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Good Morning

Yesterday, I had some cucumbers that I cut up to soak in cold salt water. (Today, I will make pickles.) Then I made a fruit cobbler with some of the apples Jim had picked from our tree. Also, I had a few peaches I put in, too. The cobbler was delicious. I knew I was having Baby in the afternoon, so I had to hurry and fix supper early before she got here. I made baked chicken and then put potatoes and carrots in the pan and baked it all in the oven.

It’s been pretty cool around here lately compared to the Iowa summers we are used to. Anyway, I had to pull out a lot of my herbs, just for the summer, as they were getting scraggly. And then I just put fresh dirt down where the mints were, and I plant zinniahs and marigolds for a Fall garden. The mints will get to dryin’ up and go to seed. So I just tear them out and it all returns the next spring. My basils are just in their glory right now. I plant basil each year … it doesn’t come back each year. (It doesn’t for me anyway, as our Iowa winters are too cold for some plants.) I have lemon basil and some other kinds, too. But they are so fragrant right now.

Our tomatoes are green yet but will turn soon. I wil make some wonderful herb salads. I just take a jar and fill it with cut up onions, peppers and mostly tomatoes. Then I put in about a fourth cup of vinegar and the same of sugar. I put in some salt and black pepper and plenty of leafy basil. I have garlic chives I could put in, too. But the star of this show is the basil and tomatoes. The more this salad sets, the better it is. Also, when I slice tomatoes for the table I always decorate the plate with basil.

I have to have plenty of basil in the summer, as it is my favorite. Sometimes I will set a bouquet of basil on the table, mixed with lemon balm and some wild flowers.

The tall zinniahs and marigolds are my favorite fall flowers. They will last for the rest of the summer here, and well into the fall. They look pretty in a fall display, dried and propped around the fall pumpkins and mulitcolored gourds and squashes. A light frost will kill a lot of flowers but it brings out the vibrant orange of the marigolds.

Bread and Butter Pickles

[To make bread and butter pickles] you just slice your cukes with slices of onions and peppers. And you put these in a big bowl and put in cold water with about 3 tablespoons of salt. I cover mine with a dish towel. Then you let them sit overnight.

Mine were sitting last night. Just now, I rinsed them off with fresh water and drained them. Then I put them in a big pan on the stove. I put in a cup of vinegar and a cup of sugar. Then a half teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of mustard seeds. I also added garlic — about a teaspoon of powdered garlic — and black pepper, and you can add celery seed — about a tablespoon. I didn’t add cinnamon or cloves or allspice but this is good, too.

But, anyway, just stir this up in your pan and let it come to a boil and shut it off. You are done. Also, when the mixture is coming to a boil, just press the cukes down with your spoon so the juice goes over the top. The cukes will wilt down as they heat up. Then I just put mine in a big jar and will leave it in the fridge for Papa. These are his favorites.

Now, usually, I would can these, but this time I just made enough for the fridge. I mainly do my own thing with whatever I make. This is dangerous when it comes to canning? But that is just how I do it and I haven’t killed anyone yet … thankfully.

Also, if you have a favorite pickle from the store? Just save the juice or the brine and take fresh cukes, put them in a pan, pour the leftover juice over the cukes, and bring it to a boil. Let it cool and put it all back in the jar. Put it in the fridge and eat ’em when ya get hungry. I pickle a lot of stuff, like cauliflower and carrots together.

Homemaking Faith

We get our visions for God through casting down vain imaginations and exalting God in our minds. Then we can express the visions through our mouth, as our mouth is the weapon that shoots out the power of God or the power of evil. Our mouth is connected to our spirits, either good or bad. Out of the abundance of a good woman’s heart, good things come out and will bring good things to pass. So our words are the force of our spirits, the words of our spirit. The words of our visions.

Ok, and this is where our homemaking comes in. We make a place for our visions to come into the physical with the works of our hands as obedient keepers at home. Every wise woman builds her house. She builds her house to make a place for her visons to flourish. She has to have a physical place to put her treasures of wisdom. With wisdom a house is built, with understanding it is established and with knowlege it is filled with many things.

Our home is our temple. It is our church … it holds our visions. Our visions are spiritual and we speak by faith and bring good to pass. But our house is where we put the good things. And our home must be spirtually built. Our hands must be an extention of our visions. Our art and creativity must come from the good visions of faith in your imagination or your heart. Whatever God has built in your imagination, you should build with your hands.

