Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh Those Rascals

Wow! Some of the husbands on the group have been quite the rascals lately. Mercy! But, ya know, I want to tell you about a friend I had. I will call her Meg. Meg was a lovely woman and had 2 children. Her husband committed adultery all the time. It was so sad. I do believe, also, that he was in the Mafia. He was horrid and went to prison later on. But it was one of those nice prisons where the rich folks get to go. Meg and her family lived in a big expensive home. Meg stayed home with the children. When the phone rang she was not supposed to answer it, or even answer the door. I was there once and it was so wonderful how Meg made a home, really out of a prison. She hardly had groceries.

Later her husband divorced her. She raised her children alone for many years, probably 20 years. She taught her children to honor their daddy. Meg’s husband went on to have many women and married one and later, after a few years, they divorced. These harlots won’t hang on too long.

Meg made a lovely home for her children. She lived on welfare and the check barely covered her rent and utilities. She did a good job bringing up her children and they are both Christians and live good lives now. Meg had huge gardens in the summer that by anyone’s standards were outstanding! She harvested the fruits of her labor and canned and froze most of their food for the winter.

Her husband was one of the worst men I have ever known. I mean, try praying a man out of the Mafia — it ain’t easy. But I am telling you the truth, Meg was most of the time so cheerful. She worked hard in her home and kept things so nice for her children. Many of us sisters in Christ about her marveled at the grace of God and how He kept her in the palm of His hand. Meg seemed to never lose control or even get overly upset. I mean, ya just knew she walked in the anointing of God because she was so obedient and faithful. She never tried to date or bother herself with finding another man. She just lived in God’s grace. It was like she lived in an invisible bubble of protection. You could always sense the angels attended her. And when she prayed for ya, then, Darlin’, you knew you had been prayed for. And like I said, her beauty was just stunning. When she came into a room, the room just lit up.

But then later, as her children went through the teenage trials, Meg gave up. It was too much for her. It broke her heart. The kids did turn out good because of her prayers. But when her children dipped, she seemed to dip, too. She just lost the plot under so much pressure. She went ahead and married the first ol’ character that came along. She lost her anointing of homemaking. She tried to kill herself many times. Her peace was gone and the bubble of protection left her. She cried unto God for the grace of God to come back to her. But she was now truly alone, though married.

She and I have cried our hearts out together over this. She has repented and has called the anointing back to her, and she has gotten some of it back over the years. But it is so sad, so heart wrenching to watch her struggle so much in her second marriage. She doesn’t want to divorce, as her second husband loves her so much and needs her. She wants to just live it out and try to forget her past. But she has told me, “Connie, every day I cry since I remarried.” This past year, we quit even talking about it. It’s like we feel stumped as to what to do. But it seems to be an ongoing tragedy.

Now, I know some of you have remarried and feel happy and content. And God Bless you — I am happy for you. But this is not always so. And ya know? Man alive, the sin around us just runs rampant. The harlots out there are thick as thieves. Jim always says about TV that they just go pick harlots off the street to make them movie stars. None of this is easy on any of us.

A Sinful Society

But, ya know, where sin abounds grace much more abounds. I really believe that, as you girls decide that you are gonna be obedient to God and not divorce, but raise your children for Christ, that He will give you an anointing of peace. The peace that passeth understanding.

When I was alone, I went through many trials and I just made up my mind to be obedient to God. And the Lord gave me a lot of peace. I was even able to win folks to Christ. I ministered to folks out of my own hurts.

If you have tried to make your marriage right and have repented for your mistakes, then that is all you can do. You can’t make your husband to be good. God is the author and finisher of his faith — you aren’t. Just make a peaceful home and keep it peaceful for the children. If your husband wants to run in and out with sin, then he will certainly pay for it in the end. It’s not your fault! God will get him — don’t worry about that. But you just need to make a home and a nest of peace.

The word says that the works of righteousness brings peace. You wives just need to be obedient to the Lord, no matter what your husband does. Be kind to your husband and show him the love of God. Let him alone when he comes home. Let him go to bed in peace. Don’t ask him questions. Don’t ya know you have a heavenly Father? He cares about you. He will rescue you. You don’t have to pray all the time about it, either. Pray and then let it go. Just be about the Lord’s business.

Let God bless you with peace and rest in your heart. He knows what He’s doing.

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