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His Daughters

I was prayin’ this morning in my bed. The Lord was showing me that at times, as always, I need to come to Him as just daughter of the Most High. Often, we come to the Lord as wife to John or mother to Suzy. Or daughters of our earthly mothers. But ya know, the Lord calls us as His daughters, separate from who we are a kin to.

Sometimes we get down, as some of you are, as this heat has seemingly just pulled the life out of ya. And, ya know, each of us women are so intricately made. No one can figure us out except Jesus. We need to just come to Him alone, all alone, and let Him restore our souls. And ya know what? We must fight in the Spirit to find His supernatural plan for us. Ya know, to keep thinking the same things and depending on God like you always have won’t work.

You must pray to see the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who ever did anything for God knew how to seek God for the supernatural. God lives in the every day with us. And we need to live in the supernatural with Him. We need to pray to see the power of God in all of His glory. We can become a powerful explosion to our family as we look away from the family and look unto God. He will make a firecracker of us and, when we go off, we will hit the folks around us right in their hearts.

We must desire Jesus above all. Well, in the day to day normal life of the housewife, we just do the everyday. But there are times when our backs get up against the wall. We have done all the right things and it ain’t worked? This is the time when we gotta get real mad and walk straight up to the mountain where Jesus lives and bombard the gates of heaven. Let the kids cry for ya and have a fit, “Don’t go Mama.” But you are not stopped — you will either see the King or die tryin’. Because, ya know, it has to do with the life of your family.

So how do we act this out? We simply close down on our spirits … put a spiritual coat around us and seek His face. And, like we would if we were fasting, we don’t tell anyone. But in our hearts, we have shut out everything except His voice and His words. Sometimes we feel so hurt inside and yet it is only Jesus that can heal us.

I suppose folks will call me a heretic. But I think we can talk to Sarah, our real Mother. And to the saints of old. And if ya call me crazy, then fine … ya won’t call me crazy for long, as I am old and will die probably in my 70s. ha ha. But talk to whoever takes ya to God. Let the spiritual saints of old take ya to Jesus. Let Wisdom have her way in your heart.

I am tellin’ ya what, we must find in the spirit the door that will take us to victory. I could care less about doctrine and all of that religion. Jesus is never ending and He has things to teach us. Like the men in the Bible who said, “Why should we just sit here and die? Let’s go back wherever and see what is going on.” And they did and they found their lives. God is not going to just let us sit here and die. He has a plan, and it ain’t what worked yesterday. Jesus is alive and the world changes every day … He has some new things to say.

Let’s invite the wisdom of Proverbs to our homes today. Let’s pray for her to come at about 5:00 this evening. Let’s believe God today for the miracles to come in our lives by 5:00 this evening. Folks plan for defeat … let’s plan for victory. Folks see the worst things happening in their lives. But let’s turn that dinosaur over and see what is on the flip side, and believe for the mighty miracles of God to come today.

Garden Chores

Just got Baby down for a morning nap and decided to write a minute. Jim just went to the hardware store to get something to fix the toilet seat.

I had my cucumbers in salt water, so needed to finish them up this morning. I am just getting a few cukes at a time. So far, I have made a half gallon of dill pickles, and now this morning, made the bread and butter pickles.

Jim had gone out early this morning and picked a few pans of ripe tomatoes. They are just perfect this year because of the hot dry weather. Tomatoes love it hot and dry and barely enough rain.

Jim and I went garage saling yesterday. I got some really neat old enamel dish pans. So I put the tomatoes in the dish pans and my table looks so old fashioned. Also, I found an enamel red and white pan with a lid, and a neat wire and wood handle. It’s going to be perfect to make soap in. My big enamel water bath canner that I usually use is too big, really. But this pan will be perfect in size.

Already, I can feel the wisdom of God in the house. I just feel her presence and love to commune with her.

With Wisdom a house is built and with understanding it is established and with knowledge it is filled. That’s the short version of that verse … its easier for me to remember it like that.

Pickles, Soap, and Blender Ketchup

Wow, it is actually cold this morning. We were in that horrid heat spell for so long and nearly roasted. And now, as I stand here, I am in some warm sweat pants and a long sleeved sweater. I am actually cold. I bet it got to almost 40 last night and, before that, it was days in over 90 degree heat. What a change in the weather!


Well, anyway, I must write about pickles. This year, I bought cucumber plants instead of seeds? And I shouldn’t have, as I wasn’t being careful or watching what I was buying. Anyway, I have ended up with those long skinny cukes in my garden? These are good to eat, as they have fewer seeds. But I made the bread and butter pickles with them last year and they ended up mushy. For pickling, you need the old fashioned cukes. Anyway, I will just change my recipe a bit, and I will be ok with the cukes I have. I usually bring my cukes to a boil in the syrup on the stove. But with these new cukes, you can’t get them that hot. So I will just put my sliced cukes in jars and then pour the syrup over them, and this will be fine. I have already made dill pickles this year and they were good and not mushy. So my pickles I will make today will be fine.

I am just getting a few cukes at a time and, today, I will make a few jars of bread and butter pickles. I will just take a big bowl and slice up the cukes. Also, you put in onions and green peppers. You cover these with salt water and let set for a few hours. Then I will rinse them off and drain them. Then I will take some jars and fill them with the cukes, onions, and peppers … then I will pour the syrup over them and then and put a ring and lid on. They will seal from the heated syrup. I won’t water bath can them as the pickles would go to mush. The old fashioned cukes wouldn’t, but the kind I have would.

Well, my syrup is like this. Put in a pan on the stove 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of white vinegar. The spices are a tablespoon or 2 of mustard seed, a fourth teaspoon of turmeric. Just bring this to a boil and put this over the cukes you have in your jars. Push the pickles down so that the syrup covers the pickles. Seal them while they are hot and the lid will seal. Be sure to put a few glass canning jars and rings and lids on the stove in water to boil, to make sure they are sterile. And use these while they are hot to make sure your lids seal.

Also, I have made a lot of corn cob syrup in my day. If you are freezing corn on the cob, and you have a bunch of cobs left from cutting the corn off, just take all the naked cobs and put them in a big pan and boil them for a few hours. Then take the corn out of the pan and throw the cobs on your garden compost pile. Then measure your water you have left in the pan. If you have a quart of water, then throw in that much sugar … a quart. Then just stir it and boil it until it makes a syrup. We used this syrup on pancakes.

Any of this that I write is off the wall, I know, and I don’t use many recipes. So just ask questions about this stuff if ya wanna know something.

Also with this corn cob syrup, you could make jelly if you are rich enough to buy Sure Jell. It’s about the same recipe, but it’s like 3 cups of sugar and 3 pints of corn water and Sure Jell. Oh boy, me and my recipes! Sorrry!!! Well, whatever I used to make it like jelly, if it didn’t thicken up, I just told the kids it was pancake syrup. Whatever works. And if my jelly didn’t thicken at all and was watery? I used it to make bread. Well, it was plenty sugary and fruity, and the kids just ate it and went on about their business.

