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Which Witch?

Dear Mothers,

Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom. Today is my niece Ashly’s birthday and we are also celebrating Jim’s and David’s birthdays. Anyway, we went to Barnes and Noble bookstore. Mom needed to rest and I got her seated by the magazines and I looked around a bit. They had this one magazine and now I can’t remember the name of it. But it was about wisdom for women — the wrong kind. It had some good stuff in it mixed with stuff about witches. There is a fine line there as with anything spiritual.

Satan always has a counterfeit. The difference is the blood of Jesus as your remedy and the scriptures about the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom. So if you see something in a book or whatever that talks about wisdom but doesn’t glorify the blood of Jesus or the fear of God’s word as first, then stay away from it. Horoscopes and all of that is crazy because it tells you to depend on something other than God’s word for your directions. But moon signs and the old folk lore about when to plant potatoes, etc. is, I believe, the wisdom of God.

Herbalism seems to be over in the playing field of witches. That’s so WRONG and the true women of God should understand and know all about herbs and their purposes. But this wisdom of God concerning the seasons, and planting times and harvest, should be thought of as holy wisdom from God.

The women of God should be experts in knowing how to use herbs for medicine and cooking. Instead, the church has warned us to stay away from some of this home wisdom. But, see, up in the mountains, back in the old days, there were no doctors close. Some of the families were miles from each other. So in a community of folks, there would be a granny midwife and some other men and women that had certain gifts of healing. Some knew how to blow a fire out of your body if you had been burned badly. Some had gifts of healing for thrush. And some had a gift of being able to stop bleeding. I think Aunt Toot had this gift, as she came by once when I was hemorrhaging and she prayed for me and the blood stopped. But a lot of these gifts should be in the Christian community.

The Christian mothers should know and understand the gifts of healing and how to cast out devils. Mother should be able to discern spirits in her home and under the spiritual authority of her husband. All of this should be in the Christian home and not thought of as spiritual witchery. The Mothers of God should be full of knowledge and wisdom concerning the home. Her knowledge will bring much joy and gladness into the home.

See, I almost don’t deal with money at all. If I need something, the Lord gives it to me without my asking most of the time. I am the Lord’s wife. I am married to Him and He knows me and what I need. He is first in my life. And He has given me to Jim so that Jim can protect me so that I can be mother and wife and keeper of our home. I am a writer and teacher under Jim’s authority.

The more powerful a woman is, the more she understands that she is to be spiritually covered. Any woman out there who is not covered by male authority usually don’t have much power from God. In the first place, God won’t give her any power because He knows she is dangerous and will stick her sword anywhere and at will. If she has a bad day, she will use her power to pulverize her husband or children. And, see, you don’t want to go around casting out demons if you aren’t in submission to your husband. That devil you threw out of someone will attack you because he will know that you are not God’s. And demons will play cat and mouse games with witches until he destroys them. He chases ’em out and gets them loaded with pride and he pets their flesh. They are prized turkeys for his table.

Satan always leads to death, one way or the other. He robs his victims and steals their families from them. They refuse to bow their knees to the Lord Jesus. And, oh, Sisters, what a mess we have to deal with in the spiritual realm. There is no sound teachings out there and women are running wild. And they see teachings on witches and since we are made to be clinging vines, many women cling to these false teachings. And I think especially about wisdom. Because witches seem to love the kitchen, too, where they can mix up brews. But any teaching that doesn’t put the Lord’s word as first place and as the only authority is a cult. And any cult leads to death and destruction. And any teaching that says that Jesus was not God in the flesh is a cult. And any teaching that says that they can enter heaven without the blood is a cult.

We have to, as mothers and wives, focus our spiritual eyes upon the blood of Jesus and that He is God. He came in the flesh as the Savior and we must receive Him. His mother Mary is our example of power and also of submission. A powerful woman is always submissive to her husband. A wise woman is never an end in herself. She is always wise as she relates to her husband and children.

Most feminists are witches, whether they own up to it our not. It’s that danged pride that gets ’em in the most trouble. They ain’t gonna bow their knee before a man. But in the end, every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. So Jezebel may not bow now but she will bow later.

