Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I talked to crazy Annie last night on the phone. Now I am nuts! Naw, we prayed and now “Crazy” is OK and I am, too. I told Annie I felt like all my hens were out of the hen-house, and the lady in charge is off her rocker, and now what? Well, ya know what? Our country, I think, is in a mourning and we feel it. Many people are depressed because of the hurricanes. There is fear out there because I think we all wonder, “Oh, what next?” But it is in times like these that the Lord’s compassion does bring the wisdom of God.

I learned the wisdom of God in the worst of times, and Dixie surely did! She was an absolute basket case just before she learned this wisdom. Jill and I didn’t know what the heck to do with her. She was like a madwoman. She stood crying on my doorstep about every day. Here I was with a houseful of children to care for. And at first, Jim would pray with me for Dixie when she came. He had just gotten saved and all.

I even made a place in the root cellar for Dixie and me to pray. But ya know? I couldn’t talk to someone every day. I had babies to tend to … it was a mess. Dixie had been so full of the Lord and had helped me in prayer to see Jim saved. So I felt I owed her. But I think probably I saw her every day for like 3 years. Almost every day, she would be outside my door early in the morning to pray. And nothing worked to get her set free, either. I ran out of answers. Jill and I said that we even wanted to slip her some cold pills or something to calm her down. She was driving us nuts.

And then one day she stopped coming into town to see me. At first, it was a vacation for me. But I loved Dixie and got to worrying about what happened to her. So I went out to see her. I found this woman to be sound in her mind and well. I said, “What happened to you?” And she said she had found the wisdom of God. She was as calm as the center seed of a cucumber. She had been like a wild hurricane and now the storm was over.

She said she had seen the wisdom of God. She was a woman and she came out and talked to Dixie. She was the spirit of homemaking. And this homemaking set Dixie free.

Well, when I got saved, it was in a strict Baptist church. No funny business with the talking in tongues or seeing things. So when she told me about the wisdom of God … Man, that was something else. I couldn’t deny that the Lord had answered my prayers for Dixie. But talking to Wisdom? Well, I understood the homemaking spirit. I knew it was for real. But the wisdom of God I didn’t understand.

I went home that day and just ate my Bible, trying to understand this Wisdom. And at night my pillow was like a board as I tossed and turned and asked the Lord for the wisdom that Dixie had. But God didn’t give it to me for about 3 or 4 years. He wanted me to read the Bible and find it in there. He wanted for me to catch Wisdom’s voice and be able to listen on my own to her. She has a voice as described in the first Chapters of Proverbs. See, we hear Feminism all day long, as she has a voice. But we think it is “Out There” to hear the voice of Wisdom. But, being part Baptist, I had to make sure this Wisdom stuff was on the up and up.

Well, also, the Lord wanted me to understand it in words, as I am a writer. Dixie told me about Wisdom but just told me to read my Bible about it. She didn’t really explain it verse by verse like I wanted her to. She had the wisdom and walked it out. But I needed the proof in the word for it. None of us should just take someone’s word for something about the Lord. I trusted Dixie and I knew she was legit. But I had to KNOW it for myself. And, of course, this journey is what I write about.

Dixie walked in this wisdom for about 10 years. But then she had another down time and and it was horrific and she needed another touch from God. I dunno … she somehow lost the wisdom of God. So, anyway, I can’t say for sure what happened to Dixie. But when she got the wisdom of God, it really saved her marriage. Anywhere Wisdom is, the spirit of happiness and joy is. Depression never stays when the spirit of Wisdom is there.

Anyway, Dixie left the temple she built in the wilderness. That home was so powerful. I mean, the prayers were answered out there … it was like a temple to me. It was glorious. But it is mighty dangerous to follow God as she did and then somehow lose your home. Dixie was renting. And when Dixie left there to go to town to find a job, the devil began immediately to take over the house.

The landlady sold the house to a monster. This guy burned the house down and let it fall into the basement. It was even against the law how he did it and the fire department had to come out. And before that, someone came and hacked off the trees. It looked unreal. They didn’t just saw them down — it just looked like someone knocked them down.

Dixie had told me not to go out there and look at it. But I did, and I wish I hadn’t. It was like seeing your beloved place of prayer ripped down. It was a nightmare. It was as though Dixie had held this place of prayer up with her spiritual hands. And when she barely backslid, she lost it all.

I think that the wisdom of God, for a wife and mother, is lethal. It is more powerful than we know. And the devil stands right behind ya, when ya have it, and he hates it and wants it more than anything. Proverbs is not just some nice verses in the Old Testament that mean nothing. These words are life and power to the mother at home.

I tread mighty lightly when I speak of Dixie backsliding … except for God’s grace, there go I. But Dixie was a trailblazer and I don’t think I will learn more until I learn what she knew. And she had some real basic teachings under her belt that I am still trying to grab hold of. I used to tell her, when I went to to see her, that the world was hungry and dying for what she knew. She would tell me, “Oh, Connie, the women of today could care less about the wisdom of God.”

But I told her, “No, Dixie, this stuff is hot off the Lord’s heart … it is cutting edge stuff.” And it is! This truth on Wisdom is what will either make or break you mothers in the home. It is your stability. It is your power and my power. We have no place else to go but to His heart and His word.

The spirit of Wisdom calls us home to our own business. To our homes and to our children. We submit to our own husbands as unto the Lord. We must submit and listen to our husbands. We need a covering … a holy covering. Women are not made like men. They need a covering in order to make the home. We need a cover for our emotions, as we need to be sweet in order to raise children.

Let he world howl. God is on your side. Stay inside and submissive to the husband God has given you. Don’t try to digest all the News on TV. Oh, yes, it is sad! But the word says that no man when he warreth entangles himself or herself with the affairs of this world. Our world is with God under our husbands.

We have no other world than that as Christian Mothers. We have no other occupation than to tend to the children. We need to make a home and a nest to comfort the family. Our loved ones need our gentle voices. They need a prayed-up mother to cook and bake and run the home in peace. Our feet need to abide in the home.

The more wisdom you get from the Lord, the more hidden you need to stay. Hide away unto God and fellowship with the children. You don’t need to go to this church meeting and that one. Your church is at home … your husband is your priest. We are to submit to our own husbands. And if your husband wants to go to church, then go with him under his holy covering. But keep your eyes upon your husband and his guidance. To leap over your husband to go have fellowship with preacher will cause CONFUSION!

Well, later this morning Wild man and I are going for a ride to a town about 20 miles from here. It’s Jim’s birthday so we are just going out to goof off. I am making our dinner now in the crock pot. We already celebrated Jim’s birthday last week with the kids.

Anyway, I am making a favorite dinner for Jim in the crock pot. As I have been writing this morning, I have been cooking. I put about a fourth of a pound of hamburger in the crock pot with onions, salt and pepper. Then I put in a pound of hot dogs and they are cooking now. Next I will make up some baked beans and add them. They will cook all morning and be ready when we get back home. Mary will stop later today to visit. I will probably make cornbread, too.

But, dear mothers, just get out your crock pots today and make something good. Like Canaan, get out your scented candles and light them and make a sweet home. An inviting home to greet the family when they come home for the evening. Of course, keep the candles away from the children. But we need to make our homes with our own hands.

Let’s close in and sit by the fire and learn the wisdom of God.

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