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Hi Ladies

Dear Kitchen Saints,

I am so busy today. I won’t get much writing done. I am hitting and missing the emails. So if anyone wants my hide for something and I don’t answer, just put my name in the subject line. Baby Rose will be here shortly. Well, midmorning. Then for noon, John and his wife Christine and our little grandboy, Romeo Paul age 3, will be here for dinner. Oh, he’s a doll!

Anyway, I baked a chicken. Then I put the pieces in a glass casserole dish. Then ya put cream of chicken soup over it. Only I put left over homemade potato soup with cheese over it, mixed with cream of celery soup. And over this, I put a dressing mix from a box. Stove Top. Yes, sad but true. My worldly neighbor gave it to me and I have to eat it. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it! Then we will have creamed corn and maybe cornbread if I get to it. Oh, how corny!

John’s family moved here from Missouri a few days ago. They have a sweet little house just perfect for their little family. And John will begin work tomorrow. So today we plan to spend some time together. May take the children to the park, if it is nice, after dinner.

Baby Rose misses us as we haven’t had her in a while. When David works Tiff cares for her, and when she works David has her. They just haven’t needed a sitter. And, oh, how grandpa and me miss our little baby girl. She misses us and cries to come see us. But her parents are wonderful with her and I am so proud of the way they make her mind. Anyway, I will see her soon here.

Best close as I think I hear them now.


Ya know, the more I go along, the more and more I understand of the wisdom of God. I know my friend Ruth and I used to get sorta put out with Dixie when she would say to us, “Are you into your homemaking?”

We would say later after Dixie left, “Well, yeah, I am into my homemaking. If I wasn’t, the house would have fallen in by now.” I never could quite figure all that out.

My friend Jill would just wake up in the morning inspired. So it was hopeless to me to try to figure that out. And if you saw Jill’s house you would faint. The homemaking spirit is just padded on the walls. If ya go there and are not inspired, then I dare say, you are made of something different than I am. Jill’s house looks like a stage set for Ruby.

Emily says when she comes here it is like her childhood home. It’s hard for me to see that. “Your home drips with the wisdom of God,” she tells me. I am glad she said that, but I don’t see it myself.

But the other day, it came to me so clear that wisdom has to be first in your homemaking. We have all cleaned our houses because we had to. But the wisdom of God causes us to clean our houses and do our homemaking as a sport. Dixie used to tell me this but I couldn’t get it. But, see, the wisdom of God has to be nourished always within you. You have to pivot from wisdom as you do your housework. So that means reading a scripture about wisdom and doing housework out of the scriptures.

If a woman does not understand that her place is at home with her children as keeper at home, then the wisdom of God cannot come to her. Or she may get it, sorta, but all this does is cause her to flip back and forth from home to her job. A double minded man (woman) is unstable in all of her ways. It has to be settled in your heart through the scriptures that your place is at home with the children. But if you are like me, you think, well, you should wake up inspired. But we live in such a feministic society that feminism just hangs on us like rain. And feminism ain’t gonna produce anything but barrenness and poverty of the soul.

You can be very poor financially and still be lavishly rich in your soul. Wisdom is our gold. It’s our gold and silver. And unless we seek it as a treasure, we will not find it. And I dare say that we have to dig for it each day in prayer. Some of you, like Ally, are too busy to seek and pray for very long. But just keep your Bibles out and read a scripture in Proverbs on wisdom and try to memorize it. Or maybe put a wisdom scripture on the fridge. But I think what the Lord is saying is we need daily manna from the word of God.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The wisdom of God has to come first and then the joy in our homemaking comes. But the platform of joy in our homemaking cannot come as we dust and sweep and wonder if we should be out getting a real job. We must understand the word of God that says “Every wise woman builds her house and the foolish tear it down with their own hands.”

See, we as Christian mothers and wives really never had to learn about being homemakers 30 years ago. Most of our mothers were homemakers and it was a common thing for us to understand our place at home. It was socially acceptable. All the old ladies loved to encourage the younger mothers and help them with their children. Folks loved babies and it was odd to find women who didn’t want their children. Abortion was murder. Plain and simple. Birth control was not given to single women at all. Not unless they were having trouble with their cycles or something, but this was rare.

Now in this day, the whore on the street is normal and the stay at home mother has to hide under a rock where the whore used to hide. So let’s not kid ourselves — we all need to study the wisdom of God. And the wise woman has to build her house upon the rock. And we had better get that straight. It is life and death that we get wisdom.

Hard times are upon many of us. Jim is just starting now to get more hours at work. And, ya know, it is good to store water and canned items and all of this. It’s wise to have your homes prepared for whatever may come. But the most important of all things to have stored up is the wisdom of God. Let me tell ya, I have rarely run out of food in hard times and I have known many hard times. But I ran out of wisdom. I would get discouraged. I would get tired of the work and the duties set before me. My soul would often become lean when those I loved suffered around me.

I could starve to death if I had wisdom in my heart. Our spirits are much bigger and more real than our flesh. Our spirits are eternal. And our spirits must be fed the wisdom. Well, we as wives and Moms need all of the word of God. But when the house is falling in and you have little babies crying and the phone is ringing, then you better have the wisdom of God up front in your mind. I would say it is an emergency that we get the wisdom of God. It’s not a “nice to have” thing … it is a “must have.”

Ya know, the poor people are feeling this financial crunch right now. And when we hear the gas bills are going up, we scramble. But I am amazed at the people that aren’t listening. I want to stand up and wave a red flag. I mean, you get some 700 or 800 buck gas bills and that will push the stay at home mother right out the door for a job. I mean, this will be like paying for another house to rent. But, ya know, you can be cold with wisdom in your heart. But ya can’t be cold with panic in your heart. And the wisdom of God is your most important thing to stock up on right now. If we as stay at home mothers don’t get this wisdom we will perish. And our places as keepers at home will be over and outta here.

You can’t make enough money with a job, dear mother with children. You can make it with the wisdom of God, but you can’t work enough to make it with your outside job. It’s God that has to put us over. We must cry after His miracles. Solomon was given wisdom to build the temple for God. He asked for it as he longed for it above wealth. This was God’s plan. God didn’t want a temple built on man’s earthly wisdom but upon the wisdom of God. A home put together with answered prayer is the family God will use for His glory. We must raise our children and teach them the word of God and the laws of God. Through this we lay a foundation for them to receive the wisdom of God. Wisdom will take you much further than your outside job will take you dear mothers. Learn now how to live off wisdom. God must call the shots in our lives. Our money is an earthly trade that we use on earth. But the wisdom of God is a trade also. It’s like money, but it is a spiritual money. The Bible says it is our silver and gold, our treasure.

