Sunday, December 17, 2017

Evaporated Milk and Butter

Each morning, I think of how I used to make my butter go further and keep forgetting to write it down. I have written it down before but thought I would again because of all of the corn on the cob that many of you are probably getting from your gardens. I haven’t made this butter yet this year but I will when I get to it. I used to make it a lot when the kids were all home. Well, usually, we used margarine unless I found butter on sale.

Back in the Depression era, the evaporated milk became popular and a lot of recipes for using this milk became popular. Folks used it in place of cream. I use it in my coffee. Anyway, to make a pound of butter become twice as much, this is what you do. You bring the pound of butter to room temperature and put it in a mixing bowl. Then you add the can of evaporated milk and mix this up with your mixer. It makes like 2 pounds of butter. I had a pretty yellow antique crock with little flowers and a cute lid on it that I always used for this butter. Then I just kept it in the fridge as usual.

This butter is nice to put on corn on the cob and for fresh beans and other good fresh things from the garden. We have taken a head of fresh cabbage and cored it out half way. Then just put butter down in the cavity and bake it like that in a baking dish with salt and pepper. But that butter recipe comes in mighty handy in the summer with a houseful of children.

Jim eats corn on the cob at least four times a week when it is in season. And our children love it, too. I have frozen some and have more to freeze. Yesterday, my brother gave us a bunch more out of his garden, and green beans. Praise the Lord. I am thankful for this work to do.

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