Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rose Hip Tea and Lemon Balm

As I write, I am drinking a cup of Rose Hip Tea. I have the most lovely bushes of rose hips growing only about 10 feet from me outside my door. My old wooden black door here in my dining room is screened in for the summer. My e-machine is on the cupboard close by. I can turn around from my typing and see the lovely branches. They are so pretty right now as Autumn is coming.

I just went out and picked a handful of rose hips … they look like berries. I put them in my blender and ground them up with a cup of water. Then I boiled this cup of water and ground hips. Then you steep it. Just put a plate on the top of the tea and let it set for a minute or so, better longer. Then you have to strain the rose hips out with a little tea strainer or a drainer of some kind. And then the tea is ready to drink.

This tea is excellent for vitamin C. Rose hips have far more vitamin C in them than oranges. So the rose hips are wonderful to grow beside your house and harvest for the winter in case of sickness. To harvest the berries, just pick them and put them in a jar and leave in the refrigerator.

Also, you can add lemon balm to your tea or any of the mints. I just added lemon balm to mine for my second cup this morning. My lemon balm doesn’t come up when my other mints and catmints (or catnips) come up. But it is up now and it is a favorite of mine. You can even wad it up fresh and drop it in your iced tea or lemon-aid. I do this with many of my mints in the summer time. Even if I am drinking a glass of iced water, I will pick some mint or lemon balm and bruise it and add it to my water. This is delicious … a real thirst quencher.

Yesterday I picked a bouquet of lemon balm and put it on my table. Then I can use it for a few days for teas or whatever. I just use it fresh like this. I used to dry a lot of the mints, etc. But I think this year I may freeze them in ziplock bags. To me, when you dry herbs for tea, it takes out a lot of the oils. And I like the taste of the oils. Actually, just before a frost, you could just pick a lot of the lemon balm and put it in the fridge to use fresh for a while, anyway.

Ya know, the mothers who came from England to the New England states grew their own teas. For one reason, they couldn’t get the tea from England anymore because they were at war. So the herb teas were called Liberty Teas. Because the Colonists were trying to gain liberty from England and start their own free states. (Now, this is how I understand it. Correct me if I am wrong.) But today, if we housewives will grow our own teas and our vegetables for winter, we will also be “Liberty Mothers.”

We as homemakers have an adventure, too, in front of us. As we live on one income and are chastened by the world because of our beliefs, we can be free, too. We can also make things with our hands and work to make a home that works for us, instead of against us. We have so much more to work with than our mothers of the faith in the past … if we have a kitchen and a roof over our heads we can make it, too.

We can learn to plant gardens and harvest and dry our foods. We can learn to plant herbs and use them for medicine and for cooking. We don’t have to depend on the store for everything we eat. We need to be zealous of good works, dutiful and faithful wives. Mete for the Master’s use.

You may say, “Well, I don’t want to read Connie’s writings today, as it it is just about recipes.” No. No. A million times no. It’s about survival, Darlin’. Spiritual suvival, as well as the physical survival. If you don’t keep busy doin’ the Lord’s work in your homes, the devil will give you plenty else to do. Choose carefully your battles. Do you want to be occupied with the works of your hands as wise women … or will you be chasing off and out of the coverings of your homes to fight battles that are none of your business? You will never be rewarded by God for fighting wrong battles.

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