Wednesday, January 17, 2018

An Old Time Marriage

It’s 7:00 AM. Jim just went to the store for some things and I will have a little time to write. I have felt so serious lately. I dunno exactly why. This morning, I woke up anxious.

I often think of the injustice that goes on around me and it breaks my heart. My one friend Rose called last evening. She was telling me about her little granddaughter and how a doctor mistreated her … it is so sad. This morning, as I read my Bible and prayed, I asked the Lord about so many that are hurting. And the question always comes up, “Why do bad things seem to happen to good people, and the sinners get by with murder?”

And the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that I had been hurting for many years, but He was there to deliver me. And ya know, I don’t know why I was delivered out of the lions den but I was. And now my life is very peaceful. Oh, I joke about Jim poppin’ someone in the nose. But, ya know, that was many years ago. I have to tell ya that Jim never gets behind in his bills. He has worked for many years now. I don’t worry like I used to. Jim has made a peaceful place for me to live now.

My children aren’t perfect. But I have a quiet home to pray for them. My life is quiet enough to be able to fight spiritual battles and win them. Jim wouldn’t ask me to go to work.

Nancy was here last week and, when she left, she said something that she often says, “Connie, I am so glad you are alright now … both you and Jim.” She was able to see that my home was at peace and rest.

I have seen both sides of married life. I was certainly taken through a horrid nightmare for many years. But the Lord did reward me for my faith. I do see women around me who were faithful, too, and were never delivered … and this breaks my heart. Nevertheless, my testimony is that I was sinking in the miry clay and the Lord set me up on the rock to stay.

My testimony is that God said and did what he said He would do. In my despair, the Lord said to me, “Connie, call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not.” And He did do that. He has shown me His power and greatness that I could never imagine. He has given me exceeding and abundantly more than I could ever think or ask. I remember when I only had 3 children. I constantly prayed for more children. And Jim told me we wouldn’t have any more. Later on, after he was healed, he asked me to have more children and we had 3 more. The Lord has been so good to me.

Yes, we have been poor. But ya know, when you go through what I did, being poor isn’t anything to ya. Last evening, as I watered my garden, I thanked the Lord for a garden hose to water with. And I thank the Lord that I don’t ever worry about the water bill or any of the utilities. All of this worry used to be mine. Now, when Jim asks me to not use a lot of water, I understand how he feels. But I take no care or worry over any of our bills. All of this is upon my husband.

Last evening, Jim made pretty good with his tips. I had to use some birthday money I had put back to buy groceries this week. As soon as Papa made some money at work, he brought it home and told me he would repay me for the money I used of my birthday money. Of course, I said, “No, Honey … just wait until you are back on your feet and then pay me back, if you want to.” I thought it was so precious of Jim not to want me to use my money for groceries. And for him to barely get any money and want to give it to me. But that is how Jim is. His heart is always to me and what he thinks I may want.

He can’t barely stand it if he thinks he has hurt my feelings in any way. And I am the same with him. Rarely do Jim and I fight over anything. And if we do, we both take the blame from each other. “It was my fault,” he will tell me, and I will argue it was my fault. Or he will want me to have something extra and I will say, “No, you take it.” A marriage like that comes out of many trials.


And, oh, am I feelin’ old lately. Over the 4th, we had John and his wife and our grandson, Romeo, for a week. Oh, they are a riot and so much fun to have. I also took care of Baby Rose. I am still trying to rest up.

My kids all LOVE firecrackers and they are illegal in Iowa. John brought hundreds of dollars worth of crackers to our house. Of course, the police came. John shot off “some” firecrackers that were supposed to be for children. But they went clear over the house. He said, “Mom, I have never seen that firecracker do that before. It usually just spins around.”

I knew it was because I was standin’ there. And I am so full of fire and he is, too, and God knows, anything could happen. John shot things off that went over my head and the debris fell on top of my head, and anyone else’s head that was nearby. It’s a wonder I am still alive.

So, anyway, forgive me if I ain’t up to snuff lately. You wouldn’t be, either, if you were me. But things are quiet now. And each morning, I get up in the morning and tell the Lord that I am so glad all that is OVER! If John could have tied me to a firecracker and shot me over the moon, he would have. Come to think of it, I would have been game for it, if ya wanna know the truth. But I would have paid for it in the morning.

I am tired and I ain’t springin’ back like I used to. I guess I am beginning to realize that I am getting old. Papa keeps tryin’ to tell me that. But its kinda hard to fall into it.

Jim just got back from the store and I told him I was writing about the 4th. I reminded him of that firecracker of John’s that was supposed to just spin? It went across the street and over the neighbor’s house. Our poor neighbors!!! Jim was laughin’ with me over John and his firecrackers.

John is our third child … the one who ran away and I hardly saw him for seven years. Oh, what a heart he has for Jim and me now. Johnny has so much love.

When he was young, he loved to play with fire. He used to get up on the balcony of our house and make paper airplanes and light them on fire. I would be downstairs and wonder why all the black paper was drifting down the windows … it was burnt paper. And often, I would see folks gathering outside our house and looking up. I knew my boys were doing tricks on the roof. One neighbor family told me that they gave up watching TV in the evening — they just sat outside in the summer and watched our house. As the mother of the circus performers, I wasn’t none too happy with my children. Jim was always yellin’, “And this is why I have holes in my roof!”

And I was always trying to yell at John through a whisper, as not to rile Jim up, “Johnny, you are goin’ to burn our house down … and we don’t have any insurance.” And, lo and behold, John never did burn the house down, but I nearly did twice. My dear sister-in-law Kriss bought us a fire alarm for upstairs. The boys took it apart and used the parts for other things. And, gosh, we sure could have used that fire alarm.

When Jimmy was in the Navy, he would bring home bombs to give away to the boys for Christmas presents. They were bottle rockets that went off under water. So the boys set them off under the snow. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

So, actually, I am a 58 year old mother in the body of an 80 year old woman.

When Jimmy was 12 (our first son) … he kept beggin’ me for gunpowder. Jim was just saved. Anyway, I kept telling Jimmy, “No, of course not.” Well, finally, I got so put out with Jimmy I told him to go ask Jim. I figured Jim would threaten Jimmy and tell him off and that would be the end of it. But, no, Jim says, “Only a pound.” Boy, did Jimmy have a good summer. No one will ever forget it. He made bombs in the root cellar all summer. When guests came to the house to visit, and the explosions were going off, I acted like it was nothing. Jimmy bought 2×4’s and drilled the inside out and packed them with gunpowder. WHAT A SUMMER THAT WAS!!!

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