Sunday, December 17, 2017

Baby Rose

Dear Mothers,

Oh, wow, we are so busy with this baby shower for Mary. Trying to have Baby Rose along with all of this is an absolute riot.

Yesterday, Baby took her soapy water out of her dish water in her play sink and washed her hair. The soap was thick at the bottom of the play sink and I just add about a half cup of water to it. So the soap was thick and Baby don’t have much hair? So when she washed her hair, it was just thick with soap and dry, sorta?

Well, she had a good time and then I had to get the soap out of her hair, which took me a good long time and she screamed her head off. And I was barely putting stuff away in the bathroom and Baby ran in and did it again? And there was more bubbles the second time.

I didn’t get it all out — just dried it, as she was in no mood to go through all that again. And my ears were sore from the screaming. So I left part of the soap in and let it dry. So her Baby hair was spiked … so she is stylin’. Well, her Mama will get it out during her bath time.

Anyway, no more soap for Baby … not for a while, anyway. Usually, she just does her dishes and scrubs the house with her little 1-inch square sponge.


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