I was talkin’ to my girl Chrissy, age 30, on the phone last week. I was kinda makin’ fun of the feminists. And she said, “Mom, feminism is not always as you think.” She said, “Mom, you have always been your own woman and it took a lot of guts to do what you did and how you raised us kids alone for a long time.” And I talked to Mary, 19, about this, too. And she said the same thing. In other words, “Mom, you submit to Dad but you have always had your own way about ya.” My son Jimmy tells folks that his Mom is not your typical born again Christian. He says, “Mom is a free thinker.” And I think that the unbelievers are laughin’ their asses off at some of us women that can’t hold our own.

I told Mary a few days ago, as we discussed feminism, “Mary, what I am trying to tell you kids is that religion is not it! It is a personal relationship to Christ.” My kids know pretty much not to relate me to the church anymore — or Christian TV. Thank the Lord. Because any thinking human being is gonna know that the religion taught in the world today is a bunch of hogwash. And our young kids are wondering about why any of us still believe this stuff. And most of the churches are full of old people. Because many of the young folks are tired of being duped. They are tryin’ to get ahold of something that will hold their families together. And I can well understand them going to witchcraft. At least witchcraft has a plan.

“Give your money to the preacher so you will be rich” is no longer even a crowd pleaser. And anyway, by now all of us Christians should be millionaires if that worked. It is a message that was preached 20 years ago and has had a long time to catch on by now. But it was a lie in the first place and now it has been proved a lie. Big Deal. Us poor folks saw through that one a long time ago. I was so poor, I couldn’t afford to get up in the morning. But I had more miracles than the rich folks, and still do.

I loved this one message of this preacher — it went like this. “Send me a thousand dollars and I will send you a pen with my name on it absolutely free without cost or obligation.” Aunt Toot and I used to laugh our heads off over that one. And who needs a pen with someone’s name on it when your children have no food? And you wives that stay home and your husband gives you money and you give it to the church without your husbands OK? Lady, that devil is gonna turn around and bite you good. But I say all this to say the mothers of the wisdom of God should be the examples.

Wise Mothers

But the wise mothers should be like God’s hands going deep in the earth. I see in my spirit His fingers reaching down into the world and sifting it as wheat. Like when we make biscuits and we mix the shortening down into the flour separating the flour from the grease. We are the examples, the teachers. God’s fingers and hands extended. We need to pull down upon the power of God and make families with His anointing.

We need to build homes with wise and obedient hands. And as many of us do this, we will move the earth for the Lord and wisdom will come upon the earth. We won’t move the earth through a fervor of false religion but by obeying God when no man can see us. We must serve the Lord with a singleness of eye. Are we women God can trust at home alone when no crowd is there to cheer us on? Can we serve Him in the dark place of discouragement and fear? Or will we give up and run like a scared dog? Once He knows He can trust us in the dark, He will give us a golden crown of wisdom.


Large Family Salad

One salad I love to make is Pasta Salad. I use all kinds of pasta in it together. Like, if I have a dab of the curly pasta and some of the bows and macaroni and spaghetti (I break it up in small pieces, about an inch long), or the ziti pasta, I just put it all in the pan of boiling water and boil it all together. It’s a good way to use up your dibs and dabs of pasta.

Once it is cooked, just add the bottle of vinegar and oil dressing and, if you have any dabs of salad dressing in the fridge, just throw this in, too. I mean, the dressing should be mostly the Italian vinegar and oil. But a tablespoon of this and that dressing will add some new tang to it.

Then just add your fresh vegetables, like fresh tomatoes and the multicolored peppers. It’s a good way to use up the vegetables from your garden. I have used canned tomatoes before, if it is in the dead of the winter and I don’t have the fresh ones. One veggie that I have started adding is a can of plain corn. Jim doesn’t eat this stuff, so I can go wild with it, and the adult kids love it for any family dinner.

