Sunday, December 17, 2017

Be Still and Know That He is God

I am up in the night to write. Last night, John called from Missouri and kinda upset me. I hung up and he tried to call back. I just turned the ringer off and wouldn’t answer the phone. He tried and tried to get me back on the phone and I just didn’t answer. Finally, he called his gram to tell her to call me and have me call him. But I just left it. Jim got home from work and I put the phone ringer back on. John called again after we had gone to bed. I answered. John says, “I am sorry, Mom. I hurt your feelings. I am sorry.”

I said, “Thats OK, Honey, I forgive you.”

“I am really sorry, Mom”

“I know, Honey, it’s OK.”

I hadn’t told Jim about any of this. I just didn’t want to upset him. Jim then called John back just to talk and I could hear them laughing as I laid in my bed. It was late, 11:00 pm. It was good to hear them laughing and joking. And yet, I laid in my bed and prayed. “Lord, when will my life be quiet again? When will I have a quiet life?”

And I thought of last week when a friend of mine said to me, “Connie, why did you home school those kids? You just wore yourself out.”

And I think often, “Yes, Connie, what were you thinking?” And I think of my kids and how they didn’t turn out as the homeschooling books predicted. And lately I have felt like I am bare before my enemies. I stand silently in the shadows. And the devil heckles me, and it’s as though black birds fly down at me and claw at me. And my accusers stand about me as they smell blood. And I stand clawed and hurting. But I stand silently.

I watch my accusers and stand silently. I owe no man anything but love. I don’t owe them my words or my excuses. Am I going to try to change the minds of all of my accusers in a sentence? They would have me wear myself out with words. But I remain still to know that He is God. And I know full well that He is the one who called me to home school. He called me out from among them to do a work for His sake. If we know Him, He will always call us unto Himself, out from among them, to do a work for Him. I know I didn’t call myself out.

So what do I tell my accusers? I tell them nothing. I will hold my peace. I cannot tell them what God has told me. He has told me “Don’t give up. Don’t abort the seed of faith within you. Hold that vision and faith in you until it bears fruit and you see His glory.” God tells me that He has begun a good work in me and will perform it.

Standing alone is where a believer usually ends up if they listen to God long enough. I stood alone as I believed God for the worst of marriages. I stood alone as I proceeded then to have 6 children. I stood alone as the doctors tried to give me a hysterectomy. They screamed at me as I bled in a bucket, “You are bleeding to death. You are dying.”

But I said, “You will never get my womb.” I promised them we would sue them, and they left it in. And I basically got up off my deathbed, after having Mary, and never went back, even for a checkup. I have not been back to get a physical or pelvic in 20 years. They promised me I would bleed to death 20 years ago. But I am here right now, doing all of my writing for hours, standing up, and I still have my womb. But with fear, those doctors tried to rip my womb out. The folks heard that the doctors said I needed my uterus out. And my relatives confessed cancer over me for years. Well, that’s OK — I never got cancer. And I held my peace. I had to have blood transfusions, of course. And it was with blood that had never been tested for AIDS. So the folks quit confessing I had cancer and started to confess I had AIDS. Of course, I don’t have anything.

God has a way of calling me out from among them and causing me to stand alone. And this is the normal Christian life. Even though many would say that if your church don’t agree with your stand on things, then you should change your stand. NO, Darlin’, when God calls you, He calls you alone.

And ya know what? God doesn’t call us out alone to make us Super Spiritual Christians. He calls us out alone, without the arm of flesh, so that He can give us a victory in our lives. He does everything to give us the answer to our prayers. If ya ain’t out here alone spiritually, Baby Girl, you will get just what everyone else has. If you follow the crowd, then you will get what the majority of Christians have. That means you will get a divorce for religious reasons. “He didn’t want to go to church, so I had to move on.” But if you want the miracles of God, you must cast down the fear and come out from among them.

God also calls us out so that we will finally get out our spiritual armor. As we get so weak from torment, we finally will get out our shield and sword. Well, that’s what He wanted in the first place. We aren’t going anywhere in God without using our mighty weapons of warfare. Our weapons are not carnal or worldly, but are mighty through the pulling down of strongholds.

So often, like you, Alane and some of the other ladies, we wonder, “Well, what is the answer?” But, ya know, Alane, God has called you out from among them. You are all alone with Him. I know you know that. And this place of silence is the sound of victory. We can’t get a miracle until we have a platform of “all hope is lost.”

Faith appears out of the platform of darkness. Faith comes when darkness is as thick as mud about us and, in this utter darkness, we say to God, “I believe You. I walk by what I believe and not by what I see.” When you can say this in the pit of despair, then you have come into true faith that pleases God and moves the hand of God.

Faith is not seeing with your eyes the physical answer. Faith is seeing the invisible with eyes of faith. When you can look at your wilderness, where it hasn’t rained in years, and say, “Lord, I know the Rose of Sharon will bloom for me. It will bloom where it has no water. You, Lord, will make a way where there is no way. You will create a stream in the desert where there never was one before.” No, we can’t make a stream in our desert. We can’t cause the Rose of Sharon to grow. But we can envision it and yield our lives to His rightness.

He is the Potter and we are the clay. Oh, we hate it when He molds us and we cry out for mercy. We want Him to catch us on the run and give us a miracle. But He don’t work that way. Only Bible faith pleases God. And this faith only comes out of the cinders and the fire of broken dreams.

I would have sold my soul, when I was young, to have a good husband that would just work and support us. That’s all I wanted. And yet, God wanted something better for me than that. He wanted for me to want 6 children. And no one in this age, who went through what I did, wants 6 children. But He told me that he would raise my children and bring them up to know Him. He said that all of my children would be taught of the Lord and great would be their peace. As my accusers came to me they would say, “You are pregnant again? You can’t afford it, etc. and so forth.” But I told them that God had told me that my children wouldn’t be a part of the problem but an answer to this world and its heartaches.

