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Homemaking Spirit

Good Morning Dear Kitchen Saints,

I am up early this morning fixin’ oatmeal and coffee.

I have been wanting to write about homemaking for days now, it seems. What is the spirit of homemaking to you ladies? For me, the spirit of homemaking is a spirit that inspires me to make a home.

We can be loaded with homemaking tools but, if we don’t have the inspiration to make a home, then we feel, indeed, lost and forsaken and confused in our homes. Sure, there is always work to do. Dishes are always needing to be done or clothes to wash. Some things ya gotta do, with or without a shot of inspiration. But when you are doing all of your work with no inspiration, then you feel like steel rolling on steel and there is no cushion or comfort. You feel as though you have lost your fuel for housewifery.

One thing that would sure get me goin’ when most of my children were home was the washer or dryer going out. I would just determine to make a nest of peace, no matter what. I mean MEN? — oh, mercy. Ya can’t live with ’em sometimes and ya can’t live without ’em. All they see is if the house is out of order, if it is. So if ya have a houseful of children and the washer goes out, just wash the clothes in the bathtub after Husband has gone to work. Then pray about it and then tell Husband the clothes washer is broke.

Well, see, when our washer would go out with all the kids at home? This was a major problem. And we just lived on a wing and prayer at best. We didn’t have the money to get stuff fixed. But to get up in the morning as a wife and start complainin’ about it just before Jim went to work in the morning would have been very foolish on my part. Because, ya know, ya can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. He didn’t have the $$ to get the thing fixed. And he had to keep going to work to keep some food on the table. So I would just pray over all of this and God would help me.

One year I had about five different washers. Everyone gave me theirs that was ready to go out. Well, I did at least 3 loads of clothes a day. So if a washer was ready to go out, anyway, I would take it the last mile in about 5 days. I had this one washer someone gave me that made so much noise when it washed that we had to go outside until the wash was done. It was like a slug hammer was beating a bag of bolts to death, only much louder. Well, thankfully, that thing died pretty quick.

Well, then I have told you the story about how I got the wringer washer and used that almost every day for a year. I kept it and, if my automatic went out, I was never again without a washer. Now days, since I don’t have a lot of wash to do, I can keep a washer going and a dryer. Wow, I am cookin’ on all four burners now.

But a woman needs to maintain a peaceful home, no matter what goes out. And when you have a houseful of children, stuff gets used up or broken quicker. And, ya know, Jim was doing his best and working at what he could. So for me to complain to him about stuff he had no control over would have discouraged him to the place he couldn’t have done “anything.” But a wife and mother should know how to just be quiet and make a home. Just pray and trust in God and do whatever it takes.

If a man goes out and works all day, that is a lot. I hate it when I see a discouraged man come home tired and weary and his wife expects him to do housework or take care of the children. He should be able to rest awhile when he gets home from work. A wife and mother should have charge over her home. She shouldn’t be running at her husband with a bunch of gripes right when he comes in the door. I see so many women who don’t even have a hot meal ready for her husband when he gets home from work. When you know that your husband is due home in the evening, you should prepare the children. If they have friends over, it is time for all the friends to leave and go home. Then Mother should have the children pick up their toys and get cleaned up for Daddy.

And, ya know, times are hard in our country. I fellowship a lot with our kids so I know whats goin’ on.

When Jim and I got married, we had rented a nice little house. And with rent and utilities, our bills were about 100 bucks a month. Jim made like about 100 bucks a week — he got minimum wage. Our groceries were about 25 bucks a week. Now compare that to now, and the minimum wage. Over the past 40 years, minimum wage went up from about 2 bucks an hour to about $ 5.35. So it went up about 3 times the amount. But rent has gone up about 6 or 7 times the amount. And, of course, groceries have gone up that much, too.

The working conditions for the common worker are horrible. I blame ERA for that, the equal rights deal. It used to be that an employer could pay a kid a buck or so to help out in a grocery store. Now the employer has to pay the kid as much a college graduate for the same job. It used to be, in the old days, that if a man had a lot of kids to feed, the boss would always pay him more than the other employees. Folks used to be all for the family and the bread winner. So it used to be easier in the old days to make a buck.

Rent is outrageous in our country. You are working all month to pay your rent. No one used to have to do that, even making minimum wage. So I think, realistically speaking, a mother at home will have to do some major rockin’ and rollin’ to keep the family going. We have to trust in the Lord?

In the old days, when I took my son in for a check up as a baby, it cost me 4 bucks and this included all of his shots. A specialist cost 10 bucks and we thought that was outrageous. But gone are these days. And now our family can’t even afford to go to a doctor unless we are dyin’. And when I went to the hospital for my “gallbladder take out,” we didn’t have the insurance. So they ask us to sell our house to pay the bill? Oh yeah? And then what? We would be seriously out on the street right now if we didn’t have the wisdom of God.

But, ya know, ya can’t scream ouch every time the devil kicks ya. And you have to maintain a peace in your home and do whatever it takes to keep the home place going.

Jim and I are the examples to our grown kids. Every time we walk by them, they want to borrow 20 bucks. They pay us back the following week when they get paid. But Jim and I know how it is. And thank God we stay enough afloat to loan them 20 bucks here and there. And this summer we all plan to have a garden here at our house together. And Jim and I will be able to pass on what we know about gardening to our kids. And I have herbs growing all over the yard and I can teach them about herbs and how to grow them and use them. If all of my kids were rich, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to teach them the knowledge they need.

We all need to go back to the land. It’s time to do this. We have all lived richly compared to the rest of the world. And we are still trying to live well and the $ ain’t there to do it. The world’s seasons have changed and we need to change with it.

In my day, as a young woman, you didn’t see folks living on the street. In the 70’s is when a lot of that started. I can’t imagine such a thing as that. If Mary and Brandon didn’t have family that loved them, they would be on the street. Even though he has a good job, his sickness kept him from being able to work. Mary is gaining speed but couldn’t, at this point, hold a job.

Well, duty calls — I gotta get going. Brandon is going in for some tests at the state hospital in a few hours. So please pray that the doctors there will have wisdom to help him.

The Joy of the Lord

Yesterday we went to Mary’s to help her with some things. Brandon went to work. Mary has been so downhearted lately. I told her, “Betsy (nickname), you gotta just keep on goin’.” Christian Joy wanted to join the Peace Corps when she was just outta high school. Jim thought it was too dangerous and didn’t want her to go. So she runs off to NYC to be a fashion designer. How dangerous is that? But I talked to Mary about that yesterday. I said, “Nina (another nick name), this is an adventure. If you were a missionary, you would go through this stuff.”

They had to move out of their house and are living in this like motel? And this motel looks like a really bad joke? But it will be for just a month. Then they will move into a nice duplex. Jim and I prayed over the motel. Um, that place is a piece of work? But we felt like everything was ok after we left.