As Christian wives and mothers, we pivot from heaven to earth many times in a day. We call upon the Lord and He hears us. And, yes, we use money. But we also use the treasures of wisdom. And as wise mothers, we are on earth and in heaven. And we must store up our food supplies. But the most important supply to store up is His wisdom. Read Proverbs as if it was your last book on earth to read. Hear her voice and forsake the voice of feminism. Feminism is a plan that failed. A cult religion that has proved to the world it was a farce to begin with. But the wise women with the true holy oil of wisdom in her lamp will see the Lord when He comes. They will hear His voice and will listen with the spiritual ears of their hearts. Wise women will now study wisdom in the word of God and will practice hearing her voice. And when the voice of the strange woman comes, they will know it and cast it out of their thinking.

We live in the best of times and the worst of times. We, for the most part, don’t have a traditional Titus 2 Mother to teach us. And this is good, even if we thought it was a curse. We Mothers after God’s own heart do not have the hand of the Titus 2 Mother to teach us, or the voice of a real live human mother to talk to us but, as Solomon built his temple, we too must desire only the wisdom of God to lead us. We don’t have any props to hang onto as our grandmothers had. We don’t know the feelings of tradition and the old time ways. And so God seems to have brought us out to a wilderness and we cry out, “Lord, don’t you care if we perish?” And He has called us mothers to make our tents in a dry and thirsty land. And in this place of lack, we must call upon Him. And this place in the wilderness is where we will find true treasures of wisdom.

We want it second hand — we don’t want to have to dig for the golden wisdom. We can wish that our grandmothers understood it. We long to hear the voices of our great grandmothers but cannot hear them. If only we could see their faces. Oh, how I long to look into the face of a virtuous woman. I used to cry out to God as a young Mom on my knees. I would cry out in prayer, “Oh, God, if I could just touch the hair of the virtuous woman. If I could only know her.” And my heart, in bitterness, would say, “I have been cheated, Lord. You have called the older women to teach me to be a keeper at home. And instead they chide me and mock me in my misery.”

I was especially mocked and hurt when I was pregnant. One older woman asked me out for lunch to put me down for being pregnant. “Just look at the shape you have gotten yourself in,” she snarled at me, and I could barely eat. She tried to kill the wisdom of God within me as Herod tried to kill Jesus. It broke my heart. I was so ashamed of her.

And yet, ya know, I was made to build my house upon wisdom. My home was never put together with money. It was put together with the voice of God in my private prayer chamber. Alone, I would stand before my King. Always seemingly in life and death situations. Always hoping in His mercy. And this is how the Lord has kept me and made me. Not with human hands, as I longed for, but with His voice. And with the voice of wisdom.

Mother’s Winter Spice Cabinet

Well, ya all remember my kitchen is really small. So I have almost an extended kitchen into my dining room. I have a little spice cabinet in here on the wall, above where I have my crock pot on the top of the freezer. I just have little cooking stations here and there.

My big spice cabinet in the kitchen got damaged from the hole in the ceiling, the racoon, and you name it. The racoon falling from the ceiling didn’t help out a bit. But I saved the water damaged spices to make my soap and to use for stuff … not cooking, of course. Well, just the outside bottles were damaged, not the spices inside. I do try to keep my spices fresh and flowing.

Another thing I do in the fall and winter is to make a potpourri on the stove. Sometimes it gets really dry in the house about midwinter. So I get out my big antique coffee pot. It holds about 3 gallons of water. I let it simmer on the back of the stove to keep the moisture in the air. And in the water, I put the spices I am trying to use up. Also I put in orange peels, or lemon, lime, or grapefruit peels. With any of these citrus smells, the good spices to add would be cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or cloves. Maybe add some vanilla extract?

Your spices get old like any other food and after a few years, I would try to use them up. Just put the old outdated spices in a place to use for soap or your steaming potpourri. Also you can spruce up a candle by sprinkling it with spices.

For you who need to buy spices to make a spice cabinet? I would start out by buying the spices I mentioned. Or just buy the apple pie spice or the pumpkin pie spice. Both of these spices are good in muffins or holiday breads of all kinds. They are cheap at the Dollar Stores and I think they are nice spices. I get a lot of mine in bulk at back to land stores. But I also get some of my spices at the Dollar Store. Just depends on how fast I need them. The Dollar Stores are more convenient.

Soap for the Winter Home

I am up early this morning. It’s not quite so cold today here in Iowa. I have the kerosene burner on to take the chill off the house.

Mary and Brandon were here last evening. Mary said “Oh, Mom, this house was my first home and I miss the way you decorate for fall. I miss seeing the pumpkins and the orange candles.” I hope my home inspires her to go home and decorate her home for Fall. On my table, I have a plastic tablecloth with the farm animals on it. In the middle, I have a narrow cloth runner with bright pumpkins on it. The runner goes the length of the table. And on the runner, I have my kerosene lamp and a pumpkin. Also a big yellow squash and a dark orange one. Then my salt and pepper shakers and red enamel sugar bowl. Also orange scented pumpkin candles. I pray that our home did inspire Mary to decorate for Fall.

I used to start decorating for Thanksgiving in October. It’s a time to harvest the blessings of the Lord.

Also yesterday afternoon, I made soap. I wanted to make it, then write about it. I haven’t made it in a while so wanted to make sure I still could. It all turned out nice. I make it very simply with just lye, lard and water. The recipe is 4 pounds of lard, a can of lye, and 3 quarts of water. I made laundry soap and hand soap. For the laundry soap, I added a few cups of the dry soap powder from the store, and for the hand soap, I added spices and herbs.

But, OK, to make the big batch, I used a big enamel turkey roaster, big enough for a 25 pound turkey. Ya gotta use enamel or a big huge glass or crock bowl. Because if ya use aluminum or cast iron, the lye will eat a hole in the pan. So I had my big pan out and I put in the room temperature lard and the can of lye and the 3 quarts of water — cold water. Ya want the lard and the water at about the same temperature. But I just guess at it. I don’t even dissolve the lye in the water first and then add the lard. I just throw it all in and stir. Ya can’t go wrong with it.

