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Makin’ Do

Last evening, just before I was about to go to bed, I got Annie’s email and then Tracy’s, asking me to write about the Depression era Mothers and what they would have done in times as we are now living. I prayed about it last night and talked to Jim about it. Jim had such a spirit of God on him as he spoke to me. We have had a hard time lately ourselves. Jim said to tell the families to just stock up on canned things for the winter. And if you have fresh produce out of your gardens, “can it.” Jim isn’t one with words. But as he spoke, I could see that the Lord was speaking through him. And as I write this morning, I can see the wisdom in what he was saying.

Frozen food is nice to have. But you can always trust the fact that you have canned goods that won’t spoil for years, in case the electricity would go out. So one thing I would do, if I were some of you with big families, is to stock up on canned vegetables, fruits, and canned evaporated milk and meats. And put this all in some sort of storage room. You can easily stack canned goods in flat boxes and store them under the beds, if you have little storage. Papa really spoke to me about this and I could tell it was more than just Jim speaking. It was as if the Lord was speaking. So I am really going to stock up on some canned things for the winter. Then I have my own canning from my garden.

Also, ya know, in the winter it’s not hard to store fresh milk for the week. When the children were all home, I got about 5 gallons of milk a week. I stored it in the winter on my porch. But, ya know, you could make some sort of box to put outside to store milk in to keep it cold this winter. Just put the box up by a backdoor or up against the house. Put a heavy lid on it and make sure the sun won’t shine on it. And even if the milk freezes, it will thaw out and is still just as good.

The old timers, in the winter, used to have window boxes? They opened the window and put a wooden box in the window. Like you would fit in a window air conditioner? Then the box had a door on the front. So it worked like a little refrigerator. Over the front where the door is, you could just put a curtain over it to look like the hanging curtain that is there. If at all possible, put your box on the north side of the house. My little root cellar and my only kitchen window are on the north side of my house. It’s colder on that side. You wouldn’t want to put your box where the sun would beat down on it during the day. You could certainly put some of your refrigerator items in there. It wouldn’t work as a freezer unless it gets really cold … like below zero. But this box would come in mighty handy for leftovers and for margarine or butter, ketchup, pickles, mustard, etc.

The main thing is that we need to know the state of our pantries. To keep a sharp eye as wise mothers on our storehouses. Deut. 28 says that we will be blessed in our storehouses if we obey the Lord.


Ya know, I have lived in life and death situations and my knowledge took me through, in part? But I want to talk to you seriously about courage? You can know all the right things to do but not do them because you are scared half to death? Fear will paralyze you and make you just want to sit and do nothing. You can have the idea as to what to do … what you need to do? But the fear will bind you and take your strength.

I mean, you could watch 24-7 TV news about death and destruction. But you had better not? Those folks are precious that report this stuff on Fox News. My heart goes out to them, as they seem so sincere and are, I think. But they are not believing the Lord? I mean, I am sure some are … God bless them!!! And ya know, I have watched a lot of this with Jim. But ya know, I am not going to watch it that much more. I mean, I will be polite to Jim about it. But I was praying and the Lord just impressed me like this. “You have watched it enough to discern the times and the seasons our country is in, and that is enough. ”

I mean, it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that “What comes around goes around.” What is effecting one state will effect the ones around it. Some of us are in for some hard times ahead. And yet, as Canaan has shown us, God’s word works. There are hard times up ahead to be had, but the Lord is with us and will be mighty in our midst. We must be dutiful and faithful as homemakers. But it is He that will either make or break us.

We must put Him first and cry after His presence. His life … His anointing is the key, let me tell ya. Fear will take you down quicker than starving to death. Get the fear out of your house. Turn the TV off and make a full pantry. Canaan said that Psalms 91 is what brought her through. I am going to write this chapter down and put portions of it on the wall in every room of the house. When I homeschooled the children, we memorized this chapter. But in times of fear, sometimes we forget what we have memorized. We need to have the promises of the Bible out where we can see the words. We need to hide the word of God in our hearts and speak it to our children.

My children would say something negative to me when they were young and I would say, “Don’t confess it.” And they still tease me about this and say it themselves. And yes, Mother, you may feel scared half to pieces, but don’t say it. When you open your mouth and confess fear? Then demons are loosed in your house like a virus and will go to the rest of the family. And you get a family that is running on fear? And they will run right out he door to the street. No, Mothers … don’t spread fear into your house. Speak the word of God into your home and into your children. Confess openly, “I am a mother of faith and courage. I will make a home out of nothing if I must. God will help me. He won’t destroy my home as I am faithful to Him. The old time mothers made it through the Depression era and if they did it, I can do it, too.” And ya know, those Depression era women had so much less than what we have. I mean, in the flat prairie lands, it didn’t rain for 3 years. They didn’t even have a garden to take them through. The ranchers didn’t have any rain to water the horses or cattle. But ya know, they all lived to tell it? And we will, too.

I told Jim a few days ago, “Ya know, Honey, folks are gonna be livin’ like we have all along.” Well, it didn’t hurt us any. But it sure hasn’t been that we have made it because of survival skills. I mean, the survival skills come as you decide to trust in the Lord. As you decide to not give up, no matter what. I mean, right now Jim and I are between a rock and a hard place. But Jim said last night, “I will find another job if I have to cook in a restaurant.” And wild man would walk to work, too, if he had to. That old boy is hard to keep down and is tough as a nail. He is 65 years old … but he is strong in spirit.


And ya know, if I was in one of those homeless camps I have seen on TV? I would just make a tent for my family. I think, with all the debris around, you could find a few poles or tree limbs and pound them into the ground. Then put a rope between them and hook blankets up around them. You could use one of those 5 gallon plastic containers for a toilet? They are easy to sit on and hopefully you could find a lid for it. Then make another clothes line on the outside of the tent to hang wet clothes. Then just take some sticks and build a makeshift fence to put around the tent. At least you would have some privacy and give the children a place to rest. A Mother can make a home wherever she is. Just tell the children you are camping out. The main thing is to give the children a place away from the other people to be quiet.

And, like Annie was saying, you could make a formula for the baby out of watered down milk. In the 1960s we used the canned milk to make a baby formula. All the mothers did this, back then, that didn’t breast feed. We mixed it half water and half evaporated milk. We put a Tbs Karo syrup in one daily bottle to make sure the baby didn’t get constipated. And also we started feeding our children baby cereal at 2 weeks old. Just once a day in the evening. Mix it up really fine and gooey with milk or warm wate.

Take care of the baby and keep him warm and dry and fed. Baby should be a top priority. I think the elderly would be treated first, anyway. But make sure, Mother, that your baby is cared for and the young children, especially.

But if you have a home to live in as, thank the Lord, Tracy does? Then, yes, I would stock up on canned goods. Cookies and crackers would be good to make and keep in a dry, cool place in the house. Ya know, you could make quick breads in canning jars and store that away. You just use the wide mouthed pint or quart canning jars. Bake the bread in the jar and make sure the bread doesn’t go over the top. If it does, just slice it off the top. But while it is hot out of the oven, screw the canning lid and ring on … it will seal from the heat. Store this bread in a cool, dark place. It should last for at least a year. If you open it and it isn’t moldy and smells good, then it is good. If it has mold on it, then don’t eat it.