We told Mary how proud of her we are that she isn’t giving up. I said, “Mary, I had plenty of adventures being married to Dad.” Jim stood up to tell her a few adventures but we just didn’t have the heart to tell it. Our adventures are well, um — well, they were adventures, alright! But I told Mary, “Make a nest here, Nina, for you and Brandon and you will be moving out in a few weeks.”

And, ya know, we want things to be nice for our kids. But we have to give them to the Lord. How many mothers’ hearts broke as they saw their daughters go off to a mission field in another country? I talked to Mary about all of this. “But, Mom, I never wanted to be a missionary.” Well, really, who would when ya think about it. I mean its hardship, right? But if a woman can bring JOY to wherever she is, this is so important. And last night in my bed I prayed for the Joy of the Lord for Mary and me.

We have to praise the Lord in the tough spots. We have to be thankful for what we have in the hard places. I mean we can make a home a nest wherever we are.

Let’s talk on the group today about some things that bring Joy to a home. For me, lit scented candles on the table and on the counter tops brings Joy to a home. And something in the crock pot and in the oven.

One meal that I love to fix and it brings me such joy is beans and wieners. I love to get out my big cast iron skillet and put some grease in it and fry hot dogs with onions and black pepper. Then, when the hot dogs are brown, I put the seasoned beans over the top and stir it all up to bake. For the pork and beans, I just drain them good and put in a bit of mustard and ketchup, salt and black pepper. Just stir the bean mixture up and then pour it over the fried hot dogs and bake this in the oven. And I use just the cheap hot dogs.

Last week I made burritos. My kids are all nuts for them. I brought some over to Mary’s for her and Brandon’s supper last night. They freeze so well. All I do is brown a pound of hamburger with onions. Then I drain it and add a taco seasoning mix and a can of refried beans and some diced tomatoes and green pepper if I have it. I just smash this up in my skillet and, when it is mixed up, I just put tablespoons of it in the soft shells and roll them up and put them on a greased cookie sheet. Then I put undiluted tomato soup over all of them and cheese over that and then bake them. Just smear the soup on. Don’t use water in the soup. All of my kids are crazy over these.

Also I think if you can make chocolate chip cookies, this seems to bring joy to a home. And have Christian music playing in the background.

Often Mother’s heart is broken but she has to hide that. She has to put an apron on, and a smile, and trust in the Lord. All is well. It really is. Jesus Christ has promised us that He will look over our children and protect them and He will. So we mothers have to walk that out and bring Joy and faith to our homes. We just have to get to cooking and baking and sweeping and washing.

And, ya know, we did the courting with Mary and Brandon. And both of them seemed so ready to get married. But if I had it to do over again, I would rethink this. And yet a girl is ready to be married at 18. I never wanted Mary to be dishonored by this boyfriend and that one.

Brandon wasn’t sick when they got married or before. He had a good job and maintained a house. Mowed the lawn and kept up with repairs. We just thought he was a good man and Mary loved him and wanted to marry him. And, of course, we love Brandon. But they have had so much hardship in this marriage.

I think, “Man, should we have stood against the marriage? Should Mary have gone to college before she married?” No, I guess we did what we felt the Lord was telling us to do. Why is it all so hard? I don’t know. Ya try to walk with the lord and do right. I didn’t want my daughter Mary to be thrown to the world. We guarded her and protected her all of her life.

I trust in You, Lord. We trust in you. I guess when I think of my own life, I wouldn’t have wished it on a dog. But, ya know, I landed on my feet and I have been able to bless others. I am a walking target — I feel that always.

I just went to pray and the Lord gave me a picture. He is painting Mary’s life as a picture and I am standing over Him trying to tell Him how to paint it. Not good. “Lord, I give Mary and Brandon to you. Do what You will with them. Make Your own creation. Be the author and finisher of their faith.” The Lord shows me the breaking of Mary’s heart and He shows me a picture of me pouring oil into her heart. The oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness.

He gives us beauty for ashes, the oil of Joy for mourning, the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness. We are the trees of righteousness, the plantings of the Lord and Jesus is glorified. The Joy of the lord is our strength. And the Lord shows me as I write to quit taking on the grief Mary feels and to ignite the holy Joy of the Lord in both of us. I refuse in Jesus’ name any grief and sadness for her and I. And we, right now by faith, take on the Joy of the Lord.

Take it on with us, dear saints, on this group. Take on the Joy of the Lord. Get up out of your ash heaps and go to a land of Joy and victory. Let us today be happy fruitful Mothers who make homes for strong boys and girls. May we older mothers be examples of faith and gladness. Oh, I think of Mother Teresa’s faith and some of the women in history that had faith in God when everything around them was falling apart. I am going to purpose in my heart to be a rock of faith.

An older woman relative has called me and said, “Mary should just give up and go find another man to marry.” Yeah, what a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that. What a curse of curses to divorce a sick husband and go look for another man to marry. What kind of decent man would want a woman like that? No. Mary and Brandon are faithful.

I told this woman relative, “We are proud of Mary that she has been such a good nurse to Brandon.” This woman always wanted Mary to go to college and be a nurse. Well, Mary is a nurse but not one who gets paid. Well, yes, she is being paid by the Lord. She will receive rewards of wisdom and faith. That stuff money can’t buy. Only through suffering at times do we learn to know the Lord. And my dear daughter of my prayers is learning to know the Lord. And as her mother I am purposing today in my heart to be full of joy and to pray this onto Mary.

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength they shall mount up on wings as the eagle. They will run and not be weary and walk and not faint. I will stand in strength today for my family and let the Joy of the Lord be my strength.

Let us as homemakers today be about our Father’s business. Let us make homes of Joy and gladness as happy housewives of faith.

It’s a WAR

Good Morning! Aunty Toot called me last night and she made me laugh. God knows, I needed to laugh. Anyway, she also told me to leave Joyce M alone. Toot is on the letters group. Toot always tells me how much trouble I am goin’ to get in for judging Joyce M.

Well, it ain’t just Joyce I am judging. It’s the whole lot of feminazis in the church I am judging. The Bible says that we are not to judge the unbelievers as they are already judged. But as Christians we are to judge the believers.

Why does God give us the gifts of discerning of spirits if we ain’t supposed to use it? Why does God tell us to judge if He doesn’t want us to? 1 Corinthians 6:1 tells us to judge. As it goes on in the chapter, it says in verse 3 “Know ye not that we shall judge the angels? how much more things that pertain to this life.”

I mean, if we as believers are putting down a true believer, then, yes, we will get in trouble. But if the true Titus Mother don’t have enough guts to blow the horn on someone like Joyce and the other women like her, then they ain’t worth much. We as women are called of God and can have the discerning of spirits. We don’t have to stand there and nod yes to everything.

