Saturday, February 24, 2018

Keepers at Home

Boy, yesterday was busy. I had the Baby and she didn’t nap all day. And Jim and I took her to my mother’s house, as I help with the vacuuming and the wash for my mom. (She is elderly.) Baby Rose loves Great-Grandma Brady. I know Baby is such fun for Mom. But, boy, am I tired this morning!

As I prayed this morning before I came to the email machine, the Lord showed me why I was so undone. I have had such a spirit of worry and the homemaking spirit has eluded me. Ya know, if you don’t have the homemaking spirit and you are neck deep in family, you will feel like a slave? You will feel overwhelmed and undone.

We Moms used to say that the homemaking spirit was like a greased pig. You could barely get ahold of it and it sneaks away from ya. But the wise woman, the virtuous woman, knows how to retain it and allow it to produce much fruit. The Bible says that we are saved in childbearing. Meaning saved on this earth. Child bearing has to do with everything that concerns the child and the home. Such as being a keeper at home and submitting to husband. Godly submission is submission to husband, homemaking, and child bearing and child care.

May the Lord forgive me, as I haven’t been very submissive lately. Papa, in the middle of yesterday, buys strawberries that needed to be cleaned and fresh corn to fix for supper. I ask him how I was to do all of that — with my third arm? Baby was just into everything yesterday and no nap. Papa was so sweet and did clean the corn and do the strawberries. He has worked like a dog, too, lately. He has had a lot of outside work to do in the yard. And I am, this morning, ashamed of myself for speaking in such a haughty way to him.

And ya know, we have this family friend … a young man about 39. If he sees Jim and me outside sitting with the Baby, he will come by. I keep him wondering all the time, as his wife works and yet she was brought up to be a stay at home mother. As he talks to Jim and me, he continually weighs his life against ours. He is a house husband part of the time, but his wife brings in most of the income. And his children are young and seem to be no worse for the wear. And he continues to wonder, “So what’s the big deal about a stay at home mother?”

He says his wife’s mother wasn’t that great of a housekeeper. And I told him, no, that’s because the old time mothers did more than pick up the house. They sewed and gardened and canned their food. They had many children and did a lot of the washing by hand. They did a lot more than today’s working woman. Well, he agreed with that. And yet I thought, “So what is the difference and why do I work so danged hard to be a keeper at home?”

And I think it all comes back to the heart … to the soul. If you believe in abortion and birth control, usually this will set the tone for your life. It all has to do with how important are the children? Are they replaceable? Is one kid the same as another one, anyway, and killing a few don’t matter?

A Mother’s lift off in her soul comes out of her womb. Is it dead or is it alive? Even at my age of almost 60, is my womb dead or alive? Sarah’s was alive and so was Elisabeth’s. And I think this is where our homemaking spirit lives … it’s in the inner court where we submit to our priest, our husbands, and to our callings as keepers at home.

If you are today having trouble with feeling like the household slave, then look to your inner court. What’s goin’ on in there? In your inner court, what do you think about your children or your husband? The homemaking spirit can’t flow out of a hard bitter heart, or a heart that rejects husband and children. Our inner court and our wombs are very sensitive to our spirits. If our spirits are haughty, then we feel a grief in our spirits.

We must flow with God’s Spirit of fruitfulness and homemaking. And as we do, then the children will flow also in obedience to mother and father.

And I have asked the Lord why I got so off the wall lately as I was writing about Homesteading. Why did I somehow stop midstream and couldn’t go on? And the Lord showed me this morning as I prayed.

Homesteading is a deeper calling into our roles as virtuous women, as powerful women of God. The homesteading is the wisdom of God. And it will break every fetter that binds your family. It’s a deeper calling of God and to His anointing. And God knows, we ain’t gonna make it without God’s Holy anointing.

How many women live on the street right now or have lost their children to the State Welfare system because they didn’t know how to make a home?

Well, I need to stop for now. But I will get back to this.

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