I make a big bowl of it, and then it is good or better the second time around. The different textures of pasta make a pretty salad and the medley of colorful vegetables make this salad the star of the show. I also add the black olives and black coarsely ground pepper. But you could use most any fresh vegetable. Drained green beans would be good, or any canned vegetable, like lima beans, drained. Then put fresh herbs in it, like basil and chives, parsly or cilantro, onions and garlic. Just get a nice big bowl and have a ball makin’ this stuff. Make sure it doesn’t get dried out. Sometimes, as it sits, it gets too dry … just add more dressing or olive oil.

If you make your own bread and have this salad made for the family, then they can always eat it in big bowls with a piece of crusty bread, and this is a meal in itself. It’s a good filler. Teenagers love this stuff, too, and it keeps ’em busy chewin’ all the fresh veggies up. Our older kids even like iced tea to go with it.

You can get a big bowl at the Dollar Store, or just use a gallon ice cream bucket. To store it in the fridge, I put it in ziplock bags, and the next meal, I just take it out and put it back in a bowl for the table.

JillR used to make this with macaroni, some butter and mayonnaise, chopped up boiled eggs, and pickles. She made it like potato salad, only with macaroni. That’s a good salad, too. (I used to put horseradish in my potato salad … just like about a tablespoon.)

Winter Family Meals

In our area right now, it is a good time to buy potatoes and squash and pumpkins. They are all reasonably priced. Most of the time, you can buy the big bags of potatoes for cheaper per pound than the smaller bags.

I used to use my front closed in porch for like a second refrigerator in the winter. I would store milk out there. Then, for a cool place for potatoes, I used my laundry room off the kitchen. I have a pantry back there, too. But in your home, you probably have places to store potatoes where they won’t spoil. I have my root cellar, too, and I put much of my home canned things down there. And also, at times, I used the cake mixes. They make the big cakes and, in a pinch, they worked well for us.

But, Mothers, if you can really discipline yourselves to getting up early and making pancakes or oatmeal for the family, this will make ’em happy and save on the grocery bill. And then, after breakfast, just start your bread for the day.

When the hamburger was high priced, I would buy ground turkey and mix it with ground beef. I used this mixture for chili and beef soups and many casseroles. I would take my big cast iron dutch oven and put a few pounds of ground turkey in it and hamburger. I would fry it up and add onions and spices. After it was done and cooled, I would package this in small packages for the freezer. Ground turkey is so cheap, and I think you can buy it by the box cheaper.

Also, many years ago, I got a second hand freezer. When this went out a few years back, it was like losing an old friend. It was huge and I could store gallons of milk in it. I used to pray when I went into the grocery store and I would ask the Lord to show me the buys. And a lot of time, I would happen upon dairy products that were almost outdated. I would buy it all up and bring it home and freeze it. Well, many times the kids would drink the milk up before the date was up. I made a lot of yogurt and used it in place of sour cream or buttermilk, or we just ate it with fruit. So, when the cream was on sale, I would buy it up for 25¢ a half pint and make yogurt with it. I made it in a big stone crock. David just loved it with a bit of sugar on the top … it was rich and thick. I made cream cheese with it, too.

But, ya know, if you can just get up early and start your baking early, before you start school, then this is a good thing. I would have my children pretty much underway for school about 10:00 am. I got them up at 6:00 and they had chores to do and had to get dressed and cleaned up. And then, by 7:30, we had devotions together and sometimes we did history together in the lower grades. Then I would help them with some things like math and usually, by 10:00, I was back to the kichen. The children had to keep the living room and dining room vacuumed; they took turns. And their beds had to be made before we started school. I rarely did dishes as they had to do them; they took turns.

But I had to cook and bake or we wouldn’t have had any meals. And I never wanted my children to think that we didn’t have the food they needed. I mean, sometimes the children made cookies or helped with the cooking, but I was the one who mainly did the cooking and baking. And as the children got older and were in high school, I had to study to keep up with them. But I had to put my heart into the kitchen and into praying to stay ahead of the meals. If I got low on milk for the children, I would mix the whole milk with instant, half and half. They didn’t know the difference unless they saw me mix it. So I did a lot of this on the sly. I made loads of bread puddings for desserts, and cake puddings from leftover cake.