I wanted to also put down my soap recipe. Ok. Well, you know me and recipes.

Ya know, the old time mothers made soap in the fall, as that was hog butchering time. They used the lard from the hog to make soap. Back in my old days, someone had butchered a hog and gave me 5 pounds of lard. And usually, I made soap when someone gave me lard.


Ok, so for soap, I was such a rascal makin’ soap. You are supposed to dissolve the lye in the water and then carefully add the lard. But just to be funny, I added the dry lye to the lard just to see what would happen. And it didn’t make a smack of difference. So I decided to be less a rebel and add the lye to the water as I was supposed to. So here is my recipe.

It’s just 4 pounds of lard, 1 can of lye, and 3 quarts of water. Make sure the lard is at room temperature. Dissolve the lye in the water in an enamel water bath canner. Then carefully add the lard to the liquid. DON’T DO THIS WITH CHILDREN ABOUT. Just stir the soap, going in one direction … don’t beat it, Annie, or it will curdle. Don’t splash it all over the place … just be careful with it. Stir it until it gets to the consistency of honey. Then have some flat cardboard boxes lined with wax paper ready — or even some glass baking pans would work — to let the soap set up in.

Now, after the soap starts to get thick, then sort of score it. Just start to cut it in bars … just cut half way. You do this so it will be easier to cut once it dries up and gets hard. Let it all set for about a month before using it … it needs to season.

I used an aluminum pan once to make soap, and the lye started to eat a hole in my pan? So you have to use like an enamel pan to make the soap in. And my recipe makes a lot of soap. So the big enamel canners would do good for this. The enamel canners are the ones that are usually black or dark blue with the white speckles? And stir your soap with the fanny paddle? A wooden spoon … a long one? If you splash the soap on yourself, it’s ok … just wipe it off with a wet rag. I mean right away.

Once, I made this soap and made some of it into face soap. I added oatmeal to about half of it and used the other half for laundry soap. But, anyway, I put the oatmeal soap in a glass baking pan to harden up and, had I not caught Dan, he would have eaten a piece. He thought it was oatmeal bars. So make sure you keep this stuff up from the kids and the cats and dogs. My dog would never eat this, but my cat may.

After you make this soap, put it away in a cool safe place to dry and season. One time, I made this recipe and couldn’t get it to set up. I made it probably on the wrong side of the moon. (Aunt Toot shakes her head and rolls her eyes when I talk about making things by the moon.) But, anyway, I had a big cheap box of laundry detergent, and I threw that in until my soap thickened. Wow, that made the best laundry detergent one could imagine! And it lasted a long time … it was great. I would just take a bar and run it threw my blender to make sure it was good and dissolved in hot water. Then I would put it in the wringer washer.

This soap of mine can’t be used for laundry in cold water. You have to just use this for a hot wash. Like if you are using cloth diapers, this would work great. Make sure you get all the soap out of the diapers. If I wanted to get my whites really white? I would put bleach in my blender, dissolve the laundry soap in the bleach, and throw this in the washer. I am tellin’ ya, I got my white socks and underwear so white, we had to wear sunglasses to look at it. (Kidding)

I tried to use this soap on my dog when she had fleas, but it didn’t work. But the Kumbacha tea worked. You all should make that — it’s great! My dog is dead now but lived to be 15. My dog never lacked for tea, let me tell ya, and that dog was very clean, indeed.

Ok, to make goat milk soap, I just substitute a quart of goat milk for a quart of the water. So it was 1 quart of milk and 2 quarts of water, instead of 3 quarts of water. You can make herb soap out of this recipe. But be sure to dry the herbs first.

Now, you can buy lard at the store for cheap. I think around here, it isn’t even a buck a pound for fresh lard. You could make it with the white shortening, too. I knew a woman once who made her soap this way.


Well, I used to make this at the end of the garden season in the fall. I would can all my other tomatoes or freeze them. Then with the end of the garden tomatoes, I made ketchup. Actually, I would say it’s more like a relish? Jim eats it on everything, from fried potatoes to scrambled eggs to hot dogs to hamburgers … he loves this stuff.

Ok, ya just wash and core about 8 pounds of tomatoes. This would be about 16 regular sized tomatoes, more or less … it doesn’t matter. Also, cut up some onions (just a few) and green peppers. Just cut them up and make sure they are clean. You don’t have to peel tomatoes. Then blend them up using the white vinegar for the liquid. Just blend it all up. I keep part of the vinegar in the blender as I work, and so I have plenty of the liquid to keep on blending the tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

Once this is done, I put it on the stove to boil. Now, this will foam up. So scoop the foam off and throw this out to the garden. So after you have boiled this a bit and scooped most of the foam off, then add 3 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of mustard seed, and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. You could add some ground cloves and allspice, but I don’t. I add some garlic and black pepper, and celery seed if I have it.

Anyway, I make all of this in a big turkey roaster. I make it, at the beginning, on top of the stove, then I bake it in the oven on a low temp all day until it thickens. Boy, does the house smell good with this stuff in the oven. I then can this ketchup and it makes about 5 pints. You could freeze it in plastic margarine containers.

Our tomatoes are just now turning red. So I will have a lot of them pretty soon. So I think I will make my ketchup early, as wild man will eat a lot more this way then any other way. I don’t make salsa, as Jim wont eat it.

I will make tomato sauce, too. I just blend the tomatoes with onions, peppers, and spices … garlic, etc. … salt, and a bit of sugar. I don’t put the liquid in my blender. I just squeeze some tomatoes in it, and then blend up the peppers and onions and the rest of the tomatoes in the liquid. I don’t add water. Well, then I just bake all of this for the day to make a sauce. If the tomatoes don’t thicken, just add a big can of tomato paste from the store. You can freeze all of this in freezer bags. You can make spaghetti sauce out of it, or BBQ sauce, or whatever you need. I use a lot of this for winter soups and stews. It’s handy to have for about anything we eat. And if you don’t have time to make the sauce now, just freeze the tomatoes and make the sauce later in the fall.

I have also pickled some of my green tomatoes with a dill pickle syrup. I always use all of my tomatoes for something. I feel rich if I have plenty of tomatoes.

Papa just brought in a big Hubbard squash out of my garden this morning. It came up as a volunteer, as I had thrown some out to the compost pile last fall. I got stuff out there that I am not even sure of myself. I thought I had pumpkin out there, but I dunno. Something is taking over on Papa’s lawn and I told him to let it grow, whatever it is. It has a lot of orange blossoms on it. No tellin’ what it is.

Mary’s Lil Baby

Annie said that in the pictures, Mary didn’t even look like she had just had a baby. Well, those pictures are the day after, and Mary looked that good hours after she gave birth.