You are the temple of the holy Spirit. You have an inner court and a place called the Holy of Holies. Your temple is your mind. And this is where the battles are at, in your mind. Because satan seeks to try to take over your temple — your mind. He seeks to use you to destroy your own family with your hands. First, he gets into your mind and imagination. Then he gets you to confess the negative unbelief over your family. Then he can use your hands to destroy your house.

You either build your house as a wise woman, or you destroy it with your own hands as the foolish woman. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. So put God first in your heart and cast down the lies of the enemy. Put His visons first place in your life and live out of the visions in your heart. And speak them to the family … speak to your sons that they will be prophets of God … speak to your daughters that they wil be like Sarah and Mary and the other godly women in the word of God … speak to your husbands with reverence and praise and tell them that you know that they make wise decisions and that you trust them as a Godly man. Praise and honor them as the priests of your homes.

And take nothing less than a VICTORIOUS life in Jesus Christ. Make your home a kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Make your home a heaven on earth a place to birth sons and daughters for the Lord. Confess that your husband sits in the courts with the elders. Say that he is a godly and wise man who is, even now, making wise decisions for your family. Let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

All is Well

I can get myself into a cycle of worry that goes like this. I worry over the older kids who are out of state. Then I move on to each of the kids and their families here. I try not to worry and to have faith. But here is Satan trying to beat me to death with a spritual ax. But I don’t admit defeat and I keep applying the word of God to my family.

“All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.”

This is called fighting the good fight of faith. We struggle against the evil that tries to come upon our minds. The fear, which is a sin, tries to over take us, but we say, “No, devil I believe God. I believe God as Abraham and Sarah did. I believe God and He will reward me for diligently seeking Him.” And I quote the word in my heart … and I tell the Lord that I will be faithful as a mother and wife … and that I will not give up.

Yesterday, as I was struggling, the Lord spoke to my heart. He said, “Connie, you will never have to worry about your children … they will all know the Lord.” I received this word from the Lord as the truth. The Bible says that the sheep hear the Shepherd’s voice and they follow Him. Another’s voice they will not hear. So we are talking about spiritual ears here. God’s Spirit spoke to my spirit that all was well. Ok, as I receive this word, then it goes into action to promote my own answered prayer. We believe and then we receive the answer. We don’t see that our kids are all perfect and then we believe. No, we believe and then we will see the answer.

Now, see, the Lord gave me a word of faith. I had been standing on the word of God but fear was winning the battle. I didn’t have enough faith to get ahead of the devil’s lies. But then the Shepherd spoke to me and he put me over.

Ok, at that point I could have said, “Was that God speaking to me?” And then I would get off back into rank unbelief again. But I have been a believer for almost 40 years, so I know when the Lord is speaking. I know it was Him and I received His words to me … that all was well. How did I know it was God speaking? It’s just like how you know if it is your husband on the phone calling from work. You have heard his voice many times. You have shared your life with him and you know his voice. And if your husband is a good and truthful shepherd to you, like the Lord is, then you know that what he says is true. And I have learned to know His voice through many trials of my faith and I know when Jesus has spoken.

Oh, my God has been with me through many trials, and I have learned to act quicly when He speaks. And yet, I sin and the devil pressures me, and I forget the Shepherd and His word. And yet, the Bible says that though a righteous man or woman falls seven times, she shall not be utterly cast down. So again and again, many times past seven times, I fail and get back up and go again, and listen again for His footsteps. I listen again for His voice that anoints my head (mind) with oil. And healing comes as I receive again His words, “Connie all is well — the children are taught of the Lord”.

The tempter screams and yells, “No the kids are all going to hell!” But I listen to the Lord that says, “Your children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.” God comes to give us life abundantly. Satan comes to rob, kill and destroy. God speaks out of His word and gives us peace. But Satan comes to confuse us and make us fear. He wants to bring up past sins and try to discourage us. Satan seeks to wound us and weaken our walk with God. But God gives us strength and power and confidence in His word.

Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for. So, that word I got from the Lord was a substance a Deed with my name on it that says all is well. God does not lie. I gave Him a piece of paper with my prayers upon it, and He signed it with His voice. He gave substance to what I was hoping for. I receive it NOW.