And, ya know, when the children are being schooled at home, you have to give them three good meals a day. It isn’t like when they went to public school where they get a hot lunch … heck, some mothers send their children for breakfast, too. (Well, if ya have to, I guess its better than nothing.) But if your familiy is all home all day, then you gotta really cook or go broke on buying mixes.

I think, too, what the Lord is telling me to say is that I cooked on purpose. It wasn’t something I did once in a while or off the cuff. It was what I mainly did to put food on the table. I gleaned and rummaged and prayed for food for the family. It was my occupation. See, if Papa and me were out doing errands with the children on a Saturday or whatever, we didn’t have the option to go to the McDonalds on the way home. So on a Saturday morning, I was up early before we left with the family, and I had soup goin’ for when we got back home.

One big meal the family loved was this. I took my big turkey roaster and filled it with vegetables and fried hamburger and tomato soup, and I would cook it on low all night. The children would smell it in the night and could harldy wait to eat it for noon lunch. I would turn if off the next morning, but then I would heat it up just before we ate it. I always felt such satisfaction as I had things made ahead for my family to eat. I mean, I could have complained and came home to a cold house and stove and said, “Well, if we could just go to McDonalds once in while it would be nice.” But I didn’t want to complain. I figured Papa was doing his best to support us and I wanted to do my part, too. I wanted my children to depend on Mother for what they ate. I didn’t let my children hang at the Quick Trip. When they got hungry, they thought of Mother and home and what was going on at home.

Once I made a huge batch of vegetables with macaroni and fried meat, herbs and tomato soup. Johnny’s wife says she will never forget that meal. I made it when she came to visit, before they were married, and I had so little to cook with. (Most of the children were still home.) But Christine still remembers that meal — it was wholesome and good and brought the family together in love and happiness. It was a warm meal, prayed over and put together with joy. Christine would sneak in the kitchen and eat it when no one was lookin’. Well, I had made plenty, so I didn’t care. Christine is a skinny lil thing, cute as a button, and the mother of my first grandson, Romeo Paul.

But good food and plenty of it is a blessing to a family. It’s worth the work and prayer. Papa has never turned anyone away from our table. He just figures Mama has made enough to go around. And this was a burden I kept to myself. I just never wanted my family to think we didn’t have enough food for what we needed.

With all the other hardships a family goes through, they deserve at the end of the day to have a warm meal and a cheerful and happy mother to put it on the table … whatever it takes, dear Mothers. If ya need to go to the library and get some back to the land cookbooks, then do it. But don’t serve your family with a stingy hand or naggy mouth. Serve them with gladness and prosperity in your heart.

When I didn’t have milk for the children, I gave them “fancy water” out of my best crystal glass pitcher. All it is … was water with ice in it. But I served it with love to a family that took first place in my heart. Papa prayed over it and thanked the Lord for it. And the children thought they were served an expensive beverage. It’s all in the presentation, Dear hearts.

Serve your family as you would the Lord, with a Joyful heart, and the family will receive your ministry with Joy and gladness, peace and a warm contentment.

Wisdom in the Street

Dear Mothers,

Good morning. I am up early this morning. Made some coffee and was reading my Bible and praying.

Ya know, yesterday I was talking about prophesy and how many of us have to be led by the Lord alone as we have no shepherds. We have to mainly submit to our husbands and they are our priests.

The Bible says that wisdom is our stability. And, dear hearts, if you read Proverbs, you will understand the wisdom — and if you use her as your platform and your stability, then your eyes will be open and you will have discerning of spirits. You won’t be walking in double mindedness and you will be stable in all of your ways.

Proverbs 1:20 is very interesting to me. That verse has always given me a different look at wisdom. Here are the words. “Wisdom crieth without. She utters her voice in the streets.” I used to really wonder about this verse. I would tell the Lord that I thought wisdom was hidden and not out in the street. But ya know, the wisdom of God is everywhere. And I have sensed her many times in the street.