Tracy, if I were you, I would just bake a bunch of goodies for the freezer. If the electricity were to go off, the baked goods would still last a while.

Now as far as buying things at the store for your family storehouse. Just buy the canned things. Then stock up on the white sugar and brown. Buy as much flour as you can store safely. Buy cornmeal for cornbread and a box of oatmeal. Then make sure that you have baking powder, baking soda, and bread yeast. Go through your spices and see if you need cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger. The spices that are outdated, I save to boil in water in the winter to keep the house smelling good and to keep the moisture in the air. Make sure you have shortening and cooking oil if you can afford it.

Buy candles on sale … but make sure, Mother, to watch them. As you light them, put them up someplace away from the children. You can make a country candle holder like this. Just take an old jar and put one of the little candles in it. The glass reflects the light and makes it brighter. This way, the open flame is down in the jar. You could put some of your outdated spices in the jar, too.

Also buy some cocoa to make cocoa for the children. I still buy the big box of instant milk to cook with, and it makes a nice hot cocoa.

But Tracy, yes, just put your trust in the Lord and make a home in the wilderness. You know how to do it. I will be writing more on this later.

Holding Our Peace

On the email lately, on the response group, we have been writing about the women of old and their take on the family. Annie sent in a written conversation between an older wiser woman speaking to a younger married woman concerning adultery … it was a good writing. I was going to add my 2 cents here.

I have had a vision lately of this woman of dignity, this woman of peace. See, the bottom line with most of the women, back when, was to keep the home peaceful. Always her first priority was to keep the children guarded and safe. She would never say or do anything to disrupt her children’s lives. The homes of old were peaceful. The children were looked upon as blessings, for the most part. I mean, you saw an occasional woman who put herself first in the family. But if she did, she was rare and very looked down on in her society.

In my neighborhood growing up, there was just one divorce, that I knew of, among my relatives. Then across the street was an apartment house, and a woman lived there with her daughter, and she was divorced and had to go to work. But a divorce was rare and I didn’t know of any married women who went out to work. I saw, as a child, homes where the husband wasn’t treating the family right and was gone a lot. But no one divorced and if they had to, it was after the children were grown.

The family home was to be sweet and orderly and peaceful. And no matter what the husband did, the wives kept the home for the children.

Next door to us, we had a family who were another culture. This husband, John, was the character of the year. He was gone about 6 months out of the year selling carpets? When he would get back in town, then he would have all the men relatives over to play poker for half the night. His wife Sarah was a saint. She wasn’t the same nationality as John, and was from the deep south. Anyway, she would call to me as I was playing outside next door. And in her southern drawl, she would plead with me, “Now, Connie, John and his men friends will be playin’ poker tonight and will sleep the next morning and late into the day. So don’t tease Joanne (her daughter) and make her cry. And PLEEEEEEse don’t come by and ring the door bell early in the morning.” And I said I wouldn’t. I mean, these men over there looked like gangsters from the Al Capone days. They would come over with nice suits, shiny black shoes and the dress hats pulled down over their eyes. Big cigars, and always talking in their native language. And for a child like I was? The temptation would just get too much for me. And at 7:30 in the morning, the suspense was always killing me. So I would quickly dress and run next door and ring the doorbell for all I was worth, which wasn’t much? All the naughty kids, back in the old days, rang people’s doorbells and ran away. But to me, this doorbell was the granddaddy of ’em all and I had to ring it — I couldn’t help it. And I would ring it until Sarah came to the door. And certainly, it woke up all those old criminals up. When Sarah would tell my mother on me, I would hide up in the attic. Mother would come upstairs and call, “Connnieeee Anne?” I wouldn’t answer or come back out of the attic until my folks cooled down.

And I said all of this to say that Sarah kept the house as peaceful as she could. And I spent many hours playing with the two girls at their home, and there was never talk of a divorce. Sarah was a pretty woman, soft spoken. Joanne would get so mad at me and start to cussin’. And her mother would get out a switch and spank her legs and chase her around the house. Sarah maintained law and order when John was gone. Finally, John got shot and was killed. The family then moved to California. And one by one, they all died. But ya know, they were always good neighbors to the neighborhood. And I had many happy times at their home. Sarah made a home for the children.

And ya know, had Annie lived next door to me and the timing had been different? She would have shot my doorbell ringing fingers off before John woke up. Annie is so practical.

Yet my point is that Mothers back then did what they had to do to keep a home peaceful. Society took a very grim look at a mother in the home that didn’t take good care of the children. The Mother kept the Father happy and satisfied, not so she would have a good sex life or whatever. She kept her husband happy because he was the bread winner and she needed a roof over her head to maintain her ministry as Keeper at Home. Everything she did was for the children and their well being. This is why the Bible tells her to submit to her husband. She would sometimes forget her husband, which wasn’t good. But her main focus was usually the children. She wanted to create a place of peace to raise her little ones. If her husband was harsh or unruly, society expected the wife to tame him and make a man out of him. Not by ordering him about but by her quiet behavior.

My dad was a good man and always worked and supported the family. But he was very spirited and artistic. One day mother was quietly ironing the clothes. My Dad had gotten mad and started hollering at Mom. My Mother just kept ironing the clothes — never said a word. I was playing with my dolls in the floor beside her. Dad got out his suitcase and started to fill it with clothes from the dresser. Just went to stuffing clothes in there like a mad dog. He was screaming about how he was going to leave us and never come back. I looked up at Mom from the floor and said, “Mom, is Dad really going to leave us?” And Mom said quietly, as she kept on ironing, “I don’t know.” And she was so calm about it, I thought well, either way, I would have my mother. Finally, Dad calmed down and went in the living room to cool off. But my mother, in a million years, wouldn’t have fought in front of us kids.

Mother was our anchor in the storm. And Dad was a good man — I don’t mean to say he wasn’t. He worked every day for his family and maintained a nice home for us. We kids never went without anything … that’s for sure. And Dad cared for my Mother’s mother, in her old age, and his dad and mother. He was an honorable man. But he was very spirited and creative. He was a wonderful inventor — could fix anything. But Mom was a simple woman and just did whatever was before her to do to maintain peace and order. If we kids came home from school and mom wasn’t there, we would be scared and wonder who died. I mean, unless she told us she would be gone, which was rare. Mother did go to work for a short time but our grandmother moved into the house to care for us children.

We were never left at home alone. Well, when I was 7, we were left alone for like 15 minutes a day. Mom had to work briefly and Dad was home with us kids after work. Anyway, in that 15 minutes, I had a ball. I would pin up the neighbor girls’ hair with Mom’s hairpins and send them home. And Mom then had no hairpins to set her own hair that night. (The women used to do up their hair each night before bed.) Well, I only had about 15 minutes with the house to myself but I had fun.