Our Heart’s Map

I wanted to write about how we know where God is calling us.

The word of God says to delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our hearts. So, under your husband’s covering and teaching as Keepers at Home, what is your heart’s desire? What do you want the most in the world? This longing inside under God is the calling of God in your life.

When I was a young Mom, all I wanted is for Jim to be spiritually healed and that my marriage would be right. This was my deepest desire. Ok, I could have said, “Well, its been 11 years and I ain’t seen my hearts desire yet. Maybe God doesn’t want me to be married.” I mean duhhh. Jim and I were two accidents going some place … would we ever get it right? No one knew, and yet I had to keep going back to “What is the desire of my heart?” This was my spiritual map. This is what gave me my directions in God. I kept following this map and Jim was healed.

Ok, then after Jim was healed in God and was saved, the Lord again asked me, “What is the desire of your heart?” I said, “Lord, my desire is to have three more children — at least.” So I knew how to pray and God gave me three more children. And then I desired to raise them for the Lord, and I homeschooled.

See, the Lord wants us to know what our heart’s desire is so that He can lead us through it. He knows what is in our hearts. But He wants us to know what is in our hearts.

Maybe you have a deep desire to sew all of your family’s clothes by hand, or to cook only from scratch. Or maybe your desire is to know all about herbs and how to raise your own herbs for medicine, etc. See, we all have treasures of desires in our hearts — “God callings.”

Ya know, we say to God, “Well, I would like another baby, but I am too old or sick or whatever.” See, your spirits are not old or sick. Actually, I was just praying before I got on here to write. And I asked the Lord to show me my own heart’s desire. I got a Baby Rose to help raise, so I don’t feel barren anymore. Anyway, I was praying and searching my heart before God and He showed me the desires of my heart. Oh, my my heart leaped with JOY! And I laughed and I said, “Lord? Don’t ya think I am a little old for that?” He showed me a picture of myself with another generation of children. I laugh and cry as I write. That would be 20 more years of raising children. I would be 77 when I got the last child out of the house and Jim would be 83.

But, ya know, God always prepared me for that. Years ago, this lady in her 70s across the street had a lot of dogs. She took them out to potty about every few hours. She ran back and forth with energy to spare. And this woman smoked like a fire engine. I watched her and I used to tell the Lord, “Ya know, Lord, that woman is as strong as a bull … she could easily take care of even a toddler.” For years, I watched her, and she was such a rank old sinner. But the Lord had such mercy on her.

I thought, “Ya know, 70 ain’t that old.” And at the time, I was in my 40s. But now I am getting close to 60. “Mercy, Lord! You have more faith in me than I have in myself.” But ya know, Sarah was in her 90s. And the Lord Jesus, when He left the earth, said that He left so that we could do even more mighty works because He went to the Father. He left us the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.

Well, glory, I am excited!!! I asked Jim the other day what he thought I was good at, and he said that he thought I was especially gifted at caring for children. I feel lost and barren without children around me. But when a flock of children are about me, I just feel like all is well.

Read the Directions

If your family is like ours, when we get something new from the store and bring it home, we never want to read the directions on how to put it together. Like a new window air conditioner or something. We will work and work at putting something together and, when we can’t get it figured out after the first hour, we will say, “Well, when all else fails, read the directions.” Then we will look for the directions and follow them and Bingo the thing works.

And ya know, this is how we are in our faith in God. I hear women say, “Well, I did everything to keep my marriage together but it wasn’t meant to be. He wouldn’t go to church or let me work. He was really controlling and didn’t want me to run off to Bible studies, etc.”

And our faith depends on how we follow the directions of the Bible..We must be obedient to do what God says. We must make ourselves to go along with God and His word.

God is like electricity. He is the power. He moves the mountains, not us. He is the power. He does the miracles. But to get Him moving, you have to follow the directions. He is like a fan, and our faith plugs the fan into the electricity. He tells us how to get the power on, but we are like the following. We look at the fan and cry out, “Nothing works for me! No matter how much I try, this fan won’t turn on.”

The angels shout from the sideline, “Plug it into the wall!”

And then we try to twirl the fan with our fingers to get some air goin’… and that doesnt work, and we cry out, “God doesn’t care! He does miracles for others but not for me.” And our tears fall upon the fan. And then some of us kick the fan and tell it that it isn’t any good, and it’s a worthless piece of junk. But we didn’t want to go with the program … we wanted the fan to work according to our own understanding.