Ya know, some of those little sort of hippie shops — the ones with all the antiques and collectibles? Sometimes, when I go into those shops, I feel the spirit of domestication come over me so strong, I feel like I will get diarrhea or that I will throw up or something. The spirit of wisdom comes over me like a blanket. I mean, I don’t get sick or anything. But what I mean is something takes place in my body. I get so relaxed and domesticated — and the spirit of HOME just falls on me like a heavy cloud. All of the crazy things in my head gets squashed and my mind clears up. My stability comes and it’s like a graveness comes over me, a seriousness for duty. And then I will look for the lady who has designed the shop and she looks sort of worldly. And I think, “How in the world did this woman design such a shop that holds the wisdom of God?” And in talking to her, you will see that she has left home and puts everything into her shop. So the wisdom is in the shop and not in her home. It seems to be in her heart or in a dream she dreamed or a vision she had. It’s so sad to me. Ya know? Because the lady seems to have a connection with wisdom that would be hard for me to recreate in my own home. I mean, it is as though she is a teacher who draws many women to the Lord through the wisdom and yet she herself isn’t able to walk it out in her home. It’s a very queer thing to me, and very sad.

One time, I went to a living history farm. This woman was in the 1800s cabin cooking on an old wood stove. She said to me, “This is just an extension of how I live at home.” And I thought “Yes!” This is what I wanted to hear.

It seems so strange to me to see a woman with short dyed hair with a perm somehow making a shop that inspires me to dwell with wisdom. But to me, this is how I would describe Proverbs 1:20 as wisdom in the street calling to the women to be wise. And ya know, back in the 70s when I was a young mom, the health stores had barely taken off — around here, anyway. But we had this health food store that we used to go to. Oh, it was a riot. And I could just sense the spirit of wisdom in there. Man, I would just beg Jim to take me there. Well, it was such an odd little place and oh, I loved it. Well, Jim and the kids would drop me off there and then they would park down the street. Even if I didn’t have any money to buy anything, I just wanted to get in there and have some of that spirit fall on me. Of course, I had Papa havin’ a cat in the car and racin’ the motor and the kids cryin’ out the window that they wanted me to hurry up. But some of the time, I would get my friend Jill to let me ride along with her to the health store and, oh, I would have a ball there.

Now this place was down in the slums and put together by a bunch of hippies. It didn’t look like a small hospital with white walls and shelves of expensive vitamins.

This little health store reminded me of the old time stores. It had the wood floor with wide planks. When ya walked across it, you sounded like the clop clop of a horse’s hooves. They had big barrels, like vats, that you could turn the spigot and draw out your own corn oil or honey, molasses or syrup, etc. You were to bring your own jars from home and fill them. Then the ladies would weigh the filled vessels and you would pay for it. There were wooden shelves from ceiling to floor with gallon jars of herbs and spices. You were to take the jar down and weigh the spices yourself and then you put it in a sack and put the price on it, etc. They trusted you that you weighed it correctly. Jill and I used to buy vanilla beans, three for a buck. We would buy them in the fall and put them in our sugar canister and our hot chocolate mix for the winter. The store owners had a back room where they had a kitchen. They always had a big pot of soup goin’ on back there. And you could smell it when you came in. In the summer they had a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, organically grown.

During the 60s and 70s, there was a great revival. This produced the Jesus freaks, and I was one of them. Anyway, I think this revival really raised up the wisdom of God There was a lot of books out then about the home and the husband’s place as priest and the wife’s place as keeper at home. And ya know, the wisdom of God doesn’t seem to have a place now in this age. And when someone senses the wisdom, they call it “Hippie Stuff.”

Ya know, you have read my writings about my friend Jill. Well, her son Tony turned out to be a preacher. He is 28 years old. He has such a heart for God. He was raised like my kids were. Anyway, Jill tells me, at times, that Tony begs his mom to be a hippie again. “Mom, let your hair grow long and wear the long flowered skirts and aprons.” He says that until he can find a woman to marry that reminds him of his mom in the 70s, he just won’t get married at all. And when Tony preaches, the holy conviction falls.

