Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Word of our Testimony

Good Morning Mothers,

Oh, yesterday was such a day of reckoning for me. I had written to the response group only as I had to give many testimonies of the Lord’s goodness in my life. Satan was down my neck and the Word says we defeat him by the word of our testimonies. So I really gave a lot of testimonies. I didn’t have Jim’s permission to send it further than the response group, though. Then I had Annie erase it at the end of the day.

Yesterday as I went along, the Lord spoke to my heart. And last night the Lord spoke to my heart in prayer. He impressed me like this. “Connie, you are who you are, and don’t be ashamed of it. The things that happened in your life were all preplanned of the Lord.”

I think some of us don’t realize that it is God who is the author and finisher of our faith. Jim and I have tried to run from our past and make believe it never happened. We would be like the children of Israel trying to pretend they didn’t know anything about the Red Sea parting so they could get across. We who do that forget our own testimonies and what the Lord has done in our lives.

We try so hard to fit into what we would call normal and we forget our God who has given us many miracles. And God isn’t like us, and He is about our lives, adding faith to faith and strength to strength. To Him, we look like puzzles and He adds stuff to the puzzle of faith. And I know I am like, “Who me? I don’t have any faith.”

And God looks at me like, “You don’t have any faith after all I have done in your life?”

He has set things before me to do. And I think, “I don’t have the faith for that.” And yet I should, and I guess I do? But God weaves us and makes us His own creation. We who are His own children aren’t made by a mistake.

I am always embarrassed at my moxie and sense of humor. I have an idea of the older Titus 2 Mother. And Darlin’ I don’t fit! I remember in the old days telling a friend of mine, “Well, I should be more sophisticated.” So I tried to wear my hair up in a French twist and tried to be more uppity. I couldn’t do it. I am too silly and I guess I will stay like that until the Lord takes me home. And barefoot? I promised myself that when I hit 40 I would forever wear shoes. Shoot, I am now almost 60 and still barefoot. I give up — it ain’t gonna happen? And I guess this is how the Lord made me and I guess I will have to own up to it.

Soon, I hope can sit down with Jim and kinda sweet talk him. We don’t talk about our past — we never have. He will shoot it out at a few Christian friends sometimes. But he leaves it mighty sketchy. And I don’t think he will ever roam the country and give his testimony. I know I wouldn’t want to. But I know one of these days, as the Lord leads, I am gonna talk to him about it. And I am gonna remind him of all he has worked his way through. Jim needs to remember all of what God did.

Jim hates his past and oh, man, that is a touchy subject for him. But God has told me in prayer that He isn’t done with Jim. Jim is 65 yrs old but God has a lot more for him to do. But Jim thinks he is really old. But I just have a feelin’ in my heart that Wild Man has a lot more goin’ on than he thinks he does. The kids always laugh when they say, “Mom, Dad thinks he is old but he isn’t.” Jim isn’t proud of his past and I applaud him for that. But he does need to remember that God has taken him through a lot and he has come out on the other side.

Not that he and I smell like roses, by any means. Confidentially, “We Stink.” But stink or not, God made us for a reason and he will add faith to OUR FAITH and STRENGTH to our strength, and not the weaker more normal faith and strength we wish we had lived. We ain’t lily white with an everyday nice past.

Jim and I have wished to be everyday normal Christians. We don’t like the lights action and camera life we live. Jim always used to say “Lets live a nice normal life. I am an everyday guy.”

A Fat Roasted Chicken

That’s me — the truth? A Fat Roasted Chicken. I know God is calling me into something and I am squawkin’ and flappin’ my wings and runnin’ like hell. The feathers are just flyin’ in the air with every skid of my run away chicken feet on the chicken yard. And yet I know God is gonna catch me and make me do what He has called me to do. Either that or I will get swallowed by a big fish. Been there and done that. I understand Jonah in the fish? Oh yeah! A few years back when I was runnin’ in the wrong direction? I looked out my window by the email machine and a gourd plant was comin’ for me out by the window. I thought, “Is that a word from the Lord or what?”

