Saturday, February 24, 2018


I will have Baby Rose today, the joy of my life. The last time we had her, I dressed her in a handmade praire dress I had gotten at a sale. It was from the 1970s, a yellow calico. Also a praire sunbonnet. She looked like a Little House on the Praire child.

And she still has potatoes and balls mixed up, so she takes a potato outside to throw about like a ball. It sounds so funny as we are playing and I say to her, “Go get your potato.” It’s nice, as potatoes don’t roll down the street and Gram don’t have to chase them. Baby will say “Ball” and throw the potato up in the air.

And, ya know, I was just praying in the chair this morning, and I just told the Lord how thankful I am for my cooking and baking things. I am so grateful that I have a private kitchen to cook in and if we have husbands that will work for us and let us stay home, then we really have a lot to thank the Lord for.

I love all of my cooking utensils. My favorite things I guess are my enamal spoons for stirring. I love looking for them when I go to garage sales and I have a nice collection of them. I have about a dozen spoons all sizes. Mostly they are the red with specks of white dots, and the dark blue. But I have gotten some lately that are the sort of light blue. I would love to find some of the light green ones that date back to the early 1900s. For mixing up muffins or biscuits, I like a small spoon, not the biggest mixing spoon. I like the spoon to be smaller if I am using a smaller crock bowl to stir in.

My big grayish blue mixing bowls are more favorites of mine. I just like to mix things by hand, I guess, and not get out my electric mixer.

Of course, I enjoy all the dishes the Lord has gotten for me over the years. My Grandmother loved dishes. Mom used to say that when Gram fixed a meal, she managed to use every dish in the house. And when Gram and Mom would got to town to shop, Gram always bought a dish at the dime store before she came home. The old time dime stores were the fun stores when I was a kid, and they always had pretty serving bowls to use for the table. It was just a bowl to serve a can of peas or green beans in, to set on the table. Mother never baked bread but always got out a bread plate to put on the table for my dad’s white sliced store bought bread. Many of the women in the old days loved their dishes, and they were very careful to take good care of them to make sure they didn’t get broken.

There used to be this word, “puttering.” When you would ask my Dad what he was doing in the garage with his tools, he would often say “Oh, I am just puttering, just foolin’ around.” He loved working with his tools and arranging them and organizing them. Often he would start out puttering and then would fix something, as his mind relaxed. And often the old time Mothers would do this in their kitchens. Sort of not really doing anything specific but many things in general. And as she puttered in her kitchen, the ideas would begin to flow. The old time Mothers thought that an organized kitchen meant an organized mind.

In my kitchen cabinets, I like the old fashioned look. I have taken brown paper sacks and made shelf paper. I crease it at the edge so the paper hangs over the shelf, then I cut designs in it with my scissors. The old time Mothers used to do that with brown sacks or newspaper.

I love the brown paper and use it. I found a neat glass bottle at a sale. I used it for buttons, but it had no lid. So I took brown sack paper and made a covering for my button bottle and then tied brown string around it. Dan saw it and said, “Oh, Mom I love that!”

Another item I enjoy collecting is the old “Country Living” magazines. I remember back in the 70s, when those magazines first came out, they were so anointed of God. If you can find some really old ones at sales, you would love reading them.

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