Jill was faithful to raise him and his sister alone after the father had deserted them. Jill had a garden and canned and stored her food for the winter. She was so poor and yet so rich in God. We were on welfare but we mothers were honest. Jill told the welfare board, “I don’t want to go out to work. I want to stay home and take care of my family.” One young college woman who worked there said, “Can she say that?” Jill just explained that her husband had left the children and she didn’t want to leave them, too. And no one worked harder than Jill.

Oh, the wisdom of God was so powerful in her home. She lived in a duplex. She had the lower level. And in her back yard she grew her vegetables and herbs. Her gardens were a feast for the eyes. Her home housed the wisdom of God. Her life was a merry feast when she was right with God. But she just couldn’t hang on as the winds blew so hard against her and the world came calling to her. And she regrets it that she didn’t stay with the wisdom of God. I regret it, too, as she was such a prize for Jesus. But still in her home, you can still sense the wisdom and yet it somehow came out of her heart. And I think that this is what the Lord is saying this morning about wisdom is that it has to be in your heart.

I don’t know. I am only the writer and I learn as I write. But ya know, I can only say what I think. I am not always going to be correct, either. I believe that my writing is inspired, but I dunno. And a lot of my writing today is about what I think or the impressions of wisdom that I have. Maybe it is not right. I am just speaking out of a heart that has been chasing wisdom for a good long time. I can just sense her sometimes, standing beside me. Or as I feel inspired to make a craft of some kind. Yesterday, I sensed her as I tried to encourage my neighbor — I will call her Nancy.

Wisdom’s Voice

I sat with a dear friend of mine yesterday, a precious Christian Sister. I sensed in her a deep grief. I couldn’t make her laugh as I once could. And I felt the wisdom of God come over me as I sat with her in her home. I said to her, “Now, Nancy, you have a lot to be thankful for. We both have our dear husbands that let us stay home and be homemakers. I have so much peace with Jim and I know you do with your dear husband. We have nice homes and we are protected from the evil influences in the world.”

Nancy is a dear mother and is grieving for her older children. I went on. I said, “Now, Nancy, this is not like you to grieve so. I am the same way at times. I worry over this and that until I feel I got it good and worried over. And then I go on to the next worry and I keep it up until I turn to the Lord.” I told her, “Oh, I know what it is to worry, but we just can’t worry like that. God is going to take care of our kids. Nancy, we have husbands to care for and a house to run. Our husbands work all day and when they come home, they should have the comfort and companionship of a happy and joyful wife.”

Nancy had been so nervous as she tried to fix us lunch. She dropped her plate of food in the floor. She burnt her hand. I felt so much compassion as I sat with her. But I refused to let the spirit of worry come on me. I just spoke simply of the wisdom of God. And I know she felt relieved. And the wisdom of God is so simple and the answer to so many things.

As we pivot from our places as Keepers at Home, we learn more of the wisdom of God. We must invite wisdom into our homes through our homemaking.

Wisdom dwells with prudence and understanding. Wisdom won’t enter your heart as you are watching a soap opera. You must seek wisdom as she is as fine silver. You won’t find gold as you watch TV. You must seek the wisdom in the word of God and put it first place in your heart.

Wisdom is your stability. She is the organizer of a wife and mother’s spirit. As you put your calling of Keeper at Home under Jesus Christ, of course, then you find a peace that passeth understanding.

Of course, I have written about Spiritual Housewifery. How when all is lost, we lay our hands down to the Lord’s righteousness. We yield our hands to His ways. We put our hands in the dishwater when we want to put our hands into worry and confusion. It’s hard to work the works of God and take care of a home without inspiration. And maybe the devil has turned your husband against you. It’s hard to do the dishes and clean the house and care for the children when your husband is cursing you. But as he is tearing your house down, you are building it with your hands. And in all of this, we fight the good fight of faith.

Ya know, wisdom is very child like. Remember when you were a little girl? How you would say to your play mate, “Let’s pretend that we are fixing a big holiday supper for our husbands. And let’s pretend our babies are asleep and we have a lot of work to do.” Remember how much fun all of this was? I loved to pretend my dolls were really, really real and that I could see them breathe. But let’s today be child like and have fun being wives and mothers. May God give us joy and gladness as we invite His wisdom into our homes today.