I laugh at all the hard instructions I read on making soap. Like, they tell ya to wear rubber gloves and wear goggles. I ain’t gonna fly a plane — I just wanna make soap. Anyway, I don’t do any of that nonsense. But don’t make soap, either, when the kids think they can help ya. You would be mighty sorry if the baby got into it or got it in her eyes or mouth. So do all of this when the children are out of the way, asleep or outside. I make soap when I have plenty of time, a lot of work space, and no interruptions. If the lye gets on your hands, it will burn a little, but it won’t kill ya. Just rinse it off. But, no, don’t get careless with the lye. I got lots of lye on my hands yesterday. But just rinsed it off, no big deal.

Anyway, after you put the mixture of 4 pounds of lard, 3 quarts of water and the can of lye in the pan, then just carefully stir it up. Use like a wooden spoon or a plastic one. I used an enamel spoon. Just stir this mixture until it is the consistency of honey. Stir in one direction and don’t, like, beat it or it will curdle. Just stir it carefully. I am real patient at this point. I stir for about 10 minutes and, if it isn’t thickening, I will let it rest a while. Then I will go back to stirring it.

For the spice soap, I just put some of the soap mix in a square glass casserole dish. Then I added the spices. I put an orange peel in the blender and ground this up and put this in the soap. Then I put in ground cloves, about 3 Tbs. And about the same of cinnamon and ginger. I just stirred this up and let it sit now in the glass pan. Never beat it — just gently stir it.

I also took a pie plate and made a lavender soap. I just put dried lavender and ginger in this. If you use herbs, they have to be dried first. So I just left this all in the pie plate to dry.

In a few hours, the soap will begin to dry, and then just cut it like you want it and forget it for a few weeks. Now it has to rest and ripen.


OK, so I have the biggest share of the soap mixture still in my turkey roaster. With this, I will make the laundry soap. To this soap mixture, I added 2 cups of the powdered laundry soap from the store. I used Trend. Just stir it in.

Now, last night, I cut this soap up in the roaster and will just let this ripen now. But this will give me about enough soap to do 24 wash loads. And this will last me a long time. Because this soap I will just use for cotton white underwear or any wash load to use hot or warm water. Like for towels and bed sheets and blankets. Then I just use a cheaper soap for dark clothes or permanent press.

To use your homemade laundry soap, you just take out a square and put it in the blender with water and make sure it is ground up good. Then just add this mixture to the wash cycle. But note that you can’t use this soap for about 2 or 3 weeks after you make it. It has to set. So be sure to cut it when it firms up, and then put it all up away from the pets and the children, and let it ripen. Then, in a few weeks, you can use it. And if you can’t get the soap to thicken, don’t worry about it. Just throw it all in a 5 gallon plastic bucket and use it as a liquid wash soap.

Mine has always thickened. But I don’t cut my soap like I would like it. It all just takes practice.

The Winter Home

Dear Keepers at Home,

Boy, it’s cold here in Iowa. I have my long underwear on. I have flannel sheets on our bed and I am so glad for them. Then I have a big quilt and a heavy crocheted bedspread on top of that. As it gets colder, I will have to put another blanket over the flannel top sheet. But if you don’t have flannel sheets, you can put just a thin blanket on the part you lay on, where the bottom sheet would be. Just tuck it in tight at the bottom. Also, I used to make flannel pillowcases for all of us in our family. It is simple straight seams. The old time mothers would get material and make their own sheets, too. It would have a seam in the middle, but that won’t hurt nothin’. Cotton flannel don’t cost a lot.

But if you have just plain thin blankets, you can use them for sheets for the winter. And ya know those cheap blankets they sell in the stores all rolled up? Those would be nice for the bottom sheet for a child’s bed, and then use one on the top for a top sheet. The layers of blankets with a thin cotton blanket next to ya is good. My Jim is like sleeping with a heating pad so that is nice. I have seen a lot of the thinner wool blankets at the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

And just make sure the children are all dressed warm at night. Don’t put their cribs next to an outside wall, as they may get a draft. Try to have their little beds set beside an inside wall, not near a window. Ya know, it’s a lot easier to be too careful with the children, rather than have them get sick and you have to bring them back to health. Just don’t allow other sick children around them. And I dunno. If this is to be a hard winter, you will want to make extra sure the children are cared for.

I want to write on home remedies? But I will tell you, the best home remedy is to have the homemaking spirit. The spirit of wisdom is vital, and especially now. To get and retain the wisdom of the Lord is your greatest work. Make a time each day to study the wisdom of the Lord. And please share some scriptures with us on wisdom.

Also in the winter, while ya have the sewing machine out, it is fun to make hot pads. Well, actually, I enjoy sewing these by hand in the evening. The old time mothers would cover old hot pads with new material to spruce up the kitchen. But in the winter, I love to make cotton flannel hot pads out of old flannel men’s shirts. Also, I make a special cloth to cover my bread as it is rising. Just cut the backs out of all the old flannel shirts you have that are worn out.

I also make a few very large pads to put on my winter table for hot foods to sit on. Remember, I have about no counter space, so I put every thing on my table. I use my table to roll out cookies, etc. so the table is covered with a plastic cloth.

I am also planning to make soap here, I think, today. Our old coffee pot just hit the bricks so I have to get another one at the second hand store today. Also, I will buy some oranges to make spice soap with the orange peelings. Mostly, I am making laundry soap, but will make a small pan of spice soap.

I won’t have time this morning to write a second part but want to write a series of Winter Home writings. Well, as soon as I can.

Happy Homemaking.


I talked to crazy Annie last night on the phone. Now I am nuts! Naw, we prayed and now “Crazy” is OK and I am, too. I told Annie I felt like all my hens were out of the hen-house, and the lady in charge is off her rocker, and now what? Well, ya know what? Our country, I think, is in a mourning and we feel it. Many people are depressed because of the hurricanes. There is fear out there because I think we all wonder, “Oh, what next?” But it is in times like these that the Lord’s compassion does bring the wisdom of God.

I learned the wisdom of God in the worst of times, and Dixie surely did! She was an absolute basket case just before she learned this wisdom. Jill and I didn’t know what the heck to do with her. She was like a madwoman. She stood crying on my doorstep about every day. Here I was with a houseful of children to care for. And at first, Jim would pray with me for Dixie when she came. He had just gotten saved and all.

I even made a place in the root cellar for Dixie and me to pray. But ya know? I couldn’t talk to someone every day. I had babies to tend to … it was a mess. Dixie had been so full of the Lord and had helped me in prayer to see Jim saved. So I felt I owed her. But I think probably I saw her every day for like 3 years. Almost every day, she would be outside my door early in the morning to pray. And nothing worked to get her set free, either. I ran out of answers. Jill and I said that we even wanted to slip her some cold pills or something to calm her down. She was driving us nuts.