See, many women are passive in the wrong direction. This is why God tells us specifically to submit to our own husbands. And women don’t want to do that, so they submit to anyone who comes down the pike. Not that Toot does that –no, absolutely not. But her and me go round and round. But I love Toot and I know she loves me.

Toot tells me that Joyce is with her husband all the time and is in submission to him. Aw, yes, “Smiley George.” He just smiles and quotes scripture like “All things work together for good.” Well, he is either smart and doesn’t want to lose all the treasures Joyce got for him. Or he is as deceived as she is. I dunno.

But, yes, as believers, we are to judge, and the reason I blow the horn on Joyce is because she is handy. She represents so many women out there that have left the home and taken to the streets to preach. It’s sick and it’s out there. And these women are taking over the church. And we as believers had better judge this stuff.

Verse 9 says “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? BE NOT DECEIVED: neither fornicators nor idolaters, nor adulterers nor effeminate” etc. Ah, yes, the effeminate men who act like girls. They won’t go to heaven. And I don’t say all of this to bad mouth, for the sake of bad mouthing. I say all of this because we are in a war?

HELLOOOOO LADIES? Toot and I do agree that a spiritual war is goin’ on that is much worse than it ever has been in our area. I had heard preachers say years ago that in the coming years, the spiritual wars would be much worse then any physical wars. Like in some other countries, Christians are being killed for their faith. But in our country, the devil himself is trying to pluck the word of God right out from under us.

The unholy smoke of feminism is blowing right into our homes to take us captive. And we worry over cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke ain’t anything, but the unholy smoke of feminism is surely the smoldering gun that you should worry a lot about. Don’t be fearful of what will kill the body over what will kill the soul. NO, I don’t smoke — only when I am on fire. But, ya know, quit straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. We are in a spiritual war and the devil is after our minds.

1 Corinthians 6:2 “Do you not know the saints will judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?” We must be bold in this hour to stand in confidence in God and judge the matters set before us. If our conscience is weak, then we become afraid to judge what goes on around us. But we should ask the Lord to forgive us for our sins so that our own conscience is clear so that we can discern the spirits around us by the word of God.

Our Men Need To Rule

And all of my friends, for the most part, are church goin’ ladies. But they still love me and I love them. I am like Roger Williams who never got along with the Pilgrims because of their communal living and he never got along with the church of England, either. England wanted to send him to the Pilgrims and the Pilgrims wanted to chase him back on a ship to England. When the Pilgrims were chasin’ him, he ran into the woods to live with the Indians that let him believe as he wanted to.

Actually, I am getting too old for this stuff and running to the woods to live with the Indians is getting harder and harder. But Roger Williams was a friend to the Pilgrims, even though they hated him because he would never go along with the rules. But because he lived with the Indians, he knew when they were about to attack. So he would warn the Pilgrims so they could arm themselves to fight. So, in the end, the Pilgrims loved him but wouldn’t allow him back in the settlement, as he caused too much trouble.

Someone on the group told me that if I start a Revolution and get thrown in jail, she wouldn’t bail me out. You can only imagine who told me that. Well, seriously, I would never break the law of the land. But I do plan on breakin’ some of Satan’s laws that he is tryin’ to pass off as the truth. Laws like “Women make better preachers than men.”

Well, ya know, if ya listen to women preachers, they do seem to have some pizazz that the men don’t have. But that doesn’t mean we should be led by these women. Satan can anoint a woman to preach. Satan, many years ago, tried to anoint me to preach the gospel. I was out in my garden and I was so full of preachin’. I was ready to tell the trees how to get saved. But, see, I knew it wasn’t God talkin’ to me. And right out there in my garden, I rebuked the devil and told him I would never be a lady preacher. I have spoken before audiences before and it doesn’t scare me a bit. But I will never stand up and take spiritual authority over a man.

One time at a Full Gospel Business Men’s dinner, I was asked to speak after Jim gave his testimony. I said right away that I was not going to take any authority concerning the men there. Oh, the Christian men there just loved it when I said that and they laughed and enjoyed what I said. The man who was the head of it said, “Well, Connie, I can see you will never be a woman preacher.” There were a few women preachers in the crowd — it was quite the evening, let me tell ya. But just as I won’t take spiritual authority in my home over Jim, I won’t take it in the Christian world, either.

I could go on the road and make $$ as a lady preacher but I won’t. And sometimes men will try to come to me to counsel them but I won’t.

We women need to get outta the way and let our men be men and to guide the home and the Christian spiritual realm. Each wife needs to submit to her own husband as unto the Lord. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own thoughts before God. But, in general, you should esteem others higher than yourself.

For the most part, we need to honor those around us and be kind and loving. We need to bow to the feelings of others. But inside our hearts, we had better have our ideas right with God. We are daughters of God and we need to have the truth in our hearts. We need to pray and have a sharpness of discernment. Keep your heart, for out of it is the issues of life. Who you are inside will be what you teach by your actions.

Don’t just submit to anyone — submit to YOUR own husband. Jesus Christ didn’t agree with the soldiers who hung Him on the cross. But He stayed there and died for our sins. Submitting doesn’t mean always that you agree. But the way you express your opinion is through your good works as a keeper at home.

We need for the most part to be silent and dutiful in our places as wives and mothers. We need to quiet our hearts and minds and hide away to do our works of righteousness.

All Is Well

Oh! Praise the Lord — all is well with Mary and Brandon. They are in a hotel and it has a place to cook. They sound content and will be there a month. A Christian man owns the hotel and all is well. They think their house will sell very soon. Brandon is back to work and seems to be able to eat and hold his food down. They got their belongings away from the criminals. I didn’t ask what happened to the robbers as I didn’t want to know.

What a crazy life I live! I went to sleep so hard last night that I have woke up now in the night with a headache as big as Iowa. I took some pain reliever but thought I should stay up a bit before I go back to bed.

My Mary seemed happy on the phone so I am happy, too. Jim talked to Mary, too, and he feels better. I had tried so hard to give M. and B. to the Lord but, boy, is that difficult to do.

Well, now maybe I can start my Revolution before anymore crazy things happen.

Girted Loins of Truth

Good Morning. I have many things on my heart to write this morning. I have been praying so much lately. I tell ya, every time I turn the TV on, there is Joyce M and she stirs me up. Every time she opens her mouth, she gives me another chapter in a book to write. I don’t get TBN anymore as we just get a few channels. But Gram Barbie Doll on there with the pink cotton candy hair is almost beyond me.

I was praying last night and taking on the whole armor of God, as written in Eph. 5:13. This scripture talks in Eph. 5:14 about having your loins girt with truth. Our loins are to be covered with a spiritual covering called TRUTH. Our loins are our reproductive organs, our wombs. The thighs and groins are to be covered with truth.