One time, when I was about 6 or so and Scott was about 4, we had to make a business trip back to where we had lived in another town. Dad had told me and Scott that we weren’t to go play with the neighbors but to stay right around the house, as we weren’t staying long. Well, my Aunt Lilly was taking care of my parents’ house until it sold. So Scott and I forgot to not run off and we ran to play with the neighbor children. Dad went lookin’ for us and found me and I didn’t know where Scott was. So I had to go look for him and I told all the neighbors as I went, “Do you know where Scott is … we are gonna get a beatin’.” I LOVED goin about the old neighborhood tellin’ everyone that Scott and me were gonna get it. So, anyway, once Dad found both Scott and me, we got a good belt spanking in the bedroom with the door shut. The fun part was my aunt Lilly. She stood outside the door with her arms crossed in front of her. She was as mad as a wet hen. When we children came out of the bedroom, she told my mother in front of us kids, “Well, he didn’t need to spank those kids like that.” I loved showing my aunt my sad face, giving her more and more steam. Mother never said a word and ignored my aunt and changed the subject.

Actually, the spanking didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was going to. At home, if I knew I was gonna get a spanking, I would put on all 7 pairs of my underwear first. Mother always had at least 7 pairs of my underwear in my drawer with the days of the week on them. So if I was gonna get a spanking, I wore Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. underwear, even though it was only Friday. I had several sets. At any rate, I wore all the underwear in my drawer on my spanking days. I was very ornery at times. So Dad would tell me to go upstairs and get ready for my spanking, so I did. It never hurt that much, anyway.

But the point was that Mother tired to maintain a peace in the home. Scott was pretty easy does it but I was not. He would run home and tell Mother all the bad things I did at school. Mother would say, “Surely not.” And would go on about her business.

My Mother was not really a believer. But ya know, back then, the women were good and moral for the most part. Mom’s folks were believers and her grandparents before her. There was a Christian atmosphere that Mom grew up in. But, as you can tell, I needed a lot more as a child than a Christian atmosphere. I was very spirited, like my dad, and creative. Even as a child, my heart cried out for Jesus and yet I didn’t know Him. I guess I knew Him inside but wasn’t taught about Him. When I finally met Him at 19, I was so happy. Even as a child, I was taught to fight. And to think I didn’t have to fight anymore was such a wonderous thing to me. I could just relax and be a Christian. But what I am tryin’ to say here is that the women, back when, maintained a peace in the home. Even if they were not believers. They had an order and a love for the children. They loved their husbands, too, and they reverenced them.

Mother always told us that dad was a good family man and he was. Mother loved my dad and we kids knew that. Often when I was a teenager, she would tell me, “I think I love your Dad more than I ever have. Each passing year I love him more.” And My Dad loved my mother. One time, well, just about 3 years before he died in 2001, he told my mother in front of me, “I think your mother is prettier now than I have ever seen her.” At the time, they were both in their 70s. My Dad worshipped my mother. She was his anchor and stability.

That was the story of many of the old time families. The husband was maybe a wild cat, but the mother, for the sake of the marriage and the children, maintained a home and a place of refuge for the family and the extended family, too. By the obedience of the wife and mother, many had a place — a home — to live in. Mother made the wheels of harmony go around. She kept the home through hell and high water and was the comforter for those who lived there.Through holding her own peace, she made a home of peace and rest for her family and extended family.

Old-Time Pumpkin Pie and Big Goats

When Christiane Joy and John were babies, I had an old time milk man. Probably the last of the ones who delivered milk. He had started out using a horse and cart, but used a truck later on. Anyway, he came once a week for about 25 years. He became a family friend and is now too old to work much. But he stops, now and again, just to visit with Jim and me. He gave the children many fun memories of a childhood friend.

Anyway, Dick would tell me about the old days, as he would see my pumpkins on the table at Thanksgiving. He said that old time mothers made many pumpkin pies the traditional ways with the milk and eggs. But he said another way they made them was like this. He said the women would cut up the pumpkin and peel it. And then slice it up like apples. They would put the pumpkin slices in the pie shell and layer the pieces with dark brown sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg, and a handful of flour. Then they would put a chunk of butter on the top. Then lay a top crust on it and bake it. Now, he didn’t give measurements and I didn’t expect him to. But if you want to make this pie, just follow an apple pie recipe. I think a pie like this would look pretty with cranberries mixed into the pumpkin slices. I will try that this Thanksgiving holiday.

Dick had goats that he milked and, when he would come in the house, he would smell like a goat. I thought it was a happy smell, as Dick was always so proud of his goats. I think he still has a few goats and milks them and sells the milk. After he got rid of his milk truck, he didn’t have a way to transport his goats if he had to take them to the vet. So he would put his goat in the backseat of his car. The goat loved the ride and hung her head out the window in the backseat. Dick would drive by to show me and the kids his goat and we would run out and talk to his goat through the car window. This was years ago but Dick probably still gives his goats car rides.

I wanted to buy a goat to milk and keep in the backyard but wild man didn’t want me to.

My friend Linda, up the street, had a goat … it was supposed to be a baby pigmy? But it grew and grew and GREW. Every time I went by her house in the car, I could see that the goat had grown about an inch. I kept tellin’ Jim, “That’s an awfully big goat for a pigmy!!!”

Well, anyway that goat was half wild cat and got loose almost every day and ran around our town. In our town, you can have a goat if it is a pigmy. Anyway, the mayor and the other officials in Marion just had a royal fit that this goat, that was almost as big as a pony, was runnin’ loose around town. My friend promised she would keep her tied up, but that goat was so sneaky and kept getting loose. The mayor called Linda again, after many calls that day, and said, “Is your goat loose again???” As he had calls from folks in town about a goat running down the street. And Linda said she was sure she wasn’t loose again???? Then the mayor says, “Well, do you know of anyone else in town who has a big goat like yours?” And Linda says “No.” And he said, “Well, then, this is your goat that is loose again and come and get it.” Well, all Linda ever got done is “chasing goat” all day. She had gotten the goat for the grandchildren to play with. She has a sense of humor like mine. Anyway, to make a long story short, she sold the giant goat back to the joker who sold it to her in the first place. So now Linda is totally “goatless” … and happy to be so.

So here ends the story of the Pumpkin Pie and the run away “Houdini goat.”

A Harvest Home

Oh Mercy, it’s been busy here at the house. I am up writing in the night. Well, I guess it’s 4:30 in the morning. I can feel the Holy Spirit lift me to the place of abundance in Christ and then I feel pulled back to the barrenness. I have a writing to birth and I can feel the signs of labor coming on.

The Lord, for the past few days, has spoken to me about the empty hands of the women in our country and, even now, it is harvest time. The fruit in our gardens is ready to be harvested and to be put away for the winter. And yet, many women stand about idle with empty hands and depressed hearts. The women are no longer happy at Harvest time as they were for generations before us.

Always during hard times, Mother went back to the land … back to her roots. Back to teachings on the home and back to a simplicity of keeping a home for the family. Now we say, well we don’t have to work so hard, as we have stores now to buy our produce from. And yet our food is so poison with preservatives and our country’s land is no longer good as it once was. Mother could simply save her family in her own backyard garden and with her own compost pile to give her garden fertilizer. Our land in our country has been raped repeatedly, all for the love of money. And the hormones given to the animals we eat are not safe. And yet we could, if we wanted to, grow all of our own food and preserve it.

I am not writing to bring condemnation — I am not that good at canning, myself. I know how to can and to preserve food but I have let the devil make me think I have been too busy. But I don’t want to get sidetracked but to follow the Holy Spirit on this. He has a message here and I want to find out what it is.