And then one day she stopped coming into town to see me. At first, it was a vacation for me. But I loved Dixie and got to worrying about what happened to her. So I went out to see her. I found this woman to be sound in her mind and well. I said, “What happened to you?” And she said she had found the wisdom of God. She was as calm as the center seed of a cucumber. She had been like a wild hurricane and now the storm was over.

She said she had seen the wisdom of God. She was a woman and she came out and talked to Dixie. She was the spirit of homemaking. And this homemaking set Dixie free.

Well, when I got saved, it was in a strict Baptist church. No funny business with the talking in tongues or seeing things. So when she told me about the wisdom of God … Man, that was something else. I couldn’t deny that the Lord had answered my prayers for Dixie. But talking to Wisdom? Well, I understood the homemaking spirit. I knew it was for real. But the wisdom of God I didn’t understand.

I went home that day and just ate my Bible, trying to understand this Wisdom. And at night my pillow was like a board as I tossed and turned and asked the Lord for the wisdom that Dixie had. But God didn’t give it to me for about 3 or 4 years. He wanted me to read the Bible and find it in there. He wanted for me to catch Wisdom’s voice and be able to listen on my own to her. She has a voice as described in the first Chapters of Proverbs. See, we hear Feminism all day long, as she has a voice. But we think it is “Out There” to hear the voice of Wisdom. But, being part Baptist, I had to make sure this Wisdom stuff was on the up and up.

Well, also, the Lord wanted me to understand it in words, as I am a writer. Dixie told me about Wisdom but just told me to read my Bible about it. She didn’t really explain it verse by verse like I wanted her to. She had the wisdom and walked it out. But I needed the proof in the word for it. None of us should just take someone’s word for something about the Lord. I trusted Dixie and I knew she was legit. But I had to KNOW it for myself. And, of course, this journey is what I write about.

Dixie walked in this wisdom for about 10 years. But then she had another down time and and it was horrific and she needed another touch from God. I dunno … she somehow lost the wisdom of God. So, anyway, I can’t say for sure what happened to Dixie. But when she got the wisdom of God, it really saved her marriage. Anywhere Wisdom is, the spirit of happiness and joy is. Depression never stays when the spirit of Wisdom is there.

Anyway, Dixie left the temple she built in the wilderness. That home was so powerful. I mean, the prayers were answered out there … it was like a temple to me. It was glorious. But it is mighty dangerous to follow God as she did and then somehow lose your home. Dixie was renting. And when Dixie left there to go to town to find a job, the devil began immediately to take over the house.

The landlady sold the house to a monster. This guy burned the house down and let it fall into the basement. It was even against the law how he did it and the fire department had to come out. And before that, someone came and hacked off the trees. It looked unreal. They didn’t just saw them down — it just looked like someone knocked them down.

Dixie had told me not to go out there and look at it. But I did, and I wish I hadn’t. It was like seeing your beloved place of prayer ripped down. It was a nightmare. It was as though Dixie had held this place of prayer up with her spiritual hands. And when she barely backslid, she lost it all.

I think that the wisdom of God, for a wife and mother, is lethal. It is more powerful than we know. And the devil stands right behind ya, when ya have it, and he hates it and wants it more than anything. Proverbs is not just some nice verses in the Old Testament that mean nothing. These words are life and power to the mother at home.

I tread mighty lightly when I speak of Dixie backsliding … except for God’s grace, there go I. But Dixie was a trailblazer and I don’t think I will learn more until I learn what she knew. And she had some real basic teachings under her belt that I am still trying to grab hold of. I used to tell her, when I went to to see her, that the world was hungry and dying for what she knew. She would tell me, “Oh, Connie, the women of today could care less about the wisdom of God.”

But I told her, “No, Dixie, this stuff is hot off the Lord’s heart … it is cutting edge stuff.” And it is! This truth on Wisdom is what will either make or break you mothers in the home. It is your stability. It is your power and my power. We have no place else to go but to His heart and His word.

The spirit of Wisdom calls us home to our own business. To our homes and to our children. We submit to our own husbands as unto the Lord. We must submit and listen to our husbands. We need a covering … a holy covering. Women are not made like men. They need a covering in order to make the home. We need a cover for our emotions, as we need to be sweet in order to raise children.

Let he world howl. God is on your side. Stay inside and submissive to the husband God has given you. Don’t try to digest all the News on TV. Oh, yes, it is sad! But the word says that no man when he warreth entangles himself or herself with the affairs of this world. Our world is with God under our husbands.

We have no other world than that as Christian Mothers. We have no other occupation than to tend to the children. We need to make a home and a nest to comfort the family. Our loved ones need our gentle voices. They need a prayed-up mother to cook and bake and run the home in peace. Our feet need to abide in the home.

The more wisdom you get from the Lord, the more hidden you need to stay. Hide away unto God and fellowship with the children. You don’t need to go to this church meeting and that one. Your church is at home … your husband is your priest. We are to submit to our own husbands. And if your husband wants to go to church, then go with him under his holy covering. But keep your eyes upon your husband and his guidance. To leap over your husband to go have fellowship with preacher will cause CONFUSION!

Well, later this morning Wild man and I are going for a ride to a town about 20 miles from here. It’s Jim’s birthday so we are just going out to goof off. I am making our dinner now in the crock pot. We already celebrated Jim’s birthday last week with the kids.

Anyway, I am making a favorite dinner for Jim in the crock pot. As I have been writing this morning, I have been cooking. I put about a fourth of a pound of hamburger in the crock pot with onions, salt and pepper. Then I put in a pound of hot dogs and they are cooking now. Next I will make up some baked beans and add them. They will cook all morning and be ready when we get back home. Mary will stop later today to visit. I will probably make cornbread, too.

But, dear mothers, just get out your crock pots today and make something good. Like Canaan, get out your scented candles and light them and make a sweet home. An inviting home to greet the family when they come home for the evening. Of course, keep the candles away from the children. But we need to make our homes with our own hands.

Let’s close in and sit by the fire and learn the wisdom of God.

Well, Good Mornin’

Hey, does anyone read this stuff? This morning I said to the Lord, “Lord, I am not going to write anymore.” And then these demons tried to kill me? I felt myself going down into a dark hole. So I said, “Alright, already. I will write — I will write, don’t kill me!”

Now, what I am to write on, I don’t know. I wrote to Jill this morning and anyone that wants that writing can have it. It was on faith. But I hear Ally’s heart and Kelly’s. You want me to write about Ruby and about homemaking.