That’s very interesting and this is where Joyce and many of the other women preachers are entering your armors of God. They can penetrate your armor as it isn’t covered with truth on your wombs. Lady preacher takes a hot sword like a branding iron and slices into your armor with lies and deceit. Then, as your wombs are spiritually slashed with deception, then the ungodly priest called a Medical Doctor is able to come in and cut your womb. But it has been maimed first of all by deception.

I kept wondering why I would see good Christian men who have good reputations have Joyce on their shows. But I can see it all now as I have prayed. The church has been ripe for Joyce as birth control has become popular in the church. And I hear so many women say, “Oh, I just love my church but they don’t believe in trusting God for the size of the family.” Well, for a woman, this is not a small issue. Well, not for a man, either. But I take no authority to teach a man. I am not called to do that. But a woman will live her spiritual life out of her womb one way or the other. And if the devil has taken your womb, just pray for a new one.

The scripture in the Bible that says “For with God nothing shall be impossible” is concerning supernatural births. Luke 1:37 the angel of God is speaking to Mary. She has asked how she would have a child being a virgin. And the angel refers to her cousin Elisabeth who is also pregnant and has been barren all of her life and now she is old. So God can give us mothers babies, no matter how old we are or even without the seed of our husbands. With God nothing shall be impossible. The chosen women of God in the word almost always started out barren. There was Sarah, Hannah and about three more in the Old Testament. Then in the New Testament, of course, Mary and Elizabeth.

Our wombs are precious to God. The meek and quiet spirit is a guide for the womb or the voice of the womb. Hysteria will cause a hysterectomy. A wife can’t get pregnant with a lot of nervous problems. I couldn’t nurse, as I was so nervous having my children. I regret that.

The womb is the inner court of a woman’s temple. A wife and mother must be hidden. The Mother is the womb of the body of Christ. As we hide our wombs with our clothes, we as wives and mothers must stay hidden. We are not to be exposed and thrown out into the world. We are not to expose our breasts as it is so popular to do today. I mean, just to our husbands, as we are to satisfy our own husbands and comfort them with our breasts. But we as true Christian mothers are daughters of our King Jesus. We are saved in childbearing. Childbearing has to do with making homes and being domesticated. We are keepers of the home.

The Bible NEVER has called a woman to stand up in the temple of God and take spiritual authority over godly men. Prov 31:3 is where the King’s godly mother spoke to him about what kind of a wife to marry. She starts out by telling him, “Give not your strength to women or your ways to which destroy kings.” Joyce is taking down our Kings in the body of Christ. All because of the loose armor of we women who are covering our wombs with pride instead of TRUTH.

Prov 31:17 also speaks of the woman girting the loins or her womb with STRENGTH. If her womb is strong spiritually, then she will be strong spiritually. Again, if your womb is severed and scarred, then just pray for it to come back and be active again.

Supernatural births are common and every day in the word of God. But the uncovering of the womb by the deception of religious cult teachings is what has exposed the godly womb and given her fear and hysteria and hysterectomies. Deut. 28 speaks that if you obey God, your wombs will be blessed and fruitful and, evidently, at any age. That’s Bible teaching! The cult message Joyce preaches is why we have 1.5 million abortions a year. And, yes, many of these women are in the church. When will we quit listening to witches that are killing our baby John the Baptists and other prophets of God … and handmaidens of God?

I pray the Lord will reactivate my womb and cause me to be pregnant. The Bible says that the widows are to be taken in by the church who are over 60. But the widows under 60 are to marry again and go home and bear more children and guide the house. That leads me to believe that a woman under 60 could easily have more children.

After 60 you get into the supernatural births. And, ya know, Sarah in her 90’s wasn’t just called outta nowhere to have a baby. This woman was a real bell ringer if ya ask me. I mean she wanted a baby in her 90’s. Like me, she laughed about it but she wanted to be pregnant. She was a woman of strength. She had been barren all of her life. For what reason we don’t know and God doesn’t tell us why. That was not important, evidently. And Luke being a doctor gives us a story in Luke about supernatural births. You can tell he was so amazed at these births.

These are women of strength who gave birth under much opposition. They were strong women because they knew how to cover their wombs with STRENGTH and with TRUTH. They knew how to take on the whole armor of God in Eph. 6.

A woman is only as strong as her place as keeper at home. If she bails out there, she will bail out in her other callings from God. A woman’s strength in the Bible always refers to her strength as a wife and mother. Never as lady preacher in the church. Prov. 31 shows a woman of strength and truth in the home doing her works of righteousness.

Proverbs 31:25 – Strength and honor are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in the time to come.

Our lady of Proverbs is not full of fear. She opens her mouth with wisdom. She teaches other women to be keepers at home. Every wise woman builds her home and the foolish tear it down with their own hands. Our Lady looks well to the ways of her household.

Verse 29 – Many of her friends have done well but she excels them all.

She excels in virtue. Her power is in her virtue. The woman who was healed of a bleeding womb called out of Christ virtue and she was healed. Virtue is moral courage. Our Lady of Proverbs doesn’t fall under the battles with Satan, as she is a woman who has virtue and she is strong and full of courage. Her power comes as she is protected spiritually by her husband and she is not deceived and has covered herself with the full armor of God.

Verse 28 says Her children arise and call her blessed. Her husband also and he praises her.

This woman is a woman who can stay steady and on course. She has obeyed God and she knows His reward is sure to come and it is yes and amen. Mother remains at home and she remains in the Word of God. She doesn’t look to the world for her answers — she looks to her God Jesus Christ.

Joyce can stand all day and tell you how to give a portion of your money so you can get even more money but what has this to do with the word of God? We are women of God bought by the blood of Jesus. We are not of this world. Our system of trade is not only money. We deal in the Spirit and with things $$ cant buy.

$$ Won’t Make Jesus Come Back

And Joyce says that we don’t want the unbelievers to think the Christians are poor as no one would want to be a Christian.

Ya know, when I got saved in the 60’s, we never thought about if a Christian was rich or poor. We wanted to be right with God. We wanted the peace that passeth understanding. When a person got saved, we got so happy that another soul had come into God’s kingdom. We would say to each other, “Did ya see the glow on Mary’s face after she prayed and ask Jesus into her heart?” And many of us would cry at night in our beds, worrying if we had really asked the Lord into our hearts, and what if we hadn’t, we were so afraid of going to hell. And many of us worried about if we were once saved always saved, or could we lose our salvation. So about every day I asked the Lord into my heart to make sure I wasn’t goin’ to hell. And I prayed all the time for money as I needed it to keep on going. And God cared for me and my children when Jim and I were separated. And $$ at times seemed to fly outta heaven to meet our needs of food and clothes for my children and me. But my heart burned and was aflame for Christ. And I won many to Jesus in the worst of times.

