Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Busy Hands

For many years, we had a milkman. For probably 25 years … I had him come when Chrissy and John were babies … anyway, he was still delivering here when he was almost 80. So he used to give me old time recipes that his family had made. He said to take a pumpkin and slice it up in really thin slices, like apples. And then make it just like an apple pie with the brown sugar and cinnamon. I have made this with zuchinni and it is good. But I think pumpkin would be better. I haven’t tried that but I am going to. That has to be good.

I have been a full time cook here at home for 37 years and, I tell you, I use my blender a lot … more than any other cooking gadget. And I use my crock pot a lot. But if I had to give up one, I would give up the crock pot and never give up my blender.

Other cooking things I love are my big enamel spoons and large crocks to mix my baking up in. Also I love my big roasters and my little ones. I have some really big dish pans that are nice for canning.

Also, I got this nice big wash tub at the Dollar Store a few years back. Now, I would have really used that when the kids were all home! I will use that for washing garden produce next summer.

Jim’s Mom used her wash tub about every day. She used it for cooking and canning in the summer. And on Saturday nights, she gave the kids baths, whether they needed it or not. And, of course, she used it for her washing.

I have my wash tub out on a small table in the kitchen. I put baking stuff in it and cover it with an old cotton tablecloth. But this coming summer I will use it more.

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