Friday, February 23, 2018

Makin’ Groceries

We are called to be keepers at home, and I really believe the Lord wants us to be cooking from scratch and to keep the junk out of our homes. (Junk like pop and chips and all the worldy stuff.) Because I really believe it is the preservatives that makes a person fat. I think if you get down to cooking only from scratch, then this cuts out most of the poisons in our foods.

I like to cook like the pioneers did. In the spring, like about now, they would be eating the rest of what was in the root cellar — things like potatoes, carrots, onions … maybe beets or turnips and apples. These mostly root vegetables were stored all winter. They made soups and stews out of these vegetables. Apples were as much a staple as potatoes.

The pioneers went to the store a few times a year. What if we only went once a month and tried to cook from just what we had in our pantry? I think this would cause us to lose weight.

I mean, why not try making all of your own salad dressings? I used to make a lot of mayonnaise when the children were little. We ran out of it so often in the summer, I made mine in the blender with oil and eggs and mustard. I had to cook like this, as we had five children at home and Jimmy was in the Navy. But all of my children were very healthy. Really all those dips and dressings are loaded with stuff I can’t pronounce.

And how about just plain coffee and tea, and grow your own herbs for herb tea? I grow about 40 herbs in my yard. The more we eat from the land, the less fat we will be.

We need to plant gardens and eat from them and can and freeze our foods for the winter. I used to glean from my brother’s garden when they were done with it in the fall. This was when all the children were home. I couldn’t seem to grow enough food in my own garden. In my brother’s garden, when he was done with it, I would pick many over ripe tomatoes. I would make gallons of tomato sauce and can it or freeze it. In the gleaning of the tomatoes, I would find bits of other things my brother forgot to pick … like peppers of all kinds and onions. Of course, all of this went into the sauce.

Our neighbors had a gorgeous apple tree and they just let the apples fall off and rot. One year, I needed food for my children and I asked the neighbors if I could pick from their tree and they let me. They were glad someone could use them. I brought them home and made applesauce and pies. If you have room to plant an apple tree or two, they aren’t hard to grow. We never sprayed ours. They got bugs, but I just cut the holes out of the apples.

Rhubarb is so easy to grow. and so easy to freeze for winter pies. I used to use mine early in the spring and I would use it all, and more would grow and I would use this midsummer. I kept my rhubarb bed clean and would pull all of the stalks each time. Then, in the fall, I would use it all again. If you pull out all of the stalks, they will grow up again.

If we learn to eat from our gardens we will be healthy and lose weight. I think it’s the worldy stuff that makes us fat and lazy. This stuff that says low fat on it? Well, it may be lowfat in their estimation, but those preservatives make you retain the water, I think, and this makes you fat. I don’t go much on all of that stuff.

And, ya know, have your gardens in the summer and in the winter, make all of your own breads and biscuits. I mean, what I am saying isn’t going to make you thin overnight, but it is a lifestyle. And this is what we need, a wholesome lifestyle. It’s silly to jog and all of that for nothing. Why not work in the garden? That is hard work and gives you a good workout. It feels good to work outside and get dirty in the sunshine. (Well, actually, I love to plant my gardens in the rain. I get out there barefoot and get nice and muddy.)

So how should the virtuous woman look at diet and exercise? The virtuous woman wouldn’t got to the world for help, I don’t think, or out of her sphere as Keeper at Home. I know she didn’t stay in the house all the time, but she did stay pretty much on her land. So I think she got exercise under her cover as Keeper at Home. She got plenty of exercise having babies and caring for them and doing her work, like gardening and cooking and weaving and sewing, etc.

The older women were helping with the grandchildren, so they stayed trim and healthy, too. Baby Rose is coming to visit this afternoon. She is a sweet baby but I get my exercise taking care of her, and will more as she gets older. Not to mention Baby Romeo, almost two, will be around more this summer.

Today, I am making groceries. We have to go the grocery store on Wednesday, so I am making things today and tomorrow so I won’t buy anything I don’t need.

Anytime I have a lot of extra cooking to do, or cleaning, I make vegetable soup. This way, I can clean through the vegetables in the refrigerator and put them in the soup and get them used up. Like today, I am using up some left over beef roast for the meat for the soup, and some potatoes, tomatoes, onions and cabbage… whatever other vegetable I happen to think about, as I work around here this morning. The spices I use in the soup are garlic powder, black pepper and salt, and parsley. Also, I will make bread this morning, and cookies. I have plenty of eggs, so I will make some egg noodles. I will use some for the soup and some to freeze to use for another meal.

We Mothers should learn to eat from the supplies our husbands give us the money to buy. If we have a kitchen and the money to buy shortening, flour, sugar, and spices, etc., then we should be making our own biscuits, breads, pies, cookies and crackers, cakes, etc. Why should we go to the world for these groceries? This is our job as Keepers at Home. We should make what we can with what we have. The works of our hands are precious to the Lord.

No, I know maybe the white flour isn’t good for ya, or the sugar. But it’s all fresh as we can get it all. Right? And I think if we are being obedient to cook what we can and make it as fresh as we can, then the Lord would give us a blessing. I mean, all of us don’t have a grinder to grind up wheat berries, etc., or can’t afford all of this. But the Lord knows this and He will bless us as we use the white flour to make our breads and biscuits. It’s the spirit on the food, I think, is what I am trying to say. I mean, God looks on the heart, not on the labels.

I think we really have to be set free of this stuff about diets and all of the lowfat stuff. If you look at all of that with the Bible in the background, it almost seems like hocus pocus to me. I mean, the Lord has called us to make a home, not to be a scientist. He calls us to our place of duty as Keepers at Home, and we shouldn’t feel condemned if all we can get done in a day is to bake the bread, and we don’t get any other baking done. The Lord knows our hearts. But we should strive to do as much at home as we can.

I think the women of the Bible were always beautiful, and I think it is because they cooked at home and lived at home under the covering of God and their husbands. These women were strong and virtuous and were full of the life of God.

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