Sunday, December 17, 2017

Blessings from Jesus

Good Morning. It’s raining here in Iowa and rather warm — in the 30’s, anyway. Strange weather for now.

Yesterday, we got to have Baby Rose all day. What a little darling girl she is. We took her to the Salvation Army to look around a bit. On the way out, Jim noticed some cook books for 25¢ each. One was called Grandma’s Recipes and one was Italian Cooking. Jim got a bunch to give away to the daughters-in-law and Mary and me. Of course, Jim tells the ladies he is getting these cookbooks for our daughters-in-law and Mary. And they said, “They cook?” And Jim begins to brag on them about their cooking and I did, too.

And all of us girls got crock pots for Christmas and we have been using them about every day. I had a crock pot but it was breaking down. Anyway, yesterday I had fixed chicken and noodle soup and got it going before we went to get Baby. I had made my own noodles. So when we went to take Baby home, I brought the leftovers to Baby’s folks David and Tiff. Well, Tiff got her crock pot right out and put my soup in it. And she will add frozen veggies, she said, for when they have it the second time. And, ya know, so often, I feel like “Well, why do I work at all of this homemaking so hard?” Well, ya know it keeps the domestic wheels rollin’.

Jimmy’s wife Aleksondra is a wonderful Italian cook. (Also, Susie, Dan’s wife, is a fabulous cook.) Anyway, Aleks will take the whole afternoon to make a meat sauce for Jimmy. When they first got married and Aleks would set a meal in front of Jimmy that she had worked all day on, Jimmy’s question would be, “Where’s the ketchup?” Whoa Nellie. Aleks got so mad at him. Now she won’t allow ketchup in the house for any reason. Jimmy has since learned to never mess with her cooking. She allows no one in the kitchen when she cooks. She is so domesticated and she looks like the young version of Sophia Loren. She is a tall natural beauty.

Susie is Italian, too, and just full of fire. And she cooks like I have never heard of. To make a tomato sauce for spaghetti or lasagna, she goes all out. She gets fresh tomatoes from the store and cooks them down to a sauce. Dan loves all of her cooking. She had a crock pot so we got her a mixer for Christmas. And, oh, she really loved it — I could tell by the look on her little face. She is really sweet.

I love to be in the thick of these young homemakers as they keep me stirred up. Another thing we girls love to do is to see who can get the cutest stuff at the Salvation Army. Did I tell you all about my purse I got? Oh, the girls envy me now. I got this purse that looks like it is made of bear fur. And it has Indian aqua blue and white beads on it. And you hook the purse with a bear’s tooth. I am cool now. Anyone want my autograph?

But the one to follow around at the Salvation Army would be Mary. Boy, she can come up with the neatest stuff. Everything she picks out is like you could swear Ruby would wear. Like these rawhide boots she saw but couldn’t afford. Boy, that Mary is gonna be something for the Lord. She is a rare bird. She will write a book one of these days that will make me look like I never wrote a book. I can’t wait! I want her to go way beyond me in her writing.

The Lord told me to name her Mary Elisabeth, even 10 years before she was born. Jill and Dixie and I prayed for Mary to come for 10 years before she got here. She is our daughter of faith. And the devil curses her to me night and day. But I will not receive anything said against her. Or anything said against Christian Joy. Neither of these girls can change the fact that they have a mother who is always before the throne of God, calling out their names and covering them with the blood of Christ. You can change a lot of things in your life, but you can’t change who your mother is. And I will tell ya one thing — the devil is building me a testimony with his cursings. It gets bigger each day!

We Reap What We Sow

And we girls love those sweaters that come down to your knees? Well, I had a black and white tweed one. And the last time Christan Joy was home, she asked me if she could have mine. So I gave it to her. But I have been missing it for sure. Well, I kinda prayed about getting another one. Well, Wild Man found me one for 2 bucks at the Goodwill. I really even like it better than my other one. Tiff saw it and just loved it. If I can, I will maybe find her one. They just wrap around in the front — no buttons. Anyway, I love mine, as it is so warm and I like it down around my legs to keep them warm. This one is actually longer than my other one and I like that better.

But, ya know, as an older mother, I could go off and do my thing. I don’t have any children at home. I could tell my daughters-in-law about how I used to cook and feed my family on about nothing. But I enjoy being a part of them and and trying to work with them. Along side of them. And Christine and Susie both work as waitresses where their husbands work. And, ya know, all of these kids are having a hard time financially. But I told Christine the other day, “Well, ya know, having hard times is what makes us who we are.” I said, “I don’t work but I play a part.”

Christine told me, “Connie, you cheer us on. You keep us going.” Christine says, between all of us, we barely have 2¢ to rub together.

And I say, “Well, that’s ok — we are makin’ it'”

Christine wants more babies and I am so proud of her. Susie wants to get pregnant, too. I just hoorah and cheer them on. Christine told me that one day she was talkin’ with a long time friend of David’s. He said, “Ya know, Jim and Connie don’t have a lot but they give to their kids what they can.” He went on to say how stingy his folks have been with him and his family.

Jim always says, “Well, we didn’t have anyone to help us when we were young.” And Jim is still out there working at 65 years old. And Jim’s mentor, Russ L. Mary’s husband? He still goes out to work every day and is 79 years old. This guy works from dawn to dusk. And not only do we older folks have something to give to the younger ones? But they have a lot to offer us. They keep us in the move of reality and keep us full of life and work.

I swear I have nothing to offer anyone but encouragement. That is my work in the scheme of things. I am the cheerleader. And Wild Man just keeps on going. He tries to tell me about wanting to be cremated and all. I tell him, “You ain’t leavin’ me, Wild Man. I will raise you from the dead.”

And, ya know, last night, as Sanbalet and the other guy Tobiah (in the book of Nehemiah) was telling me my wall was forever falling down? I told him some pretty scary things. And the Lord gave me some good visions. He told me that I should start a line of dishes and pots and pans that I will design myself. I can see Happy Housewifery rolling pins and dish towels and aprons.

I tell you, I have some pretty scary nights. Those devils come to curse me and, last night, they really did. And the more they did, the more I thought of designs for dishes, etc. But, ya know, I think of Paul and all he went through and was beaten and left for dead. I just made up my mind last night that I will go on, no matter what.

Oh, it’s Satan’s job to discourage us and try to bring us down. But I got out of bed this morning and looked in the mirror and said to myself, “Satan hasn’t won. I am still here this morning.” And, ya know, it is his job to curse us. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. He is just doin’ his job. But it is your job to not believe him. He will always tell ya you won’t make it and God doesn’t love ya. But God does love ya and He is the way the truth and the life. Follow Him and He will lead ya home.

Just keep planting seeds of godliness and holiness and you will reap peace and rest. Sow good things into your children.

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