Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cocoa Mix

You need a big gallon jar to make this mix. Or just make it in a big bowl or a sack* and then distribute it into other containers. But this mix will last a big family the whole winter, well past Christmas.

Ok, put in your bowl:
7 and a half cups of instant milk.
2 cups of sugar
1 cup of cocoa
one fourth teaspoon of salt.
Now mix this up really good and you got it, Darlin’. Use a third cup of mix for a mug of hot water.

Now, of course you could add less instant milk and add a container of the instant dry cream. Or add brown sugar instead of white, or use powdered sugar. You could add a can of Herseys Cocoa Mix to this, too. But, if you are poor, you can just make it simple like my recipe.

And it’s ok to be poor. It ain’t a sin — it’s just uncomfortable. You won’t have the same kick in your cocoa as your rich friends but you will be thinner, and for this, you can smile smugly. And, actually, you could laugh out loud when no one else is around.

But you must never, ever complain that you don’t have the money to buy the dry cream or the Herseys Cocoa Mix. Never let the rich ladies see you sweat … as they don’t know that you have to make your Christmas Cocoa Mix with just cocoa and instant milk and plain table sugar with a pinch of salt. Of course you can’t afford a vanilla bean that costs 3 dollars! But add instant vanilla pudding and fake it, and smile big like you have a vanilla bean in your Cocoa Mix but some how it just dissolved. Hhmmph!!! Never let the devil see ya sweat. Or Jezabel, who couldn’t make a biscuit if her life depended on it.

Ya know, Dixie used to tell me a story. It was about this husband who was always drunk. At one point, he got full of whiskey and shot up the town with his shot gun. His wife was a saint and prayin’ for her wayward husband. When someone asked her about her husband shooting all the street lights out, she said, “Well, he is a pretty good shot for being so drunk.” This woman never let the devil see her sweat. And ya know what? That woman’s husband got saved because his wife wouldn’t give up prayin’ for him. And that’s all it takes, simply, is prayer.

We ain’t supernatural. We can’t make things happen. But we can stand with our arms raised up like Moses so that God can defeat the army against us. Just stand, dear saints, with arms lifted to Jesus, for in Him comes your help. Stand up in His glory. Having done all to stand “Stand.” Stand in Him and, when your arms feel tired, let the saints come along and help you hold up your arms of faith. But don’t put ’em down, dear Mothers and wives. If ya don’t give up, you will see His glory.

*Put 2 paper grocery sacks together to make it strong. Then roll down the top of the sack to make a bowl. Roll about half way down.

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