Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Old-Time Coffee Cake & Refrigerator Biscuits

This morning Jim has to work … well, later this morning. Last evening, as we were visiting in the living room, I told him that I would make him a Coffee Cake this morning with his fried eggs and sausage.

The Old Time Mothers used to make these quick cakes for breakfast or for afternoon coffee with the neighbors. Mother’s regular, light dinner cakes used to take a long time to make, as Mother had to beat the eggs by hand to make her cakes nice and fluffy and light. But the Coffee Cakes were quick to make in her kitchen, as she made her coffee for unexpected company. These cakes are not light and have a very simple taste — just right to eat with hot coffee.

You just make up a simple biscuit dough … maybe add an egg, if ya wanna, when ya add the milk. You could add a cup of sugar, too. I have a small can of peaches, so I will put this fruit in my cake. I will use the peach syrup as part of the liquid. You can add spices, too, like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, or a pinch of ground cloves. I will use about a cup of brown sugar. After I get my Coffee Cake all mixed up and in a buttered pan, I will top the cake with more brown sugar and cinnamon, and some dabs of butter. You could put nuts on the top, too, if ya have some. Then I will bake my cake in a hot oven until it is brown.

Basically, a Coffee Cake is like muffins that you just put all in one pan and top it with sugar and spices. Once in a while, if it is on sale, I will buy a sack of self-rising flour. I will use this flour as I make my coffee cake this morning. I mean, ya don’t need the self-rising flour, but it makes your Quick Breads and Coffee Cakes very light.

Ok, here’s a few more ideas for a Coffee Cake. Just make up your biscuit dough and add some sugar in the dough, too, if ya wanna. Grease your pan and then take wads of the biscuit dough and dip them in milk, and then in sugar and cinamon, and put them in your pan. Just make a few layers like this. When they are done, just flatten the lumps down flat with your hands. Then, over the top, put brown sugar and spices and a few dabs of butter.

Another snack the old time Mothers used to make for the children was the raisin cinnamon buns. These buns were convenient for the little children to eat with their hands outside, so the adults could visit inside. These buns were just made like biscuits but with raisins and a bit of sugar added. They are hardier than a cookie and kept the children happy until Mama got home and put supper on.

When I was a little girl growin’ up, the neighbor children and I would sit on my swing set in the evening after supper and eat left over supper biscuits and tell all the latest family gossip.

I read a story once about a Mother out on the prairie who would make a few dozen of these raisin buns and take them in a sack to the young mother going into labor. These buns kept the family’s children happy and full until the baby was born. Then, the midwife or another neighbor woman helping out fixed them all a bit of supper.

You really don’t even need sugar in the raisin buns, as the raisins sweeten the dough. But if you want to add spices, you will have to add the sugar or honey.


If you don’t want to make the homemade biscuit dough for the Coffee Cakes, just use the refrigerator biscuits. Cut the refrigerator biscuits into fourths with a knife and then dip each piece in milk and some sugar and cinnamon, and layer these pieces in a buttered pan. Then put more sugar and spices on the top and bake. Now, we used to call this Monkey Bread. I used to use the refrigerator biscuits for a lot of meals. But, mainly, I used the homemade. If I found the refrigerator biscuits on sale, I would buy them.

I used to take hot dogs and squeeze a refrigerator biscuit around each hot dog and then bake them until brown. My children loved these for a simple lunch with ketchup and macaroni and cheese.

Another thing I used to make with the refrigerator biscuits is little fruit pies. Just grease a cookie sheet, and take 5 refrigerator biscuits and flatten them out on the pan so they look like flat pancakes. Then, put a few tablespoons of fruit filling in the middle and flatten another biscuit to go on the top. Prick a few holes in the top biscuit to let out the air, and seal the edges with fork prints. Then just bake until brown.

Also, I would make Tuna Salad Sandwiches like this. You can use any filling.

Then, sometimes, if we wanted donuts, I would deep fry the refrigerator biscuits. Just stretch them out and put a hole in the middle and deep fry them. I made these a lot for the children and them we sprinkled these with powdered sugar … or cinnamon and sugar. The children loved these and ate them while they were hot. If any were leftover, we ate them cold. I would use a couple tubes of biscuits for this.

These are all just quick desserts to have with meals or for unexpected Tea Parties.

Happy Day to all of you Kitchen Saints. Enjoy the children and pamper your husband.

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