In our country, when the pioneers traveled West, they had to go back to the land and learn to live off the land. And then during the Depression era, folks went back to the land to survive. And for generations before the pioneers, most families lived off the land. The pioneers knew that they had to go back to the land to survive. Well, we are in a place now in our country where the times are just as rough as any that the pioneers of old ever saw. We live in a dangerous time now. We are blinded by satan, as we don’t think we have to work to keep our family in food. And yet trouble looms about us and we have a knowin’ that we should do something about it.

Lately, I have seen in my spirit Mothers with empty hands during the harvest. Sure, we lack knowledge as to how to prepare our foods for canning. Or Satan robs us of our time. We have a vague idea of how we saw our grandmothers live off the land but we don’t have any idea where to start. Or we don’t see a reason to. And yet there is such a famine in the land of the Bible truths being spoken. On TV, there is an array of witches preaching against homemaking. These women are goin’ into our spiritual storehouses and literally tearing the people of God apart. These witches have torn their own homes down and now are tearing at the temple of God.

Of course, the men have driven these women to it. Most of these witches have a hubby behind them telling them to do it. These women have not had the backbone to know the scriptures and to stand up for their authority in the home. They are puppets who are being tossed about in the wind. They have been a day late and a dollar short. They haven’t had the older Titus Mother in their lives and neither have their husbands. And they want to be free and think they find their freedom in having no responsibility to work for God. They hate the virtuous woman and they dig on her whenever they can.

But we mothers and keepers at home have a place in God that no man should boss us around in. God in Genesis gave us authority in the garden, too. And we are to take authority in the earth over the animals and the land. We are called to tend our gardens and to make a home and to have babies.

And don’t get me wrong — we must be servants of Christ and submit to our husbands. But I want to tell you a story. Back in the old days, in order to keep my kids fed, I would go to the store and buy the leftover produce that the store was going to throw away. Jim hated it and said it was a big mess, but he allowed me to get it. And through much tribulation, I saved his ornery hide and kept the family fed. I only had 100 bucks for 2 weeks to feed the 5 children I had at home. Jimmy was in the Navy. Something had to give. I had my own garden, too, but couldn’t produce enough food. I had some knowledge of gardening but sorely lacked the know how and the time to take care of it. I had weeks that the 100 bucks was almost spent for one week’s groceries. The second week, we lived on the fruits and vegetables I salvaged from the store.

But no, I never stood up to Jim and told him off. I had to be submissive and quiet. I had a clearer vision of what we needed to keep the family from going under. And Jim has bailed me out many times in our marriage, as he has had wisdom where I lacked it. But ya know, we mothers and wives are held responsible to God to do what He has called us to do. If the husband is interrupting this calling, then you need to know that and fight in the spiritual realm against this. Don’t let a man make a slave out of you.

When a queen is taken off her throne to work in the street, then this breaks the Lord’s heart. We are the weaker vessels and are to be homebound and to do the work of home. If you are told to go get a job and to leave your home and place of protection, then, of course, you must go. But look at Esther. She didn’t just say, “Well, my husband wants to slaughter the children of God, so I guess I will submit.” No … Esther had a place with God. She knew God on her own and knew enough to follow the Spirit of the Lord. And yet she had a heart of reverence towards her husband. The King loved Esther. The king could have killed all the Jews and slept the next night without interruption. He had no heart for the Jews. But he loved Esther and wanted to make her happy.

A lot of men are as hard as a nail, and especially in this age. Well, they don’t know any better and have never seen a virtuous woman. So, yes, you submit to them and have gentle loving hearts towards your husbands. But God has called YOU to be the keeper at home. And you need to walk that out.

You have no place else to go. The work at the house is all yours, Darlin’. I don’t care how much education you have. If you have children and a husband, you need to stay home and take care of the children.

Ok, this is just basic Bible teaching. And women knew this as basic Bible teaching for many generations before us. But now we live in a time where witches are ruling. Ya know, any woman of dignity would know to feel compassion towards these witches. They are like flies on a dead horse. They breed more flies and fill the air with a binding controlling spirit. And all of this lady preachin’ may sound good at church? But when ya get back home to the kids … is it preaching that will help you to care for the children? No, it’s a preaching that leads to abortion and neglect of the children. It’s a preaching that is causing divorce and child neglect. And yet we women who know the Lord should have compassion on these women, as they are poor and must work in the street. They have been pushed out of the home by men who have made slaves out of them.

Many men are like Esther’s husband. They could tell you to go get an abortion and never think a thing about it. But a woman is to soften a man and teach him her ministry as Keeper at Home. She shows him her worth as she makes a home out of almost nothing. And you can make a home out of nothing. I did. I had 6 children and went on welfare to care for them. Heck, they didn’t know it. They had food and I made a place for them to be warm and cared for.

And oh, lately, they tell me that on the news, another Mother forgot about her baby in the car and went to work and the baby died. I can hardly bear this news. And these women say they are Christians. I don’t know about this woman, but many do say that. We live in a wicked generation. But as women of dignity, we must walk as Mothers in Israel. We must pray for these women and stand as examples of Godliness before them. Forgive them as they know not what they do.

This unholy preaching in the land, done by abused orphan children that have never known a virtuous woman, is a cancer in the Body of Believers. It is eating at the foundation of the temple of God. But we as Godly Mothers must take courage and strength unto ourselves. We must see all of this for what it is … it is totally a lack of teaching on the home. And this lack of teaching has promoted an evil that is like an unholy fire that is out of control.

Our only hope is in God … we must pray and throw our hopelessness as a country over on Him. And ya know, many of us will have to be examples that don’t maybe have a heart for it. Jim makes enough money now to keep us going. I don’t have to have a garden. But I desire to be an example to those about me. I cannot use my liberty to squander the life of the young women about me. As a Titus 2 Mother, I want to live a life pleasing to God as an example of a keeper at home. I am called as the older woman to act out my place as Keeper at home.

In the early years, God called me as Esther. I couldn’t do much back then as a wife forsaken. Yet God told me that I would give my sisters spiritual tools to fight with as Esther gave her people. The King, on her behalf, gave the Jewish people weapons to fight their enemies. So many of you don’t understand that I love the body of Christ. But those who feed His sheep are the ones who love Him. The Mothers among you that give you the spiritual tools to fight the enemies of your homes are the Mothers who love you.

Many of you older Mothers are called to be Titus 2 Mothers. It’s a hell of job, let me tell ya. I walk out on a battlefield every time I come to this e machine. The wounded lay about me and I stand silent in their presence. Surely, they think I don’t care, like Kelly and some of you Mothers who suffer so. I don’t read all of your emails. I can’t or I could never go on. I know, mainly, what they say as I have been there and done that. I am thankful for many of you who minister to the broken hearted on this group. And yet, in this battlefield, I am called to keep on going and to write. The Lord tells me that the written word is more mighty than the sword. I am called to write and to live my life on the battlefield with you. I don’t have to be there now and the Lord told me I could leave. But my heart has been pierced by His sword. I am wounded, too, as I have been chosen to suffer for Him. To suffer and, yes, to lead you to victory. I know how to be abased and to how abound.

