Sunday, December 17, 2017


Ya know, the more I go along, the more and more I understand of the wisdom of God. I know my friend Ruth and I used to get sorta put out with Dixie when she would say to us, “Are you into your homemaking?”

We would say later after Dixie left, “Well, yeah, I am into my homemaking. If I wasn’t, the house would have fallen in by now.” I never could quite figure all that out.

My friend Jill would just wake up in the morning inspired. So it was hopeless to me to try to figure that out. And if you saw Jill’s house you would faint. The homemaking spirit is just padded on the walls. If ya go there and are not inspired, then I dare say, you are made of something different than I am. Jill’s house looks like a stage set for Ruby.

Emily says when she comes here it is like her childhood home. It’s hard for me to see that. “Your home drips with the wisdom of God,” she tells me. I am glad she said that, but I don’t see it myself.

But the other day, it came to me so clear that wisdom has to be first in your homemaking. We have all cleaned our houses because we had to. But the wisdom of God causes us to clean our houses and do our homemaking as a sport. Dixie used to tell me this but I couldn’t get it. But, see, the wisdom of God has to be nourished always within you. You have to pivot from wisdom as you do your housework. So that means reading a scripture about wisdom and doing housework out of the scriptures.

If a woman does not understand that her place is at home with her children as keeper at home, then the wisdom of God cannot come to her. Or she may get it, sorta, but all this does is cause her to flip back and forth from home to her job. A double minded man (woman) is unstable in all of her ways. It has to be settled in your heart through the scriptures that your place is at home with the children. But if you are like me, you think, well, you should wake up inspired. But we live in such a feministic society that feminism just hangs on us like rain. And feminism ain’t gonna produce anything but barrenness and poverty of the soul.

You can be very poor financially and still be lavishly rich in your soul. Wisdom is our gold. It’s our gold and silver. And unless we seek it as a treasure, we will not find it. And I dare say that we have to dig for it each day in prayer. Some of you, like Ally, are too busy to seek and pray for very long. But just keep your Bibles out and read a scripture in Proverbs on wisdom and try to memorize it. Or maybe put a wisdom scripture on the fridge. But I think what the Lord is saying is we need daily manna from the word of God.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The wisdom of God has to come first and then the joy in our homemaking comes. But the platform of joy in our homemaking cannot come as we dust and sweep and wonder if we should be out getting a real job. We must understand the word of God that says “Every wise woman builds her house and the foolish tear it down with their own hands.”

See, we as Christian mothers and wives really never had to learn about being homemakers 30 years ago. Most of our mothers were homemakers and it was a common thing for us to understand our place at home. It was socially acceptable. All the old ladies loved to encourage the younger mothers and help them with their children. Folks loved babies and it was odd to find women who didn’t want their children. Abortion was murder. Plain and simple. Birth control was not given to single women at all. Not unless they were having trouble with their cycles or something, but this was rare.

Now in this day, the whore on the street is normal and the stay at home mother has to hide under a rock where the whore used to hide. So let’s not kid ourselves — we all need to study the wisdom of God. And the wise woman has to build her house upon the rock. And we had better get that straight. It is life and death that we get wisdom.

Hard times are upon many of us. Jim is just starting now to get more hours at work. And, ya know, it is good to store water and canned items and all of this. It’s wise to have your homes prepared for whatever may come. But the most important of all things to have stored up is the wisdom of God. Let me tell ya, I have rarely run out of food in hard times and I have known many hard times. But I ran out of wisdom. I would get discouraged. I would get tired of the work and the duties set before me. My soul would often become lean when those I loved suffered around me.

I could starve to death if I had wisdom in my heart. Our spirits are much bigger and more real than our flesh. Our spirits are eternal. And our spirits must be fed the wisdom. Well, we as wives and Moms need all of the word of God. But when the house is falling in and you have little babies crying and the phone is ringing, then you better have the wisdom of God up front in your mind. I would say it is an emergency that we get the wisdom of God. It’s not a “nice to have” thing … it is a “must have.”