So I tap dance here on stage and try to come up with some blood out of a turnip. I am the one who did fall off the turnip truck. Ya know, the old phrase, “Whatcha think? I just feel off the turnip truck?” Well, no one wants to own up to it. But I confess — it was me. And now I am in the middle of the road with black exhaust smoke on my black face from the back-end of the turnip truck speeding away. And ya all want me to speak of the wisdom of God … ain’t it enough that I survived? But, no, here comes an even bigger Mack truck down the road to flatten the rest of me.

Well, I guess I better write or die. And I know it is to be a writing on homemaking. And I got the homemaking spirit from Dixie who is, by the way, dead. And Jill has a load of it and I hope she gets in here to give me some of it before I turn into a fried alligator. Ever eat fried gator? It tastes like chicken.

I guess you get the homemaking spirit right outta nothin’ like you get faith. Oh, the barren spirit can come, even to a mother with a houseful of laughing children and barking dogs. I used to get it even when I had all the kids home. It’s awful … it binds ya. It comes as discouragement comes in the family. And I know that, as you little birds call me back to homemaking by your need to have me write it, it is the Lord calling me back as the Titus 2 Mother to my place in Him.

Without the homemaking spirit, our work as wives and mothers becomes nothing but hard work and chores. And yet, with the homemaking spirit, our work is oiled and set in motion by wisdom.

Wisdom is the spirit of God encouraging us and inspiring us to be keepers at home. This spirit of wisdom is priceless and is not in the world. It comes from the Titus 2 Mother who has remained strong and is now old. I am about a half baked Titus 2 Mother, but I am all some of you have.

The majority of the older Christian mothers curse you and make your life hard. Well, ain’t we proud of them? I have seen so many hardhearted women lately. I mean there is a Depression going on. Thank you? And I try to tell women my age how to save on ways to heat the house. They tell me, “Nope, I won’t do it.” Well, then, freeze to death, ya dumb broad.

Ya know, before I was saved, I used to smoke cigars to keep warm when I had to be outside for a long time. Man, yesterday I thought about that again. (Hey, don’t worry, I won’t.) But ya know, wild man and me, in the old days? We never had a car and we would walk miles to get someplace, and often it was very cold. But, ya know, ya need an attitude? I mean, if ya decide to make it, you can.

I am catching glimpses of Ruby in her cabin. And, ya know, these writings on wisdom are always the best writings, I think. But I can’t always write what I want. I have to be moved by the Lord. I know I need prayer that the Lord will help me with the wisdom of God.

I am a very young older Titus 2 Mother. I still need a lot of wisdom myself from God. I can’t write what I don’t have. Anyway, hey, pray for me, OK? Thanks.


Good Morning, Dear Keepers at Home.

This morning, we will watch Baby Rose. She likes goulash and Papa and I do, too. So I am fixing this for lunch. I am frying hamburger with onions, salt and pepper right now. I need to get it all done so I can play with Baby when she comes. She will want Grandma and her to get in Gram’s big warm bed and read stories under the blankets. It’s cold this morning. We have the kerosene burner on. But we will turn it off and turn the gas furnace on for Baby when she comes.

Anyway, this is how I make the goulash. Just cook up a few cups of macaroni. Then add the fried drained hamburger, a can of tomato soup, and a can of diced tomatoes. Then sometimes I add cheese, if I have it, or cooked vegetables. I make it different every time I make it. But little ones like the macaroni and warm vegetables.

Then we usually eat butter bread with it. (Buttered bread. Our daughter-in-law Christine from Missouri calls it “butter bread” and I have started calling it that, too.)

Anyway, I will put out my homemade bread and butter pickles, too. I tease Baby when she eats pickles, as she loves ’em. I tell her she is nothing but an old pickle puss. She is trying to eat the pickles and laugh at the same time. So she puts her eyes down, so she can’t see Gram, so she can eat her pickles without laughing. She is a little shy, anyway, and often bows her little head if ya even talk too much to her.

I got to laughing in the middle of the night last night thinking of my writing about the ham dinner? When I said I got out my crock of pickles and put them on the table. Well, I suppose some of you thought I put a 5 gallon crock of pickles out on the table for my guests. But, no, I have some little brown stoneware crocks with lids. I collect them. Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of cucumbers this year, so I just made pickles and put them in a small crock. I keep them in the fridge and just take them out for meals. They are the pickles I would usually can. The crock holds like about 2 quarts.

Now, a nice big pan of cornbread would go good with the goulash. I will make some if I have time. We eat ours with syrup on the top.

When I was a little girl growing up, my dad always ate pancakes for breakfast. Mom would fry them up for him and Dad would lay a pancake down and put a fried egg over it. Then another pancake over the egg. Then another fried egg and a pancake on the top. Then he put butter on the pancakes and put syrup over the whole stack. And we children thought everyone ate pancakes like that. Of course, as children, we just ate one pancake, so we didn’t eat all of that. But we thought all grown up Daddies ate their pancakes layered with fried eggs.

Well, I had better go get dressed and get my running shoes on (bare feet), to keep up with Baby Rose when she comes this morning.

Be Still and Know That He is God

I am up in the night to write. Last night, John called from Missouri and kinda upset me. I hung up and he tried to call back. I just turned the ringer off and wouldn’t answer the phone. He tried and tried to get me back on the phone and I just didn’t answer. Finally, he called his gram to tell her to call me and have me call him. But I just left it. Jim got home from work and I put the phone ringer back on. John called again after we had gone to bed. I answered. John says, “I am sorry, Mom. I hurt your feelings. I am sorry.”

I said, “Thats OK, Honey, I forgive you.”

“I am really sorry, Mom”

“I know, Honey, it’s OK.”

I hadn’t told Jim about any of this. I just didn’t want to upset him. Jim then called John back just to talk and I could hear them laughing as I laid in my bed. It was late, 11:00 pm. It was good to hear them laughing and joking. And yet, I laid in my bed and prayed. “Lord, when will my life be quiet again? When will I have a quiet life?”

And I thought of last week when a friend of mine said to me, “Connie, why did you home school those kids? You just wore yourself out.”

And I think often, “Yes, Connie, what were you thinking?” And I think of my kids and how they didn’t turn out as the homeschooling books predicted. And lately I have felt like I am bare before my enemies. I stand silently in the shadows. And the devil heckles me, and it’s as though black birds fly down at me and claw at me. And my accusers stand about me as they smell blood. And I stand clawed and hurting. But I stand silently.