A woman of dignity and honor will always sacrifice her own life for those about her. She gains many crowns for herself and she gathers them up to throw at the Master’s feet. She stands strong in a wicked and perverse generation. She does not bow her knee to the gods about her. For her King is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who is Christ Jesus.

And ya know, I am mainly just an ol’ huntin’ dog lookin’ for a place on the front porch to rest? I am so much slower on the draw than I used to be and Jim runs circles around me. But I will tell ya one thing, “Before I leave this world, I plan to kick the hell out of it, one way or the other.” Mostly by smartin’ off on the email, probably. But the Lord does do things to keep me awake, like He has my trick skirts fall off … or up? And then the racoons falling from the kitchen ceiling certainly keeps me awake. But ya know, it is in my heart to make a dent in this world before I go. To leave my footprints in the sand.

Someday my Christian grandchildren will say to me, “Where were you, Grandma, when 1.5 million babies were being murdered each year?” I mean, generations of children are being murdered in front of us. But I believe that God’s true word of the Bible would bring our country back to sanity. It’s gonna take a lot more than a walk on Washington. Man, this murder started in the heart of the unbelievers and now has entered the church … it’s the wickedness of the hearts of the believers that keeps abortion going. And, of course, this wickedness is causing such a disregard for the live children. It has to stop and wont stop when a law is passed. Judgment must begin at the house of God. The heart of the believers has to be cleansed. And when the believers take a stand, then satan’s blood bath will be over.

But God is calling holy women who will be obedient to all things concerning home and family. He calls us to come back to the land and to make gardens and homes for our families. We have done all to stand and we must stand. We must cultivate a place, a spark of energy that God can use to be an example of His word.

In the old days, as I would sit and rock the baby, I would say, “Lord, I love you and want to do something for you. Are You sure that this is all I am to do? Just care for the baby and make a home for Jim and the children?” I couldn’t understand that this small act of obedience would mean anything to God. Yet God told me that He would multiply my obedience to Him and take it much further than I could understand. Oh, and I didn’t understand it. And I often lamented to the Lord, as I prayed and rocked the baby … I cried out, “Lord, what do you have for me to do?” And, of course, He had called me to rock the baby and to do as I was doing. I didn’t understand that at the time. So many around me told me to do something important like get a job? Thank God I had enough sense to just stay put and care for the family.

And when God called me to write, I thought it was the end of the world. I cried out to God, as my children were gone and I was alone and barren. But I went to the battlefield because He called me to go. And I went for 7 years. And now God has given me my Rose in the desert to care for. My little baby Rose brings so much joy to my heart. I was tested as the Lord called me to serve Him in my barrenness. I had to say with Job, “Tho He slay me yet will I trust in Him.”

As I raised my children as a young mom, I was always hidden. And my company was from Hidden women. I gave my testimony rarely, even after 18 years after Jim was healed. I gave it maybe twice a year … if that? I didn’t know my neighbors — I lived secluded with my family. And for the Lord to call me to the arena to give my testimony was surely something I hated. And yet I was called unto Him to do what He asked me to do. And now I go willingly without always a prompting from Him. He is my husband and I am learning to know His heart. My prayers have been etched in His heart and now I am holding still for Him to carve His word in my heart.

One voice of truth could save our nation. A voice of truth and the energy around it to create a place for the Lord to dwell. Let His voice enter your hearts, dear Wives and Mothers. Let us call Him to our inner temples. Let us give Him a place.


And I see in my spirit wastelands and a wilderness. And in the midst, I see a few homes here and there across the barren lands. Homes set on a hill and tiny lights sparkling in the darkness. Homes made by wise mothers who have discerned the times and have prepared their homes for the coming darkness.

For a few years, they are witnessing to the neighbors and teaching them to have gardens and full pantries. But then the time comes that no man knows. And each of the little houses in the darkness must turn off their lights and close the door for the last time. And as in the days of Noah, the time of teaching is over — the door is closed.

And mother looks out the window and sees the suffering families on her porch crying for a bit of spiritual and physical food … it breaks her heart but she must not open the door again. Her time of teaching is over and now her own obedience will save her home. She saved the ones she could … she made hay while the Son shined but now this time is over. The angel of death has passed over her house and couldn’t touch her, as she was trusting in the Blood of Jesus.

In this age, dear hearts, I believe that we have a block of time that we can gain knowledge and wisdom as to how to make a home that is somewhat self sufficient. Use this time to read and to learn how to make a home and a garden. Gather knowledge and wisdom now while you can. Because ya know, hard times — even harder times — are coming? Don’t go out to work and leave the children. Find out a way to keep them with you. Use this time to glean enough knowledge that you can say that you are not afraid of the future.

Let quietness and confidence be your strength.

Wisdom is the stability of the times. Wisdom is the wise woman who builds a house.

Let your home be a light house until the days come that you must turn off the light for the last time.

Obey the Lord in your calling as Keeper at Home.

Baby and Peggy Sue

I have had the Baby these past few days and haven’t been able to write. She is so cute and fun to have. Peggy Sue the cat is my problem.

At naptime, I will take Baby in to lay on my bed to read Nursery Rhymes then I put her in her bed to sleep. Her doll Emily has to be just so and her blanket laying just right. And yes, bad Grandma still gives Baby, at 2 years old, a bottle of warm milk to drink for naps. Her Mama could just murder me for it. Well, it’s just a half a bottle. Anyway, it takes an act of Congress to get everything just right for Baby’s nap.

Well Peggy Sue, my cat, knows when the ritual begins, so she will sneak in the bedroom and hide under the bed. So here I am, getting everything just right for naps, and then out of the blue Peggy jumps on the bed. I had the bedroom door shut so I thought the cat wasn’t in the room? But she is hiding under the bed. So here appears Peggy Sue to jump on the bed. I tell her, “Peggy Sue, if you lay down with us to nap, then fine. You can stay in here.”

And sometimes Peggy will be good and nap on the bed. But not yesterday and I gave her many chances to lay still. But she wants to chase a gnat or fall off the bed. And, of course, this just entertains Baby who didn’t want a nap, anyway. And if I get up to chase the cat, then so will Baby? So I will put up with a lot of foolishness from Peggy. But she keeps Baby goin’ and distracted. And so, finally, I have to get up and get Peggy Sue and put her out the door. Well Baby gets so excited to get up and chase the cat with Gram. So the doll Emily gets all messed up, and her blanket, and Baby’s pillow. And, of course, Peggy Sue is not to be caught and is happily snickering under the bed.

So the bathroom is right outside our bedroom. So if I get up to go to the bathroom … to trick Peggy Sue? Peggy will run out from under the bed and skid through the bathroom to the opposite door. We have two bathroom doors. So the cat will dash out of the bedroom door, streak through the bathroom and out the other door. She runs so fast and turns left in the hall on just two left legs, peeling around the corner. Of course, Baby is having a ball, laughing and having a great adventure. So I close both bathroom doors as Trouble just left the room.

So again, I have to get Baby situated with her baby Emily and her blanket, and then I read another couple Nursery Rhymes in my bed. Finally, I will get Baby settled to put her in her Baby bed. I get her all laid down with yet more dolls and doll blankets. But Baby has to get up one more time. She stands up in her bed and opens the door beside her to make sure Peggy isn’t in the bathroom. All is clear. Peggy Sue isn’t in there so Baby decides to lay down and nap. I lay down in my bed to nap, too.

