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Cast Iron Skillets

I love cooking a meal for Papa in the evening, especially using my old cast iron skillets.

This evening, I got out my big, round deep skillet and the square skillet. I fried sausage in both skillets to flavor them. Then I took the sausage out of the square skillet and fried the potato patties in the drippings with a dab of butter. I use leftover mashed potatoes, mixed with eggs. Just fry the patties and salt and pepper them … fry until brown on both sides.

Then in the big frying pan, I sliced green apples in the sausage drippings with a bit of butter. (Drain some of the grease off if it is too much.) You need a bit of butter to make things brown and to keep things from sticking. The butter will stay on the top of the sausage grease. But anyway, I fried the green apples and then put in some brown sugar. Then I put all the sausage links back with the apples and mixed it up.

Papa loved this meal. The apples I used were the Granny Smith and, boy, were they good fried.

Well, I am so tired and must go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow, Mary and Brandon will come for supper, and I will have Baby, too. So I will be runnin’ — and lovin’ every minute of it.

Enjoy the children and your husband. They are the greatest blessings, outside of Christ, you will ever have.

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