Saturday, February 24, 2018

Wrestling With the Flesh

Ya know what? We often think our problems have to do with those around us? Yet the word of God tells us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. We think we have a problem with our husband’s flesh. His bad moods, etc. Or our children’s flesh, their disobedience. But we don’t. We have a problem with powers and principalities and wickedness in high places. We have trouble with different demon forces who have order in the air. Satan is the prince of the power of the air.

Last night, Jim was at work and I read again the life story of John Bunyan. He was famous for writing Pilgrim’s Progress. I always tell the Lord I don’t have enough time to write, or the circumstances ain’t right, or you name it? Well Paul Bunyan wrote 60 books in 60 years. And most of what he wrote was in a damp cold England prison.

Some of us on here do some serious suffering, like Jen. But, ya know, it is that suffering that brings the best out of us? We suffer to understand His sufferings. And just beyond the suffering, Jesus was raised from the dead? He never died and is still alive this 2000 some years later. He did not allow Satan to run His life. Jesus understood his opponent, His enemy. This is how He could forgive those who nailed Him to the cross. He understood that it was Satan’s scheme and yet, in the end, Satan was playing into the hands of God. Satan wished later he had not tried to kill Jesus. Jesus’ death gave us eternal life. And it is like this in our lives as Christian wives and mothers.

Nothing happens by accident. It only happens by accident as we are the accident in God’s plan. When we give up on God, or we stop believing in the middle of His plan, then His dream for our lives is aborted. Satan tries to make us give up and give in, ya know? He puts horrid circumstances in our lives and gives us excuses to call it quits. He gives our husband a bad mood or causes him to do something to tip us off. We get our eyes on the flesh around us and cry “Uncle.” But what is the bigger picture? Why does Satan come after us and try to scare the livin’ poop out of us? Well, for the same reason he came after Mary, Jesus’ mother. He don’t want us to bear fruit for Jesus.

We are creators as women but, as Christian women, we are more than just creators of the flesh and blood. We are creators of bodies that will most likely hold the Holy Spirit in them. Each child we create and bring up for the Lord gives Jesus Christ life and a place to express Himself. We are hunted and oppressed. We are made to feel discouraged and intimidated. We are misunderstood. We live much like Mary did as she hid in order to give birth to Christ.

Jen, right now, as you show your children that you reverence your husband in these unbearable days, as you show them your faith and how not to give up, you are handing them gold and silver every day. Pure holy gold that they can see nowhere else in this world. Don’t despise small beginnings. You are raising children that will speak from the housetop what you have told them in a secret chamber of suffering. It works like that, Jen.

Almost everything I write on here is from what God told me in the darkness. Alane asked me once how I could have so much to say so early in the morning. It’s not my own thoughts. It is the messages I got from Jesus after a night in prayer. And as I come here to my keyboard by faith, He reminds me of what He has told me.

Well, duty calls me this morning. But I have to say. Know the will of God in your life and live it out no matter who thinks what. Don’t give up or give in. Don’t throw your life for God away just because Satan has pressed you to the sure point of no return. Know that many Christians in the world are suffering in prisons for their faith. We as Christians have suffered, too, but in a different way. But we, too, must be found faithful.

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