Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Baking Mix

I am going to give you a recipe for a Baking Mix. I used to use this mix a lot around Christmas, as it is so quick and easy to use. You can use it for pancakes or muffins or quick breads. I used mine mainly for pancakes and biscuits.

Here is the mix. First off, you may have to go to the Buck Store and buy a big plastic dish pan to mix all of this in. Or use a big turkey roaster. Or, possibly, use a big paper grocery sack? I mean, put 2 paper sacks together to make it strong. Then roll down the top of the sack to make a bowl. Roll about half way down.

Here is the Recipe.

Take a five pound bag of flour. You could use half whole wheat. Anyway, pour this in the bowl.

Add to this 3 cups of instant milk.

Add a cup of baking powder and 1 cup of sugar.
3 tablespoons of salt.

Mix this all up with your hands.

Then throw in 2 pounds of shortening or lard. Now roll up your sleeves and work this shortening into the dry mix. Just mess with it and play with it. Squeeze it in your hands and rub the lard into the flour until you have all of the lard mixed into the flour mix. Now, there is no perfect way to do this. Just be a kid again and mix it all up and have fun.. And that will take you about a half an hour?

When you have this all done, then put the mix in some containers, like coffee cans or whatever. Keep one sack of it in the kitchen in a cool place to make biscuits, and keep the rest in the fridge. When it gets steadily cold here in Iowa, I store things on my closed in front porch.

To make biscuits with your mix, just put 2 cups of mix in your bowl, add a half cup of water, and stir to make a dough.

To make muffins, just put 2 cups of mix in your bowl and add a couple tablespoons of sugar, brown or white. Add a large egg and 2 thirds cup of water and stir up your muffins … the dough will be clunky. Don’t over stir it. Bake in a hot oven. You can add a cup of fruit to this, like apples or raisins, and add cinnamon to taste. Just experiment.

For pancakes, you add more water than the muffins or biscuits. Just put in a few cups of mix and an egg, and add water until the pancakes look right. The pancake batter should look like school glue, or that consistency.

I am hell at recipes. God help us. I just cook and bake by inspiration. I do go by a recipe, as far as the mix goes, but from then on, I go by hook and by crook.

But, Good Night, ya got enough mix here to kill an elephant, so if ya make a mistake making something, you can try it a half a hundred more times until ya get it right. And if ya goof this up, throw it outside to a crow.

Ok, I guess I have done all the damage I can do on this baking mix. I better write down the Cocoa Mix and keep on keepin’ on.

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