Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Good Morning Mothers.

Are you up yet? Remember, the secret to having a happy Mother in a Happy Home is to rise while it is yet night and give meat to your household. As a young Mother, I thought this scripture meant to give my family meat for breakfast every morning. Well, maybe that, too. Now, as an older Mother, I think this means spiritual meat. So often, if my family was having problems, I would rise early and pray and, when they all woke up and saw Mama happy and full of faith, it came on them, too.

The early bird catches the worm or the devil. Ya got to get up early to go fishin’ and, to pray, you need to rise early and fish for souls. The morning hours are holy precious hours. The moving of the Spirit is so much clearer early, in the stillness of the a new morning. Later on, our dear families get up and they need breakfast or the little ones need their diapers changed and their breakfast.

You can pray on your feet. Yes, all of us Mothers pray all day as we run from one chore to the next. But it’s a special kind of prayin’ early in the morning. Kinda like getting up early to have coffee with Jesus. To have some private time with Him. To talk over the things that really matter deep in a Mother’s Heart. Like, “Lord, does my husband really love me? What can I do to make him happy? What can I do to build faith in my children? Teach me, please, Lord.”

Years ago, we had an incident that just kept our family so upset for about a month or so. The man we were paying our house payment to, with taxes included, hadn’t paid our taxes in about 3 years. We get this card in the mail that tells us that our house is being sold on the auction block for past taxes due. We had no money to get a lawyer … had we had any money, we would have paid the past taxes and then gotten it from the man who wasn’t paying them, later on when the coast was clear. The main thing was to get the money to pay the taxes before the house was sold.

We had 3 children home at the time. This was not in any way our fault, as we had paid the taxes with the house payment, as we had for about 20 years at the time. I had to just cast my burdens over to the Lord. I had 3 children at home that needed me to home school them. Papa needed encouragement. I had to be strong and not give up.

Often, I would rise early to pray and just shake with fear. If our house was sold, where would we go? But I would rise early and pray, and I would just see Jesus as my provider. Of course, Papa was going to punch all of them in the nose. But, ya know, Jesus did give me peace day to day and, finally, this man did pay all the back taxes, just in time before the house was sold. Man talk about livin’ on the edge!

Then, my dear Jim got a loan and paid this man off, that we had the house contract with, and we began to pay our own taxes. Thank God for my husband. I played my part in this and Jim played his. It seems to be my part to pray and seek the Lord and be quiet, and Jim plays the part of provider and shield for me and the children.

I could have gotten up every morning, upset and mad and ready to murder someone. I mean, who would have blamed me? We were cheated and about to lose our house any day. Who wouldn’t be on edge? And yet, the Lord — THE LORD — gave me peace, as I looked for Him early in the morning.

He has a plan for all of us. But the main thing, dear Mother, is to keep your heart in peace, for out of it are the issues of life. Some of our husbands aren’t as spiritual as we may like, but our obedience to God can change this. By the obedience of one, many were made righteous. And we need, as wives, to stay in our places and pray when things go wrong. And any woman of prayer will tell you that the secret to answered prayer is to seek the Lord early in the morning. We may weep for the night but Joy comes in the morning.

Rise while it is yet night and give spiritual meat to your family.

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