Monday, December 18, 2017

Good Morning

It’s raining, finally, here in our part of Iowa. We have been in a drought, the worst I have ever seen. We hadn’t had any real rain since the middle of July.

Yesterday, it rained all day, too, and it was so cool outside. I made a nice vegetable soup in the crock pot and some wonderful chewy French rolls. Jim and I just loved them. I made a small pan of dinner rolls and put the rest of the bread dough in the refrigerator. I had my little kerosene lamp on the table, lit and shiny.

My vegetable garden didn’t produce near the tomatoes that I am used to. We had enough just for the table, and that was it. Now they are mostly gone. Usually about this time, I make tomato sauce and ketchup, but not this year, I guess. I don’t remember a year like this in over 20 years. I do have an abundance of plums. I will work through some of these today. I have already made plum butter and frozen about 3 gallon sacks of them.

I have been looking through my kitchen these past few days for my fall decorations. I am taking out a few at a time. Jim bought me a pumpkin coffee cup and I am drinking coffee from it as I write. I love it. “Good bye, summer, with all the noise and confusion.” The house is quiet again. Time to shut the house down and get ready for the fall and winter.

Another thing I want to write about, too, is this brownie cake I made up as I went along. Jim had bought this chocolate cake mix. Well, I poured it in a bowl and I added about a cup of peanut butter to it. I just cut it in like you would cut shortening into biscuits. Then I added about a fourth cup of milk and 1 egg, beaten with the milk. So now I have a very thick batter like brownies. Then I added about a cup or so of chocolate chips. I then put it all in a 9×13 oiled baking pan. It was hard to smooth out, as the batter is real thick. But just spread it evenly the best ya can. I then baked it in a moderate oven — I think 350

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