Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Romance of Thrift

Don’t ya know, dear kitchen saints, that it is very romantic to make things from scratch for your beloved and his seeds? To have a home that is a love nest and to live out of your own garden. To plant seeds in your private garden and to delight your husband with the flowers you grew in your flower bed and set on the table.

It’s a feeling of back to the land … back to what is real and natural. To set a table with what you have grown yourself in your garden is a very romantic, creative display of love for your husband.

Some women think that the low cut outfits are romantic but, no, that is not true. The truly romantic wife is one who will work for her husband and put him first in all that she does. She puts the Lord above everthing and everyone … but her lord on the earth is her husband. She is forever true to him and she rises and falls with him. She knows his mistakes and yet, she covers them in her heart and doesn’t reveal them.

Her children watch her, and she continually praises her husband and keeps his place open as priest of the home. Mother is quiet. Papa can stand up for himself. She doesn’t excuse him to the children. And yet, she continues to remember that he is to glorify God, and the wife is to glorify her husband.

The children are to honor their Father and Mother. Mother is more sensitive to the family, and she is often the family conscience. Husband learns from her to be tender hearted, to notice the heart and soul of the home. Often Father doesn’t learn this for many years, but it is the saintly mother’s job to continue on in silence and good works and faith.

Without a word, she wins her husband to Christ by her behavior. Mother stands against the storms of life when they hit her family, but Father wants to double up his fist and fight it. He learns to wait upon the Lord as he watches his wife as she continues in faith and soberness. He looks at her and admires her from afar off. He thinks about her and her walk with the Lord. He ponders her godliness as he sits in the house and as he goes to work in the world. Who is this woman he loves? Who is this woman who has prayed him from one difficulty to the next?

1 Peter 3 says that this man beholds his chaste wife coupled with fear. It means that her actions are so holy, that it causes her husband to fear God. This is how she brings her unsaved husband to Christ through her prayers. It’s her actions that cause him to fear the true and living God.

As Mother works obediently in her place as Keeper at Home, the true and living Holy Spirit can be free to teach the family. It is only His Holiness that can break the bondages of sin in a family. As mother works with her hands and plants her garden in silence, the Holy Spirit is free to convict the sinners, whether they be the children or the husband or the Mother herself. Her holy silent work causes the conviction of the Holy Spirit to fall upon her home. She becomes like Jesus on the cross. She gives her life to her family and, when she is accused, she doesn’t try to excuse herself. She remains silent in front of her accusers. She commits herself to God who, she knows, will rightly divide the word of truth. The one who will judge righteously.

This is a picture of a true wife of the Bible. She is a door mat. She is the servant who is often misunderstood. She shows her family a picture of Christ and she acts out the heavenly order. She is the church, the temple where Christ lives. She carries the word of God in her heart; she acts it out through her silent, holy behavior as keeper at home. And the wife who says, “Well, ya know the Lord didn’t call me to have a meek and quiet spirit.” Well, He called all the rest of us to one. No, Darlin’, you are only ignorant of the word of God.

You need to get away from the unholy women and learn a servant’s heart.

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