Saturday, February 24, 2018

His Daughters

I was prayin’ this morning in my bed. The Lord was showing me that at times, as always, I need to come to Him as just daughter of the Most High. Often, we come to the Lord as wife to John or mother to Suzy. Or daughters of our earthly mothers. But ya know, the Lord calls us as His daughters, separate from who we are a kin to.

Sometimes we get down, as some of you are, as this heat has seemingly just pulled the life out of ya. And, ya know, each of us women are so intricately made. No one can figure us out except Jesus. We need to just come to Him alone, all alone, and let Him restore our souls. And ya know what? We must fight in the Spirit to find His supernatural plan for us. Ya know, to keep thinking the same things and depending on God like you always have won’t work.

You must pray to see the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who ever did anything for God knew how to seek God for the supernatural. God lives in the every day with us. And we need to live in the supernatural with Him. We need to pray to see the power of God in all of His glory. We can become a powerful explosion to our family as we look away from the family and look unto God. He will make a firecracker of us and, when we go off, we will hit the folks around us right in their hearts.

We must desire Jesus above all. Well, in the day to day normal life of the housewife, we just do the everyday. But there are times when our backs get up against the wall. We have done all the right things and it ain’t worked? This is the time when we gotta get real mad and walk straight up to the mountain where Jesus lives and bombard the gates of heaven. Let the kids cry for ya and have a fit, “Don’t go Mama.” But you are not stopped — you will either see the King or die tryin’. Because, ya know, it has to do with the life of your family.

So how do we act this out? We simply close down on our spirits … put a spiritual coat around us and seek His face. And, like we would if we were fasting, we don’t tell anyone. But in our hearts, we have shut out everything except His voice and His words. Sometimes we feel so hurt inside and yet it is only Jesus that can heal us.

I suppose folks will call me a heretic. But I think we can talk to Sarah, our real Mother. And to the saints of old. And if ya call me crazy, then fine … ya won’t call me crazy for long, as I am old and will die probably in my 70s. ha ha. But talk to whoever takes ya to God. Let the spiritual saints of old take ya to Jesus. Let Wisdom have her way in your heart.

I am tellin’ ya what, we must find in the spirit the door that will take us to victory. I could care less about doctrine and all of that religion. Jesus is never ending and He has things to teach us. Like the men in the Bible who said, “Why should we just sit here and die? Let’s go back wherever and see what is going on.” And they did and they found their lives. God is not going to just let us sit here and die. He has a plan, and it ain’t what worked yesterday. Jesus is alive and the world changes every day … He has some new things to say.

Let’s invite the wisdom of Proverbs to our homes today. Let’s pray for her to come at about 5:00 this evening. Let’s believe God today for the miracles to come in our lives by 5:00 this evening. Folks plan for defeat … let’s plan for victory. Folks see the worst things happening in their lives. But let’s turn that dinosaur over and see what is on the flip side, and believe for the mighty miracles of God to come today.

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