Mary has such an easy goin’ temperament. Mary is very spiritual and sweet. When we came to see her yesterday, Aunt Toot met us at the hospital. I was so glad to see Toot. Aunt Toot said, “How come its so dang dark in here?” Well, Mary was keeping the lights down low and everything very quiet for the baby.

As I was sitting holding Baby Rose (Kambree Kay), she had an accident that went all over me and down to the floor. Aunt Toot just rolled her eyes when I stood up dripping wet. “Only this could happen to you, Connie,” Aunt Toot said as she was shaking her head. Oh, we laughed and laughed. And it wasn’t like I was a bit damp … the water ran into my shoes. The chair I was sitting in was soaked. Mary had to go get a pad to sit in the chair so that she could sit down to care for her Chloe. I had brought an extra diaper for Baby Rose so I got her cleaned up.

Our Mary was so sweet and loves her little baby Chloe Faye. Mary is a natural mother. For her to give birth was so a part of her. Brandon is a good father, too, and loves helping with the baby. Mary was so calm during her labor that the doctor and nurse didn’t know she was in hard labor. The baby started to come out and the doctor was just leaving the room. Mary called for him and he barely made it back to catch Chloe. Mary said she didn’t push the baby out — she just popped out.

Before Mary was pregnant, she wore a size 1 in jeans. She was the skinniest bean you could imagine. I tried to stay in faith concerning her labor and delivery, but I was scared, as she seems so small. But Mary didn’t have any trouble at all delivering the baby. Chloe weighed 6 pounds 3 oz.

Today Mary will go home. Mary seems so confident with her little baby and I know she will do very well. Brandon is such a good husband and father. We are so proud of all of them.

I am resting today. I won’t have Baby Rose. If Mary needs for me to come help her, I will. But otherwise, me and wild man are goin’ garage saling. I am wanting to cushion my own nest here with Papa. As a grandmother, I love the grandbabies. But I have a Sarah’s heart, and my own home and husband call me back to that secret place of strength and anointing. I play the part of helper to my grandbabies and yet, my heart is still putting my own husband as number one in the scheme of things.

We find our renewed strength as we gather up our own nest never to be forgotten. My place as queen of my home must never be forsaken. I must play this out as an example to my older children. I want to teach them that we, as wives and mothers, must mind our own business and tend to our own flocks.

Wisdom’s Voice

I want to share some of my favorite scriptures on wisdom.

In Proverbs 2:10, etc., it says that when wisdom enters your heart and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, then discretion will preserve you, and understanding will keep you. Verse 16 is saying that wisdom will deliver you from the strange woman. The strange woman in the word is the woman who does not love God … she is the Jezebel.

Yesterday, I was writing about the interview with Jessica H that I watched on TV. So Larry King asked her if she was a Christian. She said, oh yes, that she was, and she lived with her boyfriend. And God had saved her from having to marry some guy and from hanging around the house with rollers in her hair. She said that she knew the Lord was helping her because she was rich. And some folks think this is a Christian woman because she says she is? And we don’t get to heaven on good works. Well, no, this woman is not a Christian … she is the strange woman that we are to stay away from.

Sometimes we are influenced by the strange women in our society. Yet the word says that if we study wisdom, that we won’t be influenced by the strange woman. Proverbs speaks so plainly about Wisdom being a she and having a voice.

Chapter 8:1 Doth not Wisdom cry? and understanding put forth HER Voice?

Go onto verse 6. Hear for I will speak of excellent things. And the opening of my lips will be right things.

Verse 7 My mouth will speak truth, etc.

Verse 8 All the words of my mouth shall speak truth, etc.

Verse 10 Receive my instructions and not silver. And knowledge rather than gold.

Verse 11 For wisdom is better than rubies.

Chapter 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (So in order to get wisdom, you have to know the Lord Jesus as personal Savior.)

Chapter 24:3 Through wisdom is a house builded and by understanding it is established. And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Then Proverbs 14:1 says Every wise woman builds her house and the foolish tear it down with her own hands.

So this verse doesn’t say that some wise women build their homes and others put their energy into something else. It says “Every wise woman.” So a home is built with wisdom.

Also I think of the scripture in the New Testament about the wise man building his house upon the rock. Wisdom in the word usually has to do with building a home or temple. Like King Solomon built the temple for the Lord with wisdom.

But we have to have the voice of wisdom to build our homes. We can’t be listening to the strange woman. We must learn and study the word so that we can learn to listen to Wisdom’s voice. You all have the Titus 2 mother with you all the time, as you listen to wisdom’s voice. Just soak your hearts today in Proverbs and study the Wisdom of the Lord. Learn to have the gift of discernment. Know when the foolish strange woman is speaking to you. Refuse to listen to her foolishness and tune her strange voice out. Open your heart to the word of God and the teachings on wisdom. She is real and you can learn to discern her in your house. Invite her to come and live with you and to instruct you in the ways of housewifery.

Dear Hearts, we must learn holiness and righteousness. God is a holy God. We must learn of Him and His perfect will. Without holiness and purity in our lives, wisdom will not want to dwell with us.

I realize that some of your husbands aren’t saved and you don’t want to act like a prude. And I don’t mean that. I mean submit to your husbands. But don’t forget the Lord. You are the covenant keeper. You must hold the word of God in your heart and it has to be the pure word. You are what is goin’ to save that home. They shall know the truth and the truth will set them free. No rascal from hell is gonna get set free by a lot of religious fluff or a half watered down Christian wife. No, it is the truth in your heart that will save the sinners around you. You are not to teach and instruct your husband. You are not to take spiritual authority over him. Just because you have the truth, this don’t make you the boss.

The truth is found in the meek and quiet spirit. But, dear wife, you must live a holy life for your own self. You are the word of God in your home. The silent word of God that acts out the truth in front of an unsaved husband. It is your spirit that will keep your home in His hands.

Now, by holiness, I don’t mean that you start running through the house and throwing all your husband’s dirty books away. It is your husband’s home and he is the head. You can’t just take over the home and decide that you are the one to run it. But if you have worldly magazines and you are acting in a way that is not fitting for a Christian mother, then you should get all this right with God. Don’t say “Well, my husband ain’t doin’ right so I don’t have to, either.” Yes, you must live a holy life, as far as it is up to you. If your husband says it’s ok for the kids to watch trash on TV, then that’s up to him. Yes, you pray about it and beg the Lord to intervene. But you don’t take over the spiritual head of the home.

Many Christians in the world are persecuted much worse than we are, and their children come through because of their mothers’ prayers. But, see, there is power in holiness!

Order in the spiritual kingdom is powerful. You can’t shoot a target without rules. You have to know how to aim your gun and how to hold it steady. To be slap happy with God and His laws is not going to get you any place but off the mark. God works through prudence and self control. You must study the word of God and be as prudent and studious as you can be in Him. And stay out of your husband’s way and let God have him. YOU make sure that YOU are right with God. God will work through YOU because you are the Christian. And weather your husband’s sins as a good Christian woman. Show yourself a courageous woman of dignity.