I will have Baby Rose today and Papa will be off work. I am going to ask him if we can do some shopping and go to the Salvation Army and take Rose. I have an outfit picked out for her that I want her to wear. It is a blue wool knitted old fashioned dress. I got it at a sale and it is so old timey. Then I got a white knitted coat with a hood. It’s really old time, too.

I plan to make soup this morning, and bread, and have it on the stove today to eat when we have the time. If the older kids run in and out, then they can serve themselves. Dan always wants me to use my cast iron pot for soup and not the crock pot.



Dear Mothers,

I don’t have much time to write as I will be gone this morning. Just wanted to make a few comments.

Yesterday, I watched some more of the Ken Copeland TV show about the vision of Oral Roberts. Ladies, at the risk of being misunderstood, I have to speak out. Ya know, all of this is such a deception. See, if you aren’t established in the word and on the family, then you can come up with anything. I would like to just be quiet about what I see. But I think in all of this, there is a teaching, too. I want to get back to the wisdom writings, too. But must make a detour here. Well, the wisdom writings have to be our foundation. If they are, then God can give us eyes to see — spiritual eyes to be guided by.

I watched the TV yesterday again. And here is Ken and Gloria and Billy. Now notice them. They will tell you everything about the second coming except what sin is and how to get forgiveness. See, the shepherds are to live godly lives and when they preach, they are to preach with a mighty convicting power from the Holy Ghost. Holy means pure and set apart from the world. But you never hear a word about sin on these shows. And sin ain’t goin’ to heaven. Hello? And they act like, on TV, that you can be a sinner and go to heaven or be taken up in the rapture when Jesus comes back. And these people will talk about everything except SIN on that TV.

I mean, they will talk about signs and wonders coming on the earth and how they are the chosen few. But sin? NO, they won’t talk about it. They will talk about how many places and countries the broadcast goes to — but not about sin. And no one is going to heaven or up in the rapture with unconfessed sin in their lives. Or without the shed blood of Christ covering them. And all the time I was watching this show, I was saying to the TV, “Get on with it — say it. Homosexuality is wrong. Abortion is a sin! Living with someone you are not committed to and are having sex with is a sin. This stuff will take you to hell and, in hell, you will burn forever and ever. Tell them that birth control for the believer is a sin. You are killing God’s own children. His own babies.”

See, Ken and Oral taught me when I was young to know the Lord. I loved them. But they have taken a dive and now want money more than God. Now because they won’t talk about sin, they have to get into all kinds of signs and wonders. Hey, let me tell ya. It don’t matter how many signs and wonders they see. Or how many visions they have or how many stations they are on. The truth is not being told. And ya know, the Bible says that many will say to the Lord in the last days, “I did many mighty works for you” and the Lord will say “I never knew you.” So it don’t matter how many miracles a prophet can do. What matters is does he tell the truth.

The truth is that sin will not enter into heaven. And these evangelists are not telling the homosexual the truth or the whores and prostitutes and pimps. They are lulling these people into hell. And hell will last forever and it is a fire that can’t be put out. And they will burn forever and ever. There is no turning back once you enter hell. It’s real. Unless you know Jesus as your Savior and Lord and are counting on His precious shed blood as your ticket into heaven, then, Darlin’ you are goin’ to hell.

Don’t listen to these folks that tell you stuff like “Get ready and turn to God.” This is too vague and the worst of perverts think they can enter heaven without repenting. But, see, each preacher should live a life that convicts the sinner of their sins. The old time preachers would pray all night before they got into the pulpit and when they preached, the mighty power of the Holy Ghost would fall like a damp cloud over a congregation. The people would cry out to God and run for the altar to confess their sins. They would cry at the altar in repentance. And Jesus forgives us our sins.

And ya know, just because someone was a prophet and mightily used of God at one time, this don’t mean anything unless they continue to live for God. The Bible speaks a lot about lying prophets. But, see, we are responsible as believers to know the truth. Like the scripture says, the shepherds in the last days have scattered the sheep. They are scattered because they don’t know what to believe. They are running scared and many are lost and can’t find their way back. But if you want the Lord God, read His word and repent and give your life to Him. The Lord will lead you as you turn to Him and He alone will be your Preacher and Shepherd. He will not leave you helpless and forsaken.

