Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Housewifery

Dear Housewives,

Ya know, I used to have a newsletter called Happy Housewifery. It was really corny but some of the ladies really liked it. I wrote it out in handwriting and then got old-fashioned pictures and pasted them on and then took it to the print shop and had it printed up. I had about 40 subscribers. Well, now I am rattling some of the computer savvy ladies on my group to help me to get one of these things on the computer to be able to print them out for free. I can’t handle sending those things out in the snail mail. And I really want for whoever wants them to have them for free. Please just pray for us that God will lead us. I am in no hurry. I just want the Lord to do whatever He wants to do.

I did have a popular Christian magazine publisher that wanted me to write exclusively for them. This was about 5 or 6 years ago. And they wanted me to give up all of my rights concerning my personal writings. And they wanted to own all of my past newsletters. I wouldn’t have been able to make any more newsletters or write on the computer or anything. Just write exclusively for their magazine. Well, of course, I am a free spirit and wouldn’t have done that. And I thought, heck, if my newsletters were worth anything, then I wanted them to go to my children after I kick the bucket. This Christian woman who ran the magazine was so insulted that a little dumb girl like me would refuse her. But I won’t be owned by anyone. I wasn’t that nuts about her magazine, anyway. And I wasn’t about to be her slave and make money for her.

But now I love to give my stuff away for free. But I know nothing about computers. I make my way on this little email machine. It flips my trigger. I swear if I had a computer I would be going over the archives of my writings on my website? — and I would be deleting a lot of the writing. And this is why Annie says I don’t have a computer. Aunt Toot says if I had a computer I would hit different sites all day and tell them off. I would be so mad, I wouldn’t be able to write. If I had one picture of porn flash on my screen while I was writing, it would do me in. With this e machine, I will die a happy woman.

Anyway, please pray for us that God will lead us. The ladies on my group are the best. [The woman who does my website] has a family and is very occupied with her home duties. So if anyone knows anything about any of what I want to do with getting my newsletters to where they can be printed out for free on the computer, let us know, ok? Annie tells me to just ask questions but I don’t know what to ask. Like always when I am prayin’ my prayer is HEEEELLLPPP!!!

Also, I am tryin’ to tell you that my Happy Housewifery newsletters are not sophisticated? I just cut stuff out of books or magazines and paste them on a paper. Then I write stuff on the paper. Like for the cover of the newsletter, I cut some flowers out of one of our new seed catalogs. It is like a wreath and I pasted it on paper. I got the flowers out of that really old looking seed catalog called Shumway Seeds. And in the middle of the group of flowers, I wrote in handwriting Happy Housewifery. I love everything to look old fashioned. So we aren’t talking about something high and mighty. My newsletter won’t be something anyone but a hillbilly would want. But having said that I would love to make one of these every so often and have them on the internet so that you all can print them out for free. And give them away if ya wanna.

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