Most of us who are called by God don’t wanna go. Most of the people in the Bible who were called by God didn’t want the calling. But God knows who will go, even though they don’t want to.

See, I am embarrassed of my moxie and have tried to tone it down. But I think God may use that one of these days. I am saying all of this to encourage some of you who have lived hard lives to not be ashamed of that — to know that it is God who made you and allowed your lives to be as they have been. We need to arise from the springboard of the real life we have lived.

We all wish we had lives like what Dr. Dobson speaks of as normal. But maybe God hasn’t made us like that. We can’t hide our heads in shame about that. As Jesus was on the earth teaching the disciples, He expected them to trust Him as He had lived with them and had shown them many miracles. And we who have seen many miracles must be responsible to have more faith than those around us who haven’t seen them.

And, ya know, I have a good set of six kids. They are hard working but they think on their own and are half baked. But in this God is using it all. At times they all come against me and my faith. I mean they are decent kids. But they try to really put me in tight spots to see if I can get out? They love testing me. This will work for my good and theirs because, one of these days, I plan to have a daily call in radio show. And I have to be ready when the young people hit me with all kinds of stuff.

We live in a sinful society. Full of deception? I have tried to politely hide my moxie? But one of these days I will use it. God will help me. He is training me through my kids. It takes alotta moxie to deal with you know who on the internet selling punk rock clothes to punk rockers? Um? But God is on my side.

And I don’t know all there is to know about everything. I don’t know what the Lord will do next. I have an idea? The very idea has scared my chicken feathers all loose. But I should be able to trust in God, after all I have been through. “Mercy, Connie, get a spine!”

With His Help and Grace

I can think of a lot of ideas for Happy Housewifery. I hope it becomes a label, an item. I can see Happy Housewifery aprons and dress patterns. Bloomers for Mother and her daughters. H.H. cloth diapers and many other linens. Like curtains and dish towels. Table cloths and hot pads. Soaps and shampoos, candles, etc. Simple rag dolls and toys for children.

I think some of us are sick of the styles out there to choose from and many would never go to a department store unless they had to. I can sure see many H.H cookbooks! I see H.H cookware and sets of dishes and tea sets, all moderately priced, or as cheap as we can sell them without going in the hole. I see little electric mixers and other cute Happy Housewifery appliances. Maybe that look like lady bugs, red with the black dots. Cute “doll like” appliances made like the things in the 30’s and 40’s. I have made my little frdige to look like a Minnie Mouse fridge. I can see rolling pins of yellow and red. All of this to get the feminism out of our homes and cover our homes with Happy Housewifery.

With God all things are possible. This would open up so many cottage industries for so many of you women who would rather stay home and work and yet make a profit, even if it would be a small one. I don’t want to take all of this out of the poor woman’s realm. We could sell seeds and gardening books that we have made ourselves. A., you could sell patterns for quilts, etc. If Mrs. Chicken would get on the ball, I think we could, as women on here, put some of our visions to change our world into motion.

The thing of it is, I ain’t all that popular. But if I was, we could shake this nation loose of its feminism. Maybe if I wasn’t such a chicken I could get popular.

I love the internet and I think, if others have used it for wickedness, we can use it for the Lord. All it takes is imagination and vision. I mean, A. could bottle up “A.’s shampoo” and sell it.

We are Daughters of a New Revolution. I am ready to lay down my life for the cause. How about you? We only have one life to live on this earth. Let’s give it a good kick in the ass on the way out.

I am the problem that keeps all of this from happening. God forgive me! Lord, give me the guts I need and remind me of the guts I had to make it this far. I built my own home on the Word of God, and I know the Lord can give me the courage to build a home for the Lord. A temple in the wilderness.

Let’s make this Happy Housewifery thing fly.

I am really wanting to work on some free pamphlets of Housewifery that can be printed off. Sorry I am so sloooow.

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