Sunday, December 17, 2017

Our Dignity

Thought I would share my Peach Custard Pie recipe that I made a few days ago.

Well, its been very interesting around here lately. Jim still isn’t back to work. Oh, God save the queen!! My neighbor, Miss Charlotte, and I sat and laughed away the afternoon yesterday. Well, it didn’t cost anything. Jim was game to let me get away with it, so I did.

Char’s grandmother came from the Old South. She has been in heaven for many years now. And Char told me stories her Grandmother told. She was a woman of dignity and respect. She was widowed and had lost a lot in the Civil war. But no one could take her dignity. One thing she used to say to Char was, “Charlotte, some folks, when they get money, get a bit tacky.” The family name was everything. Many of the Southerners kept the old plantations, even though they were in bad shape, as this was the family home and no one wanted to move. Char’s mother is 86. And she said that, as a child, she had many Negro friends. They were always allowed in her yard to play, but Char’s mother couldn’t go in their yard to play.

But as we old gals sat in the yard under the tree — and me still in my flowered blue apron — Jim was hauling things out of the house to sell in the front yard. Stuff like his golf clubs that he barely got to play golf with, anyway. And his tiller and his chain saw. I’ts hilarious to me because things are not this bad yet. I prayed that if the Lord didn’t want these things to go, they wouldn’t sell, and no one even looked at any of this stuff. But the work of it all kept Jim busy and me laughing with Miss Charlotte, in my long dress and apron, under the maple tree.

What’s funny is that in the midst of it all, I am writing a book. And it should be here today for me to read it and OK it and send it back to Sharon to have it printed. And ain’t life grand!

But Char’s message to Jim and me both was that a person can be poor, but no one should take your dignity. And, ya know, I am not what my money represents. And neither is Jim. Miss Charlotte encouraged me saying, “Connie, if I was really rich, I would love you because you are interesting.” Last evening, just before I went to bed, Miss Char called and told me that she bought 20 croissants at the bread store for 6 bucks. Her husband Jay said that she would take him to the poor house. Char said that at least she would have something good and French before she left.

What a funny day was yesterday. Papa settled down and Brandon and Mary paid us back 50 bucks of what they owed us. So another day and another dollar. We will arise out of this pit, ya know? One way or the other. And in the midst of it all, Miss Connie will be a poor but rich smarty pants who wrote a book.

Oops! I forgot to tell you about my peach custard pie.


Well, ya know, when I made this pie, I was thinking of Annie who says, “Connie throws milk and eggs on everything.” I wanted to make a peach pie for Jim and I had a big can of peaches. But I still didn’t have enough peaches, so I decided (like Annie says) to throw milk and eggs on it. So I made 2 peach custard pies.

I don’t remember the measurements, ya know. But I think I took, like, about 2 cups of milk and beat about 3 or 4 eggs in it and put in a cup of sugar. Also a tsp of vanilla and some cinnamon. I had rolled out dough for the bottom of 2 pie pans. Then I distributed the drained peaches evenly into the 2 pie pans. I sprinkled maybe a handful of flour over each pie pan of peaches. Then I poured the milk and egg mixture over the peaches. Then I just baked them … at about 375º I think. Well, I always go up and down with the heat as I check ’em, so I guess the average heat would be about 375º. I dunno.

God help us when this peasant woman gives a recipe! Well, I can’t help it, as I don’t use recipes most of the time, as I just cook from what the heck I have. And peaches were the order of the day, by golly, and that’s what I used. Jim ate half the pie as soon as it cooled and he loved it.

We are having guests this morning for coffee and I have applesauce, and I will probably make applesauce coffeecake. And, of course, we will have coffee. I have some coffee creamer and I told Jim I feel rich. Jim invited an old friend of his over and his precious wife, Barbara. I don’t know her that well but I have enjoyed the little time I have known her. I hope to get to know her better today. But we will have a fun time, as both Lee and his wife have a good sense of humor.

And then Saturday morning, John and his family will be coming from Missouri. They plan to move down here in November. But they are coming Friday to look for work and a place to live. My darling daughter-in-law, Christine, says that she knows we need her and Johnny here. I know our love for them is drawing them to us. I told Romeo Paul, who is 3, that I need him here and he has taken that seriously.

I haven’t hardly seen Baby Rose, as they have been without a car and Tiff’s sister is watching the baby. I miss my Rose and she often calls for me. Tiff calls and lets her hear my voice and we talk on the phone.

Yes, it is a sad time for our families and yet, God is with us, and it is no time for us to lose our dignity in God. We aren’t who our money says we are, or our lack indicates. We are who we are in God with or without money. Our courage and dignity is what makes us rich in this world. Actually we are who we are inside when we lose our earthly possessions.

Oh, we mothers have to go along with the Lord. We don’t know the whole picture. But we must walk in faith and courage. Knowing we are who we are, with or without what the world says about us. If we aren’t rich without money, we won’t be rich with money, either. Because money shouldn’t effect who we are as Christian wives and mothers.

We can be as the old and wise mothers of long ago who learned, in every situation, to be content and thankful.

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