Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Duties of Faith

His strength is made perfect in our weakness. When we are weak, He is strong.

A true witness for Christ dies daily and takes up her own cross for Christ. The cross before her and the world behind her.

It is the oppression of the world that gives us anointing, strength and virtue, as we walk in obedience in spite of it. As the world tries to snare her, she runs back to the hollow of His hand. He gives her more anointing and power and virtue.

And our lady of virtue stands on stage for the world to see.

Who is she?

She is our lady of courage, the Proverbs 31 woman. A woman of wisdom. A mother trained by God in faith and power.

She is the Rose of Sharon who blooms in the wilderness.

She is the stream of water that waters the prophet in the desert.

She is the virtuous woman.

She is Sarah.

She is Elizabeth.

She is Mary.

She is Ruth who forsakes all to follow Naomie the virtuous woman.

She honors her husband after he is dead, as she does him good all of her life.

Our weakness is His pedestal of faith. Our strength is in Him and He alone. Not in our education or in our job, but in our place of obedience as wife and mother. Our school to learn the fruits of the Spirit is in our home. As we submit to our husbands. As we sacrifice to care for the Baby in the middle of the night.

We won’t learn prudence and stability sitting in church, learning about faith, unless we bring it all home to duty and order.

Faith cannot run wild; it must have a harness. A gun must be aimed. Electicity, to be of any worth, must be harnessed. Virtue must be steered in the home to be of any worth.

Today, willingly sit under your husband’s words and His authority. Let him be the author of your life.

With willing hands, make his breakfast, his lunch, and dinner.

Willingly pick up the baby and comfort her.

Willingly sweep the floor and do the dishes.

Bring faith into your spiritual muscles.

Arise unto God and take on your harness and be prudent daughters of faith and courage.

Those of you who wait in faith, wait a little longer.

When all hope is lost, and you have run out of options, and the devil has convinced you that God has not heard you, wait a little longer.

The truly courageous Mother and wife of the hour is not the strongest one among us, but the woman who just waited a little longer. She says with her weakness, “I believe I will give it another day.”

This woman has no place to go but unto Him. She won’t give up until she sees His glory. Her heart is His. She has hoped in Him and she sees no relief until He comes. Her lamp is full of oil and she will not go with another groom. A sword has pierced her heart and Jesus is the only healer for her brokeness. She awaits Him to marry Him; to blend her life with His.

Ruby encourages her to wait upon Him.

She walks in the darkness in the unknown and the devil proves himself to her that God is not with her. And still she walks on.

Her mind is tormented and yet she walks on.

And at the time satan seems to have her convinced that all is truly lost — by her obedience, she gets up and turns her back on Satan.

And it’s at this point the miracle and the anointing will come.

Don’t give up, dear suffering saints, for you will see His glory if you will not faint.

His glory and miracles are not in this world but on the outside edge of it.

If you don’t give up, you will see His glory.

Or, you might say…
When you do give up
you will see
His glory.

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