I watch my accusers and stand silently. I owe no man anything but love. I don’t owe them my words or my excuses. Am I going to try to change the minds of all of my accusers in a sentence? They would have me wear myself out with words. But I remain still to know that He is God. And I know full well that He is the one who called me to home school. He called me out from among them to do a work for His sake. If we know Him, He will always call us unto Himself, out from among them, to do a work for Him. I know I didn’t call myself out.

So what do I tell my accusers? I tell them nothing. I will hold my peace. I cannot tell them what God has told me. He has told me “Don’t give up. Don’t abort the seed of faith within you. Hold that vision and faith in you until it bears fruit and you see His glory.” God tells me that He has begun a good work in me and will perform it.

Standing alone is where a believer usually ends up if they listen to God long enough. I stood alone as I believed God for the worst of marriages. I stood alone as I proceeded then to have 6 children. I stood alone as the doctors tried to give me a hysterectomy. They screamed at me as I bled in a bucket, “You are bleeding to death. You are dying.”

But I said, “You will never get my womb.” I promised them we would sue them, and they left it in. And I basically got up off my deathbed, after having Mary, and never went back, even for a checkup. I have not been back to get a physical or pelvic in 20 years. They promised me I would bleed to death 20 years ago. But I am here right now, doing all of my writing for hours, standing up, and I still have my womb. But with fear, those doctors tried to rip my womb out. The folks heard that the doctors said I needed my uterus out. And my relatives confessed cancer over me for years. Well, that’s OK — I never got cancer. And I held my peace. I had to have blood transfusions, of course. And it was with blood that had never been tested for AIDS. So the folks quit confessing I had cancer and started to confess I had AIDS. Of course, I don’t have anything.

God has a way of calling me out from among them and causing me to stand alone. And this is the normal Christian life. Even though many would say that if your church don’t agree with your stand on things, then you should change your stand. NO, Darlin’, when God calls you, He calls you alone.

And ya know what? God doesn’t call us out alone to make us Super Spiritual Christians. He calls us out alone, without the arm of flesh, so that He can give us a victory in our lives. He does everything to give us the answer to our prayers. If ya ain’t out here alone spiritually, Baby Girl, you will get just what everyone else has. If you follow the crowd, then you will get what the majority of Christians have. That means you will get a divorce for religious reasons. “He didn’t want to go to church, so I had to move on.” But if you want the miracles of God, you must cast down the fear and come out from among them.

God also calls us out so that we will finally get out our spiritual armor. As we get so weak from torment, we finally will get out our shield and sword. Well, that’s what He wanted in the first place. We aren’t going anywhere in God without using our mighty weapons of warfare. Our weapons are not carnal or worldly, but are mighty through the pulling down of strongholds.

So often, like you, Alane and some of the other ladies, we wonder, “Well, what is the answer?” But, ya know, Alane, God has called you out from among them. You are all alone with Him. I know you know that. And this place of silence is the sound of victory. We can’t get a miracle until we have a platform of “all hope is lost.”

Faith appears out of the platform of darkness. Faith comes when darkness is as thick as mud about us and, in this utter darkness, we say to God, “I believe You. I walk by what I believe and not by what I see.” When you can say this in the pit of despair, then you have come into true faith that pleases God and moves the hand of God.

Faith is not seeing with your eyes the physical answer. Faith is seeing the invisible with eyes of faith. When you can look at your wilderness, where it hasn’t rained in years, and say, “Lord, I know the Rose of Sharon will bloom for me. It will bloom where it has no water. You, Lord, will make a way where there is no way. You will create a stream in the desert where there never was one before.” No, we can’t make a stream in our desert. We can’t cause the Rose of Sharon to grow. But we can envision it and yield our lives to His rightness.

He is the Potter and we are the clay. Oh, we hate it when He molds us and we cry out for mercy. We want Him to catch us on the run and give us a miracle. But He don’t work that way. Only Bible faith pleases God. And this faith only comes out of the cinders and the fire of broken dreams.

I would have sold my soul, when I was young, to have a good husband that would just work and support us. That’s all I wanted. And yet, God wanted something better for me than that. He wanted for me to want 6 children. And no one in this age, who went through what I did, wants 6 children. But He told me that he would raise my children and bring them up to know Him. He said that all of my children would be taught of the Lord and great would be their peace. As my accusers came to me they would say, “You are pregnant again? You can’t afford it, etc. and so forth.” But I told them that God had told me that my children wouldn’t be a part of the problem but an answer to this world and its heartaches.

I was a faithful mother and worked hard to be a Christian mother and teach my children the word. And now as I stand, still alone, writing to many of you, the devil curses me and tells me that God has forsaken me, as my children aren’t all following the Lord.

Boy, I have been here before. I remember telling folks that my marriage was healed, as I stood pregnant for the third time. About a week later, we were separated again. Boy, did people laugh at me. But my husband was healed and I lived to give the testimony. I swear I was the village idiot for 12 years. People laughed at me and I was the topic of gossip for miles around. And I used to go in my bedroom and pray, “Lord, why don’t you look after your own name and reputation?” And I would get on my knees and pray in my bedroom. “Lord, I am walking by faith and I am obedient to your word. Please put me over.” I would pray “Lord, lead me in the paths of righteousness for Your own name sake.” I was His and I just wouldn’t let go of God. I had done His will and was a good wife and I wouldn’t let go of God. And yet, often, as I prayed, “Lord, look after your own name sake and your own reputation,” I felt that the room was silent.

Many times I felt I had no God. Then many years later, Jim was healed and set free. God had surely looked after me in the silent shadows. He saw me praying but He stood still. I was in the arena of testing. Would I walk by faith without a word or an appearance of an angel? Would I walk with Him in the fire, even though I didn’t feel He was with me?

Later on, as God had healed my husband and I had seen many miracles, I came into another dry spell. I went up to pray in the same bedroom. Cotton diapers were hung on lines above me as I had no dryer or place to hang my clothes. I was on my knees, looking up praying and thanking the Lord for the baby who wore those diapers. And I cried out to God, “What are you doing? I feel so lost.” And He said so clearly in my heart, “Connie, I am looking after my own name and reputation.”

The words BOOMED through my soul and I knew that so many years ago, He heard me as I cried alone. “Lord, look after your own name and reputation.” And I was tested again and again before he ever propped me up to this email machine to minister to you all. And the oxen that plows the field is welcome anytime to the corn. And as I minster to you all, I know that I am welcome, also, to the blessings. And by faith, I know that all of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace. It’s a stretch for me but not for God.