Jesus Christ is not coming back to the earth as soon as the body of Christ gives enough money to Joyce or to whoever. The TRUTH of God does not need money to fly to the ends of the earth. It doesn’t take $$$ to bring Jesus back for the Bride or the body of Christ, the church. IT TAKES TRUTH and TRUTH alone.

Truth stands alone and can go wherever on the earth, as Jesus can go anywhere on the earth. God published the saints of truth in the Bible and He has put the Word in many places. Mary never published herself or went out with a message like, “Well, if you don’t give me $$$ then no one will know that Jesus Christ was a supernatural birth.” Thats nonsense! We need just one man with the truth to stand up in the pulpit and teach it. If he would, the Lord would send him all over the world for free. Jesus didn’t stand there with his hand open for coins as He preached about God. We need $$ — it’s important if you don’t have anything in the house to feed the children. Or if ya need heat to warm the house. But to all get together to pay Joyce or whoever so that Jesus can come back is silly and when will this stuff be exposed?

Joyce is havin’ a ball! And ya know, if all of this was just stupid, it would be half way ok. But when the believers give their strength, their money, to Joyce, they are giving her their spirits, too. It’s sad! But the Christians who are not really sold out to Jesus and still want the world are the only ones really being hoodwinked. Their pride is leading them along a path to hell. And ya know the true sheep hear His voice.

So many women say, “Well, ya know, I like some of what Joyce has to say. But some of it don’t sound right.” Well, yes, you are discerning the spirits. It sounds a little like the voice of God but there is something strange about it. See, if you really know the Lord, you know His voice. Half of the voice won’t sound like Christ and the other half like Santa Claus or whoever. The voice of God has to line up with the word of God. And Joyce rarely lines up with the word of God.

One problem is that no one brings their Bibles to church anymore. And much of the time, Christians don’t read the word to get direction for their lives. The absence of the Bible in the life of the believer and in the organized church has opened the door for deception. The path has been being built for years to welcome Joyce and women like her to preach a bunch of wives tales and superstitions. See, back in my day, when I got saved in the 60’s, Joyce wouldn’t have been given the time of day except for folks who didn’t read the word of God. And back then, there were some good and godly family men out there.

I feel sorry for the sissy men who bow to Joyce. I feel ashamed of them.

Gettin’ out of Dodge

I am so thankful for all of the ministering going on here to the ladies who are hurting. I am under such pressure with Mary and Brandon. I just skim the emails — I really don’t know what is going on with the group. Lately M and B’s life has been a comedy of errors. I may as well laugh about it, as I have to go on … and on … and on … etc. … and on.

Mary assured us the other day that all was well. And that the people that they had paid to stay in the upstairs two bedrooms were going to give them their money back. Because the people took the money and then told M and B that they couldn’t stay. So Jim loans M and B another 40 bucks thinking we would get it back in a few days, as these people were to pay M and B back. But no dice — this guy they were to rent from committed a crime and went to jail last night. Well, he is a thief; he belongs in jail.

Just before he went, B put our 40 bucks in the guy’s car because this guy was going to take B to work for the week. Brandon’s car, of all things, broke down. So right after B puts the gas in this guy’s car, the guy runs away in the car, never to be seen again. Well, he did call Mary from the jail to see if she could go out and run after his girlfriend and ask her to help him out of jail.

Mary, of course, is like, “Mom, these people are crazy.” Well, the girlfriend is on the loose. Mary thinks she is hiding in the attic of her own house.

Mary says, “I think she broke into our garage and took my winter clothes.” I am crazy on the phone … just crazy. M and B are moving out of their house and they have things stored and locked in the garage. Well, it’s usually locked. But M and B had planned on renting the top of these people’s house, so their blankets and a lot of their clothes are there. So Mary tells me late last night on the phone that she and B will go get these people’s house to get their belongings out of there. Last night?

I told her, “Mary, the police will be looking for this girlfriend and, if you guys are there, they will think you are guilty, too.” Well, about that time, Mary had to get off the phone. Jim tried to call Brandon back to tell him NOT to go in that house. But Brandon didn’t answer.

B has about 100 relatives that would take him and Mary in to live with them until they can get on their feet. And, of course, we would take them in. Anything to stop this dog and pony show — or should I say, cops and robbers drama. But, no, all of that would be tooo easy. “We are adults, Mom, and we are married.”

Jim is ready to punch someone in the nose and I am gonna help him this time.

So now Brandon weighs 100 pounds. Can you imagine someone stealing from a man that is this sick? I mean stealing his last 40 bucks (which was actually Jim’s last 40 bucks) and leaving Brandon dumbfounded as the thief drives away happily with a full tank of gas.

So, anyway, B’s mom gets them a motel and rents them a car. They are selling the house and have let the water be shut off. But this motel has to be a bad joke of some kind. It’s all tooo crazy.

I gotta go. But this is why I can’t start my Revolution yet and why I don’t know anything that is going on with the group. I am a bit sidetracked. A bit perplexed — a bit weary of putting out fires and running from dragons.

Just a Visit

Well, yesterday was really busy. Our son John and our little 3 year old grandson Romeo were here for the day. Christine works part time. Then she came here after a few hours and then John went to work.

Romeo kept us laughing. Jim was painting the living room and he had asked John to move the piano. We asked Romeo to help and we made him think he moved the piano himself. What a good boy he was yesterday.

I fixed burritos for lunch and then, when Christine got here in late afternoon, she ate some, too. We had a big lettuce salad to go with it all.

John fixed my vacuum sweeper. Thank the Lord. He oiled it with tractor oil. The roller at the bottom was stuck and wouldn’t go around and kept breaking belts. Iit had already broken three belts just lately. So Jim and John went to Wal-Mart and got another belt. They didn’t have the right size and so John got one he thought would fit. He stretched it himself and put it on the vacuum, and it runs like a top. Very funny stuff.

John can fix anything. He also fixed my printer. Now I have the Underground Press up and running. I can be a real radical now — if I just had the time. I am a Sister of a New Revolution when I have time. Oh, my goodness, who ever heard of such a thing? And I showed John my front page of my newsletter. He says, “Oh, yeah, a Zine.” We talked again about how they have these in NYC and they sell them on the street corner. “Zines” are little homemade magazines, usually with some political idea in it.

We printed off one of my writings and John says, “Mom, why isn’t there any spaces between sentences or paragraphs? It would look better with spaces,” And, yes, it would but if I put spaces between paragraphs, then it runs all together in the end. This e-machine is just like a Morse Code or something. It’s not for fancy stuff. As I write and run outta space, the bare spots run together. If I put dots on it, it won’t. But something has to be there — the spaces won’t stay there. Anyway, I am thankful for John’s help. This way, I will put some printed pages in with the handwritten pages. But the Zine will have a look, I hope, of being mostly handwritten.

