Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Hultquist Homestead

Well, I won’t be able to write much this morning. Jim is off work and we have to go to the store when he wakes up. I am looking forward to a day with Jim. I need it.

I have a writing rollin’ around in my head about a Homestead Kitchen. Ya know, Homestead just means like where a home is. Like the word bedstead a place for a bed. And, ya know, if any of we girls went to a cabin in the woods, it would look a lot like our own house? I mean, we would be taking all of our own things, right? So there is a fine line between where we live now and where we would live.

The cabin would be more rustic and would be deep in the woods some place. But a lot would be the same as where you are now. If you had electricity and all, then you would hear the same sounds as you hear at home. And if you had a computer, then you would probably be on it as much as you are now, if not more, because of the isolation. About the only difference would be that you would be further from town and would have to buy a lot when you went to town to last you a month or so. But in your little cabin in th woods, your children would be the same children and your husband the same guy.

I think a lot of folks think, “Well, if I could get to the cabin in the woods, then the family life would change.” But, really, all would be a lot the same. I think the cabin in the woods comes from out spirits. The peace we seek from the isolation of the cabin has to come from our hearts first. In our hearts, do we long for a quiet isolation from the world? If we do, then we can bring our homestead home.

Our cabin can be where ever we are. We can make a spiritual cabin and design it ourselves. We can get a vision for it and live it out. Because no woman could live in isolation unless she has a heart for it. And as you live it out, where you are, then the Lord could take you to a real cabin in the woods. But just because you take the mother out of the world and to the deepest woods, you still won’t be taking the world out of her. She will take the world and all its confusion to the woods. And she won’t last long there and will want to come home. No, it is always spirit first and then the flesh.

Today, where you are at, try to live like you would in the woods. Make a homestead kitchen right where you are. If you couldn’t get to the store for two months, what would you buy to stock your Homestead kitchen? I don’t have much time to write this as Jim is home. But if I was alone in the woods with a child and Jim, I would make about 10 pounds of the Biscuit Mix before I went. For one mix, it takes a 5 pound bag of flour. I will put the recipe down later. But get out a piece of paper and write down what you would buy for your Homestead Kitchen for two months if you couldn’t get to a store for that long. Then share your ideas with us, ok?

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