Sunday, December 17, 2017

Oh Good Grief

Well, life goes on, huh? Well, ya know, Jim had the job selling pizza but we had to use our car. So he gets this other job where he can drive their car and sell pizza. Little did we know the place charges the customer for delivery, so the driver makes very little in tips. Plus they only gave Jim 12 hours a week to work. So we thought we had this other job lined up yesterday where he would make good tips and we could keep on living this dog and pony show. Last night, we found out that the guy who was supposed to quit so Jim could have the job didn’t wanna? So now we are officially without any job.

I got up this morning and am drinking a can of pop … it’s the last one in the fridge and I have to do it. My life is so comical, and I have to live it, so I deserve the last can of soda pop. Why I should worry about this I will never know. I live over a blazing fire on a regular day. Well, the Lord does come through for us and I hope sincerely that He has a plan up His sleeve for today.

Ya know, when I was a young believer, I would watch all those evangelists on TV. Well, some of ’em were good, ya know? But they would say on there, “If ya really wanna know what God is doing, send us 50 bucks for my new book.”

I always thought, “Well, so much for that — I don’t have 50 bucks and will never know what all the Christians know who have 50 bucks.” Now I see those books at garage sales by the hundreds and they sell for 25¢. But I know, back when I was young, I thought “Man, ain’t no way I will ever know anything, as I am forever poor.” Well, now, many years later, I get to know something for 25¢ … as the $50 books are now a quarter. So now I can afford to know something. Sooo, now, ain’t we proud of me? But, ya know, we go on, right? We whistle in the dark and keep on doing what we know to do.

Just stopped writing and made Papa some coffee. I snuck my pop back into the fridge.

I sat in the living room with Jim to sort of cheer him on. But I looked into his eyes and I see he has another plan in mind. I can tell by the look on his face he hasn’t given up. And thank God!!!! I can tell by his countenance that he is getting ready to cross another river. I said to him, “Papa, what do you want for me to make for you today?” I was wishing to make him a pie but with what, I don’t know. I have a big can of peaches — I may make a peach pie. Well, whatever I make, I hope it’s good.

At this point, I think I would just give up, but I see a shine in wild man’s eyes. He ain’t givin’ up and I won’t, either. And for cryin’ out loud! I am rich. I still have a half a can of pop in the fridge and it ain’t lost its bubbles yet. And if push comes to shove, I can scrape up another dollar and hitchhike to the Dollar Store and get another 6-pack of fake Pepsi. Life is Grand!!!

And about this time, some joker will come to my door with a barrel of grapes and, trust me, I will make something with ’em. (And you be quiet, Annie.) Chuck, the one I won to Jesus years ago, is a preacher now and sometimes brings me grapes about now. He will say, “Don’t tell me what you are gonna do with these. I don’t wanna know.” So I am just real nice and I just smile. Of course, I am gonna make jelly. One of my favorite pies to make is grape pie … they are so delicious.

And ya know, if Papa ain’t givin’ up yet, then I won’t, either, by golly. And I am going to make Papa a nice pie. Catch ya later!

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