Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

Ya know sometimes when the Lord answers your prayers, it can be overwhelming. It’s like you prayed for rain and you got enough rain to flood the house with it? The rain comes in such abundance that it almost kills ya. It’s what the Bible calls the Joy you can’t contain? The Lord gives you exceedingly and abundantly more than you could ask or think?

This sounds like a joke but I have had this happen many times. Like when I asked for six children and got them and wow!!! I mean I got my six children and after I did, I was so overwhelmed. I used to say to the Lord, “Now why was it I wanted six children?”

I mean the Lord does promise to give us more than we can ask or think. And ya know, ya just have to deal with the flood. And it will calm down and level out.

My lil Baby Rose on Friday accidentally spilled almost a can of evaporated milk in a stream of about 10 feet. Then she tried to get her lil one-inch square sponge that Gram had made for her and clean it up. She scrubbed and scrubbed with her little baby hand. Only 18 months old and trying to clean up her own messes. It was down in the carpet, and then she walked in it in her second pair of clean socks. Then she added water to it from her dishwatered sponge. I told her it was ok and that Grandma would help her. What a Baby Doll and what a mess! She is very busy and tries so hard to help out. And by Friday evening I was so tired I thought I would die. But I wouldn’t trade Baby for all the money in Fort Knox. I will have three days of rest.

See, when I had my sixth baby (Mary who is 20 now) I hardly knew I had a baby in the house. The other children helped out with her. I hardly got to hold her myself. And I do feel that Baby Rose is the first of many and she will help me with the rest of the babies that the Lord will give me. It’s always good to get the first baby trained well. The older children can be taught to be good helpers.

One time, when my last three children were all little … well, I had them all in five years. But I was just exhausted from a full day of work and caring for them, I thought I would faint I was so tired. And they were so sweet and knew I wasn’t kidding them that I could barely stand up. I told them I was going in to take a bath and I had given them things to do. Well, David pretty soon knocked on the bathroom door and told me, “Mom, we just spilled mustard all over the carpet under the table.” It had shot from one end to the other — about 10 feet of mustard. They were fixing sandwiches. I asked them to please clean it up as I was so tired. And they did clean it up really well. The Lord knows how much we can take.

And Mary at three years old did the dishes. I would put a chair up to the sink and she would wash the dishes and put them in the drainer. I mean not the pans, etc. But the dishes and the silverware. And she often helped in the garden.

I needed their help and they knew I did. They knew I wasn’t just trying to teach them something but that I really needed them. And Baby Rose knows, too, that Gram needs her to be a good girl and help take care of naughty Peggy Sue, the cat.

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