Saturday, February 24, 2018

Top Cleaning

Top clean in the mornings … just pick up.

Then, start cooking in the kitchen and, while you have something cooking on the stove, clean the kitchen. This way, you aren’t wandering off to the rest of the house. Just stay in the kitchen for about an hour.

All of your top cleaning on the rest of the house should be done before lunch. I am talking maybe 10 minutes in each room.

In the bathroom, just pick up, and run water over the sink to get the toothpaste down the drain. Hang up the towels, etc.

Make the beds, but don’t start any cleaning project in there until after lunch.

After lunch and a nap with the children for a few hours, then get up and vacuum and do a cleaning project.

Around 4:00 or so, get supper and, the rest of the evenng, you should be free to rest with the family or do lesson plans and reading while they watch tv or whatever.

Do a light clean up after supper if you are too tired to do a lot. Just make sure the food is put away, so it won’t spoil, and clean the table off. I don’t always get my dishes done every night, but the next morning while fixing breakfast, I get things cleaned up.

One thing to never do is to take condemnation on your role as a homemaker. That will stop you as nothing else will. I won’t allow the devil to condemn me. My house ain’t perfect and never will be. But my floors are clean enough for the Baby Rose to play on, and this is what I care about.

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