A wife and mother like this wants to go with the world. She wants God’s miracles, but she won’t submit to God or her husband. And guess what. News Flash! God ain’t gonna jump head long out of heaven and make new rules for those who don’t like the old ones. No. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His list of instructions are the same today as they were for the pioneer mothers. No woman can run a home if she isn’t there. Can you run a company if you are at home? No. Well, you can’t run a home while you are at a company.

But before I get into any more writings on faith, I wanted to explain all of this.

God does miracles but only under His own rules. He has a plan and a heart for you and your family. He wants to work with you to see your family walk in harmony and rest and peace. He isn’t Santa Claus who wants to give you all the toys you can store. It’s “His Way or the Highway, Girlfriend.”

That fan we are discussing ain’t gonna turn on just because you cry over it or kick it. Our faith is activated by our obedience to God. When we obey, the power will come on. Things will begin to move as you obey God. Like a power released … like a fan plugged in … it will begin to move and to purrr. You have released God into your situation.

But then sometimes the power gets overloaded the electricity goes off. Well, we don’t cry out, “I don’t believe in electricity anymore! It doesn’t work for me.” Well, yeah, it works for you and it is still there, but is out for a few hours. And we know, of course, the electricity will eventually come back on. But do we also know that God is the same way and will come back on too — if we just wait patiently?

We believe in electricity, even though we can’t see it. We never doubt it. We know it is there … even when it goes out. We don’t see the wind, but we see it move the trees and it messes up our hair. And as you trust in God, you will sense His unseen Hand moving your life around.

What You See is What You Get

Sometimes we mothers pray like hound dogs for our families. But we pray the problems, like this …

“Well, Lord you know my husband is a stinkin’ bum and my kids are all following him. And we are sure to lose the house for lack of money to pay the house payment. And I don’t care as I have always hated this house, anyway. My mother told me not to marry this bum — and she was right. He hardly makes any money and I am used to better than what this bum can give me. And my kids are all ugly like my husband and will never amount to anything. And, Dear Lord? Please help me, and save my family, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.”

Then this woman will go to church and ask for prayer and everyone will feel sorry for her. And then her testimony is that she did all she could do, but God thought it better that she divorce her husband and get a job and make a life for herself. So then some poor unsaved woman comes along and sees this and gets the idea of God that He gives up on folks, and some folks He can’t forgive. Or at least the unsaved figures that God loves divorce instead of hates it.

And yet, the word of God tells us to renew our minds in Christ.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable unto Thee, oh Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.”

The Lord tells us in His word to think on things that are lovely, true and of good report. He tells us to keep our minds upon the word of God so that we will not sin against Him … to hide His word in our hearts. Dear Mothers, we have to look away from the world and unto God.

And when we go into our prayer closets to pray, we must see the answer to our prayers in our imaginations. We must cast down the vain imaginations and everything that exalts itself above the word of God. Because Darlin’, if you can’t see the answer to your prayers in your faith tool — your imaginations — you will never see the answer come for your families. We are His hands extended and He tells us to believe that we now have what we ask for.

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

So we see with spiritual eyes the answer to our prayers. But faith is something we see with our spiritual eyes … faith is something we can’t see with the physical eyes. And the evidence of spirtual faith that will move mountains is that you can’t see it with the physical eye.

So you may be in the impossible situation.
(Praise God.)

There is no evidence that things will work out right.
(Praise God.)

For you must now walk out of the physical and go into the spiritual where God is and faith is activated. God is not on our page. He is off the edge and out of the comfort zone. We don’t reach Him with our physical eyes or words. We reach out to Him out of our spirits. Spirit will speak to spirit, and in this spiritual realm, the impossible is made possible. For nothing is impossible with God.

The word says that no man will come to the Father except the Spirit draw him. I mean, we can threaten our husbands into walking the aisle and getting saved at church. But he ain’t gonna get saved until the Spirit of God draws him. The Holy Spirit has to draw your husband’s spirit to Him. Our good works is as filthy rags … it’s all about Jesus and His power. This is why the Lord tells us to win an unsaved husband without a word. In 1 Peter 3 the Bible says that we are to win an unsaved husband through our good works — through a meek and quiet spirit.