John said that a lot of hippies write these Zines. Oh, wow, and I am such a hippie at heart. So when I can, I can’t wait to get goin’ on my Zine! I do need to write in the mornings on the e-machine. It’s my prayer time and a time to organize my thoughts. It’s so easy to come here and just write out what I feel. And then to have the Lord speak to me.

One thing that has stuck in my mind lately is this message of Joyce’s about money. Man, every Christian show has her on there being interviewed. She gave her testimony the other day on a Christian show. It sounded like mine. Man, I about swallowed my teeth. She must be about my age. Those Christian men who interview her just sit on the edge of their seats. They just love her.

She has this message about blessing herself. About everyone loves money and new cars and we as Christians should all have them. Because otherwise folks will think the Christians are poor and no one will want to be one. Um. I can’t believe people swallow this stuff. And she says that God will take your money if ya don’t share it with the poor. And she tells the story about Ruth Anne who volunteers in the ministry and how the Lord told Joyce to give Ruth Anne her red dress she had in the closet. I am thinkin’ why can’t Joyce pay Ruth Anne, as she certainly has the money, and why is God telling her to give Ruth Anne an old dress of hers instead? And for people who only think spiritually with a bag of $$$ under their arm that they plan to keep, then Joyce is the Voice for you.

Lady Preachers

And, ya know, so many of these $$ preachers really think that everyone wants to be rich at any cost. And they pull on people’s lust for riches. But, see, what the flock is looking for is truth? And if someone showed them the truth, many would choose the truth over $$.

People are hurting in our world, and looking for answers. Many would do anything to be set free of drugs or alcohol. Money will not set them free — the truth sets the captive free. The truth upon the heart of a man who is bound in sin is his million dollars. When Jim was lost in sin, nothing would set him free. He went to doctors and counselors and had EEG tests. He went to churches where they cast the demons out. And that worked for a while. Giving him a million dollars wouldn’t have made a bit of difference to him. Satan don’t care if you are a millionaire or not.

These women out preaching are just making the bands of wickedness tighter. They call the women at home to money and to a career. They are helping these women dig a ditch to be buried in.

The truth sets the captive free and is worth all the money in the world. The truth is that mother is called as Keeper at home and the home is her ministry and her college. A woman at home must deal with truth as “her give and take” — as her trade. The $$ should be handled by the husband or at least under his covering. Mother should be free to have a tender heart as she is the children’s teacher. She has to be free to have her babies in peace and rest.

Our Mary grieves for her baby. Wwe wept on the phone together again yesterday. Mary longs for more babies and this is her yearning for the Lord. This is her place of suffering and, out of this, Mary will learn the deep things of the Spirit. She told me yesterday that she told Brandon, “I love my mother so much, I could never live in another state and be away from her.”

I gave Mary my life. She was always home schooled. I was free to give her my life. Jim protected me. I hid away to raise her for Jesus. She says, “Mom, I love Brandon and I love caring for him when he is sick.” Oh, it’s hell watching her go through such heartache. And yet I have given her to the Lord and He alone must raise her. All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.

Brandon has the best insurance but it hasn’t helped him to get well. Throwing money at Brandon won’t help him. But through prayer and truth, he is set free. Yesterday he did well and I think today he has gone to work.

I remember right after Jim was saved, I was fighting so hard to keep afloat and to cast down fear. And MaryL had a class with tapes about Christian women in their homes. Man, I drank that class up like a starving woman. I mean I knew about submission and all, but I was under such attack from the devil. I needed a weekly class to go to. And this class really fed my spirit. It was truth and it was worth a million dollars to me.

Then later Dixie had gone under and lost her way as wife and mother. And out on her farm, the spirit of Wisdom came to her and her eyes were opened to the truth. I was again starving for the truth as time had gone on. And then I received the Bible wisdom for mothers at home. I would have died of a broken heart had I not gotten the truth. And so many women are dying — just falling dead in their tracks because of lack of truth. Many have diseases they can’t find a cure for because they carry burdens for the family that they shouldn’t carry. It is too heavy for them.

God has a place of spiritual authority for the mother at home. Mother is the truth bearer. She is intercessor and a silent example. As she moves, so moves her world. Protect your heart for out of it are the issues of life. Mother’s true heart is a child’s first teacher. As I stay strong with truth, Mary will be strong, and my children will come into order. As mother moves in silent duty, she moves the spiritual world around.

Truth Bearer

Mother can move the spirit realm as she bears the truth in her heart. She can move circumstances around with the truth as she prays it, but mostly lives it. With her hands, she is either walking in truth or her hands are idle and she is destroying her home. As she sets her house in order, she sets her world in order. She moves the waves of spiritual darkness out of her way as she cares for the children and keeps her house clean. Mother’s steps upon the old kitchen floor moves to righteousness as she bakes her bread and makes supper in her skillet. And her home becomes a place of Truth and righteousness. And His will is done on earth as it is done in heaven.

See, the truth is what will bring revival in our world. Truth stands alone and doesn’t need money to lift if off. Truth is enough, and it is powerful. Once the truth is ignited, then it alone changes the atmosphere. It pulls the goodness of God into place and it moves the wickedness out the door and back to its rightful place in hell.

Truth may or may not make you rich — it depends on God and His call to you. But a woman doesn’t need to go out and get a job and go against the Lord in order for truth to be exalted. Truth doesn’t ride on the wheels of riches unless that is what God Himself uses. To seek riches is the wrong door. Don’t seek riches; seek the truth. Seek the Word of the Bible. Truth will bring prosperity. And Bible prosperity is a roof over your head and food for the day and clothes. Having food and clothes, be content. If your money hasn’t come through your walking in the truth, then why would you want it? I mean you ain’t goin’ anywhere as a believer without the Truth.

See, preachers say, “Oh, we all gotta get together and give our $$$ to Brother Whoever so that Jesus can come back.” No, what we want for our country is revival. And no revival is gonna come until the truth is preached and taught on a regular basis. No man can be set free without the truth. He can’t be convicted of his sins if he doesn’t know he is in sin. And he can’t repent and be saved as he don’t know what to repent of. If a person will confess their sins, He is is just and righteous to forgive them their sins and cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

A wayward husband will be saved by the actions of the wife. (1 Peter 3) The wife becomes like Jesus at the cross and her obedience wins her husband to Christ.

We could not be saved unless Jesus died for us. He was the just for the unjust. He was without sin and He didn’t deserve to die. But He went willingly to the cross and died a very cruel death for us. He took Satan captive and fought him in his own domain. Jesus did all of this as the true lamb of God. Jesus is truth and only He could die for us. Truth was put upon the cross and He was obedient.

