Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Raccoon

Oh mercy, where do I start? We had this terrible leak in the dining room ceiling the last time it rained. I mean, it has never leaked in the dining room before. Jim went up and checked the roof and he found a giant hole? Looked like lightening had struck the house. So the boys came over, and Jim and them patched the roof.

Come to find out, it was a raccoon that had done part of the hole. So now the coon is trapped in the house. So I hear this noise in the kitchen? I look up to the ceiling and see this raccoon staring at me from this hole in the ceiling. His face was as big as mine. I called for Jim and Jim sees him.

We called animal control and they came out but couldn’t find the coon. He was hiding! So Jim and I go to bed. Just as we are about to go to sleep, this coon falls out of the kitchen ceiling and skids down the wall. It was no thump, either, it was a big BOOM that shook the house. That thing probably weighed 50 pounds or more. So I figured the dang thing ran into the laundry room off the kitchen. We called animal control again and they came out. Then they noticed my kitchen window had been torn out, and they said, “Was this screen torn out before?” Well, it hadn’t been torn and that coon had jumped right through it. It’s all gone at the bottom.

We had called the kids, off and on, this evening, and then called them back to tell them the coon had jumped out the window. They laughed so hard! I told Jim it was all worth it, just to hear Mary laugh so hard. She is often so serious and I haven’t heard her laugh like that in so long. Danny Elvis said, “Mom, just to be on the safe side, you should buy a bear trap and have it on hand.” We all laughed so hard this evening.

Oh, what a day its been. And my nerves are shot, let me tell ya. I thought bats were hard to deal with. I always said I would rather have anything than a bat. Well, I take that back. Give me a bat any day.

I am making a long story short, really. The coon was upstairs in the bedroom at first and had run into the attic, as Dan had left the attic door open. So the coon runs by Jim and Jim thought it was our cat. So he is trying to get the cat out of the attic. Then I told him the cat was outside. Also, had I been cooking at the stove this evening, that coon would have fallen on my head. I would have had a live coon skin hat.

Well, it’s been a day — I should get to bed. It wasn’t bad enough that lightening hits our house and left a hole big enough for a person to drop through. A coon comes along and jumps through the hole, just to make life interesting.

Tomorrow wild man has to repair the screen and the kitchen ceiling. My kitchen has plaster all over from that coon falling out of the ceiling. And scrape marks down the wall from where he was tryin’ to hang on.

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