Jesus on the cross is our example of obedience. When He was reviled, He reviled not again. But see, God says that the wife is to reamin silent. It’s not because He doesn’t think she has anything to say worth saying. But He is saying that her spirit will draw her husband’s spirit to Christ. And if her sprit doesn’t draw her husband then he will never come to a true salvation in Christ. It is His spirit that draws and woos the sinner to Himself.

Homemaking and Faith

Homemaking is so powerful! It is walking out the word of God. And the more ya get into it, the more the devil hates it.

Ok, for example, let’s say your husband is a drug dealer or some such wickedness. Just get up in the morning with a song on your heart and pray until you can see your husband as a holy man of God. See him renewed in God, in your spirit with your spiritual eyes, in your imaginations. Just say to the Lord, “Lord, I am believing you today for my husband to get saved. I believe that I now have what I ask for.” And then, get your apron on and clean the house for a new life set before you. Start preparing a nice supper for when your husband comes home in the evening.

“Well, he ain’t workin’, Connie he is out sellin’ drugs.”

Well, I know it!! But take on the word of God where nothing is impossible with God. Pray and believe that today is the day of your family’s salvation. Set a plate at the head of the table for the priest of the home to sit there and enjoy supper with the family. Believe God that today, all is well.

We are to yield our members to righteousness. This means we are to yield our imaginations to God and to answered prayers. We are to yield our bodies to obedience to God by being keepers at home. Every wise woman builds her home and the foolish tear it down with their own hands. We are to build our homes and families by faith. We are to be zealous of good works and yield to God and His word.

I mean, we all want to go the ways of the world, at times, and be negative and live by our own understanding. But we must not judge God by our physical eyes and worldy understanding. He is a Spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We cannot do the will of God in our lives as we respond to this present world and the wickedness around us. We must respond to God who tells us that all is well in Him. Read the back of the book — we win! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are more than conquerers through Him who loved us. Greater is He who is in us than He that is in the world.

God has given you the weapons of spiritual warfare. He has instructed you in the word of God. And He has given you a measure of faith or a measure of imaginations to use for His glory. And the women who have the worst husbands, He gives more faith. He has not left you helpless and forsaken.

So today, cast down vain imaginations and give your mind over to the Lord and His word.

Let Him renew your mind to the word of God.

Let Him give you a miracle marriage and miracle children with testimonies for His glory.

Hold on.

Keep on holding on.

Don’t give up and you will see … with eyes of faith … His Glory.

Spiritual Crafts

Papa went in to work. Before he left, I told him, “Boy, I am out of groceries. I don’t have much to cook with.” He said that we would get groceries tomorrow. Anyway, I found a ham bone with some meat on it from my freezer. (We had a ham and I saved the bone. It may be from Christmas …I forget.) Anyway, I have my ham bone in my old cast iron Dutch oven and I am boiling it down. I put in an onion and some black pepper — it smells good as I write.

Once I get all the meat off the bone, I will use some of the broth to flavor some green beans from my garden, and some potatoes. Then I will use some of the broth and meat to make gravy. I will make biscuits for supper, or cornbread. (I am out of bread, too.) But I have my garden tomatoes and peas. We plant the Sugar Anne Peas with the edible pod. I have all that I need. PTL.

But, ya know, I love to just make do. I have had to, raising 6 children. I had to learn the old time crafts. Making my own breads and soups. I made most things from scratch. I read a lot of cookbooks and learned to make cottage cheese and farmers cheese. I learned to make butter. I learned to make soap with goat milk … and many other crafts. I have leared to grow and use my herbs. Learning all of this just made me confident as a mother at home. I just figured “Ya know, if the pioneer mothers did all of this, then I can too. I can make a home from scratch, too.”

As a young mom, I really learned to be a kitchen scientist. I read about the different yeasts, how it is in the air, and how you can attract the different yeasts to make different things.

Housewifery is a craft to be learned. To be skillful in housewifery gives you the confidence you need to feel content in your home. You don’t depend on the world; you depend on at-home know-how. You learn to dip and flow with the seasons of Spring and Summer and Fall and Winter, instead of what is goin’ on at the grocery store.