As I stand still before my accusers, I hold the seed of faith in my heart. I owe no one anything except love. We can be still and know that He is God. We can hold our peace upon our prayers and let the faith seed in us grow.

So how do we have this faith? We just go on with what there is to be done in front of us. We don’t give up. We just keep on going. None of us have all the answers — we just have to trust in God and know that all is well. Jesus Christ is still on the throne. I haven’t heard any different.

So all is well and all is good.
Things are moving as they should.


Ya know, Jesus Christ was born to die at Calvary’s cross. He hung upon His cross, silent but deadly. He didn’t answer His accusers. He had a mission and it was to die for us sinners. Jesus was part man and part God. And upon His cross, He went right out of Himself and even forgot His mission and cried out, “Lord, why have You forsaken me?” Well, Jesus knew His calling. But under much pressure, He forgot it for a moment. But had He not suffered in this place of great testing and trial, He could never help us now.

As we are prone to cry out, “Lord, why?” He was in all ways tempted. And as His accusers came against Him and taunted Him, He held His peace. They said, “If you are the King and the son of God, come off the cross and save yourself.” Well, Jesus wasn’t in the habit of saving Himself unless God called Him to hide for a purpose. Mainly so He could keep on teaching the people. But Jesus was no coward to just use His gifts to look after His life. No, He came to die on the cross for us. And as Jesus ministered among the people, He never stood up for Himself. He stood up for God the Father. And even upon the cross, as He cried out to God, the soldiers mocked Him. I am sure they had mixed emotions, some of them. They wanted to see if he could do yet another miracle and maybe prove to them that He was really the Son of God. And yet the case was closed and the door shut.

The Roman soldiers were left alone to make their own decision. Would they follow Jesus Christ? Not by what they could see, but by faith? And this is where we all stand. Do we need the continual miracles about us? Or can we stand because of the past miracles? The past victories, and the faith in the word of God. Can we hold our peace and settle it today? Can we make that decision to not only follow Jesus to the cross for salvation and heaven, but can we live for Him now on the earth?

We walk by faith and not by sight. The walk of the believer is always one of walking by faith. The word is preached on salvation and we know we are going to heaven as we receive Jesus. But we have never been to heaven, so how do we know it is there? We know because it has been preached to us over and over again. But the word on faith to walk out our salvation is not preached that much. But the just shall “live” by faith.

We have faith for heaven and we must have faith in the same way on the earth. As we walk by faith upon the earth, we walk as pilgrims and strangers. This world is not our home. We are just passing through. And, as we go, dear hearts, let’s hold our peace, as Jesus did, and let’s refuse to come off our cross or away from our duties as wives and mothers.

As Nehemiah refused to listen to His accusers, let us also refuse to listen to the enemy. He continues to yell at us, “You will never get that wall built. Even a fox could break through your fragile wall.” But God had called Nehemiah to help the believers to build their city back up. And we are called as wives and mothers to be the wise mothers who build up our homes or our walls. And we must go on, silent but deadly with a weapon for spiritual warfare in one hand and a broom or egg beater in the other hand. And we stand silent in the face of many accusers and we owe them nothing but love.

Let’s us keep our visions clear and crisp and remember to live from the inside out. God and heaven is on our side — we cannot lose. As we walk with God and do our duties as Christian wives and mothers, we find this place of silent holiness in our homes.

We make homes by faith where the angels gather to hear the voice of God. Mother is silent and confident in God.

An Afternoon Visitor

Good Morning Mothers,

It’s 5:07 am. Wanted to get up and put Jim’s pizza shirt in the dryer so it will be ready for him when he gets up. Wanted to tell you about a good friend Mrs Trecek who came to visit yesterday. It was her daughter who won me to the Lord 39 years ago. Oh, Mrs T. is so much fun and we had a nice afternoon.

She always brings me things. She knows I like to bake and she brings me all kinds of baking things. Things I would never buy like the butterscotch flavored chips for making cookies. And the chocolate almond bark and the vanilla flavored kind. I will make the dipped pretzels with it. Then she always gives me all of the Jello she hasn’t used since I saw her last. And all kinds of other things. My favorite thing she gave me was about 100 packages of coffee, each package with enough coffee for one pot. And it’s in the filter? Her niece had a coffee shop and sold it and had all this coffee left over. Mrs T. used some and gave me some. What a riot! It will last us the winter. It’s just plain coffee, not the flavored kind, I don’t think. I haven’t had a chance to go through it all yet.

Anyway, my friend and I had a wonderful afternoon. Folks who knew me when I was alone are always so amazed at Jim and how caring he is now toward me and the older children. Mrs T. said, “Well, Connie, you just never gave up on your Jimmy. You knew that he would be OK.”

I said, “Well, I didn’t really know it. I just couldn’t understand divorce. I could see all of my friends were doing it, but I couldn’t understand how they thought they could, after reading the Bible on it. Oh, I cried out to God to let me get one. But, in the long run, I just loved God and His word more than I loved my marriage. So I really just hung in there, really not knowing what else to do.” My marriage was like having a tiger by the tail. I couldn’t let go and I couldn’t hang on. The Lord had to call the shots, one way or the other. It did all come out in the wash. I will say that faith moves the heart of God. And without it, you can’t please Him.

As we were visiting, I could see where I was going wrong in my Christian walk lately. Mrs T. was such a blessing to me. She certainly counseled me as the older woman to the younger. Often, I need to just quietly visit and let the Lord bring up the subjects. Mrs T is still madly in love with her husband after many years of marriage. And she loves homemaking … she always has. So I felt safe with her as we visited.

She is always remembering the two fires I had here. And she will say, “Connie, don’t start any more fires.” I say, “Well, I try not to.”

But, anyway, I heard this preacher on TV yesterday and he had a really simple message, and it was good. He was saying that when people go through really hard things, then they keep asking God “Why?” But they should ask God “How?” In other words, “How do I get through this? How will I make it through?”

And he said, “You just go on and ya don’t quit.” And, ya know, that is so true. Many times hard things happen to us but, by faith, we don’t give up and we just go on. And he was talking about how like millions of Israelites died in the wilderness because of a lack of faith. Actually, a whole generation of people died in that 40 years in the desert. Well, some were just old and ready to die. But many just gave up and died. And it is the same today as we walk in our wilderness experiences. Some of us will die spiritually from being hit by Satan. Some will become bitter and hard and decide not to even walk with God anymore.

