Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tale About Cake

Well, Wednesday evening I had Baby Rose, 2 years old. I try to fix something special for supper for the nights I have her … something I know she will like. Anyway, I had fixed a casserole and a small chocolate cake. Jim had eaten and gone to work. Baby says “EAT??”

And I said, “Oh, OK, Baby we will eat.”

Well, she sees the cake on the table. (I should have hidden it.) So she says “Cake.”

And I say, “Now, no, Baby. Gram fixed you a nice cheese noodle casserole with green beans, just like you like.”

Baby says “Cake.” She is looking at me with those big blue eyes with overflowing eyelashes.

I said “OK.” I gave her a half inch of chocolate cake.

Then I sat her up to the high chair to eat her casserole and she says “Cake.” So I gave her some more cake to eat with her noodles and green beans. She ate most of her dinner … well, all of her green beans. And Gram ate the last bite to help out. And then she wanted a treat. “Cake.” So she had a piece of cake for dessert.

So Poor Baby Cakes had cake before her dinner, during her dinner, and after her dinner. Am I a silly Grandma or what? I would have never done that with any of my own children here at home. Baby didn’t cry to make me give her cake. I just gave it to her when she asked me for it.

The moral of the story, I guess, is “Be careful what you ask Grandma for, as you just may get it.”

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