Saturday, February 24, 2018

Shadow of His Wings

Good Morning. I am writing early morning and it is raining outside. Just in back of me in the dining room is my outside door. I have an old black screen door … it looks as old as the hills. But I love it and it has been the original door, probably, for at least 50 years. It has another screen that goes over the middle. Someone probably put it there, as the children would push it and break out the main screen. So in the bigger safety screen, I have dried roses. It’s at the top and has a branched arch of old fashioned leaves and tiny roses. The door doesn’t latch, as it is just a door with a little silver hook that I hook to keep it shut.

Right outside beyond this is my plum tree. This area is a play area for Baby Rose. Under the tree, I have the sandbox and a baby swimming pool.

To the left side of my door are two huge rose hip bushes. The roses have bloomed and now the hips are forming. Further to the left is my herb garden and then a little sidewalk to the front yard. My hops plant is so huge that you can hardly get through to the front yard.

To the right and around the corner of my old door is my kitchen garden. Then out in the back is Jim’s bigger garden. Also, just out my door and to the border of my side yard, Papa planted more roses. They are just lovely. This is the first year for them, and one is dark pink and the other a deep red.

Oh, Papa and I have lived here now since 1973. Before that, we had been living in an apartment and I was pregnant. I was so depressed and despondent, I couldn’t get out of bed. And God came to me and told me to go buy a house and that my husband was coming home. I got up out of bed and acted on the word and began to prepare for my husband to come home. To make a long story short, he did come home and we bought this house for 150 bucks down and 135 bucks a month house payment. This payment paid for the taxes and house insurance. We didn’t have a car to move. So we just walked boxes of household items to this house six blocks away. I was 7 months pregnant and strong and carried a lot of the boxes myself. I remember Jim saying to me as we walked, “Connie, you are just like an old pioneer woman.” I will never forget him saying that.

Well, then I was to bring 5 more children here to live in this house. As we went, we repaired the house. God has been faithful to me and my family. Now I stand broken in heart again and waiting upon the Lord. And yet, I can look back and see that God has never forsaken me in the past and He won’t now.

Last night, I found out some hurtful things about my boys. Nothing major but I didn’t bring ’em up that way to act that way. And Papa is so … well? “Papa.” He invites the kids over for a cookout. I didn’t want to see the rascals Papa treats his kids as I treated him when he was wayward. I walked with him through the valley of the shadows. And Papa tells me, “Connie, they will grow out of it … they will be ok.” It’s as though Papa reaches down to them in their fires of afflictions and grabs their hands and pulls them out with his love. Mama is broken and discouraged. And yet I know the Lord has never forsaken me.

Sometimes I feel like a scared rabbit, thrown out into a field of wolves. Yet this morning, as I listen to the rain upon my old door, I feel the voice of Wisdom. She is saying, “Connie, pull in and hold on … fall under His shadows and watch the glory of the Lord come forth.”

Psalm 91:7 tells us that many shall fall but we will be protected. 8 says that only with our eyes will we see the rewards of the wicked. But because the Lord is our refuge, we will not experience the wicked. Verse 10, No evil shall befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling.

Sometimes we stand and fight the enemy and sometimes we must hide away unto Him.

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