in just about every chapter in the Bible, you see the examples of people God called out for Himself who were tested and tried and ask to stand alone unto God.

We Mothers who build temples in the wilderness for God must know how to stand alone. Will we stand alone on the Word of God? Will we learn wisdom in the dark when nothing is familiar around us and all seems to be lost? Can we call upon Wisdom with our faith and make a Joyful home and see things in our Spirit that God alone has shown us? And let the world laugh at us? They laughed at Jesus who said He was the Son of God. He told the truth — He is the Son of God. And His nature is to call disciples out with His personality. And if you are like Jesus, you will be misunderstood and called a sinner. But can you stand alone, as Mary did, and quietly build a temple in the Wilderness?

Your seeds are blessed and God has called you to build a platform, a home, for Kings and Priests. For Prophets of God and for Handmaidens who learn to be keepers at home. A strong Christian Mother who has lived a life for Christ in her home will speak to generations to come. Not because she published herself. But she will be published all over the world in every language as Mary, Jesus’ Mother, was. But to build a temple on the foundation of the Lord is the hardest task you can do.

Will you remain in Him and not give up and get a divorce or leave the home of your husband? The wise woman gives her life for the Lord. She doesn’t chase happiness in this world. She chases happiness and the Joy of the Lord that comes through obeying the word of God.

Weeping lasts for the night but JOY comes in the morning. As we follow Christ, we lay down this world’s code of rules and we look to our God. We crucify our flesh. We lay down the happiness of this world and we willingly die to our desires. And when we do this and we give our all to Jesus, then He gives us true JOY and Happiness. And the worldly happiness comes, too. But it is no longer first in our hearts to be happy in this world. Jesus is first and the riches of this world do come. But our hearts are no longer chasing the stuff that is killing us.

God teaches us through many tribulations what the true riches are. He washes our eyes with tears that we may see that the broken heart we had was meant to be. Oh, it’s hard to praise God for a broken heart. But can we see in any other way the face of Christ upon the Cross at Calvary? Can we be made in His image without a broken heart? He breaks our hearts and molds us to His image. Then He comes to bind up the broken heart and to set the captive free.

Jesus is the Victory that overcomes the WORLD.

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