Your spiritual work is often so tiring and takes up a lot of your energy. But you must work spiritually and not give up. Take up your shield and sword and fight the devil out of your home.

Don’t you dare say a word to your husband that is cross. You don’t need to … it is not your responsibility. I mean, if your husband asks your opinion, then give it to him. But don’t give him unasked for advice.

Wives, we must be very sober in Christ. We must look to the Lord for His commands.

Ya know, my friend Dixie knew more about Wisdom then I could ever tell you. And I was often a bad influence on her, as I always made her laugh. Often, as she was tryin’ to tell me about wisdom, she would hide her face with her hand and say, “Oh, I shouldn’t laugh.” But I know the lord is telling me to be a lot more sober and serious, at times, than I am.

At Mary’s home (my mentor, age 76) on Friday I made a joke at the dinner table. She is always tryin’ to teach me to love everyone. Well, I cut loose with a comment and Mary’s silence convicted me of my sin. I didn’t have to look back at her. Her silence and no comment let me know I had gone over the line. She preached a sermon through her meekness.

This morning, as I write, I have stopped and visited with Jim. My husband is one of the biggest miracles I have ever known. This morning as we visited, I asked Jim what really helped him to get right with God. He said that it was my prayers mostly. “It wasn’t church and religious thinking,” he tells me.

I said, “Well, Honey, wasn’t it when you found your place as husband and father that your life changed?”

Jim says, “Oh, yeah. You bet.” See, Jim had tried to come to Christ many times in that first 12 yrs of our marriage. But we never heard much family teaching from the pulpit. After coming to the Lord, Jim had to learn to walk it out. The church often shows a person the way of salvation through the blood. But they don’t know how to show a person how to live in God’s order. Jim and I would go to this church and that one, and this and that prayer meeting. Jim would look like he was to be ok for a while. But then those demons would try to come after him again.

The miracles can’t happen unless you have a right foundation in the home. The Bible says for a pastor or deacon to have their family in order before they preach in the church. Always, the Lord puts the order of the family first. The wife must be submissive and the husband has to be head of the home. He may not do it right, but he is the priest of the home … right or wrong.

Hannah recognized Eli as her priest and God used Eli to tell Hannah that she would have a baby. God blessed Hannah for submitting to the Priest. Her husband had brought her to Eli — she didn’t sneak out the door to run to church without her husband. Eli was not living right … but Hannah was. She submitted to her own husband, who wasn’t that much on the ball, either. But she recognized the spiritual authority over her. And my Jim had not done right in our marriage, but I kept recognizing his place as Priest of our home and God worked through Jim.

We can’t make up our own rules. The Spirit will work in one way only … God’s way.

“Well, my husband ain’t doin’ right so we are cursed in our home.” Oh, Baloney. Hog Wash! If you, as a Christian wife, are livin’ right and in order with God, the Lord will bring the rest of the family into order. As you submit to your husband, then you swing him under the Lord’s judgment. If we as wives and mothers are doin’ right, then God will reward us. And like I have said before, rarely do any of you bring anything up that I haven’t already been through. And if God changed my husband, He can change yours.

I have written about my grandmother Juanita many times. She and Granpa Babe had a machine back in the 1950s that could record and make records. They recorded me and Daddy singin’ “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” I was 5 years old. I sang the brown nosed reindeer, as I said on the record that no real reindeer had a red nose. Anyway, I kept that record for many years and, as a lonely wife and mother many years later, I played the record just to listen to it again. And I wondered if Juanita had put any other song on the back side of the record. So I played it. And as though it was the Lord speaking to me, there was Grandmother singing and playing her accordion. It was an old time song that she sang.

It is no secret what God can do.
What He’s done for others, He will do for you.
With arms wide open, He will pardon you.
It is no secret what God can do.

And it is no secret, dear wives, what God can do. I feel like I have been to the other side of the mountain and have come back to tell you that things ain’t as bad as you thought. God is able to do exceeding and abundantly more than you can think or ask. The devil is truly a liar and God’s word is true. Believe that you have what you asked for and you will receive it.

In the old days, I didn’t have anyone’s testimony to fall back on. I struggled very much alone. But you have our testimony. If God did it for us, He can do it for you.

The Lord told me that in this writing, I just gave a foolproof formula for a successful marriage. Yes, folks get miracles that aren’t living right in their families. But, see, if they don’t have a sure foundation of family order under their feet, they won’t keep the miracle. Obviously, I am speaking of married people. The firm family foundation in a home is the structure for every miracle. The miracles that God gives us for saved family members are not only for us. We are to hang onto the miracles and cause them to go to our children and to many generations to come. We are to hold our miracles in place and be able to testify and encourage our sisters in Christ to have a godly home.

We fight for holy land. We fight to take over territory for Christ. And we must maintain it and cultivate it and let it be a stepping stone for those who come after us. We must give the Lord good fruit, sometimes through much longsuffering. And yet our lives are marked with much victory. We are always victorious in Him.

An Old Time Marriage

It’s 7:00 AM. Jim just went to the store for some things and I will have a little time to write. I have felt so serious lately. I dunno exactly why. This morning, I woke up anxious.

I often think of the injustice that goes on around me and it breaks my heart. My one friend Rose called last evening. She was telling me about her little granddaughter and how a doctor mistreated her … it is so sad. This morning, as I read my Bible and prayed, I asked the Lord about so many that are hurting. And the question always comes up, “Why do bad things seem to happen to good people, and the sinners get by with murder?”

And the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that I had been hurting for many years, but He was there to deliver me. And ya know, I don’t know why I was delivered out of the lions den but I was. And now my life is very peaceful. Oh, I joke about Jim poppin’ someone in the nose. But, ya know, that was many years ago. I have to tell ya that Jim never gets behind in his bills. He has worked for many years now. I don’t worry like I used to. Jim has made a peaceful place for me to live now.

My children aren’t perfect. But I have a quiet home to pray for them. My life is quiet enough to be able to fight spiritual battles and win them. Jim wouldn’t ask me to go to work.

Nancy was here last week and, when she left, she said something that she often says, “Connie, I am so glad you are alright now … both you and Jim.” She was able to see that my home was at peace and rest.

I have seen both sides of married life. I was certainly taken through a horrid nightmare for many years. But the Lord did reward me for my faith. I do see women around me who were faithful, too, and were never delivered … and this breaks my heart. Nevertheless, my testimony is that I was sinking in the miry clay and the Lord set me up on the rock to stay.

My testimony is that God said and did what he said He would do. In my despair, the Lord said to me, “Connie, call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not.” And He did do that. He has shown me His power and greatness that I could never imagine. He has given me exceeding and abundantly more than I could ever think or ask. I remember when I only had 3 children. I constantly prayed for more children. And Jim told me we wouldn’t have any more. Later on, after he was healed, he asked me to have more children and we had 3 more. The Lord has been so good to me.