Another one I watched this morning was Joyce Meyers. Well, she is just lining folks up to go straight to hell. She says that if you will just vote for the man who is righteous, then you will have a righteous nation. What comic books is she reading? Righteousness for a nation comes from the preaching of an anointed shepherd. Politics ain’t gonna legislate a revival.

Jesus didn’t have to be a president to legislate our salvation. No, he was a revolutionist that changed the whole world by His obedience to Christ. He made everyone mad enough to kill Him and they did. He didn’t soft soap anyone or lull anyone into hell by being nice. He called the clergy snakes and vipers. And He voted, alright, by His life. And He voted against sin — and man’s goodness versus God’s commandments. And the clergy told Jesus that they were descendants of Abraham and that they didn’t do any wrong. And Jesus told them that He could raise up descendants of Abraham from the rocks on the ground. No, you must know Him as Father God to share His glory.

The old time preachers would go into a city and have revival. A Holy Ghost conviction would fall upon the city and the tavern owners would close down their own taverns. Not because of a law or the right president but because of mighty and holy spiritual wind that blew. The Holy Ghost’s convicting power. And this wind must come upon a man of God who will preach the word as it is to be preached in these last days. And he must be ready to die as Christ did for what He believed.

I know God is raising up men, even now, to preach the holy convicting power of the Holy Ghost. I can feel this wind as I write. I call the wives to repentance — to come home and to be right with God. This is my ministry. And as the women come home and pray, God will raise up priests and prophets who will be mighty for God, and will change our nation and turn them back to the God of their fathers.


Pumpkin Craft

I have had a craft idea I dreamed up and I want to try here soon. Ya know, right now the pumpkins in our area are dirt cheap. Jim got me two the other day for a buck apiece. So I just want to have fun with them and let my imagination run wild. I love the smell of pumpkin and I haven’t been able to buy any reasonably priced pumpkin scented candles, so this is what I may do today or at least I will, for sure, tomorrow.

Just slice the side off the pumpkin so that it looks like a boat. Clean it out of the seeds and stuff. Then I want to dig a few holes in the rind with a knife and put the little candles in it. Like maybe three holes and just put the little scented candles in it. I have some left over from other holidays. But, anyway, red candles or green would be fall-like colors.

Then around the candles, I want to put some cinnamon sticks and whole cloves and maybe some bay leaves, and a few pinecones and branches of rose hips. Then, when you light your candles, you would smell a spicey pumpkin smell.

This fall array would last you a few days. It would be nice to make this on a day you will be home all day. And then make a bean soup with ham hock for the family to come home to. Maybe make some homemade bread to go with it or pumpkin spice muffins.

For bean soup, I just take an array of beans and rinse them off, cook them until they boil, then let them set for an hour or so. Then I rinse this water off in about an hour, and then I get fresh water and cook the beans in a pot until they are soft, for atleast a few hours. Then I put in a ham hock or some bacon, and some onion and black pepper and salt. And then I usually throw in tomatoes or a tomato sauce. I use black beans and all kinds of the dried beans … the different colors make it pretty. Then I will put in a slice of green pepper (or yellow) and slices of onion. My bean soup always looks festive and colorful. Also, I will add some cubes of pumpkin. Not a lot — Papa would croak — and he said no black beans this time. So the black beans are out for today.

Now, if ya like black beans like I do, you could cook them in a separate little pot on the stove and put them in your own soup when you serve yourself … maybe the children like them, too. But I will add parsley and garlic and I dunno which other spices yet. I will just look through the cupboard and get creative.

We should be home this morning so I think I will got ahead and make my pumpkin craft.

Also, I always save my seeds and put them in a jar of salt water and let them sit a day. Then I drain them good and roast them in the oven with butter and salt and pepper, and a bit of garlic but … shhhh don’t tell Papa. Our family loves roasted pumpkin seeds.

But I love to use up my pumpkins and the more I use, the more Papa will happily buy me.

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