God published Jesus and His story of redemption. The Bible is the inspired word of the Living God. Throughout the ages, man has tried to destroy the Bible. But he Lord God has protected the TRUTH. And it is still here with us today. The Bible was not protected by men of high influence and money. Well, to some extent, it was. But to many, the Bible was only a set of rules. The true believers are the ones who really protected the word of God. They died for the Word of God. The Truth was their meat and drink. They lived for Christ and ended up as martyrs who died for Christ and His Truth.

Don’t fall for a Social Gospel that has no power except $$ power. Money power stands pale in the light of the Power of Truth. Truth and righteousness and a desire to obey God is what will set your home free. Maybe you need money for groceries — well, pray and God will give them to you. Yes, we need $$, but it is not the power of God.

And the Word was hidden and the Bible was kept safely. Now we have the women preachers out there every day taking the word of God and blaspheming it as told in Titus 2. They are destroying it.

Burning Bibles

So now days, we don’t need Satan’s henchmen to hide or burn our Bibles. We have the women preachers to do it for us as they preach deception. We can thank women preachers who preach careers for married women in the church. Sins that have taken the Star of the Home out of the home to go build upon the temples of Egypt. She won’t submit to her own husband but will submit to another man who owns a business and now he owns her. And she does this all in the name of her own freedom and rights. And she makes her $$$ so she can give more $$ to God, or to Joyce so that Jesus can come again. Now Daycare owns her children who don’t know Joyce and Satan makes ’em sick, as Daycare of full of diseases. Strep throat is the god of the hour.

As Mother has left the home and her place as Truth Bearer, we now have gay rights to deal with. I mean in the church and out of it, too. We have abortion and divorce, child porn, and all of these sins that are deceptions and represent the home where mother is absent. Her pedestal has been torn down as wife and prayer warrior as Queen over the Nursery. She is gone and out looking for happiness in fulfilling herself. In her absence, it seems her live in boyfriend is molesting the children. And no one can say she shouldn’t be shackin’ up, as “it’s ok” and it is now “ok” in the church.

As the TRUTH is not taught, then the demons of deception are left to do their own things. And all of this sin is goin’ on in the church and Joyce is worried about her earrings and which dress to give away so that no one will think $$ is her god? Abortion is goin’ on and our country’s earth is blood stained and it cries out. Children cry out from the earth, “My Mother killed me with a knife.” Oh, they will tell all on judgment day. The death of these children is hidden now. But Payday comes. Judgment day is coming. And all will be told on that Day. God forgive us as a Nation. We have let Shepherds lead us that are poisoning us with a social gospel. And we have let them do it as we haven’t wanted to take up His cross and follow Him.

And my Mary’s heart is wounded and yet she is a sweet smelling sacrifice to Jesus. I would so much rather that she suffer for righteousness than to suffer for aborting her baby. God forbid that she would ever go to live with a man who wasn’t her husband. I pray that she will always search for the truth and for righteousness.

We may get away with the deception told by the women preachers for a while. But you are only fooling yourself. The truth will set the captive free. And to stand on the Truth is hard but it is your answer and freedom.

You will never find of flock of virtuous women. They are usually one here and one there. And usually they have to take a stand and stand pretty much alone. We as believing Mothers must carry the truth in our hearts as keepers at home. And, as truth bearers, as we go, so will go our children and our world.

Trouble with the Revolution

Good Morning Dear Mothers,

Where do I begin? Brandon and Mary had given 200 bucks to rent the upstairs of these people’s house? M and B lost their house and have little $$. But the people they were to rent from were crazy. About the time the kids were to move in, this woman they were to rent from attacked her boyfriend and beat the stuffin’ out of him. They continued this big fight and tore up the house. Anyone ever heard of demons? And the story gets much worse but I don’t have the heart to write it out.

Anyway, at the worst of it, J., your card came in the mail which cheered us all on and sure gave Mary and Brandon faith to keep on keepin’ on. Mary and Brandon came right over to get the card. And on the way over, Brandon decided to swallow his pride and called his mom to tell her that he and Mary were in dire straits. He hadn’t wanted to ask his family for help. But now what more was there to do? So, anyway, his mom is helping them and she has a private place for them to stay. Of course, they could have stayed here. But Brandon would feel more comfortable at his home. So they are taken care of, Praise the Lord.

But I walked the floors yesterday and prayed. So Wild Man decides to paint the living room yesterday? I had to try to stack my stuff for the newsletter. I have so much stuff out. Also Johnny is coming today to help Jim move the piano — so Jim can paint? Romeo Paul, age 3, will come, too, for the day. So this morning I had to get up and clean the living room real quick before I could write. The kids’ pictures are everywhere and my books. And I think to myself, “I am trying to have a REVOLUTION here if it’s ok.”

So if I was Joan of Arc, I couldn’t even find France. If I could find my saddle, then my horse would be sure to run away and NEVER come back. If I could find my horse, which is doubtful, then it would die the next day. And then someone would steal my saddle. I have gotten 4 pages done on the newsletter to announce the Revolution. And this has taken me a good week. I can’t cancel the Revolution. Well, actually, I have to cancel it for today, anyway, as I have Romeo to play with, and I am fixing burritos for lunch. Paint and ladders will be all over the place.

Ya know, the truth of it is that I can’t stage a Revolution, anyway. Jesus Christ is the only one who can. I guess I just have so much vision for it and it all looks so easy to me. But I just ain’t organized enough to do it. See, I can’t lose my email machine because it is connected to the wall and to the phone. So the Lord just gets me up in the morning and I do what I have to do to get myself over to the machine and then I do my damage.

Yesterday, when I got up, Jim wanted me to cut his hair. So no writing then. Then I had Baby Rose for the day. I love that little kid and Romeo — what sweet babies.

Anyway, I am tap dancin’ here. I am tryin’ to get the newsletter done and announce the Revolution. But dang if I don’t keep losing my horse. No, really, please pray for me that I will get a quiet space of time to do my “Daughters of a New Revolution” newsletter. And my vacuum is not working right and it makes me want to slap someone silly. Please pray that the belt will work right on it — it keeps breaking.

I do have to wonder if I should really ask some of you to agree to pray for me daily to get that newsletter out. I seem to be facing a bit of opposition from the dragon? Well I can out wait him as he is verrry impatient. I just gotta keep on goin’. This Revolution is gonna be fun. I am not afraid of the dragon but can’t fight him in the flesh, either. I am just going to have to wait upon the Lord. He is the only way the truth and the life.

Often we have to admit that we are hopeless and helpless. I am there, believe me.

Good Morning

Oh, wow, I have nothing to say this morning. When I go to write, it’s like I just look into my soul. It’s like lookin’ into a big fridge to see if there is anything to eat or to write. My days are so full at times. Like yesterday, I wrote about the New Revolution. Then life grabs me for the day and my mind is so taken up with other things. The Revolution is about forgotten until this morning.