Of course, I hear scratching on the other bedroom door. Baby can’t hear it, as I have a window fan running on low. But, of course, Peggy Sue can’t get through the bathroom so is trying to dig her way through the door from the living room. I have this door blocked off. But Peggy wants in to make more trouble and wake Baby up. But she can’t get in and baby falls asleep and so does Gram.

And in the time I have written this writing this morning, Jim has yelled at Peggy to quit playing the piano and she has been on my back looking over my shoulder and tryin’ to read what I wrote on th email. She is down now and, as I look up from my writing, I am looking square into her big yellow eyes. She is soooo nosey. And as Baby says, as she rolls her eyes and looks heavenward, as she has seen Gram do, “Oh Messy.” She means “Oh Mercy.”

A Winter Pantry

I am wanting to write down some ideas for a winter pantry.

I am making my cooking oils this evening. The basil cooking oil and the red pepper oil. Again, all I do to make the herb cooking oils is to bring to a boil the oil and put the herbs in and cap it … it should set for about a week before you use it.

Another thing I plan to make, either tonight or tomorrow, is the Bisquick baking mix. Just take 5 pounds of all purpose flour and put it in a big pan. You could use half wheat flour for this if you wanted to. Like a big dishpan to mix this in? And then add to this flour 2 and half cups of instant milk. Then 3 fourths cup of baking powder … then 2 thirds cup of sugar and 3 tablespoons of salt. After you get all this stirred up, just add 2 pounds of shortening. This would be like 4 cups of shortening. I use the butter flavored Crisco or whatever is on sale. So now, just smash the shortening into the dry ingredients. You could use one of those pastry cutters to do this. I just use my hands and smash it all together. This will take some time, like at least 15 minutes. The quick way is to do it with the electric mixer. I just made my mix and used a tall silver spaghetti pan? That worked good.

This mix is for quick breads. Quick breads are breads that you don’t use yeast in, like muffins or cornbread, biscuits, dumplings, and coffee cakes and muffins. The leavening would be baking powder or soda or buttermilk. To get your biscuits and muffins to rise and bake high, make sure your oven is really well preheated and HOT before you put the muffins in.

Now, yeast breads are different and rise with yeast. To make homemade yeast, just ferment whatever you have. If you have some fresh plums, just put them in boiling water and sugar and let them ferment. When they bubble after about 3 weeks, take 2 cups of the liquid and make bread with it. Grapes are good for this and any fresh fruits or vegetables. Just ferment the fruit until it smells like wine. This should take about 3 weeks. Put a cloth over it to keep the flies out. Don’t use fruit from the store — it is sprayed to kill the natural yeast. The yeast is on the fresh fruits from the garden.

You could even ferment dandelions or clover to make a yeast. Just pile clover blossoms in a big jar to half full. Then pour boiling water over this and put in about 2 cups of sugar for a gallon jar. Fill the water to the top and let it sit. When it ferments, then you can use this wine like a yeast. This is like a sour dough. Or just make the sour dough starter. But this is how you can make homemade yeast if you are out in the woods in the warm months, when you can use dandelions or clover or whatever grows in you garden to ferment to make yeast.

In the cold, you can use snow to make a quick bread rise if you don’t have any baking powder. To make pancakes, you can just make them up as usual and then, while the fryin’ pan is hot, run out and get a few cups of snow … stir it quickly into the batter and pour the batter quickly into the pan. The snow creates little tunnels in th batter and makes the pancakes light and fluffy. You could do this with any of the quick breads.

The sour dough starter is nice to have on hand in the winter, too. To make a sour dough starter, just take a glass jar and fill it with potato water, some sugar and some flour and let it sit. Put a loose lid on the top. Let it sit in a warm place in the kitchen. Use about a cup of this to make bread. Then add more water, sugar, and flour after each use. This will go on forever if you don’t let the starter spoil. When it smells like dirty socks, I wouldn’t use it … it should have a fresh yeasty smell. When you first make it, you could add a tablespoon of yeast to get it goin’.

(PART 2 – AUGUST 24, 2005)

Well I know last night when I wrote about homemade yeast, Annie thought I was kidding. But seriously, I wasn’t. Ya know, the reason you don’t hear about homemade yeast is because it is made from a wine or a fermented beverage. Well, back in the old days, it was illegal to make your own brew. Also, the Ladies Temperance Union would have had a fit. The church would have kicked you out. But making a yeast bread is making fermented bread, anyway ya look at it. How all this was so well hidden for many years, I dunno. But through experimenting here at home with making wine and bread, I found out that yeast is yeast? And you can make wine with a bakers yeast but a wine yeast is better. But I like the natural yeast a lot better than any of it.

When ya make sauerkraut, you are fermenting your cabbage. And you could take the juice from that and make bread, if you had to. Not from store bought, but the homemade from your own garden.

Old timers used to make apple cider in barrels in the fall. And, as the cider got older, it turned to hard cider and was alcoholic. And after this brew is done being alcoholic, it will turn to vinegar — or is it the other way around and it is vinegar first? I forget.

And I would bet ya good money that, back in the old days, when Mama’s sour dough died, that she started it again from the still out back. But she would have died before she would have confessed that, even on her death bed. Christian ladies didn’t drink back then and thought it would send ’em to hell if they did. And I quit makin’ wine, too. But I will conclude this writing with “There is more than one way to skin a cat or make a loaf of bread.” And ya know, if you happen to be in the woods and without yeast to make your bread, then it won’t be my fault if you don’t know how to make homemade yeast.

In the fall and winter, my children would eat about twice as much as in the summer. So I liked to have some meat packages made up ahead. I would buy some cheap hamburger in bulk and fry it all at once. To the meat, I would add onions, peppers, garlic, and maybe carrots and bits of tomatoes. I would cook all of this up and package this in plastic bags for the freezer. For quick meals, I would use these packages for chili, spaghetti, vegetable soup, and casseroles of all kinds. Also, to top fried potatoes and melt the cheese on the top. Ya know, the cheap hamburger don’t taste that bad and, with a lot of spices in it, it tastes good. For hamburger sandwiches, I usually get a better ground beef. But the El Cheapo stuff works just fine for Sloppy Joes.

Another thing I would do is to buy a big ham, the pressed ham without the bone. I would have the butcher slice it at the store, half of it very thin for sandwiches and then half of it thick sliced. And with the thick, slices I would take my knife and cube each thick slice up … ya know in squares? Then I would package this up in serving sizes and put it in the freezer. These packages of ham come in very handy. You could add these to fried potatoes and, again, melt the cheese on the top. Also for macaroni and cheese. And you could put the little ham cubes in a frying pan, brown them, and then add eggs and scramble it all up for a family breakfast. Also the ham is good in soup beans or potato soup … or you could brown the ham in your skillet and make a ham gravy to go over homemade biscuits. Also I would repackage the sandwich slices and freeze these in packages, too. Ham will freeze well and stay good for a year, anyway. I used to package this meat in the small sandwich bags then put the little bags in a big plastic bag.

