Sunday, December 17, 2017

Submissive Wives

I just want to write on wifely submission. Boy, I am tellin’ ya, we live in a confused world. There are so many problems around us that we could be running all the time, trying to help this situation and that one. But we are not free to minister in the physical to every bad situation we see. This is how we can be developed in our prayer lives. We can pray for many situations. And under our husbands’ covering, we can minister.

I have Jim’s covering as I write. If we are tiffed at each other, I don’t write. If Jim gets mad at me, I do very little until things are right with him and me. And, no, we can’t go up and down with every bad and good mood of our husbands. But over time in a marriage, you can pretty well figure out what you did to cause the problem and then make it right. This is why I write in the night so I wont be influenced by any good or bad mood Wild Man may wake up with. As the man of the house, he has his own agenda. He may be in a bad mood because of tooooo much snow or a high gas bill. Over almost 40 years of marriage, I am learning to read him.

But, ya know, ya gotta be right with your husband or you won’t be any good for the Lord to use ya. Women that run out from under their coverings to go do this and that good work? They do works that will not be lasting. Their works may be good for the day. But they have no authority of their own. And as they minister uncovered by their husbands, they will be attacked in their minds. Their heads are not spiritually covered. They stand open to Satan’s attacks. And he will go for the mind, the temple of the Holy Spirit in a wife.

The deeper a woman is in the Lord, the more careful she must be to stay under her husband’s authority. She must mind her own business and the business of the family home. Her children and grandchildren must be top priority. If her husband has given her the freedom to help someone outside the family, then she is free to do that. But, naturally, when her own children or grandchildren need her, then they are top priority. She is to submit to her own husband and his plans first.

And, ya know, Jim isn’t a morning person. And long about 9 in the morning, I would ask him what he wants for lunch so I can put it in the crock pot or whatever. And he will say, “Honey, I don’t know. I can’t think that far when its only 9 in the morning.” Well, I have stopped that, as it is pretty silly. I just fix whatever and if he don’t like it, I fix something else. But, generally, our husbands expect us to run the home. And we shouldn’t ask them about everything concerning our roles as keepers at home. We should just have the confidence to take authority in our places as home keepers.

But many women suffer in their minds. They think it is PMS or whatever. Actually, it is that they are being attacked because they are out of their God given role. Our ministry as keepers at home must be a protected place of learning in silence and submission. We must take on that shawl of housewifery. We must embrace our roles as the Mother and Star of the Home. We don’t owe the world a thing. We owe our families our lives and our sacred honor. We are here to make a nest to raise the little Samuels. Kings and priests and handmaidens for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The world will roar and call us to this and that good work. But we must not go! We must be as kitchen saints, keeping the food warm on the stove. We must be as guardian angels over our dear children. We are guards of the home and we must look well to the ways of our household.

God will never reward you for works He never called you to do. Let’s not do good works in place of great works. It’s a full time job to stay right with your husband and to keep believing for your children. It takes a mighty woman of prayer to run a household.

Sweet Wives and Mothers

Wisdom is our stability, and the wise woman builds her home and the foolish woman tears it down with her hands.

Don’t look at the world, dear Mother. Turn inward to your nest and to your own children and your husband. Our husbands go out to the world and we are to stay home. We are to be the queens of our palaces. Our children should see us in a place of honor and dignity. We must take on our callings as wives and mothers.

You aren’t in submission to your husband if your spirit is not meek and quiet. We must groom our inner court with a covering of sweet spices and quiet honor and dignity. Most of our ministry is in the inner court. We won’t often be found in the gates with our husbands. Our place is the inner court, ministering to our husbands. We must wait upon our husbands and help them to minister to the family. Tearing your husband down, even if it is in your mind and not out loud, is like tearing the roof off of your home. We are called to reverence and praise our husbands.

A godly woman’s beauty is her submission to her husband. She is his glory and her long hair is her glory. As she puts herself spiritually right with her husband, then her husband is pushed under God. Either he will do as he is called for God to do or he will play hell tryin’ to get away.

The Bible calls her to do good works in silence before her husband. This means the good works in the Bible as keepers at home. Not the good works of the Christian feminists of today. The wife is not to take spiritual authority in the home over her husband. She is not to instruct him as his mother. He is a man and let him be a man and work out his own problems. It isn’t up to you to be his light bulb in his dark and clouded mind. Let him fall on his face. Pray for him and let him go into the Lord’s instructions.

Ya know, I see so many fat and sure of themselves women with men who are all but gone in their minds. It’s like they are missing in action. The lights are on and no one is home? The wife has taken all of her husband’s strength. A woman in this society could do anything and get a pat on the back for it. But a strong woman of wisdom won’t take the pat on the back but will submit to her husband as unto the Lord. I knew an old couple. And the wife just badgered and nagged her husband until he lost his mind. Early in the marriage, he was strong enough to resist her. But as time went on, and she didn’t age as fast as he did, she took over. She got her wish and her husband returned to being a child and she was mother.

We have to have a freedom in our minds as Christians, men and women. We as wives must submit to our own husbands. This doesn’t mean you give your man your mind and that you move left and right with his moods. No, you have a sense of right and wrong, as you are God’s daughters first. You are a woman of dignity and you respect the Lord’s call and order upon your life.

You submit to your husband so that you can do your work as keeper at home. You are not called to the world or to a women outside your home. I mean, sure, we minister to other women under our husbands’ spiritual covering. But we are to continually teach and minister to married women to be keepers at home. And the older woman means just that. She should be over 60 to really be a Titus 2 mother. The Lord calls the younger widows under 60 to remarry and go home and bear children. I play a part as the Titus 2 mother, I guess. But the Bible is saying that our top priority is to run the home.

Godly Christian wives and mothers really have no business running out in the world. In this society, there is so much evil. I rarely go out if I don’t go with Jim. Once in a while, I will go to a Ladies Bible study. But for the most part, I live a pretty dedicated life to the Lord. I try to just maintain my life here as Keeper at Home. I stay available to care for the grandbabies if I am needed.

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