When Spring comes, I start looking in my yard for my wild onions, and the lemon balm, the mints and other herbs. They are so juicy and flavorful in the spring! As the summer goes on, I think about my tomatoes, and is the basil growing? What’s goin’ on in the garden? As Fall comes, I think about storing food for the winter, and as winter comes, I go into another stage of making sure I have enough baking supplies, as we eat more breads in the winter. The kids are here more for meals and we have more family gatherings. Papa and I make a trip to the Amish village to buy bread flour and cocoa and other baking supplies.

I have learned to turn my face away from the world and listen to God concerning housewifery. It is an honorable craft to be learned and valued.

Ok, I want to compare this also to the Spiritual Crafts of faith concerning the housewife and Mother at home. Ya know, there are spirtual crafts for women that they need to understand. A woman needs to be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

I was praying this morning about Esther and Queen Vashti. Now, one woman stood up for her rights and the other woman submitted to the King and saved a whole Jewish Nation. Good night! Who do we want to be like? Esther never ran in on the King and started hollerin’ at him that he was crazy. Some of you do that, and that is unwise and unprofitable concerning your family.

We as women need to learn the spirtual crafts of being a housewife and the keeper at home. Some wives think they can run out the door and go to work and everything will fall into place while she is gone. Like the dress laid across the sewing machine will somehow come together by itself? And the children will teach themselves the Bible. No. She takes her hands out the door with her … the ones that are supposed to be building a home. Do you want to be like Esther and save your Nation, or like Vashti … be right and get thrown out of your home?

I guess what I am trying to say here is that we can train our spirits in the area of Keepers at Home, just as we learn the physical crafts of housewifery. I am trying to say that we must learn the spiritual gifts as they relate to us in our ministry at home. In the church we learn spiritual gifts, as they apply to whoever. But we must learn to be mature and strong, concerning submission and patience and love, concerning our families.

In the physical, you should learn the arts and crafts of homemaking. So that you can say, “I am not afraid of not having enough. I know how to make soap and cheese, and I could live off the land if I had to. I am not afraid because I know how to live on very little and I know how to cook everything by scratch.” This gives you confidence and courage as a keeper at home.

And also, you need to sharpen your skills in the spirit. You need to keep your faith motor tuned up and oiled at all times. So that you can always say, “I am not afraid. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

See, I am not a very good example, but I live by faith most of the time. It is a habit with me — it has become second nature. I scare people sometimes. Aunt Toot used to come over to my house to visit and she would say, “Well, Connie what will you do about this or that?” She worried over me that I wouldn’t make it. My own folks used to be scared to death, watching me and how I do things. I get some kind of ailment that would scare anyone spitless and I will ignore it. I mean, it seems I am ignoring it, but I have a plan. I ignore it until God tells me something about it; then I react.

But, see, I have lived like this for 30 years. Faith is how I live. I didn’t learn it going to church. I learned it through having a hard marriage. I learned it through having kids that didn’t do what I said to do. I learned it through spirtual warfare — through prayer and intercession. I had to learn to follow God and to know Him personally. Good night! He is all I have had at times. I mean, I used to be about the poorest woman I knew. Anything I wanted to give away, no one wanted. But I learned faith through obedience in my home as a Keeper at home.

Some women try to get enough faith to leave home and to divorce the family. Well, she is following a false God. No, you must learn how to use your spirtual faith muscles in the arena of your ministry and calling. You learn love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, and self control as you are obedient to your husband and are a loving mother. Leaving the family to go learn the spiritual gifts and fruits of the Spirit is running after a false God.

You must willingly yield yourself to God in order to learn Christ and to know Him. We learn how to trust Him as the finances are low. We just have the confidence that he put us there in the home for a reason and he has a plan. See, when we had most of the children at home, often the grocery money would have to go for an emergency or whatever. I learned not to be afraid during these times. I went through this enough that it was almost like a game to me. And I almost got so I thought it was an adventure to look forward to. I got over the fear of not having enough to feed the kids. I went through it enough to see that God was going to work on my behalf in a supernatural way. He was not going to let my children, who I had by faith, go without … and He never did.

I saw so many miracles as I waited upon the Lord and did not fear. I learned faith as I waited upon Him. I wouldn’t even tell anyone that I didn’t have groceries. I was upstairs prayin’ one day about not having groceries, and a lady came by with about 2 bushels of apples. And that was normal, ya know? When I needed something, the Lord would provide.

I know you could tell me a time when God answered your prayers. But the Lord wants us to live like this all the time. The just shall live by faith.

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