Then I would also buy chicken. The leg quarters are so cheap if you buy them in bulk at the store. I would cut the thigh off the leg and freeze them separately. The thighs are good to cook the meat off the bone for soups and stews and gravy. I used to take the chicken pieces and mix them with a cream soup and some vegetables. Bake in a casserole dish and, when it bubbles, lay the biscuits on the top and put it back in the oven to bake until biscuits are done. Then there is chicken and rice, and many other meal ideas to use with chicken. Our kids always loved to just eat the chicken legs whole with a meal, with mashed potatoes and a veggie. I always made gravy, too, with most of my big family meals.

Happy Homemaking

Good Morning, Dear Housewives.

I am up early, straightening the house and thinking of household schedules and menus as I go. Doing the wash, I see I have a couple bath towels that I need to cut up for rags.

I just put some homemade tomato sauce in the crock pot. I made this sauce from my fresh tomatoes. Later on, I will make up meatballs and put these in the sauce, once the sauce is hot and bubbly. Then I will let them simmer for a few hours or more. I will probably brown the meatballs before I put them in the sauce. I have heard that you can buy frozen meatballs. Oh, what will they think of next? To make my meatballs, I will just add the meat in with eggs, bread, and spices and roll them up into balls. The main thing is to make sure that your tomato sauce is bubbly before you put the meatballs into it.

I will make up a big batch of meatballs with just a pound of hamburger … lots of bread in there? Then I will have made a few extra meals. Jim likes meatball sandwiches. Or just serve the meatballs, alone on the table as a meat dish, and make potatoes and a vegetable to go with it. The extra meatballs, if you have any left, can be frozen in a casserole bowl to use for another meal.

Also, I need to get out there to my herb garden today to cut herbs and bring them in to dry. Have to pull the mint and toss it, as it is all dry and useless. I will stick a lot of it in our outside cat’s “dog house.” The mint will dry and be like hay for Kitty. He loves the herbs. I don’t dry the mint for the winter — I use it mainly in the spring for iced tea.

I have hot red peppers from my garden and plan to make a hot pepper cooking oil. All ya do is put the peppers in boiling oil on the stove. Then, once it cools, just put it in a jar. I am using the long skinny hot peppers and corn oil. Now, I wouldn’t strain the peppers out — I will just leave them in the oil. I want to make a basil oil, too. Just fill a jar with basil and pour boiling oil over it. Use olive oil if ya have it. I get my olive oil at the Dollar Store. Wild man decided he didn’t like my corn oil or olive oil for frying, so I am having a ball using it to make stuff I could never afford to make. Jim bought some just plain vegetable oil and now he thinks we are cooler, I guess.

The hot pepper oil would be fun to fry stuff in like fried potatoes. It would give the veggies a little heat but not a lot. Or to use for cornbread or any dish you want a bit of hot spice in.

I was trying to find some tall fancy bottles at sales to put my oil into, but didn’t find any this year. I will just use canning jars … just the pints.

All you do to make a flavored vinegar is to boil the vinegar and put it over the herbs in a jar. I have made a lot of rose vinegar for my hair to rinse it in. You could take your fresh garden herbs and make a herb vinegar, too. I may do this with some basil this year. Basil is my favorite herb but I don’t like it dried. So to preserve it in an oil or vinegar is better for me. Just use a white vinegar or whatever. I guess apple cider vinegar would be good, too. This would be good on a pasta salad or a cucumber salad with onions. Add sugar, the same amount as the vinegar, and a bit of water for the cucumber salad. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I love to cut up tomatoes, onions, and fresh peppers, put this in a Mason jar, put the vinegar and sugar over it, and the spices, and let it sit in the fridge. The longer it sits, the better it is. I just add, like, a fourth cup of vinegar and a fourth sugar. Just stir this up and marinate it. Don’t cover the veggies with the vinegar — it will be too sour. Let the juices from the vegetables sort of make their own juice and mix with the vinegar. Just shake the veggies up in the jar and well? It will all work out. Oh, good night, it’s hard to explain.

Anyway, Happy Homemaking.

The Man I Love

Lately Jim and I have been through the mill. Oh mercy! But the Lord healed Jim and he is back to work this evening. I am making hamburger gravy and biscuits for supper. He won’t be home until maybe 8:30 or maybe as late as 10:00 this evening. But I will have supper hot for him whenever he gets here.

We talked early this morning over coffee. He had been up in the night kinda restless. I told Jim at the breakfast table here, “Oh, Jim, I love you and this home. It’s been my whole life.” I looked up at the plum tree through the screen door. “I love that old plum tree.”

He answers, “Yeah, I would chop it down if you didn’t love it so much.” He loves chopping things. It’s a wild plum tree that Papa uprooted from some park we were at years ago. I didn’t think it would grow, as we got it illegally and all. But the Lord forgave us and it has given us criminals many candy flavored plums. God is good, huh?

I told Papa, “Oh, Papa, I married the man I loved.” I said, if he ever died and I was to remarry, that I would marry a man who could give me a lot of security. But I said I wouldn’t love another man as I have loved Jim.

Papa said, “Well, you haven’t gotten much security from me.”

And I said, “I have enough, Jim — I don’t need anything but you.” I said, “Why do you love me?”

And he answered, “Because you put up with me.”

I said, “No, I want you to say something personal about me.”

And he said, “I love you because you love your home and you are still taking care of my kids and now my grandkids. I love you because you love our home.”

And I said, “Oh, Papa, I do love our home.”

And he said, “I love you because you don’t want to be out running around.” He said he loved me because I loved him.

I said, “Oh, Jim, you have always been so impulsive.” And Jim said that he could never have married a woman that was like himself. They would have killed each other. I told Wild Man that I just want to write about our life here at the house and the love I have for it.

Coming up for fall, I want to write about all the family dinners we have had. I want to write about winter soups and stews.

This afternoon, Mary stopped by, as Brandon had left one of his tools here and he needed it. Anyway, Mary brought this girl with her, as her husband works with Brandon and they are siding the garage. So the wife rode along with Mary. So Mary brings her friend in for us to meet her. Then she gives her a tour of the downstairs. Then, in the voice of a tour guide, Mary says, “And right this way to the kitchen.” And “This is the hole in the ceiling where the raccoon fell through.” Of course, this friend of hers just was like “OOOH, Um, uh-hu!!!” You could tell that Mary had told her friend all about us. The girl loved our home — I don’t know why but she loved it … it is very spiritual here … it’s like a covering, a place to pray. But anyway, I want to write more about it … maybe tomorrow, I dunno … but soon, I hope.

Well, I better get to the gravy and biscuits. I told Jim today, “I can’t wait for the cool weather and all the home cookin’ to get started up again. It’s been a long hard summer, as always. I can’t wait for the cold weather to come so I can hide in the house and close the doors and be quiet and alone with the Lord and my homemaking.” I love making coffee for Papa on a cold and windy evening.

I am so glad that I married the man I loved.

Wisdom’s Power is Virtue

Virtue lights the power of wisdom. It ignites the fire in the wisdom of God.

Virtue is what causes a woman to be fruitful. Without wisdom, a woman doesn’t want to be fruitful. Every wise woman builds her house but the foolish tear it down with her hands.

Virtue heals the mind of the grieved and barren woman.