Yes, we have been poor. But ya know, when you go through what I did, being poor isn’t anything to ya. Last evening, as I watered my garden, I thanked the Lord for a garden hose to water with. And I thank the Lord that I don’t ever worry about the water bill or any of the utilities. All of this worry used to be mine. Now, when Jim asks me to not use a lot of water, I understand how he feels. But I take no care or worry over any of our bills. All of this is upon my husband.

Last evening, Jim made pretty good with his tips. I had to use some birthday money I had put back to buy groceries this week. As soon as Papa made some money at work, he brought it home and told me he would repay me for the money I used of my birthday money. Of course, I said, “No, Honey … just wait until you are back on your feet and then pay me back, if you want to.” I thought it was so precious of Jim not to want me to use my money for groceries. And for him to barely get any money and want to give it to me. But that is how Jim is. His heart is always to me and what he thinks I may want.

He can’t barely stand it if he thinks he has hurt my feelings in any way. And I am the same with him. Rarely do Jim and I fight over anything. And if we do, we both take the blame from each other. “It was my fault,” he will tell me, and I will argue it was my fault. Or he will want me to have something extra and I will say, “No, you take it.” A marriage like that comes out of many trials.


And, oh, am I feelin’ old lately. Over the 4th, we had John and his wife and our grandson, Romeo, for a week. Oh, they are a riot and so much fun to have. I also took care of Baby Rose. I am still trying to rest up.

My kids all LOVE firecrackers and they are illegal in Iowa. John brought hundreds of dollars worth of crackers to our house. Of course, the police came. John shot off “some” firecrackers that were supposed to be for children. But they went clear over the house. He said, “Mom, I have never seen that firecracker do that before. It usually just spins around.”

I knew it was because I was standin’ there. And I am so full of fire and he is, too, and God knows, anything could happen. John shot things off that went over my head and the debris fell on top of my head, and anyone else’s head that was nearby. It’s a wonder I am still alive.

So, anyway, forgive me if I ain’t up to snuff lately. You wouldn’t be, either, if you were me. But things are quiet now. And each morning, I get up in the morning and tell the Lord that I am so glad all that is OVER! If John could have tied me to a firecracker and shot me over the moon, he would have. Come to think of it, I would have been game for it, if ya wanna know the truth. But I would have paid for it in the morning.

I am tired and I ain’t springin’ back like I used to. I guess I am beginning to realize that I am getting old. Papa keeps tryin’ to tell me that. But its kinda hard to fall into it.

Jim just got back from the store and I told him I was writing about the 4th. I reminded him of that firecracker of John’s that was supposed to just spin? It went across the street and over the neighbor’s house. Our poor neighbors!!! Jim was laughin’ with me over John and his firecrackers.

John is our third child … the one who ran away and I hardly saw him for seven years. Oh, what a heart he has for Jim and me now. Johnny has so much love.

When he was young, he loved to play with fire. He used to get up on the balcony of our house and make paper airplanes and light them on fire. I would be downstairs and wonder why all the black paper was drifting down the windows … it was burnt paper. And often, I would see folks gathering outside our house and looking up. I knew my boys were doing tricks on the roof. One neighbor family told me that they gave up watching TV in the evening — they just sat outside in the summer and watched our house. As the mother of the circus performers, I wasn’t none too happy with my children. Jim was always yellin’, “And this is why I have holes in my roof!”

And I was always trying to yell at John through a whisper, as not to rile Jim up, “Johnny, you are goin’ to burn our house down … and we don’t have any insurance.” And, lo and behold, John never did burn the house down, but I nearly did twice. My dear sister-in-law Kriss bought us a fire alarm for upstairs. The boys took it apart and used the parts for other things. And, gosh, we sure could have used that fire alarm.

When Jimmy was in the Navy, he would bring home bombs to give away to the boys for Christmas presents. They were bottle rockets that went off under water. So the boys set them off under the snow. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

So, actually, I am a 58 year old mother in the body of an 80 year old woman.

When Jimmy was 12 (our first son) … he kept beggin’ me for gunpowder. Jim was just saved. Anyway, I kept telling Jimmy, “No, of course not.” Well, finally, I got so put out with Jimmy I told him to go ask Jim. I figured Jim would threaten Jimmy and tell him off and that would be the end of it. But, no, Jim says, “Only a pound.” Boy, did Jimmy have a good summer. No one will ever forget it. He made bombs in the root cellar all summer. When guests came to the house to visit, and the explosions were going off, I acted like it was nothing. Jimmy bought 2×4’s and drilled the inside out and packed them with gunpowder. WHAT A SUMMER THAT WAS!!!

This is a Quiet Evening?

Good Morning! Remember how I wrote last night that Jim and I had a quiet day? Well, it was quiet until after supper.

I was in the kitchen doing my dishes. And again I looked at my water I had cooked the corn on the cob in. And again, as I did before, I decided to make bread out of the corn water. Well, it didn’t look like as much water as I had used before. Remember how I had written before, a few months ago, that I did this and I had way too much bread? Well, the water looked like about half of that this time.

So while doing my dishes, I put some yeast in the water and some flour. I had planned on letting this mixture work overnight, as I planned on a big day of baking bread the next morning. I figured this water would make about 4 loaves of bread.

Well, because of the heat and the corn water … wow, that stuff began to rise and rise. Well, I thought maybe I will add more flour to get it to the pancake batter stage. I thought, “My, my, that is a lot of flour.” And then I thought, “Mercy, this is as much water as I had the last time!!!” But I kept trying to slow this dough down and it just rose like a balloon.

It was very hot in my kitchen. So I told Jim, “Well, I hadn’t planned to make bread tonight, but I guess I better use some of this wild and crazy dough.” So I made a big pan of rolls and 1 loaf of bread. And still this stuff kept rising. So I punched it all down again and put the big pan in the fridge to slow the yeast down. Even at that, the bread tried to rise over the top and come out. So I punched it down again.

Finally, I put a lid on the pan to hold that stuff in. And I just decided to forget it. Well, in the fridge, it got out and ran over the side of the pan. It wasn’t a real big mess, but mess enough. Finally, it quit rising and stopped for the night. My pan is one of those tall silver spaghetti pans? I mean this is a lot of bread. But I had used whole wheat flour for my starter and I have never seen whole wheat flour rise like that!!! It was scary.

Well, I just can’t throw that corn water away … it smells so good. Jim always comes in while I am boiling the corn and puts honey in the water, and butter … it just smells heavenly. Sometimes we put milk in the water, too — just a tad. But who could throw all that water out?