I got up at 4 this morning. Jim had been up in the night writing. And now it is 5 and he went back to bed and I am left to my own writing. He wrote about all that he was thankful for. He read to me his writing. Also when I got up, he was watching the show “Fried Green Tomatoes.” The old woman reminds me of myself as I get older. I have so many stories left to tell. So many characters like threads and designs have made up the tapestry of my life. I have stood with the broken in heart and seen the suffering that happens in the world.

This morning I think of my friend Rose who has held her family together for nearly 30 years. Her husband is the worst man I could ever know. And yet Rose has been such a blessing to her children and grandchildren. She never divorced and now helps make a home for her grandson.

My friend Kathy had a daughter that just dropped her son off one day and never picked him up again. Kathy had the son from the time he was about 5 until he was 18 years old. Kathy raised him just as though she had adopted him, but there was nothing legally signed or anything. She all of a sudden one day had a son. Oh, how I wish this had happened to me, as I would surely love to raise another child.

I would love to just get up in the morning and keep designing my handwritten newsletter. But as I get up, I am a pile of rubbish as the troubles of yesterday weigh me down. Brandon and Mary thought they would be moving to the upstairs of these people’s home. Now they find out this isn’t gonna work. Of course, they are welcome here.

Mary called last night and said, “Mom, is Dad home?” I said yes. And she said, after we get off the phone, “I want you and Dad to pray for Brandon and me that we will find a place to live.” So Jim and I prayed. Mary said, “Mom, I am just not giving up.”

And I told Jim, I said, “This is what I have been waiting to hear, is that Mary has made a decision to not give up.” Then the Lord had me read an old writing about a bat I had written about 3 years ago. Mary was still at home and had gone downstairs to the bathroom and saw the bat in the night. Jim wanted to let it go and get it the next morning but Mary was too afraid and thought it would come upstairs. So I got up and went down stairs and tried to kill the bat with a broom. I couldn’t get it. And the bat would nosedive at Mary. I told Mary, “Ya know, that bat knows you are afraid of it and that’s why it keeps coming for you.”

She says, “Mom, are you sure?”

And I said, “Yes, I am sure of it.” And Mary got mad and took the broom and went after that bat and, in one or two swings, she had knocked that thing out of the air. She hit it hard and threw it out the door. I said, “There ya go, Mary, that’s how ya get rid of the devil.”

And last night, as I talked to Mary on the phone, I could feel that determination in her voice. And I know that my prayers are answered. I expect a miracle to happen now, as Mary isn’t gonna give up. As her Mom, I have prayed so much for these kids. But it’s like now they are gonna take the bull by the horns themselves.

And, ya know, God is no respecter of persons. He will answer their prayers, too. We just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

So back to the Sisters of a New Revolution. And, ya know, it is not the physical wilderness that the pioneer mothers fought, but for us it is the fight of the spirit. And yet we do fight for religious freedom as the patriots fought in the Revolutionary War. We who fight for our families seem to fight mainly feminism.

The New Revolution

Dear Sisters of Liberty,

Down with Feminism! Yaaaay! BOOM! Let the Revolution begin. We are declaring war upon the Jezebel spirit. We want our rights as True Bible Christian stay at home mothers.

We don’t want any so called Christian feminist trying to get us to go on Religious Womens Retreats. We wanna stay home and fix supper. Down with packaged mixes — we wanna cook and bake from scratch.

We don’t want to go out and lay around with men who aren’t our husbands. We want one husband for life and we want to raise our own children and not give them to daycare.

We want to wear dresses and aprons as the women did before us for hundreds of years.

We want to stay home and cook and bake and make fried potatoes in a cast iron skillet. We want a wooden rolling pin to roll out our cookies.

We are tired of being abused and misused and taunted by the world because we want to be loving wives and mothers who care for our husbands and children. Sorry, but our hearts are not hardened hearts of divorce and separation.

We are Daughters of a New Revolution! Get out of our way, Jezebel!

We plan to have have Cottage Industries at home. We plan to take over the country with our homemade supplies.

We are not whores and prostitutes and we are insulted by your designs in clothes. We are godly mothers who want to cover our bodies.

We want to have many children and we have laid down our bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable unto God.

Your schools are so public, like public restrooms. We are mothers of dignity and purpose and we want better than that for our precious children.

And I will write this stuff if I have to write it underground, but I will write it. My letters to you will be called “Daughters of a New Revolution.” With articles called Daughters of Liberty. Daughters of Power. Daughters of dignity and purpose. My letters for the most part will be handwritten. My cottage industry. The Underground Press!

Mothers at home, we must take on our weapons of warfare. Our tools of purpose. These are our cooking tools. Our wooden rolling pins and our cast iron cookware.

This summer, the harlot will be practically giving away her cookware and her canning jars and kettles. The foolish woman is out there to hand you her weapons and, for cryin’ out loud, Dear Heart, take ’em. Every wise woman builds her home and the foolish tear it down with her hands. We’re winning, Dear Sisters, take the spoil. Gather to your homes canning jars and lids.

Be Sisters of Liberty who lay gardens and plant fruit trees. Put up as much food as you can this summer to feed your family this next winter. We don’t need to eat vegetables with poison on them.

The housewives during the Revolution decided to give up the tea bought from England. They made their own tea from mints they grew in their herb gardens. We can easily grow many herbs this spring. Herbs like Chamomile and Rosemary. Tea. I love basil tea and all of the mints. Valerian is not hard to grow, or feverfew. Most of these herbs can be dried for the winter to make tea. Red Raspberry tea really works for cramps. You use the leaves and make a tea. And you can just cut the stalks in late summer and bring the branches in and let the leaves dry on the branches. I just put branches in a paper sack. When the leaves are dry, just crumble them off and put them in a clean dry glass jar. Make sure your herbs are absolutely dry or they will get moldy. I had gotten a bit discouraged about my herbs.

I had written a whole writing to my kids telling them where all of the herbs were in the yard and what they are used for. But my children are young yet and don’t understand the importance of the herbs in their lives.

Sisters of Liberty

Dear Sisters of Liberty, ya know, we can do this? We can make our own gardens. You know, during the Depression era the women had to go back to the land and make gardens. They knew their families would starve if they didn’t. There was a collapse in the stock market and many were out of jobs. Well, hello? Our foods are full of poison and preservatives and what have ya. If we are sick, we get stuff that is so odd that a doctor at times can’t figure it out.

We are so out there in the world. And the Christian mother was never meant to slide in there and act like the world and live from the world. Can you imagine Mary going to Egypt to ask an unbeliever to check Jesus to see if He, God’s son, is healthy? No, we mothers, called of God to raise our children for Jesus, aren’t to be out messin’ around in the world.

Well, I have to fix Wild Man some pancakes. Duty calls.

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