I was a faithful mother and worked hard to be a Christian mother and teach my children the word. And now as I stand, still alone, writing to many of you, the devil curses me and tells me that God has forsaken me, as my children aren’t all following the Lord.

Boy, I have been here before. I remember telling folks that my marriage was healed, as I stood pregnant for the third time. About a week later, we were separated again. Boy, did people laugh at me. But my husband was healed and I lived to give the testimony. I swear I was the village idiot for 12 years. People laughed at me and I was the topic of gossip for miles around. And I used to go in my bedroom and pray, “Lord, why don’t you look after your own name and reputation?” And I would get on my knees and pray in my bedroom. “Lord, I am walking by faith and I am obedient to your word. Please put me over.” I would pray “Lord, lead me in the paths of righteousness for Your own name sake.” I was His and I just wouldn’t let go of God. I had done His will and was a good wife and I wouldn’t let go of God. And yet, often, as I prayed, “Lord, look after your own name sake and your own reputation,” I felt that the room was silent.

Many times I felt I had no God. Then many years later, Jim was healed and set free. God had surely looked after me in the silent shadows. He saw me praying but He stood still. I was in the arena of testing. Would I walk by faith without a word or an appearance of an angel? Would I walk with Him in the fire, even though I didn’t feel He was with me?

Later on, as God had healed my husband and I had seen many miracles, I came into another dry spell. I went up to pray in the same bedroom. Cotton diapers were hung on lines above me as I had no dryer or place to hang my clothes. I was on my knees, looking up praying and thanking the Lord for the baby who wore those diapers. And I cried out to God, “What are you doing? I feel so lost.” And He said so clearly in my heart, “Connie, I am looking after my own name and reputation.”

The words BOOMED through my soul and I knew that so many years ago, He heard me as I cried alone. “Lord, look after your own name and reputation.” And I was tested again and again before he ever propped me up to this email machine to minister to you all. And the oxen that plows the field is welcome anytime to the corn. And as I minster to you all, I know that I am welcome, also, to the blessings. And by faith, I know that all of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace. It’s a stretch for me but not for God.

As I stand still before my accusers, I hold the seed of faith in my heart. I owe no one anything except love. We can be still and know that He is God. We can hold our peace upon our prayers and let the faith seed in us grow.

So how do we have this faith? We just go on with what there is to be done in front of us. We don’t give up. We just keep on going. None of us have all the answers — we just have to trust in God and know that all is well. Jesus Christ is still on the throne. I haven’t heard any different.

So all is well and all is good.
Things are moving as they should.


Ya know, Jesus Christ was born to die at Calvary’s cross. He hung upon His cross, silent but deadly. He didn’t answer His accusers. He had a mission and it was to die for us sinners. Jesus was part man and part God. And upon His cross, He went right out of Himself and even forgot His mission and cried out, “Lord, why have You forsaken me?” Well, Jesus knew His calling. But under much pressure, He forgot it for a moment. But had He not suffered in this place of great testing and trial, He could never help us now.

As we are prone to cry out, “Lord, why?” He was in all ways tempted. And as His accusers came against Him and taunted Him, He held His peace. They said, “If you are the King and the son of God, come off the cross and save yourself.” Well, Jesus wasn’t in the habit of saving Himself unless God called Him to hide for a purpose. Mainly so He could keep on teaching the people. But Jesus was no coward to just use His gifts to look after His life. No, He came to die on the cross for us. And as Jesus ministered among the people, He never stood up for Himself. He stood up for God the Father. And even upon the cross, as He cried out to God, the soldiers mocked Him. I am sure they had mixed emotions, some of them. They wanted to see if he could do yet another miracle and maybe prove to them that He was really the Son of God. And yet the case was closed and the door shut.

The Roman soldiers were left alone to make their own decision. Would they follow Jesus Christ? Not by what they could see, but by faith? And this is where we all stand. Do we need the continual miracles about us? Or can we stand because of the past miracles? The past victories, and the faith in the word of God. Can we hold our peace and settle it today? Can we make that decision to not only follow Jesus to the cross for salvation and heaven, but can we live for Him now on the earth?

We walk by faith and not by sight. The walk of the believer is always one of walking by faith. The word is preached on salvation and we know we are going to heaven as we receive Jesus. But we have never been to heaven, so how do we know it is there? We know because it has been preached to us over and over again. But the word on faith to walk out our salvation is not preached that much. But the just shall “live” by faith.

We have faith for heaven and we must have faith in the same way on the earth. As we walk by faith upon the earth, we walk as pilgrims and strangers. This world is not our home. We are just passing through. And, as we go, dear hearts, let’s hold our peace, as Jesus did, and let’s refuse to come off our cross or away from our duties as wives and mothers.

As Nehemiah refused to listen to His accusers, let us also refuse to listen to the enemy. He continues to yell at us, “You will never get that wall built. Even a fox could break through your fragile wall.” But God had called Nehemiah to help the believers to build their city back up. And we are called as wives and mothers to be the wise mothers who build up our homes or our walls. And we must go on, silent but deadly with a weapon for spiritual warfare in one hand and a broom or egg beater in the other hand. And we stand silent in the face of many accusers and we owe them nothing but love.

Let’s us keep our visions clear and crisp and remember to live from the inside out. God and heaven is on our side — we cannot lose. As we walk with God and do our duties as Christian wives and mothers, we find this place of silent holiness in our homes.

We make homes by faith where the angels gather to hear the voice of God. Mother is silent and confident in God.

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