So I made the most heavenly rolls. I took some of the bread dough, laid it on the table, and spread it out. On the dough, I put butter and brown sugar and raisins, some cherries and some apples. Then I rolled it up and sliced it into rolls and laid them in the pan. I let them rise and then baked them. I put cinnamon on them, too. Then I made a loaf of bread with the fruit in it, too.

When the bread and rolls were out of the oven and done, I made a maple frosting for them. I just took a bowl, put in a bit of butter and powdered sugar, and stirred it up with some milk. And then I added maple flavoring. The frosting was thin like a glaze.

Wild Man loved the rolls.

I didn’t put in any eggs like I usually do. The bread was just basically whole wheat flour, yeast, butter, and honey, and sugar.

Jim, when he saw all the dough, said, “Well, leave it to my wife to do that.”

Oh Those Rascals

Wow! Some of the husbands on the group have been quite the rascals lately. Mercy! But, ya know, I want to tell you about a friend I had. I will call her Meg. Meg was a lovely woman and had 2 children. Her husband committed adultery all the time. It was so sad. I do believe, also, that he was in the Mafia. He was horrid and went to prison later on. But it was one of those nice prisons where the rich folks get to go. Meg and her family lived in a big expensive home. Meg stayed home with the children. When the phone rang she was not supposed to answer it, or even answer the door. I was there once and it was so wonderful how Meg made a home, really out of a prison. She hardly had groceries.

Later her husband divorced her. She raised her children alone for many years, probably 20 years. She taught her children to honor their daddy. Meg’s husband went on to have many women and married one and later, after a few years, they divorced. These harlots won’t hang on too long.

Meg made a lovely home for her children. She lived on welfare and the check barely covered her rent and utilities. She did a good job bringing up her children and they are both Christians and live good lives now. Meg had huge gardens in the summer that by anyone’s standards were outstanding! She harvested the fruits of her labor and canned and froze most of their food for the winter.

Her husband was one of the worst men I have ever known. I mean, try praying a man out of the Mafia — it ain’t easy. But I am telling you the truth, Meg was most of the time so cheerful. She worked hard in her home and kept things so nice for her children. Many of us sisters in Christ about her marveled at the grace of God and how He kept her in the palm of His hand. Meg seemed to never lose control or even get overly upset. I mean, ya just knew she walked in the anointing of God because she was so obedient and faithful. She never tried to date or bother herself with finding another man. She just lived in God’s grace. It was like she lived in an invisible bubble of protection. You could always sense the angels attended her. And when she prayed for ya, then, Darlin’, you knew you had been prayed for. And like I said, her beauty was just stunning. When she came into a room, the room just lit up.

But then later, as her children went through the teenage trials, Meg gave up. It was too much for her. It broke her heart. The kids did turn out good because of her prayers. But when her children dipped, she seemed to dip, too. She just lost the plot under so much pressure. She went ahead and married the first ol’ character that came along. She lost her anointing of homemaking. She tried to kill herself many times. Her peace was gone and the bubble of protection left her. She cried unto God for the grace of God to come back to her. But she was now truly alone, though married.

She and I have cried our hearts out together over this. She has repented and has called the anointing back to her, and she has gotten some of it back over the years. But it is so sad, so heart wrenching to watch her struggle so much in her second marriage. She doesn’t want to divorce, as her second husband loves her so much and needs her. She wants to just live it out and try to forget her past. But she has told me, “Connie, every day I cry since I remarried.” This past year, we quit even talking about it. It’s like we feel stumped as to what to do. But it seems to be an ongoing tragedy.

Now, I know some of you have remarried and feel happy and content. And God Bless you — I am happy for you. But this is not always so. And ya know? Man alive, the sin around us just runs rampant. The harlots out there are thick as thieves. Jim always says about TV that they just go pick harlots off the street to make them movie stars. None of this is easy on any of us.

A Sinful Society

But, ya know, where sin abounds grace much more abounds. I really believe that, as you girls decide that you are gonna be obedient to God and not divorce, but raise your children for Christ, that He will give you an anointing of peace. The peace that passeth understanding.

When I was alone, I went through many trials and I just made up my mind to be obedient to God. And the Lord gave me a lot of peace. I was even able to win folks to Christ. I ministered to folks out of my own hurts.

If you have tried to make your marriage right and have repented for your mistakes, then that is all you can do. You can’t make your husband to be good. God is the author and finisher of his faith — you aren’t. Just make a peaceful home and keep it peaceful for the children. If your husband wants to run in and out with sin, then he will certainly pay for it in the end. It’s not your fault! God will get him — don’t worry about that. But you just need to make a home and a nest of peace.

The word says that the works of righteousness brings peace. You wives just need to be obedient to the Lord, no matter what your husband does. Be kind to your husband and show him the love of God. Let him alone when he comes home. Let him go to bed in peace. Don’t ask him questions. Don’t ya know you have a heavenly Father? He cares about you. He will rescue you. You don’t have to pray all the time about it, either. Pray and then let it go. Just be about the Lord’s business.

Let God bless you with peace and rest in your heart. He knows what He’s doing.

The Pearls’ Book

I have been reading a book written by Debi Pearl. I agree with what she writes. She writes from a different view point than I do. Well, her husband is a preacher and mine is not. And we have to remember that most of our husbands are not Michael Pearls. Hey, don’t we wish they were, huh?

I could just see Dr. Dobson coming to my house for the afternoon. Jim would have a nicotine fit if the Dr. stayed more than a few hours. The Dr. would say to Jim, “So, Brother, where do you fellowship?” and Jim would tell him that he had church at home, and then a can of worms would be opened. I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to get in there and rescue Jim and say something astoundingly religious as to make Dr. THINK that we weren’t true heathens.

Papa slings hash when he talks to preachers. He nervously pops from one subject to the next, as if to hide from being at a loss of words. He don’t want anyone to think he is not knowing what to say. I just can hardly keep up with him. Jim goes off on some tangent about we all gotta do something or another. I am like a ping pong ball … lookin’ at preacher and then at Jim, trying to keep up with Jim. If you only heard my end of the conversation it would go like this … “Well, yeah he means?” … “Um, no, what he really means is????” Well, then Jim keeps interrupting all my sentences. And I am trying to honor Jim and be submissive and quiet. But Jim leaves preacher so astounded that I am tryin’ to keep preacher from having a heart attack.

Well, Jim will tell something I did that he thought was kinda neat. But it was something I wouldn’t have told anyone but Jim?? But Jim, being Jim, thinks everyone loves me when they don’t. And some folks think I am out and out nuts. But finally, wild man will simmer down and lean back in his chair and say, “Well, ya know, I used to be quite the rebel.” And then, as if to try to regain some lost territory for his very tired (at this) time wife, he says, “If it wasn’t for the little woman over there, I would be dead by now. Her prayers kept me for many years.”

Oh, that man I am married to is a wild cat sometimes. I mean, I have peace with him, and he loves me and I love him. But he is just plain man and that is it.

