Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Lovely Christmas Evening

Dear Christmas Sisters,

Oh! Our family had such a lovely Christmas Time last evening. We went to our Johnny’s home for supper. We had looked forward to it all week. Saturday John was to get their Christmas tree and then, Sunday, we were to go in the evening to see the tree and have supper. Well, as it worked out, the kids didn’t get their tree. And yesterday John called and told us but John said to come ahead for supper. I heard Papa on the phone, “Sorry you didn’t get a tree, John.” And then I heard Jim say, “What kinda tree do ya want?” and then I knew Wild Man was gonna buy the kids a tree.

Oh, Jim was so excited to go get the tree. He came home with a nice one, tied on top of our car. He had gone to the Salvation Army and gotten lights and decorations. We could hardly wait to get to John’s home for supper. We had picked Johnny up from work and brought the Christmas tree with us. Oh, Christine and Romeo were so excited as the guys wrestled the tree into their house. And Christine had the living room all ready. The guys put the tree in the stand and then later on, after supper, John’s family decorated the tree. It had been such a magical day for all of us.

Then I had brought over some homemade Christmas goodies like I had made in the 1970’s. I told Christine that these were the kinds of treats Johnny knew as a child at home. I had brought cut out sugar cookies. Stars and Christmas trees sprinkled with red and green sugar. And then the Fantasy fudge with pecans. I also made the Cocoa Mix like I used to make. I made a big batch of it yesterday and then brought the kids some and left some here at home for us and Christmas guests and family. I also brought a cheese bread that we ate with Christine’s delicious Tuna Casserole. Oh, Jim and I loved the casserole — it was so good tasting. We hadn’t had Tuna Casserole in years. Ya forget how good that tastes. Of course, Christine waited on all of us hand and foot. Made us coffee and we had a ball.

Romeo, age 3, had all of his cars out and was having fun playing. And then he jumped on the couch and had to have time out in the bedroom. I told the kids that he reminded me of our boys when they were young. Jim agreed that Romeo at 3 was all boy. But, oh, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little boy leaping off the walls. Twice he bumped his head on the heat thermostat thing. He kept rolling off the top of the couch and, when he would get back up, his head would hit the thermostat. John finally gave him a time out in the bedroom. With all that energy, ya know the boy is healthy. I loved it. Honestly, that child is so cute and fun.

It was such a joyous evening. I got sort of tiffed with Jim a few times. And I caught myself and began to reverence my husband. I long so to be an example of a godly wife and grandmother. Christine picked up on it and, oh, she got even sweeter to Johnny. She is really a sweet wife, anyway. Then we started to serve our husbands their supper. I dished Jim’s dinner up and Christine did John’s.

But it was like a dream I was in yesterday. Their home is right by the park I played at as a child. The home is in the neighborhood I grew up in. As I looked out the night window at the snow I could remember being, late in the evening, at the park at a sledding party when I was young. It was like I was a child again. I may have, as a kid, been in the home John’s family lives in now. I can’t remember but it is all so familiar to me.

After supper, John did some of the decorating and then Christine. Romeo did his many exercises? His whole body bounces like a ball. Christine took branches from the bottom of the tree and decorated the house. The smell of the tree was so refreshing and joyous. As she created different Christmas things with the branches, Johnny said, “Mom, Christine loves to decorate with all kinds of outdoor greenery.” Christine is a ruby and John is her protector.

Joy and Peace

Pretty soon, it was time for Jim and I to leave and let the little family enjoy a restful evening with each other. The snow was falling on the winter night and Papa and me had times of silence in the car. Then we would break out laughing over Romeo. Most of the time, I was purrrring like an old mother cat. Mama was happy inside as she could see for herself that all was well with her Johnny and his family. The peace in their home is so precious and joyous.

Christine had gotten a new sweater from the Salvation Army and she showed it to me in the kitchen. It was hand knitted and it was lovely! I had one on, too, that I had gotten at a garage sale. It was a dark wine color with cute white snowmen embroidered on it. It looked folksy and I love corny stuff like that.

It just felt like Christmas last night. Like it was a holy night. See, John was so hard to raise as a boy. Now it seems that he is put together with my prayers. Oh, we think God doesn’t hear our prayers but he does. We must ask Him for what we need so that we can receive from Him that our JOY will be full. I can hardly contain my JOY and peace this morning.

And Wild Man doesn’t work this morning and thank the Lord. Honestly, I have never seen so much snow. I love the snow but can you imagine it snowing almost every day, and it isn’t even Christmas yet. I have hung clothes on the line up until a week before Christmas, as the weather was often mild. Sometimes we didn’t even have snow until January. And here’s Wild Man delivering pizzas in the snow. Then, after work, he has to shovel the walk. Every day he went out, I am prayin’ like a hound dog. So today he is off work.

He told me he wanted to rest today but I know he won’t. So, like a fireman, I have to have on my “go someplace clothes” just in case he gets on fire and wants to go someplace. I mean, he is better than he used to be. The man used to want me to go with him to get a pack of smokes at the Smoke Shop. I have tried to gently remind him that I am the lady of the house and I have household things to attend to. I mean, if he wants to go someplace that will take some time, then I will go.

This morning, Wild Man will get up and sit in his chair in the living room. And he will tell me that he doesn’t want to go any place today — that he wants to rest. Then he will fill up the kerosene stove. Then, while he is on the porch getting kerosene, he will notice he has to shovel the walk. Then he will do that. Then he will tell me he had better turn the car on and let it run a bit to make sure it will start. Then he will come back in the house and say to me, “Do you have any place to go? The car is on.”

And I will say, “Honey, I thought you were tired and wanted to stay home.” And he will say he thought I wanted to go some place. That’s my “cue” to pretend I have some place to go. Because he wants to go someplace but he don’t want to admit it? Because he had just told me the night before that we were staying home tomorrow.

So, anyway, I have to get ready to go someplace this morning, even though my husband told me we were staying home. And I have to hurry and think of a place to go, as he will ask me where I want to go. And I don’t want to go any place but that’s beside the point. Well, I guess I could go to the store and get some more marshmallow cream, as I need to make some more fudge to give away for Christmas.

Anyway, I will cook this morning and have something hot and homemade to come home to for lunch. Probably, I will make something in the crock pot. Maybe bean soup. And I will make cornbread.

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