Monday, December 18, 2017

Trouble with the Revolution

Good Morning Dear Mothers,

Where do I begin? Brandon and Mary had given 200 bucks to rent the upstairs of these people’s house? M and B lost their house and have little $$. But the people they were to rent from were crazy. About the time the kids were to move in, this woman they were to rent from attacked her boyfriend and beat the stuffin’ out of him. They continued this big fight and tore up the house. Anyone ever heard of demons? And the story gets much worse but I don’t have the heart to write it out.

Anyway, at the worst of it, J., your card came in the mail which cheered us all on and sure gave Mary and Brandon faith to keep on keepin’ on. Mary and Brandon came right over to get the card. And on the way over, Brandon decided to swallow his pride and called his mom to tell her that he and Mary were in dire straits. He hadn’t wanted to ask his family for help. But now what more was there to do? So, anyway, his mom is helping them and she has a private place for them to stay. Of course, they could have stayed here. But Brandon would feel more comfortable at his home. So they are taken care of, Praise the Lord.

But I walked the floors yesterday and prayed. So Wild Man decides to paint the living room yesterday? I had to try to stack my stuff for the newsletter. I have so much stuff out. Also Johnny is coming today to help Jim move the piano — so Jim can paint? Romeo Paul, age 3, will come, too, for the day. So this morning I had to get up and clean the living room real quick before I could write. The kids’ pictures are everywhere and my books. And I think to myself, “I am trying to have a REVOLUTION here if it’s ok.”

So if I was Joan of Arc, I couldn’t even find France. If I could find my saddle, then my horse would be sure to run away and NEVER come back. If I could find my horse, which is doubtful, then it would die the next day. And then someone would steal my saddle. I have gotten 4 pages done on the newsletter to announce the Revolution. And this has taken me a good week. I can’t cancel the Revolution. Well, actually, I have to cancel it for today, anyway, as I have Romeo to play with, and I am fixing burritos for lunch. Paint and ladders will be all over the place.

Ya know, the truth of it is that I can’t stage a Revolution, anyway. Jesus Christ is the only one who can. I guess I just have so much vision for it and it all looks so easy to me. But I just ain’t organized enough to do it. See, I can’t lose my email machine because it is connected to the wall and to the phone. So the Lord just gets me up in the morning and I do what I have to do to get myself over to the machine and then I do my damage.

Yesterday, when I got up, Jim wanted me to cut his hair. So no writing then. Then I had Baby Rose for the day. I love that little kid and Romeo — what sweet babies.

Anyway, I am tap dancin’ here. I am tryin’ to get the newsletter done and announce the Revolution. But dang if I don’t keep losing my horse. No, really, please pray for me that I will get a quiet space of time to do my “Daughters of a New Revolution” newsletter. And my vacuum is not working right and it makes me want to slap someone silly. Please pray that the belt will work right on it — it keeps breaking.

I do have to wonder if I should really ask some of you to agree to pray for me daily to get that newsletter out. I seem to be facing a bit of opposition from the dragon? Well I can out wait him as he is verrry impatient. I just gotta keep on goin’. This Revolution is gonna be fun. I am not afraid of the dragon but can’t fight him in the flesh, either. I am just going to have to wait upon the Lord. He is the only way the truth and the life.

Often we have to admit that we are hopeless and helpless. I am there, believe me.

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