Back in the old days, when I was religious and did EVERYTHING RIGHT? Oh, and I could do-er, too!!! I was the perfect Baptist. Well, I had talked wild man into going to church with me. Well, Papa wasn’t saved yet, for sure. Anyway, it was a nice quiet summer Sunday morning. We lived about three blocks from church. We looked all nice and duded up as we walked to church with our 5 year old son. Well, we got there and I was talkin’ to someone, and I turned around and Jim had decked the preacher in the front church yard. I took my son Jimmy and ran home as fast as I could go. I mean, talk about embarrassing! Well, Papa was so crazy back then. This was back in the early 70s. So, anyway, he forgot the whole thing after he got saved. So he sees some of those church folks at garage sales nowadays? They kinda back up from him. I don’t say a word — I just keep on keepin’ on. I wouldn’t say to Jim, “Honey, those folks are backin’ up because you punched their preacher in the nose on Sunday morning … in front of his own church.” Naw, I would just leave it alone.

Actually, in my marriage, I was dropped out of a jet plane and landed on my feet … and, when my feet hit the ground, I just kept on runnin’. That’s miracle enough. The church folks will have to think what they want.

And I will never forget Bob who came to our house to ask Jim to church. Bob thought, if he could just get Jim mad enough, then Jim would tell us all why he didn’t like church. Well, I knew why Jim didn’t like church, so it was no mystery to me. And I told Bob that if he got Jim mad enough, Jim would knock him out. Well, Bob didn’t believe me and had to find out the hard way.

And, yes, I am enjoying the book. I think they all make some very good points. It’s a refresher course for me, as I have lived on these teachings for years.

I guess my opinion is that a lot of you all need to make sure you realize that most husbands aren’t Dr. Dobson or Michael Pearl. I think a lot of women get very disappointed when they think they have done all the right things and still their husbands don’t do right. Or what they figure is right. I mean, some men don’t know the church lingo, for instance. He can’t figure out, for the life of him, why that guy calls him “Brother” when he doesn’t have a brother, just a sister. I mean, I have the church language down pat, as you can tell. And Jim has picked up a lot of it from me. But, ya know, Jim knows the move of the Holy Spirit when it hits him. He knows the really deep moves of the Spirit. That’s all he knows.

Jim is the man of the house, let me tell ya. He knows a man works and, if he don’t work and take care of his family by the sweat of his brow, then he ain’t a real man. Jim’s religion is “Hey, Man, grow up. Get a job. You have a nice little family there and kids to feed. And if I can drive a pizza delivery car to put food on my table at 64 years old, then so can you.” Jim will say sometimes about some poor schnook that’s tryin’ to make it, “Well, at least he works … he can’t be all bad. He takes care of his family and puts a roof over their heads. Let him go — quit condemning him.” And Jim has NO respect for a man that makes his wife work as he stays home with the kids. Jim will say the children need their mother. Wild man used to go out and tell some of these guys off that made their wives work. Well, he has mellowed out now. And he just goes to work faithfully.

I tell him, “Honey, let the tail go with the hide. Folks will learn the hard way, as we did.”

Or Jim will say, “Well, that guy goes to church … don’t he know he ain’t supposed to make his wife work?” Papa thinks it is just good ol’ common sense to keep the little woman at home with the kids. And in our marriage, Papa never crossed that line of interfering with my role as keeper at home. In the early years of our marriage, if Jim didn’t want to live right, then he left home. And when he got right with God, he came back home. Of course, now he has given his life to the Lord and has been home and has cared for us for 25 years.

Papa reminds me of this ol’ preacher I heard about. He learned his religion the hard way. And this man was just a poor man who lived up in the hills. Never been to church that much. And he had heard that Jesus healed the blind man with some spit and some mud. So when this man prayed for someone, he spit on all of ’em just for good measure. Well, I suppose after he knew better, he didn’t spit on ’em anymore. But some among us were not raised among the religious folks. And some of these men comin’ up, the church will never reach with their religious lingo. The only way some of these hardhearted men will be won is by the wife who daily eats the heavenly manna and lives it out in her home.

The rules and regulations in Christendom will work for many. And when good folks like the Pearls drop their nets in the water, they pull up the majority of the fish. And yet, many lonely fish do not get picked up in their net. And the specialists must come by.

The praying wife searches and seeks for her lost husband in the rolling, stormy sea of life. Through her prayers, she sends out the searchlight, and her husband sees it and is directed back home. Back to the family home and back to the arms of Jesus. This wife and mother works so hard, and her work is so secret and so unnoticed. She sits at the feet of Jesus, as only He can satisfy her soul. Only He can save the lost and forsaken among us. Jesus is the answer … nothing is too hard for Him. I know, as I have been there and done that.

And sometimes Wild Man and me will be in a store, and some crazy guy will come through the door. I think to myself, “Well, Papa will say something to this guy.” And, sure enough, I will hear Jim say, “How’s it goin’?” And the man will smile at Jim … so glad Jim spoke to him.

Papa seems to reach out to the poorest among us. And our Chrissy Joy says she will never forget her Daddy and what he did once when she went with him to pick her brother Jimmy up at the bus station for a leave from the Navy. She said, “Mom, Daddy saw an old bum, and he went up to him and gave him almost all the money he had in his pocket.” (Christian Joy always calls Jim “Daddy.” The other kids always call him Dad.) I think Jim thinks “Except for the grace of God, he could have been that ol’ bum.” And so many men ask Jim to come with them to the prisons to minister. But Papa always says, “No, I have had enough of that. I don’t want any part of it.”

I think Jim is often torn, as he sure has a heart for the unsaved man. And Papa works with a lot of young kids. And he will tell ’em they better quit their drinkin’ and take care of their families. Or quit the drugs or whatever. Or, “I thought you went to church and got saved. You don’t act saved?” I suppose Papa gives a bit of testimony then, too. Often, some of the guys will ask him to go out drinkin’ with them, and Papa tells them he don’t need that stuff … he wants to go home to his wife.

In the old days, women in the work place would ask him what he was doing after work. “Goin’ home to my wife,” he would tell them. You wouldn’t believe the women that tried to pick him up, and still do. When Jim drove a shuttle at the airport, this woman said, “Well, I believe I will just take you home with me — you are cute.” And Jim told her, “Not me, you ain’t.”

Jim doesn’t hobnob with the folks at work … he can’t wait to get home to our house after work. He was always pretty much a maverick and a loner. I am glad for that.

Somehow, through many trials and tribulations, Jim and I have come together as one. We somehow made a home. The kids are all kinda wild, but they love us and each other. Jim and I were talkin’ about Dan’s wedding in September. Jim mentioned inviting some homeschooling friends. Then we both said together, “Oh, no, we would be embarrassed to death.” But ya know, we are prayin’ for our kids, and we do see good things coming about.