Ya know, the poor people are feeling this financial crunch right now. And when we hear the gas bills are going up, we scramble. But I am amazed at the people that aren’t listening. I want to stand up and wave a red flag. I mean, you get some 700 or 800 buck gas bills and that will push the stay at home mother right out the door for a job. I mean, this will be like paying for another house to rent. But, ya know, you can be cold with wisdom in your heart. But ya can’t be cold with panic in your heart. And the wisdom of God is your most important thing to stock up on right now. If we as stay at home mothers don’t get this wisdom we will perish. And our places as keepers at home will be over and outta here.

You can’t make enough money with a job, dear mother with children. You can make it with the wisdom of God, but you can’t work enough to make it with your outside job. It’s God that has to put us over. We must cry after His miracles. Solomon was given wisdom to build the temple for God. He asked for it as he longed for it above wealth. This was God’s plan. God didn’t want a temple built on man’s earthly wisdom but upon the wisdom of God. A home put together with answered prayer is the family God will use for His glory. We must raise our children and teach them the word of God and the laws of God. Through this we lay a foundation for them to receive the wisdom of God. Wisdom will take you much further than your outside job will take you dear mothers. Learn now how to live off wisdom. God must call the shots in our lives. Our money is an earthly trade that we use on earth. But the wisdom of God is a trade also. It’s like money, but it is a spiritual money. The Bible says it is our silver and gold, our treasure.

As Christian wives and mothers, we pivot from heaven to earth many times in a day. We call upon the Lord and He hears us. And, yes, we use money. But we also use the treasures of wisdom. And as wise mothers, we are on earth and in heaven. And we must store up our food supplies. But the most important supply to store up is His wisdom. Read Proverbs as if it was your last book on earth to read. Hear her voice and forsake the voice of feminism. Feminism is a plan that failed. A cult religion that has proved to the world it was a farce to begin with. But the wise women with the true holy oil of wisdom in her lamp will see the Lord when He comes. They will hear His voice and will listen with the spiritual ears of their hearts. Wise women will now study wisdom in the word of God and will practice hearing her voice. And when the voice of the strange woman comes, they will know it and cast it out of their thinking.

We live in the best of times and the worst of times. We, for the most part, don’t have a traditional Titus 2 Mother to teach us. And this is good, even if we thought it was a curse. We Mothers after God’s own heart do not have the hand of the Titus 2 Mother to teach us, or the voice of a real live human mother to talk to us but, as Solomon built his temple, we too must desire only the wisdom of God to lead us. We don’t have any props to hang onto as our grandmothers had. We don’t know the feelings of tradition and the old time ways. And so God seems to have brought us out to a wilderness and we cry out, “Lord, don’t you care if we perish?” And He has called us mothers to make our tents in a dry and thirsty land. And in this place of lack, we must call upon Him. And this place in the wilderness is where we will find true treasures of wisdom.

We want it second hand — we don’t want to have to dig for the golden wisdom. We can wish that our grandmothers understood it. We long to hear the voices of our great grandmothers but cannot hear them. If only we could see their faces. Oh, how I long to look into the face of a virtuous woman. I used to cry out to God as a young Mom on my knees. I would cry out in prayer, “Oh, God, if I could just touch the hair of the virtuous woman. If I could only know her.” And my heart, in bitterness, would say, “I have been cheated, Lord. You have called the older women to teach me to be a keeper at home. And instead they chide me and mock me in my misery.”

I was especially mocked and hurt when I was pregnant. One older woman asked me out for lunch to put me down for being pregnant. “Just look at the shape you have gotten yourself in,” she snarled at me, and I could barely eat. She tried to kill the wisdom of God within me as Herod tried to kill Jesus. It broke my heart. I was so ashamed of her.

And yet, ya know, I was made to build my house upon wisdom. My home was never put together with money. It was put together with the voice of God in my private prayer chamber. Alone, I would stand before my King. Always seemingly in life and death situations. Always hoping in His mercy. And this is how the Lord has kept me and made me. Not with human hands, as I longed for, but with His voice. And with the voice of wisdom.

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