Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Fight of Faith

Ya know, this stuff I am writing is the most important writing I will ever do. It is telling you how to cross the river of hope and into the realm of faith.

Before I met Dixie, I knew about faith, but I didn’t know how to walk it out. And ya gotta know how to live by faith.

So Dixie I talked the faith. After I got to know her, I said “Well, you don’t know what I have been through.” Jim wasn’t healed yet and I was mighty tired of believin’ God. And Dixie, she said she believed God for Jim.

And I said “Well, a lot of folks have believed with me and I am worse off than when we started 10 years ago.” I felt so forsaken of God. I was so bone weary of believing God and never seeing an answer.

And Dixie would tell me, “Connie? Jim is healed.”

I wanted to run over Dixie with a truck. I kept explaining, “You don’t understand. Many have believed with me and nothing has happened.”

She would say to me, “Connie, quit confessing defeat. Proclaim that your husband is healed and set free.” And I would try, but I felt so defeated from years of battles.

And then here would come Dixie with baby clothes and a play pen to give me. She said “Connie, get out your maternity clothes and put them on. God is gonna give you more babies.” Well, I had 3 children and I figured I wouldn’t have anymore. And, ya know, I would go upstairs and I would look through that box of baby clothes. I would look at the little undershirts and fold them and refold them. Jim was gone and I was alone with my 3 children.

I cried and cried out to God in prayer, “Lord can You heal Jim?” And, of course, the Lord did heal my husband. And I went on to have 3 more children. But I had to walk by faith, always confessing the word over my family.

Now, you all can do that, too, and see the miracles of God. But you can’t keep saying the same thing over and over and reliving the past over and over. If you want a new future, you have to see it in your mind.

It is not God’s will that your husband die as an unbeliever, or that you bore children fuel for hell. It is God’s will that you take unto your soul strength and courage. It is His will that you glorify Him in this life.

You must quit speaking the past and the defeats of the past and begin to proclaim the future victories in Christ. Refuse to be another statistic of divorce. But don’t go after your husband and try to fix him. Go after the Lord God and His word. And don’t just read it … walk it out … be it. Be Sarah or Mary. Act out the faith of God.

Noah built a ship on dry land and told everyone rain was to fall out of the sky and the earth would flood. No one beleived him but his family. And Noah didn’t wait to build an ark when he saw the rain come. He built the ark on dry land. And we must build our homes on dry land in the wilderness.

We must fight the good fight of faith and not let Satan have our minds and our mouths. Satan will say, “Well, you are stupid. Why make a home for a husband who is drunk all the time and will never amount to anything?” Well, I will tell ya why. It’s because God rewards those who are diligently seeking Him.

And faith is something you don’t see but it has substance — and can move mountains. We can’t see the wind but we know it is there as it blows our hair and we feel it on our skin. Faith in a home moves hearts and causes them to get in line with God.

  • Learn to walk by faith and not sight.
  • Learn the word of God and count on His promises to take you through.
  • Quit listening to this and that counselor that has told you that your marriage is hopeless.
  • Get up off your bed of sorrow and make a home in your wilderness. Create a fruitful land — a spiritual land of milk and honey.
  • Let yor spirit soar to places in God where miracles reside.
  • Let go of the past and dream of a new and wonderful life in Christ.
  • Seek the wisdom of God and be the wise woman who builds her house upon the rock.
Don’t give up
and you will see
His Glory.
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