Monday, December 18, 2017

A Wise Woman

Our world is just full of confusion. But we mothers don’t need to be confused.

Wisdom is our stability, our soundness and our direction. We have a knowin’ … like the birds know to fly south and the bears to hibernate. We have a knowin’ in our hearts about making a home and keepin’ the home fires burning. I don’t actually know how to tell you to pick up on your “knowin'” except to tell you to read the book of Proverbs. You will find her voice there. Proverbs says embrace her and she will exalt you. Actually, Proverbs 31 is the climax of Proverbs and not a separate part.

The virtuous woman loved God and she showed that she did as she worked out of her instincts or her conscience.

It’s common sense and the feeling of a mother’s love and longing to care for the baby.

It’s the joy ya feel when you are sitting with your husband in the evening after a day of work and confusion.

It’s a happiness … a joy.

It’s the work of your hands.

It’s that happy feelin’ you feel with you have made a nice loaf of bread for the family.

It’s like a voice in you that wants to tell about how you made the bread.

Sometimes we feel a barren spirit, a harsh spirit of slavery, concerning our homemaking. And this is not of God. When we do our work, we should feel happy and content and full of joy. This is how God made us to be.

Our ministry is homemaking, our calling is at home, as every mother bird or rabbit or cat is. A mother cat is always so content as she nurses her babies and she protect and loves them. She is the most happy when she is doing what God has assigned for her to do. And, even though confusion is around her, she does what she knows to do.

And, ya know, the world is in such confusion right now. We as mothers need to study wisdom, and the Bible says to seek peace and ensue it. We must learn to keep our minds on the wisdom of God. Because the wisdom is our stability in this confusion and madness. We must hear the voice of God and the voice of wisdom.

I really think the Titus 2 mother lives inside all of us. Her voice instructs us … all of us, to a point. I am an older mother and this is why God uses me to tell you of my experiences — it’s to pull you along and to teach and train the wisdom inside of you.

But wisdom will not dwell in a house of strife and discord. You can not do your homemaking with hell all around you except through slavery and pure bull dog tenaciousness. Or with a worldy spirit. But the Joy of the Lord is our Strength. And it is the strength of the home. A naggy wife will make a husband sick, and the whole family. Worry and strife will be a block to the natural instincts that God has given you.

And, ya know, some women have diferent instincts and gifts of homemaking than others. I know my gift is cooking and baking.

In the old days, a household would have differnt gifts. You don’t see this now. But, like one sister in the house would have a gift of sewing, and the home knew this, and she was the one to do the family sewing. Another sister would have a gift for organization and she would help the family with her gift. And, ya know, if you listen to the older women, you can pick up on this. Like, one will say, “I made all the pies in our family growing up, as I was good at it. My sister made all the cakes … she made delicious cakes.” Well, these were gifts in the spirit for the comfort of the family.

And my gift is cooking. And when I want to get the spirit of wisdom on me, I start baking. As I get my things out to bake, I may throw in a load of wash or decide I have to do the dishes in the sink first. But my gift calls to me and gives me joy and direction in God.

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