Virtue is the touch of God for the Godly women of today.

“Oh, Father God, we cry out even now. And by faith we touch the hem of your garment. We weep as Daughters of Zion for the true healing of our minds and souls. We are broken hearted as we miss your presence and your anointing. We desire to build godly homes for your sons and daughters. Oh, quicken the scriptures of virtue and wisdom that we would understand Your ways and be set free of the curse in this land concerning feminism. Oh, the feminists slash our hearts and curse us … they are bitter against us. Guard us from evil prayers from Christian feminists. Feed us the word, Lord, in this wilderness, in a dry unfruitful land.”

We must drink our water from secret streams in the desert. There is a famine of the word of God in the land.

“Lord, give us words of truth that will set us free. Water our souls, Lord, as we are so in need of you. We are your people and long for Your presence. Anoint our heads with oil and prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies. Oh, God, restore our souls … give us spiritual strength and virtue. And in the middle of it all, Lord, when the mud of sin seems to float up to our necks, we will praise you and do our homemaking as unto the Lord.”

I am gonna make that dang bread today if it kills me, and it may, as its supposed to be HOT? But I am gonna obey God today and make my husband some bread and God knows what else. I will not sit in the ash heap with the Christian feminism. I feel like sometimes I have a tent to live in. But, by golly, it’s home … and it’s paid for, thank you.

What’s for supper, ladies? I better get about my baking.

Up in the Night

It’s a wonder I would want to get up in the night in this house, for fear of something falling on my head. I do praise the Lord for Peggy, my cat, as she pretty much tells me if anything ain’t quite right. Her hair goes straight up and her tail fluffs way out. But she gets upset over a miller or a fly almost as much as if a goat ran by. Not that I have goats or that I am expecting any, God forbid. I mean, I would love to have goats, sure. I mean, the kind ya buy from someone and ya make a house for it OUTSIDE? But, no, not a strange goat that I have never met and is running in my house.

Jim told me to always make sure the front door is closed, as sometimes it is left half open. He said a deer could run in. Hey, I live in town? But we have had deer in our yard lately. We have lived here for almost 32 years. And just this year we had deer in our yard. I keep thinking the Lord is giving me a vision of a horse running by my front living room window. I think He is kidding me, don’t you?

My friend Karen, who also lives in my little city, woke up one morning to cows in her garden. Now, this is not normal at all, as she had never seen a cow in her yard before. And she is in her late 40s and had lived in the family home, off and on, all of her life.

But, ya know, I always wanted a farm in the woods and now I have one. “Well, would have ya know?” A bit of a day late and a dollar short but what else is new.

And another thing is I prayed for a Baby and I got one. Baby Rose? So God does answer prayer. I think sometimes, actually, He gets us ready for things that are going to happen to us by giving us a desire for what will happen in our future. We have a knowing, as believers, the heart of God.

I know when Mary was little, maybe only about 5, I could sure tell that she loved homemaking and would marry early. I would let her spend a couple bucks at a garage sale and she would buy old dishes and tablecloths. I remember one lady said “Well, she is setting up housekeeping.” She begged to get married when she was 15 years old. It was just always in Mary to be a mother and wife. Now, with her own little Chloe Faye, she and Brandon both are so happy. Brandon hasn’t been sick but a few times now since Chloe Faye was born. I pray Richard will be healed as Brandon was. Baby was their answer to so many things. Brandon got laid off the other day and found another job the next day. We are so proud of him … he is a pipe fitter. He is so thankful for Mary and his little baby girl. He is so protective of Mary and the baby. He comes home for lunch sometimes to see Mary and baby girl.

And, ya know, too, the point of this writing and what the Lord is saying, I think, is this. Often the Lord will answer prayer but we are not still waiting on the answer. I know I had pretty much given up on having another Baby. And I have almost missed the blessing of Baby Rose. Ya know, when Jesus came, as so many had been waiting for Him, folks said, “Is this really the son of God?” The believers had been waiting on Jesus and, when He came, they almost missed Him. Often our prayers are answered in front of us but we don’t receive the answer or see it. Somehow our hearts get faint and, when the miracle comes, we are no longer there waiting. We get tired and we give up.

I always had a Sarah’s heart. And now, at almost 60, I get to help raise Baby Rose. I remember Tiff telling me when she was pregnant. “You can have the Baby as much as you want.” But I have been reluctant to receive her, as I haven’t felt right about it. But lately, I have seen the handwriting on the wall. And David and Tiff are giving parents and love their baby. But Baby Rose is my baby, too. Lately, I have come into my own with her. I hadn’t wanted to cross family lines with her. But I have started to raise her now as I would my own. I am a Naomi — that is the only way I can say it. Rose gave me life and is an answer to my prayers.


And, ya know, all of my life I have known I was to have babies when I was old. When I was young, I would sit outside with my children and watch Harriet across the street … she was a wild cat, let me tell ya. In her 70s, she ran after her many dogs and cats. She took her dogs out to poop about every two hours and sat outside with ’em and then jumped up and brought them back in. And she loved to work and worked hard, too. I used to think, as I watched her, that she could have cared for a baby and could have done it well. Of course, she didn’t even know the Lord and cussed and smoked like a pirate. In her 60s, she hoisted a box of bricks over her shoulder. I could barley move them down the driveway with my mom helping me. I was young at the time, in my 20s. And this old woman was stronger than I was. God used this old unbeliever in my life to put some fire in my soul.

My friend Mary Campbell, a Christian mentor of mine, could out run me when she was in her 60s and I in my 20s. She was still roller skating in her 70s. God has put me around some women that are as tough as nails. And God has done this to equip me for my calling. And, man, the flesh part of me says, “Hey, leave me alone and let me get old and die.” And yet God is answering my prayers from long ago. And now I must move into my blessings. I feel like I am awakened from a sleep to arise and live unto God. I had taken my work boots off and put them beside my bed for the last time. But the angels hasten me, “Connie, arise. He is here! He is here. The Master has come for you.” And am I ready with my lamp full of oil? Will I receive the Lord with gladness as His new bride?

I have cried out to Him, “Is it really You, Lord? Or should I expect someone else?” And, as Zacheriah said to God, “I am too old” — will I say, “I am too old"? I can’t say that. I must be as Elizabeth and take this child to my inner court and raise her in the wilderness. Another little handmaiden to raise like I did Mary.

Oh, I receive her, Lord, as for this child, I prayed. “She looks just like you, Connie” folks tell me. Or they say, “She looks just like one of yours.” Actually, she has the same birthmark as my other kids have. Baby Rose imitates me and says, “I’m Connie.” Oh, what a dear she is.

Mary and I always knew that we would have babies at the same time. Mary calls me during the day and tells me about Chloe and I tell her about Baby Rose. And, oh, Jim loves Rose so much, too. We love all of our grandbabies. But, of course, Rose is more than our grandchild.

And I guess if Naomi cared for her baby, I can care for mine. And like Elisabeth and Sarah, I will pray to be faithful to my calling. When I say how tired I am, our Christian Joy will say, “Well, Mom, this is all you ever wanted was to have another baby.” And like Sarah, I have to laugh about it.

Anyway, I need to get back to bed and rest a while. I have been up since about 2:30 AM, I think.

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