Boy, the temptation is out there to just give up and forget it. But we don’t have to do that. If we will wait a few days, or just wait a minute, we will see His glory. The devil will put a lot of pressure on you to give up, right when he sees God coming out of the mountain running toward you.

I was pretty discouraged yesterday before Mrs T came. But I changed gears, once I could see that I was walking in unbelief.


And, ya know, if you don’t have the God kind of faith that is described in the Word of God, then, Baby Girl, you ain’t goin’ anywhere. If you are in unbelief and bitterness right now, then spiritual death is the next door down. God ain’t gonna work on your behalf because you said “Uncle” a thousand times. Believe me, I tried it and it didn’t work. God doesn’t move on your behalf because He feels sorry for ya. You can’t cry at an electric fan and expect it to go on and cool ya off. You can scream and cry at it all day and it won’t go on unless you plug it in. And the way we plug into God faith is that we cast down vain imaginations and all that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.

We must cast the lies and darkness out of our minds. We do this with the word of God. If Satan is telling you that your husband will always want other women and will never come home, just claim the word that says “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” And also the scriptures that say the wife has the power over her husband’s body and many other scriptures. But if you are wallowing in self pity, then the devil is right there and will talk you down. No one gets a free ticket to faith. I wish I could say that we do. But, after being chased by the devil now for 39 years, I can tell ya, you have to have faith. “Ya gotta believe.”

Don’t ever have one negative thought about your husband. That is like taking a machine gun and blowing the ceiling off your house. Your husband is a part of you … you are one flesh. But he is your spiritual cover under God. As you mock him in your heart, then you are inviting the devil to attack you. The Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith. I mean, hey … if you have a bunch of unforgivingness in your home, and strife, then expect the kids to all fall apart. I mean, the ax will fall at times when ya least expect it. Bad things happen sometimes, even when you are being good. But bad things will definitely happen to you in your home if you are confessing negative over the family. I mean don’t even let the devil put thoughts in your mind against your husband or your children.

The word of God has to run your life and your mind before He can run your home. I mean, the popular preaching of the day says, “Well, do your own thing, and just give the preacher money, and the blessings will fall.” This is a lie from the pit. It matters what you think and what is looming in your mind.

God works through our minds, and so does Satan. Think of the temple on your forehead … it’s called your temple? And your mind is like the inner holy court of your body. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The physical church is to be the symbol of the believer that holds the Spirit of God. The church is the copy of the believer who holds the Spirit in their physical body. So God directs our steps through our minds. And Satan kicks up a fuss, as he wants to own us and not God. So he tells ya, “Well, everything is wrong. Walking with God in faith will never help me change my life.”

And on the other side is God saying, “Greater is God in us than the devil in the world.” God tells us in the word that all of our children will be taught of the Lord and great will be their peace. He tells us to fear not for He has redeemed us and He has called us by our name and we are His. He says He will never leave us or forsake us. And so, we know that if we hang on in faith in God, eventually we will win our battles.

But it is a sin to have unbelief in your heart for even a minute. We must repent of our unbelief because it fouls up the plans of God … it hurts His heart and comes against Him. He can’t use us when we are walking out the unbelief in our hearts. Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against Thee. This says that when we don’t hold the word in our hearts, then we are sinning against God. God forgive me.


There is a woman on this group right now who is reading this writing and has just said, “My husband is a loser and will never change and I have to accept this.”

And all I have to say to you, dear heart, is “Pee or get off the pot.” Because that is rank unbelief and I need this kinda thing on my group like another hole in my head. I don’t know why you are reading my writings if you plan to fail, anyway. You are on dangerous ground. You are getting ready to take that last step to bitterness and you will get the judgment that you have given your husband. I feel very grave right now for a woman reading this right now. The time is short — we must obey God. And, NO, divorce is not the unpardonable sin. But some of you women know better. And if ya know better and you go ahead and divorce, then you are in big trouble with God.

God allows these hurdles in our lives as married women to teach us holiness in our homes. If you don’t give up, you will live to see His purpose. This life is so short. Don’t sell your life for a bowl of soup. Oh, I suffered like some of you with a hard marriage. But I just hung in there with little or no sense. But I didn’t give up, ya know? No man is worth turning your back on God. Your first husband has to be Jesus Christ. Be faithful to Him and He will show you who He is.

Oh, I never dreamed I would ever say, “Well, I am glad that I was chastened of the Lord, as I learned His ways.” Glad? Heck, yes, I am glad! The Lord developed a spirit in me that Bible School could never have given me. I have a testimony, and the Lord not only saved my marriage but saves others through the testimony. See, I love the body of believers. I feel sorry for ’em. The Lord knows I do. So He bounced me around a bit to give me a story to tell. Was it worth the Hell? Yes, it was. Was His grace sufficient for me? Yes, it was.

He never left me to die and He never gave me more than I could bear. Now, at the time, I thought it was more than I could bear. But the Lord healed my emotions. He wouldn’t heal Jim and then leave me to wonder how I would be healed of all of my heart wounds. Jesus knew I was a wounded soldier and He healed me. I could have been plagued with fear for the rest of my life, always afraid of desertion happening every time Jim went out the door. But I have no fears like that. God healed me. He did a perfect work. And now Jim and I have lived in a good marriage for 26 years.

Jim was the worst man I knew. And yet God turned him around and gave him a tender heart for me and my children. Mrs T is so amazed at Jim. She says, “Well, Connie, you take care of all the bills?”

I said, ” No, Jim has taken care of the bills ever since he got saved. He takes care of all the family records. He takes care of everything.” See, I had to run the show for years. And giving Jim the reins was not easy for me. I had so much fear and the fear would plague me just after Jim got saved. I had to have control over everything. And the devil just about ate me with fear. And one day I said, “Hey, I am not feeding this devil every day.” So I gave Jim the checkbook and the responsibilities of the home, and I never looked back.

I refuse to let he devil own me. I didn’t care if we went bust — I wasn’t going to let Satan run me with fear. Now, of course, some of you women do the bills, as the Lord has called you by your husband to do so. I am not talking about that. I mean that Satan kept telling me that, if Jim had the money, he would run with it. And the devil tried to just own me with fear. I just told the devil, “You don’t own me. I am the property of Jesus Christ.” And I mean, at first, it was a hell of an uphill battle. But faith is a battle … a battle that rages in the inner court. In the temple, the mind. We must take the word of God and put it in our minds and walk out the words of God.

I don’t know why my life has been so hard, but some of you on here can relate.

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