Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Peaceful Home

Yesterday was so busy at our house. We had Baby Rose and Papa was off work. He mowed the lawn and did a bunch of errands while I cared for Rose inside. It rained on and off all day, so Baby couldn’t play outside. Then later on, we went to the Dollar Store with the baby after her nap. Papa bought her a cute sundress and Mary Jane black canvas shoes for summer. Later at almost 6:00, her Mama came to pick her up.

I was so tired and couldn’t wait to get supper over with and rest. I laid on the couch and read some books. I was overly tired. And Papa … oh, Papa sat in his chair and flipped through the channels of the TV … he finally landed at “Leave it to Beaver.” Then he went to bed very tired, too.

Earlier in the evening, as I was resting, I said to Jim, “Oh, Papa, you give me such peace and rest.”

He is such a good man now and is always looking after me and my children and grandchildren. So often, he says to me, “Do you have enough money in your purse? Do you need some money?”

I always say, “Papa, I have enough. Don’t give me anymore.” He always gives me some of his tips when he gets home from work.

As I laid on the couch last evening, enjoying the peace of my home, I thought, “Connie, how much would you pay for this peace you have here?” And I thought, “Man, ya can’t put a price on the peace of God in your home.” The world can’t give ya this peace that passeth understanding. It comes from being obedient to God when the rest of the world laughs at ya and thinks you are nuts.

And ya never arrive or get there to that place on earth where you have made your bed and can now lay in it. I build my spiritual wilderness home every day, just like you all do. The devil is always standing in back of me, breathin’ fire down my neck. But, as I am older, I now know that he ain’t nobody. When I was a young mother, I would get scared of the devil. But after many victories and tests of my faith, I know that Satan is a loser and I am always victorious in Christ.

Each day is a new day … a new battle and a new victory. And the victories come quicker as I have experienced many wins in my life of spiritual battles. I know His voice better and I act on it quicker. If I have some ailment, I pray about it, and then I hear His voice say, “Connie, you are healed in the mighty name of Jesus.” And I am quicker to receive my healing.

And ya know, Papa does everything for me. I am like a spoiled brat sometimes. Papa’s legs were hurting yesterday as he mowed the lawn. He stopped several times to rest. I went out to him and told him that I could mow the lawn and to let me do it. He said, “Get back in the house. I can do it.” I argued with him that he was tired and I didn’t mind. But Papa wouldn’t hear of it. He babies me a lot, but the Lord calls me so to write and I couldn’t, if it were not that I had a peace concerning Papa. If he hurts my feelings over something, he is truly torn until he makes it right with me. And I am the same way. I can’t bear to hurt him.

And to think that at one time my life was a living nightmare, and that was 25 years ago. Papa proved what I write to be true … if you don’t give up you will see His glory. I have seen the miracles and I know that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him. And now the Lord protects me with arms like iron bars so that I can write to you all what the Lord did for me. I almost sit in an ivory tower to write the wonders of God. I am less and less in the world and more and more at my writing. It seems the Spirit of God is urgent within me to write His heart.

Continue, dear hearts, to be obedient in Him and to seek His peace that passeth understanding.


And ya know, I used to have to run this popsicle stand all by myself. I paid all the bills and cared for all the worries of the home. But now, 25 years later, I don’t know the difference between a light bill and a gas bill. I haven’t opened a bill in probably 20 years.

Jim takes care of all of the business of our home. After he was healed, I gave him the checkbook and told him to go for it. It nearly killed me but I did it by faith. When I would get new checks, folks would say, “Don’t put his name on the checks.” But I would, by faith. I wouldn’t back up on my faith. And we had a lot of financial setbacks as Papa learned to be a man and take care of us. I learned some hard lessons in submission. But I had the children to care for and I couldn’t worry over the money all the time.

Now, some of you wives are like a secretary to your husband and he needs you to pay the bills and I understand that. But, ya know, our lives were different than that and Papa really didn’t know how to pay bills. But he learned pretty quick as I gave him the responsibility and showed him that I trusted the Lord and I trusted him. And I mean, some men really don’t want to be bothered with paying bills, even though they are good providers. But some men want to spend money they don’t have, and then the wife is left holding the bag and answering phone calls from bill collectors. And this is the kind of situation that, if the husband will take the responsibility to pay the bills, then you as his wife should give him the job.

It’s hard, at first, as everyone has to learn to be organized in their bill payin’. But I am glad I went by faith concerning Papa bein’ the head of the house. I have had many years of peace because of this act of faith. If I get mail that has Jim’s name on it, as all the bills are in his name, I never even look at it. I just stack it beside his chair and he pays the bills. He growls about it sometimes, as the bills keep going up, but I just act polite and sympathetic. But that is Papa’s job and I never interfere. And I have written maybe five checks, at the most, in the past 25 years … more like probably two?

In the early years, I almost had probably five strokes, I would get so upset over money. My face would drag on one side and I would be almost numb. And God knows I didn’t have the money to go to a doctor. I would tell Jim, “Honey, I am numb on my side.”

He would say, “Huh? Oh, you will get over it.”

One day, I said, “That’s it. I am not going to die from worry.” I laid that burden down and never picked it up again. And I don’t live by money … I live by faith. God’s system of trade is faith.

Like Kelly said once, “Don’t ever make decisions concerning the Lord by how much money you have in your pocket.” Just listen to the Lord and make decisions as you are led of His voice.

And this is how you find peace is, by listening and obeying His voice. Oh, I know the road of nerve pills and being depressed. But the Lord will lead you to peace as you trust in Him.

Happy is the woman who trusts in the Lord.

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