Jim and I have a lot of love for our children and they love us back. One of our sons owed us a lot of money that we had loaned him on a car. Jim got after him to pay it back, but our son has been slow goin’ about it. One day, Jim said to him, “Hey, ya know, when I was young, I never paid anyone back, either … so you don’t have to pay me back.” After this, our son seems to have softened up a lot and has opened his heart to Jim and me. And he just said lately he wanted to go to college. Jim has begged him to go and he just wouldn’t … yet, now he has changed his mind.

And our son … oh, help me Jesus!!! Jim cosigned on a car for one of our sons and, of course, our son didn’t pay for it. And now our credit is not good. And when we went to get a $200 loan to fix our car, we couldn’t get it. But we have forgiven our son, too, and this has made us dear to the boys. We have told them that we have forgiven them. And they know we are poor, too. So they know it is a sacrifice for us. And ya know, when you are in the deep mire and you forgive those around you when it takes a lot to do so, the Lord touches their hearts. Of course, Jim says they will never get another loan out of him. But I bet the next time they need money, Jim will just give it to them and the heck with a loan. “They are young,” Papa tells me. “They will be ok.” And Papa loves my babies I gave him. This means the world to me. And Papa forgives them as I forgave him. He never gives up on them, even though I do a hundred times a day.

Papa just loves our children and he loves me. I never doubt his love.


On the response group, we have been discussing adultery. As I woke up this morning, I was praying about this.

Adultery, to me, is the worst of sins. The Bible compares it to idolatry … to me, it is a murder to the marriage. I don’t care what anyone says — that marriage will never be the same after adultery has been committed. Sure, you forgive, forget, and go on. But a trust has been broken and you will never be the same. The partner you trusted has broken the trust. The person you gave your heart and soul to has treated you as though you are nobody and your life doesn’t matter. And adultery destroys the innocent partner and the adulterer. And in this day and age, it is taken so casually. But the sex act is a powerful thing, and this is why God wants this between one man and one woman for life.

Adultery is the worst of curses to hit a marriage. And yet it is a two-edged sword. Could we go to heaven had Christ not died for us? No, we can only go to heaven through the death and the shed blood of Christ. It took His death to save us. And sometimes, a death to a marriage is the life of the marriage. NO one should make a god out of a marriage. Marriage is a holy calling. We aren’t supposed to run hither and yon, trying to find the perfect marriage. But we are to run hither and yon after the heart of God. Continuously chasing the anointing of God. When a husband commits adultery, a wife often feels so lost and uncovered. And this is a time not to run out of the marriage, but to fall in love with Christ and let Him be your husband. A new marriage is resurrected out of the death of the old one. And, of course, the living Christ in the marriage makes it so much sweeter than before.

Last evening at our family get together, I sat with my aunt and, wow, what wisdom she has. She is 87. Eileen, Jim, and I were talking about how, back in the old days, a woman got married at 14 or 15 years old. Aunt Eileen said that, when she and her sisters would talk about her grandma getting married so young, her mother told the sisters, “Well, Alice could cook and knew how to keep house, and that’s how ya grew up — in the marriage.” These women were children by today’s standards. So the thinking of today is to do it all and see it all then get married. But back then, this is what made ya grow up, was marriage. And we as women learn the wisdom of God in the marriage. Not through seminars or the Ladies Bible studies. We learn the wisdom of God through the sorrows of our marriage and childbirth and raising our children.

The prefect marriages are out there, yes. And don’t we wish we all had one? But most marriages are not perfect and it is what the Lord uses to train us in righteousness. And the darker the sin in the marriage, the brighter the light of Christ will shine eventually. And, all in all, if you don’t see the victory come, then you will never really know the true Christ. The Lord put you with an unsaved husband in order to get the husband saved through your silent behavior. With Paul, you will say, “I know how to be abased and how to abound.”

God didn’t leave Daniel in the lions’ den … or Joseph in prison. God will rescue the family if we walk with Him. And if the husband is truly hopeless, and truly the marriage is not salvageable, then the Lord will cause the husband to die. But even at that, Husband is not totally hopeless until he has been dead for 3 days and hasn’t been raised from the dead.

How many times God wanted to give up on the children of Israel. How many times they polluted the land with their adultery and idolatry. And yet, God took them back again and again for His own sake. They were His people, the sheep of His pasture. He suffered again and again to call them back to righteousness. We don’t learn the longsuffering and patience of God by giving up on the sinners. We learn the heart of God through forgiving the sinners … through our own lives and our own hurts.


And we Christian wives cry out to God in the wilderness, “This is the Promised land that flows with milk and honey????” We cry out in desperation to go back to the world where things are more comfortable. And we wonder how we will live and what will we eat in this godforsaken land. And we are called in our marriage to trust in Him. We learn in our sufferings to be quiet and to wait on the Lord. We can’t really know Him until we, too, have been spit upon or suffer a death in the spirit. See, no flesh can please God. We, too, must take up our cross and follow Him. We must die daily to ourselves and carry a cross for Christ.

Some of you say to me, “Oh, you are so wonderful and I want to be like you.” But, dear heart, be careful what you wish for. I didn’t get here through a Bible study. I didn’t learn to write through going to college. I learned what I know through following Christ and not giving up.

He knows the way to the Promised Land. It comes through much sorrow and tears and the death of your own hopes and dreams. But the hopes and dreams you have are not anything compared to the wonderful experience of knowing Him. He will take you a lot further into adventure than what you could have thought up on your own. His plans for you are so exciting and glorious, both on this earth and in the life to come. We give up our lives as believers in order to enter a rest in the wilderness. Then we enter the Promised Land.

Once we learn of Him and His anointing, we will never choose to go back to the world. I have NO trouble wanting to go to the world. I have seen enough of it, believe me. Now in my walk with Him, as I have grown in Him, my desires are deeply for His anointing. Nothing on this earth thrills me like His anointing. I get up each morning to write, as I want more of Him. My foot hurts as I stand here and write. But I would rather my foot hurt as I write than my soul.

I live more and more through the Spirit. And if you seek first for His kingdom, then the Lord will take care of all that has concerned you. As the things of God get sharper and more clear to me, the things of the earth become more dull and not so important.

Mary’s Brandon was saying he wants to get another motorcycle. And I love motorcycles, too. I told the Lord I would love to go onto glory on a motorcycle. I can just see myself on the back of a motorcycle, just flyin’ off a cliff. My spirit goin’ onto heaven and my body hitting the ground. Never feel a thing … except His glory.

Oh, dear Mothers and wives, my heart is with you. We do grieve for our loved ones. And yet we cannot grieve beyond the love of God and His everlasting arms. He is not so out of touch with us that He, too, can’t feel our hearts.

I think, through it all, I have learned that trusting in God means preparing for victory. He is not a God of the losers. He is a God of the victorious. He didn’t leave the children of God in the wilderness. He did take the ones who had faith into the promised land.

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