Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sister Wisdom

We hear the voice of feminism and we will tell each other what she says. But will you cast out feminism’s voice and now listen to the voice of wisdom? She is there, too, and she will help us as kitchen saints, as Mothers and wives.

If you want to hear wisdom’s voice, you cannot have unconfessed sin in your life. You must pray and ask the Lord to forgive you for your sins. Only He can forgive our sins.

Wisdom is a helper. But you can invite wisdom to be your sister and you can call her Sister Wisdom. God and Jesus are the heads of our spirtual homes and we must honor God first, but after we have the Lord as king of our hearts, we can then invite wisdom to be our sister. We must cast out the strange woman feminism and invite wisdom to be our helper as Keepers at Home.

Wisdom loves the children and husband. If you are prideful toward your husband, forget about wisdom as your sister. She will not dwell with you.

Wisdom dwells with prudence and she loves and honors the laws of God. She was with God when he made the foundations of the earth. Proverbs 8:22 and on down the chapter says this. Verse 36 says that if you sin against wisdom, you hurt your own soul. If you hate wisdom, you love death. So if you want wisdom to be real to you, then love and submit to your own husband and get the sin out of your life.

Wisdom is very meek and humble. She is not loud and flashy or worldy. She will not come to you as you watch tv or as you are in a lot of noise. She will come to you in your secret place of prayer. As you come to God in holiness and you please Him, then wisdom will come to you.

She can become a joy to you. As you exalt her, she will exalt you in God.

Riches and honor are with wisdom. The works of wisdom bring durable riches.

Sometimes I invite her to my home. If Jim is at work and I want to spend the day in prayer, I will get ready for her as I would for any holy woman of God who is an older Titus Mother. I will wear something that I know would make her happy … maybe a long dress and an apron and head covering. And I work around the house in honor to my husband and to Jesus, and pretty soon I will feel her presence.

As I write about her, I feel her presence now. I make a place for her in my home and I let her know that I welcome her presence. And yet, many of you don’t know her or who you are welcoming. You need to read the Bible in Proverbs and meet her and listen to her voice.

Cast out the wicked voice of the strange woman and listen for wisdom.

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